[85] Water baptism becomes wine baptism at Cana

The Word symbolism of John 1 and 2. NOT ENTIRELY CORRECT!!

19 Now this is the witness of John [Obadiah of 1Kings18, AOL] when the Jews sent forth priests and Levites from Jerusalem to him to ask him: Who are you?
20 And he confessed and did not deny, but confessed: I am not the Christ [He is not the mediator of a new spirit covenant - he realises after stealing that crown].
21 And they asked him: What, then? Are you Elijah? And he said: I am not [He is not Elijah4]. Are you The Prophet? [He is not a further fulfilment of the Prophet spoken of by Moses]  And he answered: No! 
22 Therefore they said to him: Who are you? that we may give an answer to those who sent us. What do you say about yourself?
23 He said: I am a voice of someone crying out in the wilderness, 'Make the way of the Lord straight,' just as Isaiah the prophet said [He is Gordon's hidden voice in the Watchtower. He is the voice of Elijah4]
24 Now those sent forth were from the Pharisees [the Governing Body of the Watchtower].
25 So they questioned him and said to him: Why, then, do you baptize if you yourself are not the Christ or Elijah or The Prophet? []
26 John answered them, saying: I baptize in water. In the midst of you one is standing whom you do not know,
27 the one coming [to you] behind me, but the lace of whose sandal I am not worthy to untie [Gordon's feet, the last members of his body on earth, the LW spirit baptised 2NC Lords, who are soon to be spirit baptised by the LWs in the Bethany 15 Stadia from Jerusalem. Higher = Earlier, Lower = Later].
28 These things took place in Bethany across the Jordan [not the Bethany of Lazarus but around 20 miles south of the lake of Galilee. the house of dates within the Watchtower, the prophets in the cave], where John was baptizing.

29 The next [day] [29Heshvan20. He was lead up by the spirit into the wilderness after his baptism on 29Tishri10. Then after fasting for 40 days and 40 nights in this wilderness, which would be 29Tishri10-Heshvan19 inclusively - since Atonement day was a fast! He felt hungry and was tested by Satan on 29Heshvan20] he beheld Jesus coming toward him [on a mushroom cloud], and he said: Look! the Lamb of God, the [one] taking away the sin of the world!
30 This is the one about whom I said, Behind me [Obadiah and the sons of his water baptism] there comes a male [anhr] [Gordon and sons of the 4EC who are all 2NC saints] who has advanced in front of me, because he existed before me [Obadiah was baptised with an LW water baptism taken from the LWs by the one who sent him baptizing in water. Gordon had the water baptism first, being Elijah4].
31 Even I did not know him, but the reason why I came baptizing in water was that he might be made manifest to Israel.
32 John also bore witness [therefore this is plainly a part of the witness of John - see verse 19], saying: I viewed the spirit coming down as [wV] a dove [Jonah means dove in Hebrew] out of heaven, and it remained upon him.
33 Even I did not know him [Gordon], but the very One who sent me to baptize in water [The person who took the LW water baptism to the Watchtower - we think a certain Roger Knight who vanished after we baptized him] said to me, 'Whoever it is upon whom you see the spirit coming down and remaining, this is the one that baptizes in spirit holy [Gordon baptises in holy spirit by sending the candidate to the 1NC reserve temple].'
34 And I have seen [it], and I have borne-witness that this one is the Son of God.

LCNC = 12 (3 threads, the literal double designation has a symbolic noun)
LINC Jesus, Sin of World, Male, Water, Israel, John, Spirit, Heaven, Son of God = 9

Mark 1:9-11 and Matthew 3:13-17 and Luke 3:21,22 are parallel but John 1:29-34 is not.

Not parallel because it is not an account of the events of Jesus' baptism. It is an account of John's witness to those events. Recount the other 3!!! Alternatively...

29 The next day he [Elijah4] beheld Jesus [1NC reserve kings] coming toward him, and he said: See, the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world! [being a part of Jesus' body]
30 This is the one about whom I said, Behind me there comes a man who has advanced in front of me, because he existed before me [the 1NC reserves were sanctified before Elijah4 and they are covenanted to have higher authority than him].
31 Even I did not know him [Elijah4 knows none of them], but the reason why I came baptizing in water was that he might be made manifest to Israel [Jesus might be made manifest to the LWs].
32 John also bore witness, saying: I viewed the spirit coming down as/like a dove out of heaven [Due to the sign of Jonah the 1NCs celebrate the Passover during which Jesus' spirit becomes head of their body through marriage], and it remained upon him [Jesus remained as head upon the 6,000 1NC reserve kings].
33 Even I did not know him, but the very One who sent me to baptize in water said to me, 'Whoever it is upon whom you see the spirit coming down and remaining, this is the one that baptizes in holy spirit [Do the 1NCs baptise in holy spirit rather than the 2NCs].'
34 And I have seen [it], and I have borne witness that this one is the Son of God (John 1).


