[364] Numbers 33 prophesies 533 to 546 recorded fire sign predictions and subpredictions made in a chronological wilderness

FDS4 was appointed/installed as priests over Zoar on 2012Ab16/Tishri5. For around 40 months after that we followed a pillar of fire and cloud which moved not through space but through time. God did not show Moses the way out of the wilderness on day one. He had the persistence to wander about for 40 years following a pillar of fire and cloud, which lead him around in circles. And God did not show Gordon the correct date on day one. He had to wander about in chronological circles for 40 months. We got the understandings of this page on 2015Chislev17, 40 months and 1 day after we were appointed over Zoar.

17 And whenever the cloud would go up from over the tent, the sons of Israel would pull away right afterward, and in the place where the cloud would reside, there is where the sons of Israel would encamp.
18 At the order of Jehovah the sons of Israel would pull away, and at the order of Jehovah they would encamp. All the days that the cloud would reside over the tabernacle, they would remain encamped.
19 And when the cloud prolonged its stay over the tabernacle many days, the sons of Israel also kept their obligation to Jehovah that they should not pull away.
20 And sometimes the cloud would continue a few days over the tabernacle. At the order of Jehovah they would remain encamped, and at the order of Jehovah they would pull away.
21 And sometimes the cloud would continue from evening to morning; and the cloud lifted itself in the morning, and they pulled away. Whether it was by day or by night that the cloud lifted itself, they also pulled away.
22 Whether it was 2 days or a month or more days during which the cloud prolonged its stay over the tabernacle by residing over it, the sons of Israel remained encamped and would not pull away, but when it lifted itself they would pull away.
23 At the order of Jehovah they would encamp, and at the order of Jehovah they would pull away. They kept their obligation to Jehovah at the order of Jehovah by means of Moses. (Numbers 9 NWT)

14 And he continued to lead them with a cloud by day And the whole night with a light of fire. (Psalms 78 NWT)

19 you, even you, in your abundant mercy did not leave them in the wilderness. The pillar of cloud itself did not depart from over them by day to lead them in the way, nor the pillar of fire by night to light up for them the way in which they should go [Gordon always got a new date not long after the previous date expired]. (Nehemiah 9 NWT).

So the LWs too were lead around the wilderness in time for the first 40 months after their Zoar appointment by a pillar of fire and cloud!

The arrived at Kadesh in the wilderness of Zin and Paran [the 33rd encampment] in 1511Nisan...

1 In the 3rd month to the going forth of the sons of Israel from the land of Egypt, on the day, the this/same/such [the 3rd day of the month i.e. 1513Sivan3], they came into the wilderness of Sinai [The 11th encampment] (Exodus 19).
1 In the third month of the going out of the sons of Israel from the land of Egypt, in this day they have come into the wilderness of Sinai, (Exodus 19 YLT).

11 Now it came about that in the 2nd year, in the 2nd month, on the 20th day in the month, the cloud lifted itself from over the tabernacle of the Testimony.
12 And the sons of Israel began to pull away in the manner of their departures from the wilderness of Sinai, and the cloud proceeded to reside in the wilderness of Paran [At Kadesh for 38 years, where they resided for most o the wilderness period]. (Numbers 10 NWT).

26 So they walked and came to Moses and Aaron and all the assembly of the sons of Israel in the wilderness of Paran, at Kadesh. And they came bringing back word to them and all the assembly and showing them the fruitage of the land. (Numbers 13 NWT)

1 And the sons of Israel, the entire assembly, proceeded to come into the wilderness of Zin in the first month [of the 3rd year 1511Nisan - see Deuteronomy2:14 and see http://www.bible.ca/archeology/bible-archeology-exodus-route-sinai-kadesh-barnea.htm#thirtyeight], and the people took up dwelling in Kadesh. It was there that Miriam died and there that she was buried. (Numbers 20 NWT)

14 And the days that we walked from Kadesh-barnea until we crossed the torrent valley of Zered were 38 years [from 1511Nisan to 1473Nisan], until all the generation of the men of war had come to their end from the midst of the camp, just as Jehovah had sworn to them. (Deuteronomy 2 NWT)

In Numbers 33 we get the entire itinerary of the 40 year wilderness period. It is written as follows...

