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Greetings fellow sharers in the true light that shines brighter than all the stars of the heavens,

We had a wonderful time in Manhattan, very typical of this church.

We went there to fulfil 2 Chronicles 30. We ended up fulfilling 1 Kings 18. We were wrong in our interpretation of 2 Chronicles 30. There was no congregation very multitudinous that met us in NYC!

13 And they proceeded to gather themselves together at Jerusalem, a numerous people, to hold the festival of the unfermented cakes in the second month, a congregation very multitudinous (2 Chronicles 30).

I spoke to Don Adams and to Ray Franz and we all tried to do everything possible to fulfil 2 Chronicles 30. Michael and Greg and Reggie contacts everyone they could. We put info on the web, we made a large noise. Jessica rang the Bethel and spoke to Don Adam's secretary and almost got through to Carey Barber. I got nowhere near to speaking to Carey Barber. We tried our hardest to serve God is the way that we had determined from the scriptures we should to it. And we failed to fulfil 2 chronicles 30, but we succeeded in serving God in sincerity and in faith.

I found myself asking the question: what is true worship?

The answer is that true worship is researching the bible in order to understand what God wants us to do. Then checking the understandings that come out of that research against all other scriptures and all other currently understood doctrine to see if it holds up under test. Then checking any action required by our understanding against our knowledge of God's laws and principle. For example if our scriptural interpretation was that we should disfellowship everyone with a G in his name then we would plainly not act on that understanding as it falls short of God's impartiality.

Our efforts over the last week were that very definition of true worship. And with true worship, just as is the case with true academic research, it does not matter whether you succeed or fail. What matters is that you learn something. This is not a knockout competition, it is the very classroom of God. We did just so. Only we did not know what 'just so' was. We acted in full accord with 'what was written' only we did not fully appreciate at the time just 'what was written'.

So when it became apparent that we were not going to fulfil 2 Chronicles 30 and we had that wrong, there was some disappointment. But George, who was absolutely brilliant throughout the whole week and really represented Jesus in a way that was worthy of our father and saviour, said: Gordon, I expect you to wake up tomorrow with the new understanding.

For those of you who do not know. George was going to come with Vikki, but Vikki's father fell into a coma just before they left. So Vikki herself could not come because she had to be by her father's side. But that did not stop George. He went on to Kelowna airport. Where he discovered his plane had been cancelled. So he asked when the next plane was and it would have been too late. So he moved heaven and earth and flew all round the US. He flew to Seattle, to Salt Lake City and then to Atlanta Georgia and then to NYC and after 27 hours arrived in the Edison Hotel. If Satan could have diverted him to Honolulu George and his brothers upstairs would have found a way of getting him to the Passover on time.

And if you think that was bad, and it was, then consider this. Just before we were about to start the festival all these FBI guys turned up in our room in the Edison hotel! Did that stop us? No. It really was the most amazing experience of my life. We ended up with more people from the FBI than there were LWs (mind you that is not so hard to achieve). But the FBI were very respectful and polite and professional.

They asked for me, and told me I had every right to put my views on the internet just like everyone else does but: The UN and a nuclear bomb?!? How on earth did I get to that conclusion? They wanted to know if our information was entirely scriptural or did I actually have some physical information about the subject. I told them it was all scriptural and that there might be another bomb 7 days after some kind of summit between the LWs and the JWs, or so I thought at the time.

They looked at my passport and asked me how often I came to the states, I said around twice a year, but I expected to be coming a bit more since the church was taking off. And they were fine about that. I told them I had reported an earlier scriptural interpretation to the security services in the UK and they were fine about that. Then they all trooped out.

We recovered our composure and George launched into a flawless and well prepared Lord's evening meal celebration.

It was an honour for me to be there with people of such faith. And I am indebted to all of you for your support, although I know that you were there to worship God and Jesus not to support me.

I of course was in amazement that God permitted the FBI to come and almost join our celebration. I mean it is the most important festival of the year and the FBI turned up in larger numbers than us! They could have easily investigated us at the airport or at my hotel or indeed in a police station or something. But God did not permit them to significantly interrupt the celebration of his son's sacrifice for us.