35 The next [day] again [29Heshvan21] [palin does not join this to the above verses, just means the following day again] [??] John [Obadiah of 1Kings18] was standing with 2 out of his disciples,
36 and as he looked at Jesus walking about [Jesus and his sons here, rather than his wife] he said: Look! the Lamb of God! [having seen that LWs have saints too, he finally recognises Gordon as the mediator of the 2NC]
37 And the 2 disciples heard him speak, and they followed Jesus [This is not following 1NC reserves, but joining the true church which is being led by Jesus. The Watchtower is a false church and so is not being led by Jesus].
38 Then Jesus turned and, having viewed them following, he said to them: What are you looking for? They said to him: Rabbi [Hebrew, does not count], which is translated, Teacher, where are you staying? [the LWs are another teacher for these disciples after the JWs, just as Rabbi is another word for Teacher. But the LWs teach in Greek, rather than Hebrew, meaning we teach the New testament to the JWs old testament, we reveal the greater meanings of the bible, the JWs taught the literal meanings]
39 He said to them: Come, and you will see. Accordingly they went and saw where he was staying, and they stayed with him that day [Literal, appears once only]; the hour [literal] was about the 10th.
40 Andrew [Man, 2NC Kings from the Watchtower], the brother of Simon, Peter [The listener, Rock, the 1NC reserves] was one out of the 2 [the other un-named group are the unsanctified JWs, who will become water in the LWs and then be turned into wine at Cana], the [ones] having heard from beside John [Obadiah of 1Kings18] and followed him [Jesus].
41 First this one found the brother, the his-own [idion, a pronoun type word prevents a triple designation], Simon, and said to him: We have found the Messiah [Hebrew, not a proper noun, i.e. not a name of a person or a place, so does not count] which is translated, Christ [Gordon, another Christ, the mediator of the 2NC rather than the 1NC].
42 He led him to Jesus. When Jesus looked upon him he said: You are Simon, the son of John [sanctified listener, son of Obadiah]; you will be called Cephas [Hebrew name rather than a title, so does count] which is translated Peter [you are a rock who will be substituted into Peter, the head of Jesus' wife, in the future. You are also a son of Peter who is the apostle to the reserves].

LCNC = 21 (3 threads)
LINC John (2), Disciples, Jesus (5), Teacher, Day (1), Hour, Andrew, (Brother of Simon), Brother, Simon, Christ, Son of John, (Cephas), Peter = 12 

We do not need to interpret Cephas, as well as Peter because they both mean the same thing literally!


43 The next [day] [29Heshvan22] [??] he desired to depart for Galilee [Meaning he desired to go to Cana on the next day, the 3rd day, so he called Philip on the same day he called Andrew, the second day]. And Jesus found Philip [2NC Lords from the Watchtower] and said to him: Follow me.
44 Now Philip was from Bethsaida [house of fishing], out of the city of Andrew and {the city} of Peter [the Watchtower, Esau, evangelisers, whereas Jacob, the LWs, from Bethany, the house of dates - Easton's bible dictionary, is the more civilised cultivator and home beautifier].
45 Philip found Nathanael [2NC Kings in the world] and said to him: We have found the [one] of whom Moses, in the Law, and the Prophets wrote, Jesus,  a son of the Joseph, the [one] from Nazareth [this is not Joseph, because the prophets refer to the Messiah as being a Nazarene. This is not a triple designation because it mixes definite and indefinite nouns and due a sense override in verse 46 which forces 'the one from Nazareth' to be in every thread! Neither is it a double designation for just as a pronoun imbalance anywhere invalidates a successive designation so does a sense override anywhere or a definite/indefinite imbalance anywhere].
46 But Nathanael said to him: Can anything good come out of Nazareth? [Sprout town, upstarts, the bottle-gourdons. Administration of the LWs, always predicting doom and gloom!] Philip said to him: Come and see.
47 Jesus saw Nathanael coming toward him and said about him: Look! truly an Israelite, in whom there is no deceit [sincerity is the trade mark of the 2NC Kings who see God because they are pure in heart].
48 Nathanael said to him: How does it come that you know me? Jesus answered and said to him: Before Philip called you, while you were under the fig-tree [figs and dates were the last fruit to be gathered in the agricultural year, last true church, always figsing our dates. He is visiting our website], I saw you.
49 Nathanael answered him: Rabbi [Hebrew title, does not count], you are the Son of God, you are King of Israel.
50 Jesus answered and said to him: Because I told you I saw you underneath the fig-tree do you believe? You will see greater [ones] of/than these.
51 He further said to him: Most truly I say to you [ones], you will see heaven opened up and the angels of God ascending and descending to the Son of the man [the rapture]

LCNC = 34 (2 threads)
LINC Galilee, Jesus, Philip, Bethsaida, City of Andrew, City of Peter, Nathanael, Moses, Law, Prophets, Son of Joseph, Nazareth, Israelite, Deceit, Fig-tree, Son of God, King of Israel, Heaven, Angels of God, Son of Man = 20.