5 And the sons of Israel pulled up [stakes] from Rameses and camped in Succoth.
6 And they pulled up [stakes] from Succoth and camped at Etham, which is in the edge of the wilderness.
7 And they pulled up [stakes] from Etham and turned back to Pihahiroth, which [is] before Baal-zephon; and they camped before Migdol.
8 And they pulled up [stakes] from Pihahiroth and passed over through the midst of the Sea, into the wilderness, and went a journey of 3 days in the wilderness of Etham, and camped at Marah.
9 And they pulled up [stakes] from Marah and came to Elim. And in Elim [were] twelve springs of water and seventy palm trees. And they camped there.
10 And they pulled up [stakes] from Elim and camped by the Sea of Reeds.
11 And they pulled up [stakes] from the Sea of Reeds and camped in the wilderness of Sin [on 1513Iyyar15 - Exodus16:1].
12 And they pulled up [stakes] from the wilderness of Sin and camped in Dophkah.
13 And they pulled up [stakes] from Dophkah and camped in Alush.
14 And they pulled up [stakes] from Alush and camped in Rephidim; and no water was there for the people to drink.
15 And they pulled up [stakes] from Rephidim and camped in the wilderness of Sinai [arriving there on 1513Sivan3, the 12th encampment from Rameses].
16 And they pulled up [stakes] from the wilderness of Sinai [on 1512Iyyar20] and camped in Kibroth-Hattaavah [Meaning Graves of Lust. This is not Sodom and Gomorrah, but is rather where they buried those who had the craving for meat of Numbers11:34].
17 And they pulled up [stakes] from The Graves of Lust and camped in Hazeroth.
18 And they pulled up [stakes] from Hazeroth and camped in Rithmah.
19 And they pulled up [stakes] from Rithmah and camped in The Pomegranate Breach.
20 And they pulled up [stakes] from The Pomegranate Breach and camped in Libnah.
21 And they pulled up [stakes] from Libnah and camped in Rissah.
22 And they pulled up [stakes] from Rissah and camped in the Meeting Place.
23 And they pulled up [stakes] from the Meeting Place and camped in Mount Shapher.
24 And they pulled up [stakes] from Mount Shapher and camped in Haradah.
25 And they pulled up [stakes] from Haradah and encamped in Makheloth.
26 And they pulled up [stakes] from Makheloth and camped in Tahath.
27 And they pulled up [stakes] from Tahath and camped in Tarah.
28 And they pulled up [stakes] from Tarah and camped in Mithcah.
29 And they pulled up [stakes] from Mithcah and camped in Hashmonah.
30 And they pulled up [stakes] from Hashmonah and camped in Moseroth.
31 And they pulled up [stakes] from Moseroth and camped in Bene-jaakan.
32 And they pulled up [stakes] from Bene-jaakan and camped in The Hole in the Cleft.
33 And they pulled up [stakes] from The Hole in the Cleft and camped in Jotbathah.
34 And they pulled up [stakes] from Jotbathah and camped in Ebronah.
35 And they pulled up [stakes] from Ebronah and camped in Ezion-geber.
36 And they pulled up [stakes] from Ezion-geber and camped in the wilderness of Zin; it [is] Kadesh [33rd camp. Where the spies were sent out from. They arrived in 1511Nisan of Numbers20:1 and Deuteronomy2:14, and the spies were sent out during the first fruits of the grapes around 1511Tammuz/Ab].
37 And they pulled up [stakes] from Kadesh and camped in Mount Hor, in the edge of the land of Edom.
38 And Aaron the priest went up into Mount Hor at the mouth of Jehovah; and he died there in the 40th year after the sons of Israel had come out of the land of Egypt, in the 5th month, on the first of the month.
39 And Aaron [was] 123 years old at his death in Mount Hor [1474Ab1].
40 And King Arad the Canaanite, who lived in the Negeb, in the land of Canaan, heard of the coming of the sons of Israel.
41 And they pulled up [stakes] from Mount Hor and camped in Zalmonah.
42 And they pulled up [stakes] from Zalmonah and camped in Punon.
43 And they pulled up [stakes] from Punon and camped in Oboth.
44 And they pulled up [stakes] from Oboth and camped in Ije-abarim, in the border of Moab.
45 And they pulled up [stakes] from Ije-abarim and camped in Dibon-gad.
46 And they pulled up [stakes] from Dibon-gad and camped in Almondiblathaim.
47 And they pulled up [stakes] from Almon-diblathaim and camped in the Abarim mountains, by Nebo.
48 And they pulled up [stakes] from the Abarim mountains and camped in the plains of Moab beside Jordan, [near] Jericho [41st camp after Ramases, the first camp. So 42 camps in all].
49 And they camped by the Jordan, from The House of Deserts even to The Meadow of Acacias in the plains of Moab (Numbers 33 GLT).

