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Dear Reader,

Normally churches say: We need a million pounds for a new roof! But the LWs do not possess any church buildings. We meet in our own flats and houses and their roofs seem to be OK at present!

However we have 5 good researchers in the church who research part time and work part time. If these 5 could research full time then perhaps we might be able to teach the world a bit more about moral sustainability and therefore save mankind from a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering in the end game of this system and prepare them better for the next one, the kingdom of God which Jesus preached. It is a really important work and very very few people are doing it and there is very very little time left.

So if you wish to disinvest a bit from this financial system, which let's face it, is not looking too strong at present, and put something into the next system, which will be based upon love rather than money, well - we take all major credit cards!

The Lords' Witnesses