[317] Genesis3: Adam was installed as priest to his family on 3989Sivan5, the Pentecost and mankind was released back to the tree of life on 3989Sivan10 BC, Jubilee release day of the first 50 month Jubilee of Michael's 6,000 year headlease

22 And Jehovah God went on to say: Behold! The man [1x] has become like one [1x] from us [2x - Jehovah and his wife, the 1st Holy Spirit] towards knowing of to be good and [knowing of to be] evil [2x], and now in order that he may not put his hand out [5x] and actually take [fruit] also from the tree of life [1x] and eat [1x] and live to time indefinite [1x], -- (Genesis 3 NWT)

23 And Jehovah God put him out of the garden of Eden to cultivate the ground from which he had been taken [1x]. (Genesis 3 NWT)

(1x+1x.2x ).2x.(5x+1x+1x+1x)+1x = 49x. 49 months. Then he gets a priesthood which gives him access to the tree of life (by putting his hand out to God) on the Jubilee, the 50th month, the release to Jehovah for Adam 3989Sivan, the first Jubilee under Michael's 6,000 year lease from 3993Nisan14 to 2008Nisan14. The Jubilee could also be looked at as a Pentecostal installation period in months.

So the sacred working week of Adam ran for 6,000 years from 3989Sivan5 to 2012Sivan14, when we died to Adam and became non adamic - ending that week.

On 2012Sivan14 both true church, the LWs and Laodicea, became non adamic. So there was no true church of Adam working for God. So the sacred working week of Adam ended. We deduce this from the 2:1 temple ratio prophecy - see U108

All this occurred because Satan 6,000 year lease ran from 3989Nisan17 to 2012Nisan14. Adam did not need a priesthood whilst Jesus was Caesar, because there was no division between the sacred and the secular under Jesus. He did need a priesthood when Satan was appointed Caesar. So Adam was appointed high priest to his family on 3989Nisan16-22 and installed on 3989Sivan5-11.

Adam sins dies
Enters adamic death
leaves God's family. ARC agreed
Ransomed offered by Michael. 
Adam evicted from Eden
Exedenic Times begins
Adam denied Tree of life
ARC lease begins
Jesus appointed
Caesar to Adam
Adam enters Michael's family
1st month of
Adamic Jubilee system
Adamic monthly
Jubilee system begins
1st Adamic Jubilee Month
Adam installed as priest to mankind
Granted access to tree of life
True church Adam becomes non adamic Abrahamic
Adamic to Abrahamic conversion Passover
1000 year Adamic Sabbath from working for God as priest begins
2:1 temple ratio prophecy 4027Tishri2-2Heshvan21-2012Sivan15/16
50 months inclusively 6000 year working priestly week for Adam

3989Sivan5 was the installation of Adam as priest to mankind in the Jubilee month and his appointment on 3989Nisan16-22 MUST follow after a great Sabbath (because it is a release based upon Jesus' ransom given on 33Nisan16 to God after the Great Sabbath of 33Nisan15). So 3989Nisan15 was a weekly Sabbath in order that it is also the first Sabbath of Cakes and therefore a Great Sabbath.

So if 3989Nisan16 BC was the weekly Sabbath, then since there were 360 days precisely in the pre flood year, we can calculate that 3993Nisan21 was first fruits after Adam's sin (the 1st day of the week)