[199] Bilhah & Zilpah, Two other new covenants

31 Look! There are days coming, is the utterance of Jehovah, and I will conclude with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah a new covenant;
32 not one like the covenant that I concluded with their forefathers in the day of my taking hold of their hand to bring them forth out of the land of Egypt, which covenant of mine they themselves broke, although I myself had husbandly ownership of them, is the utterance of Jehovah.
33 For this is the covenant that I shall conclude with the house of Israel after those days, is the utterance of Jehovah. I will put my law within them, and in their heart I shall write it. And I will become their God, and they themselves will become my people
34 And they will no more teach each one his companion and each one his brother, saying, 'Know Jehovah!' for they will all of them know me, from the least one of them even to the greatest one of them, is the utterance of Jehovah. For I shall forgive their error, and their sin I shall remember no more  (Jeremiah 31).

We have looked at the literal meaning of this in section [11]. The count of the nouns covenant (3/4) and day (2/3) indicate that there is a word symbolic meaning. But this is most likely the literal meaning of Hebrews 8 which recites the scripture in Greek. 

Not sure whether Hebrews 8 has a greater meaning.

Genesis 30 tells us that first there were 4 sons from Leah, then there were 2 sons from Bilhah (Rachelís maid), then there were two sons from Zilpah (Leahís maid) then there were two more sons from Leah, then there was a daughter from Leah, Dinah, then there were two sons from Rachel (Joseph and later Benjamin). So we have two wives and two slave women and 12 sons.

Jacob is standing for Jesus, Leah is the new covenant, she gave birth first, Rachel is the 2nd new covenant, the covenant of Keturah, for she was a wife (and a concubine initially, when she was Bilhah), she gives birth last. Bilhah was the slave of Rachel (the newer covenant) therefore she is the 4th new covenant. Zilpah was the slave of Leah (the new covenant) therefore she is the 3rd new covenant. In fact the order of covenants was 1 3 4 2 in this terminology. But since the modern Christian is only aware of one new covenant, it makes sense to call the current new covenant the second. The other two, the slaves, then have to be the 3rd and 4th.


Leah 1NC (first new covenant)
Rachel 2NC (second new covenant)
Bilhah ELC (earthly lord covenant)
Zilpah HLC (heavenly lord covenant)

There is a great scripture in Genesis 31 which sums up the JAC and all its subcovenants in one verse as follows...

33 So Laban went on into the tent of Jacob [JAC] and into the tent of Leah [1NC in TCC1] and into the tent of the 2 slave girls [ELC of Bilhah and HLC of Zilpah in TCC2], but did not find them. Finally he went out of Leah's tent [1NC in TCC3] and went on into Rachel's tent [2NC in TCC4] (Genesis 31).