1 Now on the day [Heshvan23, that he wished to depart to Galilee verse 43], the 3rd [one] [the 3rd day after the 2 'next days'] [The day of the 3rd presence and the day of the 2NC marriage feast from 2019Tishri2 (2NC first fruits) to 2019Tishri8 would then be the greater marriage feasts of Cana (6 apostles/water jars at this feast). After the feast, once the jars are filled to the brim, the water is turned into wine, on 2019Tishri11, the day after the completed 3rd Holy Spirit Pentecost, the 5th marriage Pentecost on 2019Tishri10 (a Mandatory Sabbath upon which no baptism should occur other than of an atonement sacrifice). Whereas the last day of the 4EC water baptism for saints - when all 12 of the water jars are filled to the brim with saints is 2019Tishri9. The new wine is the 2NC Underlord earthly spirit baptism, which lasts for 144 cubits of Revelation 21:17 to 2019Adar5, which is also 318/2 trained men of Abraam of Genesis14 before the end of hiding for Adam on 2020Ab14. It is the first gift of the completed 3rd Holy Spirit. Just as it was the first miracle of Jesus' ministry. The double designation does make sense due to verse 43], a marriage [The bride cannot leave the bridal chamber for 7 days and 7 nights until the temple is glued together. The high priest cannot leave the temple for 7 days and 7 nights until he is installed just as the bride cannot leave the bridal chamber] took place in Cana [place of reeds - rulers. For 7 days from 29Heshvan23 to 29Heshvan29] of Galilee [the LWs], and the mother of Jesus [The 4EC] was there.
2 Jesus [3rd Holy Spirit] and his disciples [the LWs] were also invited to the marriage [being the parents of the 2NCs].
3 And [upon] [it] [the church, not said to be the marriage feast] having become lacking [genitive singular masculine] of wine [noun as adverb] the mother of Jesus said to him: They have no wine [the heavenly 2NC holy spirit baptism stopped at the end of the  Ephraim call (the 2NC Gentile call) on 2012Ab20].
4 But Jesus said to her: What have I to do with you, woman [the woman is the 4EC. Jesus has to join her at the late 5th marriage Pentecost on 2019Heshvan10]? My hour has not yet come [The hour of the descended 1NC saints of the 3rd Holy Spirit running Zoar from 2019Heshvan10 to 2020Tammuz10, the end of Zoar entrance (8 months). The day of Zoar congregation entrance being 12 times as long, 8 years from 2012Sivan16 to 2020Tammuz10].
5 His mother [the law of the 4EC defers to Jesus?] said to the servants [LW Zoar administration and the Autonomous Zoar administration]: Whatever he tells you, do.
6 As it was, there were 6 water-jars of stone [6 LW apostles whose tribes are full of 12,000 2NC kings at the time of this feast. There are a further 6 apostles which do not attend this marriage and yet their jars must be filled. So there are to be TWO 2NC marriages on 2019Tishri2 and 2019Heshvan2, regular and late 2NC first fruits] sitting there according to the purification of the Jews [the purification of the born agains, the true seed of Jacob after the end of the LCC], each [ana] having-place-for measures 2 or 3 [1NC saints, 2NC kings, 2NC Lords].
7 Jesus said to them: Fill the water-jars of/with water [genitive secondary object. Water baptism - Jesus said nothing about wine. The LWs must do the water baptism]. And they filled them until [the] top/upper part [anw - is an adverb. We used to think that it is used as an adverb, but grammatically it is used as a noun, even so it does not count - see also katw.] [Fill up the 6 tribes with heavenly baptised saints and water baptised non saints who will be turned into wine after becoming LWs. Well perhaps the water baptism will become a wine baptism too: Get up, pick up your bed and walk].
8 And he said to them: Draw some out now [On 2019Tishri11, when the water is turned into wine. This is the day after Atonement day, which is the completed 3rd Holy Spirit Pentecost, the Cana Pentecost. Whereas 2019Tishri9 is the end of the 4EC water baptism for saints for all 12 water jars] and take it to the director-of-the-dinning room [This actually occurred on 29Heshvan29, the last day of the marriage feast because this was 30x after Jesus was circumcised on 2Heshvan29 from the temple ratio prophecy of U108. 30x of the 30x, 60x and 100x of the parable of the sower] [In the greater meaning this would be the 1NC reserve administration of Zoar]. So they took it.
9 But when the director of the dinning room tasted the water that had been turned into wine but did not know wherefrom it was [whether from heaven or from earth?] although the servants/ministers knew [the 2NC saints who are servants of the 1NC reserves in Zoar], the [ones] who had drawn out the water [Jesus does not draw out the water, his disciples, the LWs, do that. Jesus transforms the water. Moses means one drawn out of the water], the director of the dinning room [1NC reserve administration of Zoar] called the bridegroom [Gordon of the 2NC]
10 and said to him: Every man [man] puts out the fine wine first, and when they become intoxicated, the inferior [one]. You have reserved the fine wine until now [the wine put out first is that of the 1NC, that wine was wine from the start. The 'Great Crowd' was not identified until 1935. No conversion occurred with the first wine of the 1NC. But the fine wine of the 2NC is converted from water, and tastes better because humans want to be kings on earth not in heaven and they do not want to die (also according to Paul in Hebrews, the 2NC is established upon better promises than the 1NC. The 2NC Kings and Lords rule on earth under the 1NC kings in heaven and no not die at all].
11 Jesus [the 3rd Holy Spirit] performed this in Cana of Galilee [as the] beginning of his signs [the beginning of the signs by the completed 3rd Holy Spirit] and he manifested his glory; and his disciples put-faith in him (John 2).  

