[175] Taking a time (360 days) for 1335 days of Daniel12 gives us the ratio of the preflood ARC world to the entire world.

Emmanuel Diaz Sanchez has done it again. God has given him something amazing. 

Emmanuel Diaz Sanchez - the star! wrote on 2023December25 at 16:14 (2023Tebbeth9): I'm Emmanuel Diaz Sanchez I continue to write about Prophetic Chronology, and I publish my research on the Blog Jubileo70.wordpress.com It is a page in Spanish. The last thing I found in chronological terms: Each year from Adam to the Flood represents 1335 days   

Gordon: FANTASTIC !! Daniel 12:12 has 'time' and 1290 days. We substitute 1290 of verse11  for 1335 of Verse12 to get the following fulfilments.

Taking a time for 1290 days from the transgression causing desolation of Adam and the loss of the constant feature of true worship in Eden, to the start of the lava flood on 2371Heshvan17.
Taking a time for 1335 days from the period of keeping in expectation from the start of Michael's 6000 year ARC lease on 3993Nisan21, to the start of the lava flood on 2371Heshvan17.

The ratio of the pre flood world from 3993Nisan21 to 2371Heshvan17 to the world from 3993Nisan21 (the start of Michael's ARC lease, his appointment over Adam) to 2025Iyyar5 (the installation of the Kingdom of God over Isaac) is one time (360 days) to 1335 days.
The ratio of the pre flood world to the the world from 3993Nisan14 (Adam's transgression causing desolation and loss of edenic constant feature) to 1822Tammuz2 (the beginning of End Times Chronology (the day when we suspect that the Rev John Aquila Brown first took a day for a year in the 7 times of Daniel4, published on 1823January1 in his book: The Even-Tide) is one time (360 days) to 1290 days. 

81The 1335 days of Daniel12 from 2008Tishri1 to 2012Sivan16, Abrahamic first fruits, when we finished our adamic to non adamic transformation from 2012Sivan14, the adamic to Abrahamic Passover. We thought that the sacred and secular calendars would be combined on 2008Tishri1 back then - starting the Kingdom - hence the expectation. 2012Sivan15 is the end of the 2:1 temple ratio prophecy - see U108. 2012Sivan14 is the end of the 6,000 year working week of Adam as a priest for God from 3989Sivan5 BC, the first monthly Jubilee from his sin - see U317.

11And from the time that the constant [feature] has been removed/transferred [1x] and to/for/? the giving/placing/setting up of a disgusting thing that is causing desolation [1x], there will be 1,290 days (Daniel 12)
Verse11: 1290 days from the time of the removal of the constant feature AND 1290 days from the time of the placing of the disgusting thing making 2580 days. Since the bible is maximally distributive.

12 Blessednesses/Happinesses of the one keeping in expectation and he reaches/touches to the 1335 days!
13 And you [], Go to the end [advice for interpreting verse11, the end of the ARC world on 2008Nisan14 and of the Red Soup world on 2012Nisan14 and of the Adamic world on 2024Shebat14, the absolute end of Adam, from which we can count backwards]; and you [Daniel] will rest [in the ark[, and you will rise/stand up for/to your inheritance at/to the end of the days [rise up into the ark at the end of the 1335 days] (Daniel 12).
Verse12: 2x.1335 days = 2670 days

Benjamin Davidson Analytical Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon: The word for Blessednesses/Happinesses rv,a,  a masculine noun -  happiness, is found only in the plural construct. yrEv.a;

The singular form rv,a, is a purely hypothetical grammatical construction in Hebrew (Daniel 2:4 to 7:28 is Aramaic = Chaldee). So we can count the singular (or as plural) because there is no singular or dual. We therefore count it as 1 (i.e. as a plural only for politeness or for emphasis). But we apply it in substitution for the 1290 days of verse 11 and get:
2x1290 = 2580 days from 2016Ab14 when we died to Abraham and were converted genetically to Isaac, the starting point of verse11, when the constant feature was removed, by our death. 
2x1335 = 2670 days from 2016Ab16 when we began being in expectation in the appointed true church of Isaaic Zoar over Abraham, the starting point of verse12

