[112] 14 Proofs that Laodicea did successfully hold the 2018Sivan14 late 1st Watchtower and Zoar Passover, before the 2nd fire sign on 2018Tammuz30

1. The Passover in Egypt was 1513Nisan14. Cakes was 1513Nisan15-21. They reached Succoth (Booths) on 1513Nisan22 and held an assembly there. Then they walked 150km to Pihahiroth (meaning Bum of the Sheik). But a better metaphor would be cervix of Israel, the Apex of the Sinai peninsular.

Then they carried on to Etham. Then they came back to Pihahiroth again. Then they camped there in Booths for 7 days presumably to give Pharaoh enough time to hear about there turning back upon themselves and collect his chariots and chase after them and reach them. 

43 in order that your generations may know that it was in the booths that I made the sons of Israel to dwell when I was bringing them out of the land of Egypt. I am Jehovah your God (Leviticus 23).

The pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night appeared after they left Egypt. 

These 2 pillars stand for the correct 2nd and 3rd fire sign predictions. For the Jews were not misled by the pillars. They were led by them! The LWs have been misled by false pillars for nearly 12 years. But no more.

Now what does a pillar do? It holds up a church. And how many pillars were there at the door to the temple? TWO.

The Exodus of God's people from Watchtower slavery is a third Exodus to the one from Egypt and the one from the Roman Catholic church in the first presence. So it occurs at the 3rd Passover/Cakes from 2018Sivasn14-21, which is the Zoar Passover/Cakes. They are coming into Zoar after all.

We saw/published 2018Tammuz7/8 for the 2nd fire sign and 2018Tammuz10 for the 3rd fire sign on 2018Sivan30/2018Tammuz2.
We saw/published 2018Tammuz10 for the 2nd fire sign and 2018Tammuz10 for the 3rd fire sign on 2018Tammuz9.
We saw/published 2018Tammuz21 for the 2nd fire sign and 2018Tammuz24 for the 3rd fire sign on 2018Tammuz10-11/12.
We saw and published 2018Tammuz24 for the 2nd fire sign and 2018Tammuz24 for the 3rd fire sign on 2018Tammuz10-22/22.
We saw and published 2018Tammuz30 for the 2nd fire sign and 2018Ab4/5 for the 3rd fire sign on 2018Tammuz25.

We follow the 2nd fire sign (the pillar of cloud - a fire sign which occurs in the day) until it has passed, Then we follow the 3rd fire sign (the pillar of fire - a fire sign which occurs in the night) until it has passed.

Night is literal in the accounts of Exodus 13 and Exodus 14. But in Hebrew the word actually means a turning around (not night). So the period of turning around (the metaphorical night) occurs between the 2nd and 3rd fire signs. Whereas the metaphorical day dawns with the 3rd fire sign. For in Hebrew thinking the night precedes the day.

After they turned around to go back to Pihahiroth and once they saw the Egyptian chariots coming for them, then the cloud departed from leading them and went behind them and came in between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel, to protect the Jews.

This would have occurred sometime between 1513Iyyar2 and 1513Iyyar9/10 when they crossed the Red Sea. Now the account is deliberately vague as to when the cloud fire appears and when it moved from the front to the rear. This was in order for the same set of words to apply to the 1513 chronology and the 2018 chronology. In our case the correct fire sign predictions appeared on 2018Tammuz10/11/25. In the case of literal Israel, the pillars may have appeared any time from 1513Nisan15-1513Nisan22/23/24/25/26 when they left Succoth. And the pillar of cloud would have moved from the front to the back fairly near to the date when they crossed the sea which was 1513Iyyar9/10. Whereas the contest day ends on 2018Tammuz10/11 and Jonah 3EC baptised the Bethelite 1NC reserves on 2018Sivan10 and the congregation 1NC reserves on 2018Sivan11/12 and the new Egyptian Passover (the Zoar Passover, the late 1st Watchtower Passover) occurred on 2018Sivan14 in our case. The Passover of the Watchtower congregations is completed on 2018Tammuz14. So the whole Exodus is 3 months delayed in this time period.

The pillar of cloud moving from leading to following and protecting is the occurrence of the 2nd fire sign during the day time.

