How Humanity Will Defeat the Globalists

Fellow conspiracy theorists, fellow coincidence theorists and fellow cockup theorists: We know that the government have sold out to the globalists. We know that the UK has not left the EU in legislative terms and that Deep State Agent Theresa May deliberately sabotaged BREXIT by giving away our entire negotiating power for nothing in return in order to make it impossible for any successor of hers to extricate us from EU control. The deep state, the civil service and the UK government stand in contempt of the EU referendum result of 2016 and Nigel Farage has inexplicably become silent as the bonfire of EU regulations is extinguished by unelected Deeper State Agent, parliamentary assassin and Sir Tony Blair sound-alike Rishi Sunak of the billionaire bankers globalist cabal.

We know that the powers behind the powers that be are fighting a war with every man woman and child of our race. Because the genitals of our children, which literally are the future of our species, are under attack by them through politicians and the civil service. Because our bodies today and the bodies of all future generations of mankind are under attack through a genetic disruption weapon misclassified as a flu vaccine, by the Deep State through Big Pharma. 

The purpose of this article therefore is not to inform the reader further about the growing list of species annihilating attacks we presently suffer from. For the Exposé and other alternative media outfits and even the Daily Mail, on rare occasion, have given us more than enough information in that regard. My purpose today is to make a distinction between this present attacks we face and all previous attacks. To define clearly the danger we face as a race and to give you the reader the power to escape that danger and to defeat your corrupted and anti democratic government.

The vaccine bioweapon is not merely a lethal threat to your health, your immune system, your cardiovascular system, your cancer defence, your neurological system, your reproductive system and to every single cell in your body with an ACE2 receptor. But as the Exposé has revealed, the genetic vaccines corrupt your genes in up to 20% of cellular infections or transfections and said corruption may be passed on to your children. We know that the vaccine attacks the reproductive system. So this is an attack not merely on this generation. But upon future generations too. In other words it is an attack on our entire species. Defending ourselves is now a matter of species survival. It is the sort of thing that makes one want to sign up for Elon Musk's trip to Mars. 

An attack upon our species does not originate from within our own species. We are under attack from another species. From a malevolent and genocidal species which wants us terminated or enslaved permanently. They are of course a stealth species. Serpentine in their ways. But they do have an Achilles heel. And it is MONEY.


Cancel culture is the practice of usurping the power of the courts and lawlessly destroying a person's ability to earn a living by attempting to eliminate his income stream. When a person is cancelled, the idea is not just to have them removed from their present employment. No no. It is to deny them any and all future employment. They are held to be unworthy to have any money. They are murdered financially. They are murdered digitally. This is what the UK government, through the Cancel Culture Media and Sports Committee, under the Chairpersonship of Dame Caroline Dinenage DBE MP is attempting to do to Russell Brand.

Dame CD is responsible for the carriage of the Online Safety Bill (which passed the House of Lords on 2023September19) which might better have been called the Online Safety and Effectiveness Bill, which, as the name implies is going to make the internet into the most dangerous place in the world to frequent. The Online Safety Bill is to the internet what genetic vaccines are to healthcare, a 100% control freak deception. As Patricia Harrity pointed out, the OSB is the end of free speech and democracy in the UK and for any global company who wishes to have an online presence here. It is of course the UK equivalent to the EU Digital Services Act of 2023August25.

And what a coincidence it is that these two acts were passed within 25 days of each other all ye coincidence theorists. And here all this time we thought we had left the EU !!

Talking of coincidences guess whom Dame CD is married to? It is Baron Mark Lancaster, a former Conservative Party MP who now sits in the House of Lords as Baron Lancaster of Kimbolton. He was 2nd in command of the 77th Brigade psy ops, from 2018-2020, with the rank of Colonel. But he did such a great job that he got promoted to Major General. So he now really is the very model of a modern major general. Someone who was paid to use psy ops to silence the sort of people whom his wife is now silencing with abuse of government status. I'll bet they have scintillating after dinner conversation!

OK. So one technique to fight them would be to refuse to pay your taxes. Because such taxes fund the annihilation of the human race through a plethora of despicable demonic deceptions, most of which are openly championed by Bill Gates, who actually argues that is it beneficial to mankind to kill 90% of his own brothers. If only he could suspend his hypocrisy for a few days, billions of lives might be saved! I mean surely, following his own widely published position on population control, the thing to do would be to lead by example and sacrifice himself for the good of humanity? His carbon footprint is massive and all the land he owns could be used to grow food to feed the very people he wants to kill (I mean all of us, less maybe 10%). If he would put in his will to make all Microsoft software open source freeware, he could trigger the next revolution in IT into the bargain.

