[358]   Exodus 14: Stretch out your hand and lift up your rod and 600 chosen chariots

1 Jehovah now spoke to Moses [Elijah4], saying:
2 Speak to the sons of Israel [all the saints, 1NC and 2NC], that they should turn back and encamp before Pihahiroth [Place where reeds grow - LWs] between Migdol [Tower - Watchtower] and the sea [the mass of mankind] in view of Baal-zephon [Baal of the North, the contest of 1Kings18]. In front of it you are to encamp by the sea [So go and camp between the Watchtower and the mass of mankind in view of the contest of 1kings18 and read the LW website].
3 Then Pharaoh [ES2] will certainly say respecting the sons of Israel, 'They are wandering in confusion in the land. The wilderness has closed in upon them [the LWs have become trapped by their attempts to get the bomb date].'
4 So I shall indeed let Pharaoh's heart become obstinate, and he will certainly chase after them and I shall get glory for myself by means of Pharaoh and all his military forces; and the Egyptians [JWs] will certainly know that I am Jehovah. Accordingly they did just that.
5 Later it was reported to the king of Egypt that the people had run away. Immediately the heart of Pharaoh as well as his servants was changed regarding the people, so that they said: What is this that we have done, in that we have sent Israel away from slaving for us? [we have lost all the saints, the sons of Israel and we have sent Jesus, the 1NC reserves, away to the LWs. So we no longer have any legitimacy as a Christian church!]
6 So he proceeded to make his war chariot ready [1x], and he took his people with him [1x/2x].
7 And he proceeded to take 600 chosen chariots and/even all the chariots of Egypt [literally Pharaoh had chosen 600 chariots of Egypt to be in his chariot force] and third [men] upon all of them [600 chosen chariots with 1800 men aboard. 2400 Days of JWs chasing LWs in interpretational chariots. They became Egypt either on 2011Heshvan10 (when Laodicea lost its water baptism) or from 2013Tebbeth1, when Laodicea became a false church]
8 Thus Jehovah let the heart of Pharaoh the king of Egypt become obstinate [1x], and he went chasing after the sons of Israel [1x+13x], and/while the sons of Israel were going out in uplifted hand [13x in 5x = 65x. Works shown to be divine - from heaven].

The chariots are charging through the scriptures. The are ridden by research groups. The holy spirit needing 2 or 3 gathered together (riding in a chariot). The wheels of the chariot are the old form of locomotion, the old form of bible interpretation. These charioteers must adopt the new LW and bible code methods of interpretation and throw away their old interpretational methodology. 

Verse6+7 count: 600 chosen chariots of Egypt with 3rd man on each plus Pharaoh's chariot and his people is 2402 days from 2011Heshvan10-2017Tammuz12, the last day of Zoar entry. They are chosen from the Watchtower for Zoar and escape.
Verse8 count: 1x+1x+13x+13x.5x = 80x which 80 months from 2011Heshvan10 to 2018Tammuz.
All chariots of Egypt - which is the Watchtower.