So there it is. A mapping of 1513Nisan14-1513Iyyar10 on to 2018Iyyar10-2018Sivan10 for the Bethels and on to 2018Sivan14-2018Tammuz10 for the congregations. 

The LWs could not hold the 2018Nisan14 or the 2018Iyyar14 Passover because had we done so, there would have been a 2018Nisan21 or a 2018Iyyar19 marriage in the ark. But 1NC reserves cannot get married in Nisan or Iyyar because they are the 3rd marital appointment of the 1NC. So they should get married at the 3rd 1NC first fruits day (if there is one).

2008Nisan22 - 1st marriage
2015Iyyar20 - 2nd marriage
2018Sivan17 - 3rd marriage (1st 1NC reserve marriage)
2018Tammuz22 - 4th marriage (2nd 1NC reserve marriage)
2018Ab20 - 5th marriage (3rd 1NC reserve marriage)

So they must be appointed at the 3rd 1NC first fruits festival which exists this year due to the Watchtower Passovers. And indeed they must be appointed in Sivan because they are the 3rd appointment. So there will be a 2018Sivan14 Passover with 1NC reserves present. But Laodicea held that not Zoar. The same is true of 2018Tammuz14. Zoar hosts the festival on 2018Ab14.
This indeed is the reason we have so often celebrated an Iyyar14 Passover rather than a Nisan14 one! It is because we shall preside over a Passover of 1NC reserves not the original 1NCs. 

2. The maximum possible gap in the 6,000 day working week of the LWs is 218 days from 2012Sivan14 to 2012Tebbeth21, the late late 2NC Pentecost. We must be re-installed over the 2NCs at a 2NC Pentecost and Tebbeth21 is the last possible date for that festival. So here is the deal...
6000 years of the ARC lease from 3993Nisan14 to 2008Nisan14, then the 1,000 year ARC Sabbath, the heavenly Kingdom sacred Sabbath begins on 2008Nisan14, the end of the ARC world. Then we have 11 years of Abraham's Kingdom Possessing Times from 2008Iyyar20/Tammuz9, the heavenly kingdom 2nd 1NC first fruits/Pentecost to 2019Iyyar20/Tammuz9, the earthly Kingdom 2nd 1NC first fruits/ Pentecost. Then the 1,000 year earthly FRC secular Sabbath begins on 2019Iyyar20/Tammuz9 and runs to 3019Tammuz14

The 3rd Holy Spirit is appointed/installed over the Kingdom at the 2nd 1NC first fruits/1NC Pentecost dates because it is Caesar over the Kingdom 2nd to Satan who gets the first 11 years basically. Then we are appointed/installed 3rd to Satan and the 3rd Holy Spirit on 2020Heshvan2/Tebbeth21, the 3rd possible 2NC Pentecost festival date.. 

6000 days of the LW working week from 2000Chislev22 to 2017Adar29 (with 218 Zoar installation gap from 2012Sivan14 to 2012Tebbeth21, the late late 2NC Pentecost). Then 11 days from 2017Adar30-2018Nisan10 inclusively, when Jesus is anointed as Caesar to Zoar. Then 2018Nisan11, the start of the 1,000 day LW Sabbath ruling with the Christ as Caesar to Zoar to 2020Tebbeth20. Then the 2NCs possess the Kingdom on 2020Tebbeth21

So the earthly secular FRC Sabbath is delayed by 11 whole years after the heavenly sacred ARC Sabbath.

Gordon got the 11x of Elijah's actions and 7x of going back = 77x of Pentecosts and the 550 prophets x 7x of going back = 77 Pentecosts confirmation on 2017Adar29. That ended our working week. He actually took the Sabbath day of 2017Adar30=2018Nisan6 off as a Holiday - Gordon never does that!

3. On 2013Iyyar5 at sunset there was a fertilizer explosion upon the town of West in Texas. This fulfilled Luke 12:54-56 by producing a cloud upon West at sunset. Then on 2013Ab5 the South wind was blowing from Zoar because we were installed to baptise the unsanctified non adamically at the Zoar Pentecost from 2013Sivan16 having missed the 2012 appointments dates of 2012Sivan16 and 2012Tammuz16 due to the Jubilee and the weekly Sabbath. 2013Ab5 completed our Zoar installations.