So the sons of Israel pulled up stakes 41x and the camped 42x from Ramases to the plains of Moab. Then they pulled up stakes from the plains of Moab when they crossed the Jordan into the promised land but that is not mentioned in this account. Now Israel wandered around in the physical wilderness being lead spatially by pillar of fire and cloud whereas the LWs  wandered around in a spiritual wilderness being lead around temporally by a prediction for a pillar of fire and cloud. Each time a prediction failed we pulled up stakes, updated the website and went camping/pitched our tent at a new date. When that failed we pulled up stakes, updated the website and pitched our tent at another new date. We have kept the files of all but perhaps 2-10 or our subpredictions (we overwrote 2-10 of them with the next prediction, before Gordon finally decided to keep all the subpredictions). However the scripture says...

2 And Moses kept recording the departure places by their stages at the order of Jehovah; and these were their stages from one departure place to another: (Numbers 33 NWT)

So Numbes33 is a prophetic account of the recorded predictions that we make, not of the predictions which we overwrote.

So we did in time spiritually what the Jews did in space physically. We did it for the first 40 months of Zoar and more. They did it for 40 years. But the greater meaning is more precise still. Because there are 13 sons of Israel (12 tribes including Levi who was not registered because Manasseh and Ephraim were tribes but full sons). And the sons of Israel were said to pull up stakes 41x between 42 camps, one of which, Ramases was in Egypt and not in the wilderness. This counts as 13x41 = 533 pull ups (date revisions) and not 42x13=546 pull ups. But 546 wilderness encampments of a son of Israel (they pitched camp tribe by tribe). Now each time we make a prediction for a pillar of fire and cloud we pitch camp, we set out our temporal understandings on our U271 page. 

So in the greater meaning there are to be 546 (42x13) chronological encampments in the LW pre answer wilderness. And indeed our 547th prediction was the 1st part of the first answer of 1Kings18 and so ended our answerless wilderness (since it gave us the date of the physical end of the world, the Passover of adamic death, the last day of Adam, the end of the 'day' of the fire signs - 2018Nisan14). And when the end is in sight then one is no longer in a wilderness. So we made 546 predictions in an answerless and endless LW chronological wilderness and a further 6 predictions (chronological encampments) after that wilderness. This has nothing to do with the 40 year JW wilderness penalty or the 40 months Laodicean wilderness penalty.

For we have now made a total of 404 main predictions - see U271az - plus 148 subpredictions listed below, making 552 predictions and subpredictions for which we have still a copy of the predicted date or of the prediction reasoning on the U271 page. 