I told the FBI that they were absolutely correct to come and investigate us as these things are very serious. In a way the FBI by their diligence condemned the Watchtower who did no investigation whatsoever with us and refused even to meet with us. How can it be that a worldly organisation with no understanding of scripture pays more attention to dramatic bible interpretation than God's own people? Truly the men of the FBI shall rise up and condemn the men of the Watchtower in the judgement day of God, for they paid attention to the sign of Jonah, as Jesus would say. For they were more concerned about the security of the people of NYC than the Watchtower was about the security of God's people. That is a fact.

So we have now been baptised by the FBI basically and they know we are serious bible interpreters. We are also not blood guilty should May19/20 or June 8/9 actually happen as we have interpreted. For the authorities are aware of the latter and by tomorrow will be aware of the former, since they said that they search the net for information such as ours, and are watching our site.

So I woke up the next day and knew that I had to determine whether 2 Chronicles 30 applied or not, and basically it did not apply. We are not yet a large enough church to fulil that scripture.

Then once we got to the airport, Dave came up with the idea that our letters to everyone at the top of the Watchtower were effectively me crouching down and doing a mushroom to them. Then I came up with the idea that the attendant seeing nothing at all, was him seeing nobody at all coming to the Passover. Then David got the clincher: Go up, means go up to the Festival of God, in many places in 1 Kings 18. So we continued working and I did a bit more in the last few hours and here is the new and revised and improved 1 Kings 18:41-46 which is now on the updated home page as well.

41 And Elijah [Word2: Gordon]

said to Ahab [Word2: Sealed 1NC saints]: Go up [hl[] [Word2: to the festival], eat and drink [Word2: the Passover properly as described in our 3 Passover letters to the Watchtower Society]; for there is the sound of the turmoil of a downpour [Word2: Elijah gives heavenly warning like thunder does - this being the sign of Jonah].
And Ahab proceeded to go up to eat and drink [Word2: on 2006Nisan14, the faithful sealed 1NC saints in the Watchtower ate and drank the Passover in the way they always had, not according to the written instructions of Elijah]. As for Elijah, he went up to the top of Carmel [Word2: Brooklyn Bethel] and began crouching to the earth [political administration] and keeping his face put between his knees [Word2: Elijah was bending his body into a Mushroom shape - and kissing his backside goodbye! This is Gordon explaining to the Watchtower through the sign of Jonah letter of 2006Iyyar1 that they would be destroyed by a Nuclear Bomb which hits the UN (the earth, the political administration of mankind), 40 days after the date of the letter, i.e. on 2006Sivan11, June 8/9. The sign of Jonah letter was send to every Governing Body member and every officer of all 9 corporate bodies used by the Watchtower. A 16 page fax of the letter was sent to all but 3 of the 112 Bethels (head offices) Worldwide, but only 70 got through].
And he said to his attendant/boy [those under his authority in the church, or those who attend the website]: Go up [Word2: Celebrate the Passover a second time, the late Passover], now/please [
an]. Look in the direction of the sea [Word2: unruly mankind, look for more people to celebrate the late Passover with us, look for those not involved in politics i.e. JWs and ex JWs and true Christians etc]. So he went up [Word2: to the late Passover in NYC, at the Edison Hotel 47th street and Broadway] and looked [for more people to celebrate] and then said: There is nothing at all [Word2: no one new came to our late Passover on 2006Iyyar14]. And he went on to say, Go back, for 7 times [Word2: this is 7 more festivals before the final rapture. These are Rapture day 2006Tammuz1, Last Breakfast 2006Elul16, Passover 2007Nisan14, Rapture day 2007Tammuz1, last breakfast 2007Elul16, Passover 2008Nisan14 and Rapture Day 2008Tammuz1. But cryptically, it is go back for 7 prophetic times, which is 2520 years to 515Iyyar14, first late Passover in Zerubbabel's temple - Ezra 6:15-22, we assume there was a late Passover for all those who could not attend the inaugural Passover].
And it came about at the 7th [one/day/time] [Word2: 2006Iyyar21, the last day of the 7 day festival of late cakes] that he got to say: Look! There is a small cloud like a man's palm [
@k] [not hand - see Daniel 10:10] ascending out of the sea [Word2: this is a small terrorist nuke, a man made convex ascending cloud, on 2006Iyyar21 - May 19/20. We do not know where this will be, we can only calculate when. This does not mean a small rapture at the 7th festival, since that festival, on 2008Tammuz1, is the biggest ever rapture. The pillar of cloud and fire in the days of Moses appeared at the start of cakes in 1513, on 1513Nisan14/15, and took them all through to the Red Sea on 1513Nisan21, at the end of the 7 day festival of cakes. This pillar of cloud and fire in the greater meaning is advanced knowledge of nuclear bombs, which protects the greater Israel of TCC4 leaving the greater Egypt of this world. The Red Sea parts on 2006Iyyar21, May19/20 2006. So the 7 days from 2006Iyyar14, when Gordon and Dave in the afternoon at Newark airport New Jersey, worked out the date of the first terrorist nuke as being 2006Iyyar21, until 2006Iyyar21 (the date of that nuke), are an antitype of the 7 days from 1513Nisan14 when the Jews left Egypt to 1513Nisan21, when the Red Sea parted. Each nuclear bomb from now until Armageddon is a mini Armageddon. Those who listen to God's true people and put faith in God will not be harmed by these devices. Their lives will be physically saved, just as all those who put faith in God will be physically saved at Armageddon, whereas those who put faith in the sword of man will not]. And he said: Go up [Word2: to mount Carmel, the Brooklyn Bethel, actually go physically this time perhaps, at the invitation from the sinking boat of Peter to the sharing boat of James and John Luke 5 - see Luke], say to Ahab, 'Hitch up! [to the wagon of the LWs] And go down that the downpour may not detain you! [Word2: Physically leave the Bethel so that you do not get damaged by the fallout from the Nuclear attack on the UN on 2006Sivan11, June 8/9]'
And it came about in the meantime that the heavens themselves darkened up with clouds [Word2: several nuclear mushroom clouds] and wind [Word2: nuclear blasts]