2018Iyyar5 is the 77th weekly Sabbath counted 2 witness Asheraian Pentecost from 2008Tammuz2-6, our 2nd no show prediction for a US bomb.
2018Ab5 is the Zoar Pentecost.

But 2018 has an Iyyar1 Zoar secular year so the  pattern can run a month late in this year.

2018Tammuz10/11 is the end of the contest day of 1Kings18 when we made the 34th extension to our 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-2018Ab7.
2018Elul5 is the fire sign which starts the heatwave of the Great Tribulation at the late Zoar Pentecost, which is the first Pentecost after 2018Ab27, 5th marriage veil lifting day when the South wind of the completed 3rd Holy Spirit starts blowing. 

The 3rd fire sign is now predicted for 2018Ab5 which is 3 months (of the compass - i.e. modulo the years) after 2013Iyyar5, the fertilizer explosion upon West in Texas at sunset.

There are 3 months between the reappointment of Laodicea on 2018Nisan21 and the arrival of the 2 spies on 3rd Watchtower first fruits on 2018Tammuz28. This appears to be a fulfilment of Luke 12:54-56. Zoar sees the effect of the South wind blowing when the 2 spies arrive on 2018Tammuz28. So again 2018 is a rerun of 2013 for Luke 12 and well as being a 3 month late rerun of 1513 BC for Exodus 12-14.

4. The contest is resolved after the 77th 3 witness weekly Sabbath counted Asheraian Pentecost from 2006Tammuz28/29 our 3rd fire sign prediction mistake on 2018Iyyar26 and before the 78th such on 2018Tammuz22. 77x is the result of the 11x sentence count of Elijah's actions by going up to the top of Carmel and putting his faces between his knees and then asking his attendant to multiply those actions by 7x essentially.

5. The contest is still being resolved after the attendant has gone back for 7x the total number of days represented by prophets competing with or watching Elijah4. That is 550 prophets x7 = 3850 prophets a day for a prophet = 77x50 = 77 Pentecosts.

6. We now finally understand that all adamic Passovers must occur on Nisan14/Iyyar14 if they are single month affairs or must start on Nisan14/Iyyar14 if they are triple month affairs. Whereas adamic execution must occur on begin on MNisan14, the day upon which he sinned and was sentenced to die.

Therefore the lava flood must begin on 2019Nisan14, which is we take as a pivotal date. Therefore the end of ark entrance is 2019Nisan7. Therefore the start of ark entrance is 2018Sivan8 (porch day of 2Chronciles29). And the 1st Watchtower Passover must now be 2018Iyyar14. So the late version which carries the Passover execution must be 2018Sivan14. But the fire signs do not have to occur before then in order to give people a chance to escape because Russell takes over Laodicea on 2018Sivan10, the 1NC Pentecost (a first appointment over reappointed Laodiceans?) after having arrived there late in the day on 2018Iyyar25, the 1st of the Sabbaths of 2nd 1NC Weeks.

7. It is now the case that the attendant of 1Kings18 goes back for the 7x of from 2011Sivan6 for 2011Sivan9 (the 1NC Pentecost), the first LW celebrated festival Sabbath no show prediction after Elijah4 went to the top of Carmel on 2010Tebbeth21, the end of the LW 2NC Alienation Times from 2003Tebbeth21 So that takes him to 2018Sivan10. Then we go to the next Pentecost which counts entirely after that. This is the 2nd reappointed Laodicean 1NC Pentecost (MENE MENE)  from 2018Sivan11 to 2018Tammuz30 - the 2nd fire sign.

15 'And you must count for yourselves from the day after the Sabbath [first fruits, an annual festival day], from the day of your bringing the sheaf of the wave offering, 7 Sabbaths. They should prove to be complete.
16 To the day after the 7th Sabbath [Pentecost, an annual festival day] you should count, 50 days, and you must present a new grain offering to Jehovah. (Leviticus 23 NWT).

So we count 50 days after the 7th Sabbath in this fulfilment. 