However refusing to pay tax would not hurt the government much because they would just print more money and give it to themselves as did Robert Mugabe. However in all conscience there will come a time in the very near future, in fact morally it must have already come, when paying taxes to a genocidal or illegitimate or anti constitutional government needs to be reconsidered - plainly.

But that will not win us the battle. All of government control is through money or incarceration. To win the battle against the government we have to conquer money. To be specific: We have to ride out the coming storm without any money. Money is merely an abstraction of true wealth. True wealth is food, water, shelter and health and love actually. Because love enables us to share true wealth and it is that sharing which makes us all truly rich.

That is it. Money is only a token. It is only as valuable as people make it. If we all tomorrow reject money and just choose to barter goods and services for goods and services, then money will lose its value and the governments will be powerless to control our lives. It is not hard to see that governments are going to steal every penny we have in the very near future,. Christine Lagarde of the IMF (my favourite globalist banker), said on 2023April7, that the IMF would have CBDCs ready in October 2023 and that all transactions above 300-400 Euros would be policed. She said they may actually police transactions below that value as well.

So in the very very near future you will not have control of your money. Dame CD has made Russell Brand into the prophet that he always wanted to be - God bless him. What she is doing to Russell on behalf of the Central Bank owners behind the central banks behind the deep state behind the state, will be done to you as soon as the governments have the technology to achieve it. They have the legislation they need in the UK OSB and the EU DSA, the twin gagging orders from hell. So please convert your assets out of money and into something real before your money is stolen not merely by Sadiq Khan but by the government that backs Sadiq Khan. Because the government complaints department has now been publicly closed.

What Dame CD and the government fail or refuse to see about Russell is that life is not about making no mistakes. It is about making them and learning from them. And Russell has conquered his heroin addiction and now helps others to do the same. He has conquered his sex addiction and is now happily married with 2 children and one coming  He has conquered his naive and divisive red blue colour prejudice and now become balanced in his political views. He is a fantastic example of the prodigal son. He has pulled himself out of the darkness of hedonism and addiction and found his calling, which is to use his engaging personality, his effervescent charm, his incisive wit and his comic genius, not to make gazillions in Hollywood, not to enchant the Autographs off status seeking women, not to hobnob with the celebrities of New York, LA, London and Paris, but to research into the truth with his whole heart his whole soul his whole strength and his whole mind, and to use his not inconsiderable performing talent to enlighten those who will listen to him. The boy done good. And now God is permitting him one final test. For Moses esteemed the reproaches of the Christ as riches greater than the treasures of Egypt. Keep the faith Russell.

And now I must myself frolick in the glorious freedom of speech afforded me by the Exposé and dance my heart out in front of you all. Because I can. Because the human spirit is greater than any token of artificial value ever created by any central banker and is greater than any digital technology ever created by any technological traitor.

Firstly I would like to say, as a man who has had status, and had women throwing themselves at him, and lost it and now has massive negative status and has women running away from him, that Russell is one of the best womanisers I have ever seen in my life. If there is any man on this planet who does not need to go anywhere near sexual abuse in order to score with a woman - it is Russell Brand.

Secondly, when a woman complains about rape to the police at the time of the incident, that complaint has a lot of credibility.
When she complains not to the police but to the press decades after the incident, that complaint has much less credibility
When she does not complain at all either to the police or to the press. bur gets contacted pre-emptively by a politically biased gutter journalist from the main stream media who are known to pay for salacious stories about fornicating mega celebrities or about mega fornicating mega celebrities, that complaint (if made) has ZERO credibility. Especially when the complainant will not reveal her identity and thereby denies the accused the cability to defend himself - Liz Wheeler does a great piece on this type of extra judicial political assassination -  
When her complaint has as a side effect the character assassination of a politically important person, then the side effect is the main effect and she is most likely the victim of a deep state financed take down.
When the government reveals that it is behind the deplatforming of the accused then the police should stop investigating the accused and instead investigate the government, the accusers and the intermediaries who paid them.

Thirdly in the Gulf war, there was one member of the Cabinet, Robin Cook, who voted against the war. Not long after that we discovered that he was guilty of some kind of sexual impropriety. Not long after that he died. None of the other cabinet members, who voted for the war, were ever found guilty of any sexual impropriety and none of them died during the Blair government. Intel services use sex as a weapon worldwide. The KGB used to use it. The FSB uses it. They all use it. I find it really really revolting - not sex - but the intel services weaponisation of sex.