We had to deconstruct our chronological camp 535x up to our 536th prediction of 2016Nisan8-10 under the 403rd main prediction of 2015Tebbeth20-2016Nisan18. Then we made our 404th main prediction of 2016Iyyar6-11 which contained our 537th prediction or subprediction of 2016Iyyar6-8. 
Then on 2016Iyyar8 we extended our 404th main prediction to run from 2016Iyyar6-Tammuz14 and made the 538th subprediction of 2016Sivan6/7 for the 2nd fire sign and 2016Tammuz6-11 for the 3rd fire sign. We published these on 2016Iyyar10, the 24th day of the 9th 1NC Pentecost of the Kingdom of God of Haggai2. So we could set our heart from that day and forward. This was the first answer of 1Kings18 (if it is correct)
Then on 2016Sivan9 we published our 539th subprediction for 2016Sivan10-12 for the 2nd fire sign and 2016Tammuz6-11 for the 3rd.  
Then on 2016Sivan12 we got  and on 2016Sivan15 we published our 540th subprediction for 2016Sivan27-28 for the 2nd fire sign and kept 2016Tammuz6-11 for the 3rd.  
Then on 2016Sivan28 we got and on 2016Tammuz1 we published our 541st subprediction for 2016Tammuz6/7 for the 2nd fire sign and kept 2016Tammuz6-11 for the 3rd.  
Then on 2016Tammuz7 we got and on 2016Tammuz8 at 06:26 on 26June16 which is 6-16 (UK) of 6-16, we published our 542nd subprediction of 2016Tammuz10/11 for the 2nd fire sign of 1Kings18. 
Then on 2016Tammuz13 we got and on 2016Tammuz13, we published our 404th main prediction extension of 2016Iyyar6-Ab14, in our original 543rd subprediction for 2016Ab8-10 and 2016Ab10-12 for the 2nd and 3rd fire signs of 1Kings18. 
Then on 2016Tammuz20 we got and on 2016Tammuz21 we published on the web and on 2016Tammuz24 we uploaded to youtube our replaced 543rd subprediction of 2016Ab4-6 and 2016Ab8-10 for the 2nd and 3rd fire signs of 1Kings18. This was not our 544th prediction. It was a replacement for our 543rd prediction since it was made before the predicted dates in the original 543rd prediction.
Then on 2016Ab7, we made our 544th prediction which was a return to our original 543rd prediction! 
Then on 2016Ab10 we got and published our 545th subprediction for 2016Ab10-12 and either 2016Elul4-6 or 2016Elul8-10 and extended our 404th main prediction to run from 2018Iyyar8-2016Elul14.
Then on 2016Ab17 we published our next subprediction for 2016Elul4-6 and 2016Elul6-10. But this was merely a backwards extension of our 545th prediction, made before the predicted dates occurs. So it was a replacement 545th prediction
Then on 2016Elul9 we published our 546th subprediction for 2016Tishri4-6 and 2016Tishri6-8. This was our last wilderness prediction
Then on 2016Tishri7 we got and on 2016Tishri11 we published our 547th prediction for 2016Heshvan4-6. This was the first answer of 1Kings18. It gave us the 'day' of the fire signs, by giving us the correct date for the physical end of the world. This put a limit on the extent of the wilderness (the end of the world less 450 prophets of Baal). 
Then on 2016Heshvan6 we got and on 2016Heshvan7 we published our 548th prediction for 2016Heshvan9-12.
Then on 2016Heshvan12 we got and on 2016Heshvan13 we published our 549th prediction for 2016Heshvan20-22.
Then on 2016Heshvan22 we got and published our 550th prediction for 2016Heshvan23-25 or 2016Heshvan29-Chislev1.
Then on 2016Heshvan30 we got and on 2016Chislev1 we published our 551st prediction for 2016Chislev2-9. 
Then on 2016Chislev9 we got and on 2016Chislev13 we published our 552nd prediction for Hanukkah 2016Chislev25-Tebbeth2.
Then on 2016Tebbeth1 we got and on 2016Tebbeth2 we published our extended 552nd prediction for 2016Chislev25-Tebbeth7
Then on 2016Tebbeth9 we got and published our extended 552nd prediction from 2016Chislev25-Shebat1 with late and now known to be non existent Laodicean 2NC Pentecost on 2016Tebbeth26
Then on 2016Tebbeth10 we think we realised that the late and now known to be non existent Laodicean 2NC Pentecost would be 2016Tebbeth30. This ended the 10x of testing of God in Egypt and in the wilderness as to whether or not he could get the correct date for the 2nd and 3rd fire sign through to us.
Then at the start of 2016Tebbeth11 (4-6pm December14) we realised that a church which is appointed 2nd over a group of saints is always appointed at 2nd first fruits - which confirmed the new and now known to be non existent Laodicean 2NC Pentecost as running from Heshvan11-Chislev30. .