8. The beautiful Daniel12 interpretation of 3x (1x+ 1335x)= 4008x days now run from 2008Iyyar20, the appointment of the 3rd Holy Spirit as Aaron over the 1NCs (a 2nd appointment after the 2nd Holy Spirit), to 2019Tammuz8, the last whole day of the world. Then the kingdom is installed administratively on 2019Tammuz9, the 2nd 1NC Pentecost (since they are the 2nd Caesar over the Kingdom after Satan)

Then we have the 2nd beautiful Daniel 12 interpretation (made on 2018Tammuz9) of 2x1290=2580 days from 2012Sivan14, the end of the constant feature (due to death to Adam) to 2019Ab14, the end of Adam.

9. The Jericho pattern is 7 secular years as follows.

7 campaign days are: 2011Tishri1 - 2018Elul30 (going round once, for one year)
2012Tishri1 - 2012Elul30
2013Tishri1 - 2013Elul30 (going round once, for one year)
2014Tishri1 - 2014Elul30 (going round once, for one year)
2015Tishri1 - 2015Elul30 (going round once, for one year)
2016Tishri1 - 2017Elul30 (going round once, for one year)
2017Tishri1 - 2018Iyyar1 (going round 7x, for 7 months in the 7th campaign day. Then the new Zoar secular year begins on 2018Iyyar1)
2018Iyyar10 (Jubilee)

7 campaign days are: 2006Iyyar10 - 2013Iyyar10 (years to date)
2006Iyyar10 - 2007Iyyar10 (going round once, for one year to date)
2007Iyyar10 - 2008Iyyar10 (going round once, for one year to date)
2008Iyyar10 - 2009Iyyar10 (going round once, for one year to date)
2009Iyyar10 - 2010Iyyar10 (going round once, for one year to date)
2010Iyyar10 - 2011Iyyar10 (going round once, for one year to date)
2011Iyyar10 - 2012Iyyar10 (going round once, for one year to date)
2012Iyyar10 - 2012Chislev10 (going round 7x, for 7 months in the 7th campaign day)

2006Iyyar10 to 2012Chislev10 is the 2nd presence. It is a perfect Jericho pattern. 

10. The 10 times of testing of God in the Kingdom run from 2008Tammuz9 (when the first presence 3rd Holy Spirit was installed as Aaron over the 1NC reserves) to 2018Tammuz9, when the the last Watchtower 1NC reserve agrees to be baptised into the 3EC and stops testing God. This ends the testing of God by those 1NCs who saw his signs and miracles (the work of the LWs)

11. Jesus is betrayed into the hands of sinners. That is a 20 Passover betrayal from 1999Nisan14/Iyyar14 to 2018Nisan14/Iyyar14 and not to 2019Nisan14/Iyyar14,. Because the Watchtower Passover was rejected after 3 denials of the Christ on 1996/1997/1998Nisan14/Iyyar14. 

Well, Jesus was denied on 2018Nisan14 and on 2018Iyyar14, in the sense that the 1NC cup could not be blessed or drunk since no 1NC reserve who attended the Laodicean congregation festival had a water baptism.

So he cannot be betrayed on 2018Sivan14. The betrayal is averted by the 3EC water baptism of Russell through Jonah.

12. The 11x of Abraham's Kingdom Possessing Times from 2008Iyyar20/Tammuz9 to 2019Iyyar20/Tammuz9, from the appointment/installation of the 3rd Holy Spirit as Aaron to the 1NCs to their appointment/installation as Caesar to the sons of the OMC. 

13. 35 Heaven and earth [of the world and of the Watchtower] will pass away/come beside/arrive, but my words will by no means pass away/come beside/arrive.
36 Concerning that day [] and hour nobody has seen [], neither the angels in heavens nor the Son, but only the Father, alone [monoV] [true when Jesus said it, not true after Jesus died - Nobody knows the date of their marriage until after they have proposed. But in fact Jesus proposed the ARC on 3993Nisan14, so he knew 2008Nisan14 then - unless he was given a lease of indeterminate length? Certainly after the last supper, after his proposal to his wife, he should then know the date of his marriage to that maiden].

So this scripture, rather than prohibiting advanced knowledge of the day and the hour, actually gives you the length of the hour as being a twelfth of the particular day.

So the hour of the passing away of the heavens and the earth is one twelfth of the length of the day of the second presence which is 120 years. And on 911, 2016, the LWs first saw this (2016Tishri5 at 15:40). 