Jehovah and Jesus are patriarchal. The 1NC saints must baptise the 2NC Lords in holy spirit for they are to be their angelic heads.

Jesus (3), Water (4), Wine (3), Woman (1), Mother (3), Director of dinning room (3), Cana (2), Day (1).

CNC (4,3,2,2,2,3,3,1,7,1,5) = 33. 'Having become lacking of wine' is possessive, the noun 'wine' acting as an adverb. 

INC: Day, Marriage, Cana of Galilee, (Mother of Jesus), Jesus, Disciples, Wine, Woman, Mother, Servants, Water-Jars of Stone, Purification of the Jews, measures, Water-jars, Director of the dinning room, Water, Bridegroom, beginning of signs, Glory  = 18

2 The names of the 12 apostles are these: First, Simon, the one called Peter, and Andrew his brother; and James the [son] of Zebedee and John his brother;
3 Philip and Bartholomew; Thomas and Matthew the tax collector; James the [son] of Alphaeus, and Thaddaeus;
4 Simon the Cananaean, and Judas Iscariot, who later betrayed him (Matthew 10).

John chapter 1 shows that Peter, Andrew, Philip and Nathaniel=Bartholomew were chosen first, then Mark 1 shows James and John were chosen just before Jesus went to Capernaum...

16 And passing by (paragwn) alongside [para] the sea of Galilee he saw Simon and Andrew, the brother of Simon casting (amfiballontaV) [the net] around in the sea, for they were fishers.
17 So Jesus said to them: Come after me, and I shall make you become fishers of men.
18 And at once leaving the nets, they followed him.
19 And having gone on (probaV) a little he saw James, the [one] of the Zebedee and John, his brother, and them (i.e. they were) in the boat mending the nets.
20 And at once, he called them. And leaving their father, Zebedee in the boat with the hired-men they went off after him
21 And they went their way into Capernaum (Mark 1). 

And he went to Capernaum after he turned the water into wine at Cana...

12 After this he and his mother and brothers and his disciples went down to Capernaum, but they did not stay there many days (John 2).

So 6 apostles were with him at Cana, a marriage feast that traditionally lasted 7 days. And there were 6 water jars there which in the greater meaning stand for 6 apostles of FDS4. The 6 apostles who join before any sign. Cana was the first sign.

32 John [sons of Russell] also bore witness, saying: I viewed the spirit coming down as a dove out of heaven [Sign of Jonah = Dove], and it remained upon him.
33 Even I did not know him, but the very one who sent me to baptize in water said to me, 'Whoever it is upon whom you see the spirit coming down and remaining [it came down upon Gordon in 1992 resulting in the letter to the Society etc. It remained throughout the Sign of Jonah until the first fire sign and thereafter], this is the one that baptizes in holy spirit [the human mediated spirit baptism which starts at Cana].'
34 And I have seen [it], and I have borne witness that this one is the Son of God [mediator of a spirit covenant] (John 1).