Then on 2016Shebat1, we realised that there was no Laodicean 2NC Pentecost. Laodicea was appointed over their 2NCs at the late 2NC Pentecost. The contest was between false prophets of Elijah, so the fire signs would occur at non true worship Pentecost, 50 counts that are not to do with festivals. We then went for the 77th contest Pentecost. 77x is a Jehovah to Immanuel or an Adam to Jesus period, since Jesus was the 77th in line from Jehovah according to the maternal genealogy of Luke3 (expressed in terms of the husbands of all the mothers), which gives us the clue that Jesus was the son 'as the opinion was' of Joseph. Whereas Immanuel was the son of Joseph and a kind of mother for Jesus, providing him with a human body. Furthermore Peter was instructed to forgive his brother, the 1NC reserves and in fact all the 2nd presence 1NC non reserves under the 40 year Watchtower wilderness penalty from 1976Tishri1, not after the 7x of the Kingdom maledictions but after the 77x of the contest Pentecosts. So we made the 4th extension of the 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-2016Shebat22. But then, on the very day of the 77th contest Pentecost, 2016Shebat21, Elijah4 woke up (at 8 pm GMT) with an even better solution which was the 24th Baalian Pentecost from when Laodicea fell, which meant that its prophets of Jehovah instantly became prophets of Baal, and the 78th God testing Pentecost from 2006Iyyar1. This was indeed the completed 1st answer of 1Kings18. 

Upon receipt of the 2006Iyyar1 Sign of Jonah letter, the Watchtower chose not to enquire of his prophet Elijah what the letter was about, but instead to enquire of the FBI, or Baal-Zebub, the God of Ekron [Lord of the flies, the God of erradication] - Satan. 

Then on 2017Nisan7 we got and published the first part of the 2nd answer of 1Kings18, the 7th extension to our 552nd subprediction, for the 2nd/3rd fire signs falling at/against/across, 2017Nisan11, the 78th God testing Pentecost by the Watchtower for a Sign from 2006Sivan12, the first fire sign prediction made in the revised Sign of Jonah letter.

Then on 2017Nisan10/11 we got/published the correct 404th main prediction from 2016Iyyar6-2017Iyyar14 and the 8th extension to our 552nd subprediction, for the 2nd/3rd fire signs falling between 2016Chislev25 and 2017Iyyar2. In particular for the 24th Baalian Pentecost of Laodicea from its fall on 2013Tebbeth1 to 2017Nisan30/Iyyar1. We later on 2017Nisan13 incorrectly deduced that the 2nd fire sign would fall on 2017Nisan21 (initially from the Passover Pentecostal pattern of 1Kings18 but then confirmed by repeat one from 2016VeAdar21 of Haggia2, and by the 10 toes of Daniel2 before 2017Nisan30/Iyyar1, and by 1335 days of fire sign expectation of Daniel12 from 2013Ab5). Then on 2017Nisan21 (before the end of that day) we realised that both the 2nd and 3rd fire signs would occur on 2017Nisan30/Iyyar1.

Then on 2017Iyyar2 we got/published the 9th extension to our 552nd subprediction from 2016CHislev25-2017Iyyar8, with the fire signs occurring at exclusive late new Rosh Hashana, the last possible new Rosh Hashana festival day, on 2017Iyyar7.

Then on 2017Iyyar8 we got and published the completed 2nd answer, the 10th extension to our 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-Sivan8, with the 2nd fire sign occurring at the 24th Baalian Pentecost of Laodicea on 2017SIvan1, late new Rosh Hashana, and with the 3rd fire sign occurring at the 1NC Pentecost on 2017Sivan7.

We had a subsubprediction for 2015Adar12-13 during our 129th subprediction for 2015Adar9-15 (which does not count being within the subprediction). 

We began to see an escape from our chronological LW wilderness when we realized firstly that we were in one and secondly that it was all prescribed and therefore we were not wandering around in pointless circles, we were doing precisely what the holy spirit was leading us to do. 

Here is the complete list of all our 148 subpredictions (with different prediction dates or date ranges) + 1 subsubprediction. They are all linked to the pages we put up describing those subpredictions themselves.

18 Subpredictions in 2013 from 2013Chislev21 (when we started making main predictions and subpredictions due to the 400 no show prophets of Asherah of 1Kings18) until the end of the 2013 BLC year


60 Subpredictions during the 2014 BLC year



51 Subpredictions plus 1 subsubprediction in the 2015 BLC year

understanding271Adar10-11.html (a subsubprediction of our 2015Adar9-15 subprediction of the 403rd main prediction of 2015Tebbeth20-12016Nisan9)
understanding271-2015Adar12-13.html (a subsubprediction under the subprediction for 2015Adar9-15 of the 403rd main prediction of 2015Tebbeth20-12016Nisan9)