and a great downpour began to occur [Word2: radioactive fallout]. And Ahab kept riding and made his way to Jezreel [Word2: 'God will sow seed': The Kingdom of God].
And the very hand of Jehovah proved to be upon Elijah, so that he tucked in his cloak [around] his loins and went running ahead [Word2: in interpretation] of Ahab all the way to Jezreel. (NWT adapted from the Hebrew).

So the 7 days of late cakes end with the small nuclear bomb on Friday or Saturday May 19/20 if we have this right, the antitype of the parting of the Red Sea. This of course would wake up the Watchtower and cause them to start fishing in the deep part of the lake, and start sinking with all the fish and the faithful ones, the sons of Ahab, ask us for help and then I send over David to hits Goliath on the head. But the faithless who seek to understand only to attack us will drown in the Red Sea. Jezebel does not repent, she is incinerated.

Also the UNPBC which has started to form itself would accelerate its formation in response to a nuclear attack and hopefully the 10 kings of Revelation 17 will finally appear on 2006Iyyar29.

The lesson in all of this is serve God with your whole heart and soul and mind and strength and it all happens and mountains will move and the FBI respect your festival. And we will get a lot more things wrong, but as we have shown more than 50 times in the last 4 years, the very next day, we get them either right, or at least better than we had them before. Every failure is another piece in the puzzle. And research is about learning from failure as well as learning from success.

You only truly find what the lemon is made of when you squeeze it. And we were squeezed doctrinally, we were squeezed logistically, we were squeezed by the FBI and we were squeezed by the awful behaviour of the Watchtower, and what came out of us was the bitter sweet juice of true faith in God who saved us from it all and in his son who has saved us for ever.