Greetings brothers in sincerity,

Dan Sydlik died at 2 pm in NYC on Wednesday. I only spoke to him a couple of weeks ago. He sounded fine then. I guess the large shield has fallen to the ground.

He died unclean in the flesh but he was never a 1NC saint, being too young, and he cannot now get into the reserves. So he might be saved by his faith through the 1AC, yet pretty much the last thing he did was to lie to me in my opinion. Not a good way to go. 

I cannot help seeing the symbolism in all of this. It would appear that the barrier to our getting through to the JWs is now down. 

I am going to write another fax to Don Adams. This one will go into Jesus not drinking the cup or eating the meal again until he does it new in the kingdom of his father. I will copy everyone in on this fax.

In the final analysis, we must act out of faith and love, not fear and self-interest. And we must do that whilst we still can!