The day of the second presence runs for 120 years from 1888Sivan10 to 2001Heshvan10 and then from 2006Iyyar10-2012Chislev10.
The hour of the passing away of the heavens and the earth is therefore 10 years long. It is the period when we have no presence from 2001Heshvan10 to 2006Iyyar10 and from 2012Chislev10 to 2018Sivan10. That is 4 + 5 years.

AND: The day of the Watchtower existing as a false church is 14 years 3 months, 14 years, from 2005Iyyar14, to 2019Ab14, the end of the Watchtower as a true church (heavens) to the end of its congregation (its earth).
The hour is 14 months, 14 months and 7 days from 2018Sivan6/7, to 2019Ab14 (midnight), the last Passover of Adam, the end of unsealed 1AC Adam, the absolute end of Adam
, the absolute end of the JW congregation. 2018Sivan7 is the 7th late new Rosh Hashana Jericho trumpet. Presumably JWs started agreeing to be baptised into the 3EC on 2018Sivan6/7?

AND: The hour of the passing away of the earth of Adam runs for 4 months from the start of the lava flood on 2019Nisan14 to the late 3rd Abrahamic Passover, the absolute end of Adam on 2018Ab14. 
The day of the passing away of the heavens of the dragon is 4 years from 2015Ab1 to 2019Tammuz30, the end of the reign of the wild beast. This is when the wild beast is caught.

In order to have the hour of authority of the 10 kings being one twelfth of the day of post satanic lease authority of the wild beast we need the following...
The day of beastly authority after the expiration of Satan's lease runs from 2009Tishri14 to 2019Tammuz30. 9 years and 9 months and 16 days (9 years plus 286 days)
The hour of 10 kingly authority runs for 9 months and 24 days from 2018Tishri6 to 2019Tammuz30.

We know that the hour of the passing away of earth of Adam lasts for 4 months from the start of the lava flood (which is the execution of non 1AC Adam) on 2019Nisan14 to the late 3rd Abrahamjic Passover on 2019Ab14 (the absolute end of Adam)
So the day of the passing away of the heavens of the dragon (by their being thrown down here) runs for 4 years from 2015Ab1 (30 days of Jacob's ladder after 1600 stadia of Revelation14 after 2010Tebbeth21, the end of the LW 2NC Alienation Times, the start of operations of the city of FDS4 over all the 2NCs) to 2019Tammuz30. 

14. Judas, 1 of the 12 is mentioned 7x in the new testament (2006Iyyar14 to 2012Iyyar14, the 7 Passover betrayals of the 2nd presence)
Thomas, 1 of the 12, is mentioned once.

This is a witness to an apostolic betrayal lasting for precisely 12 years from 2006Iyyar14 to 2018Iyyar14 and not to 2018Sivan14. Thomas is Jonah who will become an LW half apostle to the 1NC reserves. Judas is Roger Knight who was an apostle to the LWs, the apostle to Laodicea.

That my brothers and sisters is it. If it is wrong, then it is a year out. And it cannot be a year out due to the 12 baskets filled after the Watchtower fell and it must have fallen 350 or so days before Elijah got start in the contest. It fell on 2005Iyyar14 (347 days before 2006Iyyar1 - the Sign of Jonah letter). But latest possible interpretation would be I did not get started until 2006Sivan1 (the revised Sign of Jonah letter), which would mean they fell at the latest on 2005Sivan14. Either way the 13th basket (pre formed Tishri1 year) would take us to 2018Elul30 (in whole calendar years). 

It also cannot be a year out due to the 11 prophetic times of Abraham's Times from 1943Nisan14 to 2018Nisan14. 

So here we are truly at the Red Sea brothers. Now Frank has an amazing interpretation. The sons of Israel did not have to go into the sea in order to get out of Egyptian control..

That means that JWs do not have to enter into the world in order to get to Zoar. They can join Laodicea which is a sect within the Watchtower and is a dry land, having no water baptism and being a true church. Then they can come to us via that route. So it appears that Laodicea, having been the means by which the Watchtower prevented JWs joining this church for 16 years is now going to become the bridge which enables witnesses to join the LWs without having to venture out into the ghastly old world out there. 

God is really making it easy for them!

Watchtower = Egypt
Laodicea = Sinai
LWs = Arabia