2x1290 days of Daniel12 from 2012Sivan14, the loss of the LW and Laodicean constant feature, take us to 2019Ab14, the restoration of the constant feature in reappointed (on 2019Ab1) Laodicea.
2x1335 days of Daniel12 from 2012Ab16, the appointment of Laodicea over non adamic Abraham, to 2019Tebbeth15 is the Ark2 rapture of the 6th bride, the late Bethelite 1NCs.
2x1290 days of Daniel12 from 2016Ab14, the loss of the LW constant feature, take us to 2023Tishri14, The Gentile call World Exodus Passover.
2x1335 days of Daniel12 from 2016Ab16, the appointment of Isaaic Zoar over non adamic Isaac, to 2023Tebbeth16-21, the Ark rapture of the Laodicean Abrahamic 2NCs, when the Laodicean 2NCs stand up for their lot in the ark.
Laodicean 2NCs are disfellowshipped LWs (in LW prison) since they stole then lost our water baptism (twice). So their rapture is the start of LW rapture arguably.

Laodicean Daniel himself is not raptured until 2023Tebbeth21 into Ark3.
LW Daniel himself is not raptured until 2023Shebat21 into Ark381.

3989Sivan5 was the installation of Adam as priest to mankind in the Jubilee month and his appointment on 3989Nisan16-22 MUST follow after a great Sabbath (because it is a release based upon Jesus' ransom given on 33Nisan16 to God after the Great Sabbath of 33Nisan15). So 3989Nisan15 was a weekly Sabbath in order that it is also the first Sabbath of Cakes and therefore a Great Sabbath.

So if 3989Nisan16 BC was the weekly Sabbath, then since there were 360 days precisely in the pre flood year, we can calculate that 3993Nisan21 was first fruits after Adam's sin (the 1st day of the week) - see U317.

30Nisan15 was NOT a great Sabbath. So Jesus could not have died then. 33Nisan15 was a Great Sabbath.
Also 33Nisan was the 966th Jubilee month from 3993Nisan14 (starting 3993Iyyar1). Jesus must die in a Jubilee month. 30Nisan was not a Jubilee month. So he died on 33Nisan14.

Now 3993Nisan21 (start of Michael's 6000 year ARC lease) to 2371Heshvan17 (the start of the flood) is 1622y 206d of pre flood world = 584126d 
Then x1335/360 = 2166133.916 = 6017y 14d from 3993Nisan21 to 2025Iyyar5 The Kingdom of God under Jehovah is appointed/installed over non adamic Abraham on 2024Shebat16/2025Nisan5 over non adamic Isaac on 2024Adar16/2025Iyyar5.

I first saw the 2025Iyyar5 date from the 2:1 Temple Ratio Prophecy (on 2023December24 !) see the new U108 Happy is the one keeping in expectation from the start of the world of Michael's lease until the final installation of the Kingdom of God!! 

360:1335 is the Daniel Ratio prophecy and is the ratio of the pre flood world to the entire world. But we can and must also make the substitution one time (360 days) = 1290 days of verse12. Because when Adam sinned that was the transgression causing desolation of all mankind And was the end of the constant feature of true worship in Eden by Adam. 

So 584126 x 1290/360 = 2093118.166 = 5814y 78d from 3993Nisan14 BC to 1822Tammuz2 (1822June23/24). Now Rev John Aquila Brown published 604 to 1917 for the 2520 years of the Gentile Times on 1823January1 in his book: The Even-Tide: Or, Last Triumph of the Blessed and Only Potentate, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords ...

Author: John Aquila Brown. Publisher: J. Offord, 1823. But in those days publishing was not an instant matter. The book had to be written. proof read, formatted, printed etc. So it is reasonable to assume that he made the interpretation in mid 1822. Well we now know he made in on 1822Tammuz2 (June23/24) !! 

John Aquila Brown is the father of the Gentile Times. He it was that made the substitution of a day for a year in the 7x of Daniel4, before William Miller and the Millerites. JAB began End Times Chronology.