19 Subpredictions in the 2016 BLC year

understanding271Nisan1-2.html (2016Nisan1/2 = 2015Adar26/27)
understanding271Iyyar6-8.html (this had our 404th main prediction from 2016Iyyar6-11, now extended to run from 2016Iyyar6-Ab14)
understanding271Ab4-6.html (our original replaced and then extended 543rd prediction)
understanding271Ab8-10.html (our 544th prediction which was a return to our original 543rd prediction)
understanding271Ab10-12.html and understanding271Elul4-6.html
understanding271Tishri4-6.html  (Our 546th and last wilderness prediction)
understanding271Heshvan4-6.html (the first answer from God of 1Kings18 - putting an end to the LW chronological wilderness - by providing the correct date for the physical end of the world, the end of Adam, the Passover of adamic death)
understanding271-2016Heshvan23-25 or2016Heshvan29-Chislev1.html  


We could not have seen this whilst we were in the wilderness because in a wilderness you do not know where you are going or how to get out of it.

We worked this out at around midnight on Tuesday 2 December which was 2015Chislev17. 

The 2 + 38 year penalty and the greater meaning of carcasses that fall in the wilderness

It would have taken around 14 days to walk from Mount Sinai into the promised land. So they could have reached Israel by 1513Tammuz without any difficulty. But they only sent out the spies from Kadesh in 1511Tammuz/Ab. So they were already paying a wilderness penalty prior to the spies even being sent out. He was upset with them from the minute they broke the covenant with the golden calf.

10 Forty years long was I grieved with [this] generation, and said, It [is] a people that do err in their heart, and they have not known my ways:
11 Unto whom I swore in my wrath that they should not enter into my rest. (Psalms 95 KJV)

10 For 40 years I kept feeling a loathing toward [that] generation, And I proceeded to say: They are a people wayward at heart, And they themselves have not come to know my ways
11 Concerning whom I swore in my anger: They shall not enter into my resting-place. (Psalms 95 NWT).

So that generation were never going to enter into the promised land. The 40 year penalty as a result of spying was in fact a stay of execution. The only ones form that generation who entered into the promised land the Joshua and Caleb and the Levites and the women and the vast mixed company, none of whom were registered into the army and therefore subject to an army penalty for refusing to fight....

3 And why is Jehovah bringing us to this land to fall by the sword? Our wives and our little ones will become plunder [i.e. not die but make it into the promised land]. Is it not better for us to return to Egypt? (Numbers 14 NWT)

28 Say to them, 'As I live, is the utterance of Jehovah, if I shall not do to you just that way as you have spoken in my ears!
In this wilderness your carcasses will fall, yes, all your registered/appointed/numbered ones of all your number from 20 years old upward, you who have murmured against me.
30 As for you, you will not enter into the land in which I lifted up my hand [in oath] to reside with you, except Caleb the son of Jephunneh and Joshua the son of Nun.
31 'And your little ones who you said would become plunder, these also I shall certainly bring in, and they will indeed know the land that you have rejected.
32 But the carcasses of you yourselves will fall in this wilderness.
33 And your sons will become shepherds in the wilderness 40 years, and they will have to answer for your acts of fornication, until your carcasses come to their end in the wilderness. (Numbers 14 NWT)

So Numbers14 keeps saying that your carcasses will fall in this wilderness and come to an end in the wilderness. So we are driven to consider the greater meaning which is wonderful. Sure many in the Watchtower will die physically before joining the LWs. But all those who do join the LWs will lose their adamic carcass, it falls in the wilderness upon their baptism. For Zoar is non adamic. Adamic bodies are constructive carcasses, since they are sentenced to death. Non adamic bodies are not.

These adamic bodies do not come to their end in Zoar. They come to their end in the wilderness. So there is a delay between the end of the adamic body and the start of the non adamic one. This delay we think is the 3 days it took Jesus to rebuild the temple of his body. So if you are baptised on Monday then you are non adamic on Wednesday at which point you can join Zoar.

18 Therefore, in answer, the Jews said to him: What sign have you to show us, since you are doing these things?
19 In answer Jesus said to them: Break down this temple, and in 3 days I will raise it up.
20 Therefore the Jews said: This temple was built in 46 years, and will you raise it up in 3 days?
21 But he was talking about the temple of his body.
22 When, though, he was raised up from the dead, his disciples called to mind that he used to say this; and they believed the Scripture and the saying that Jesus said. (John 2 NWT)