9 And the Egyptians went chasing after them, and all the chariot horses of Pharaoh and his cavalrymen and his military forces were overtaking them while camping by the sea, by Pihahiroth in view of Baal-Zephon.
10 When Pharaoh got close by, the sons of Israel began to raise their eyes and here the Egyptians were marching after them; and the sons of Israel got quite afraid and began to cry out to Jehovah.
11 And they proceeded to say to Moses: Is it because there are no burial places at all in Egypt [The Watchtower after 2005Sivan10, when it became a false church, and so had no burial places - salvation covenants - neither the 1AC nor the 3EC] that you have taken us here to die in the wilderness? [literally No there are plenty of burial places in Egypt. Word Symbolically Yes, there are no burial places in the Watchtower everyone goes to Gehenna who remains in it until the end] What is this that you have done to us in leading us out of Egypt? [Saved them]
12 Is this not the word we spoke to you in Egypt, saying, 'Let us alone, that we may serve the Egyptians'? For it is better for us to serve the Egyptians than for us to die in the wilderness.
13 Then Moses [FDS4] said to the people: Do not be afraid. Stand firm and see the salvation of Jehovah, which he will perform for you today. For the Egyptians [JWs] whom you do see today you will not see again, no, never again.
14 Jehovah will himself fight for you, and you yourselves will be silent.
15 And Jehovah said to Moses: Why do you keep crying out to me? Speak to the sons of Israel that they should break camp [leave the Watchtower after it loses the contest of 1Kings18].
16 As for you, lift up your rod [of Authority from 2017Iyyar1 to 2017Tishri8] and stretch your hand [the other hand, being stretched out counts a full 5x, 5 months precisely from 2017Iyyar8 to 2017Tishri8, when Elijah4 comes down from the top of 'the mountain', to the King] out over the sea [5x precisely + rod lifting] and split it apart [by baptism into Zoar which must therefore start on 2017Iyyar8, 5 months precisely before we resign on 2017Tishri8. Split the mass of mankind into sheep and goats by their response to the fire signs of 1Kings18. The rod is lifted up at the 2nd fire sign] that the sons of Israel may go through the midst of the sea [to the ark] on dry land [the dry land of Zoar with its waterless water baptism - by prayer. Or is it the dry land of the 1NC reserve autonomous congregation within Zoar? Jesus joins Zoar and so on Jesus' right we have the sheep and on his left we have the goats of this world. Jesus sits down on his glorious throne to judge mankind in Zoar]
17 As for me, here I am letting the hearts of the Egyptians become obstinate, that they may go in after them and that I may get glory for myself by means of Pharaoh and all his military forces, his war chariots and his cavalrymen.
18 And the Egyptians will certainly know that I am Jehovah when I get glory for myself by means of Pharaoh, his war chariots and his cavalrymen.
19 And the angel of the [true] God who was going ahead of the camp of Israel departed and went to their rear [the angel of Laodicea stops leading and starts following], and the pillar of cloud departed from their van and stood in the rear of them [the sign of the rising mushroom cloud or pillar of fire occurs, so that we stop being lead by it and it becomes instead a protection for us. The Watchtower and all other churches have to get through the fact that we prophesied the cloud and they did not].
20 And it came in between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel. And it proved to be a cloud together with darkness [to the Watchtower, who missed the glory of LW interpretations due to our fire sign prediction failures]. And it kept lighting up the night [for the LWs, proving them to be in spiritual light]. And this group did not come near that group all night long [the night is the period of the contest until the 3rd fire sign].
21 Moses now stretched his hand out over the sea [this is a full 5x - the stretching takes precedence]; and Jehovah began making the sea go by a strong east wind all night long [] and converting the sea into dry-land [charabah] [1x. Converting the masses of non spiritually aligned mankind into the congregation of Zoar] and the waters were being split apart [into the sheep and the goats of Matthew 25, the loving and the loveless]
22 And the sons of Israel [including Jesus, the 1NC reserves] went through the midst of the sea on waterless-land [yabbashah] [of Zoar] while the waters were a wall to them on their right side and on their left [the waters on the left are the goats and the waters on the right are the sheep, with Jesus on his throne in Zoar in the midst of the sheep and the goats. The LWs/Zoar have a dry water baptism. The sheep and the goats are prohibited from entering Zoar by these walls until the sons of Israel, the saints have made it into Zoar. The saints come in first]

So there is a wall preventing the goats from coming in at all and there is a wall preventing the sheep from coming in until after the saints come in.

23 And the Egyptians took up the pursuit, and all the horses of Pharaoh, his war chariots and his cavalrymen began going in after them, into the midst of the sea.
24 And it came about during the morning watch that Jehovah began to look out upon the camp of the Egyptians from within the pillar of fire and cloud, and he went throwing the camp of the Egyptians into confusion.
25 And he kept taking wheels off their chariots so that they were driving them with difficulty; and the Egyptians began to say: Let us flee from any contact with Israel, because Jehovah certainly fights for them against the Egyptians.
26 Finally Jehovah said to Moses: Stretch your hand out over the sea [5x rather than 6x. The crowds trampling the adjutant in 2Kings7], that the waters may come back over the Egyptians, their war chariots and their cavalrymen [3x+3x+3x=9x. So is this 5x.9x=45x?].
27 Moses at once stretched his hand out over the sea [5x rather than 6x], and the sea began to come back to its normal condition at the approaching of morning [?]. All the while the Egyptians were fleeing from encountering it, but Jehovah shook the Egyptians [JWs] off into the midst of the sea.
28 And the waters kept coming back. Finally they covered the war chariots and the cavalrymen belonging to all of Pharaoh's military forces and who had gone into the sea after them. Not so much as one among them was let remain.
29 As for the sons of Israel, they walked [being sanctified] on waterless-land in the midst of the sea, and the waters were for them a wall on their right side and on their left.
30 Thus on that day Jehovah saved Israel from the hand of the Egyptians [5x], and Israel got to see the Egyptians dead [judicially second dead] on the seashore [where the sons of Abraham are].
31 Israel also got to see the great hand that Jehovah put in action against the Egyptians [chronologically and through the sign]; and the people began to fear Jehovah and to put faith in Jehovah and in Moses his servant (Exodus 14).