The YOUTOO Movement

Fourthly and most importantly I would like to propose the YOUTOO movement to counteract the assassins in the METOO movement who have weaponised sex just like the intel services do. I wonder who is behind the success of that movement?
My favourite serial fornicator is Mick Hucknall of Simply Red. What a great voice he has. He calculates that he slept with over 3000 women in the mid 80s and made the following public apology in the Guardian in 2010

"they know who they are and I'm truly sorry" - Mick Hucknall.

So 3,000 women sleep with Mick and it is his fault? 1,000 women (or more) sleep with Russell and he is the bad guy is he? I worked out how many women slept with Harvey Weinstein once assuming 1-2 a day for 20 years not 3 a day like Mick or Danny Cipriani. It is around 10,000 women (sorry - this is what mathematicians do). And this was all Harvey's fault was it? 3 men and over 14,000 women. Is anyone beginning to notice a pattern here? Marilyn Munroe described Hollywood as an overcrowded brothel. Overcrowded by at least 10,000 it would seem.

Firstly let me say this to all genders of reader. There are two magnetic poles, the North pole and the South pole. Not 76 poles. The North pole is not better that the South pole and the South pole is not better than the North pole. They just attract each other because they are polarised differently. That magnetic attraction drives all electric cars, all fridges, all washing machines etc. etc. The idea that the North Pole is toxic and the South pole is therapeutic is garbage. They have precisely the same value and are equal and are opposite.

It is the same with men and women. We are the same thing but polarised in opposite directions. Neither sex is toxic by itself and neither sex is therapeutic by itself. If fact we are both fairly useless without each other. We inspire each other, we love each other we hate each other but most importantly of all we motivate each other and we help each other. If women think they will advance their cause by deplatforming men they are much mistaken. We are two sides of the same coin. We are joined at the hip. But men have been deplatformed in the family and now in the workplace. We have reached the point where a Spanish FIFA chief wins the world cup with his women's team, and in the heat of the moment, is overcome with emotion and kisses the team captain bang on the lips, to say thank you from the bottom of his heart. And that is the end of his career.

Had he done that with a man nothing would have been said at all and everyone would have had a big laugh about it in the dressing room. Actually the kissed girl did have a laugh about it on a tik tok video. But of course the man had to have his career destroyed as did the manager of the team that won the World Cup because he supported the rogue kisser, and well: Is it 'cos I is male?. Two men's careers destroyed by one kiss. A horrific abuse of two men's lives and families, an own goal for women's football which is now seen, even at world cup final level, as really an irrelevant side show of less importance than a 3 second kiss, and a stark lesson to all men not to kiss women if they like having a job. Very important for the powers that be to get that message across. Because they detest heterosexual love. I mean they detest all love. But they especially detest love of the type that produces more deplorable human beings.

Newton's 3rd law of motion states that action and reaction are equal and opposite. The physical exists to teach mankind about the spiritual. The spiritual equivalent is that you reap what you sow. If women seek the destruction of men's rights they will not succeed in protecting their own rights. The justice of God is quite clear and it sets a maximum punishment for any crime. It is eye for eye, tooth for tooth, brand-ing for brand-ing, blow for blow. It is not kiss for Job. It is not zero credibility allegations for internet monetization. It is not: You slept with too many women, for agency support. The correct punishment of the Spanish FIFA chief was for him to suffer a kiss from any Spanish woman who wanted to thank him for winning the world cup and likewise could not control her passions - Bang on the lips.

Here is a question you will never hear asked in the Main Stream Media: What the hell are thousands of women doing sleeping with a self confessed sex addict like Russell? Why is it OK for them to bring their whisky bottle to a world famous alcoholic?
Russell Brand made absolutely no secret of his addictive personality. Why is it OK for thousands of women to feed his addiction and abuse it to get a piece of celebrity sex? 

Here is another question: What percentage of women who have made it in Hollywood let the side down by sleeping with Harvey Weinstein? Why aren't they in the public stocks along with him? How many does it take to tango? Remind me. It is a while since I last had a dance.

I recently read a piece by Joan Collins in the Telegraph, describing how a studio boss once tried to seduce her. She was invited to his office and his secretary left the minute Joan arrived, which is not a good sign. Joan went in to his office and Lo and behold: There was the boss - naked as the day he was born - in the bath. He invited Joan to come and join him in more ways than one. She refused. He then made it clear that her role in the movie had been rewritten to include an aquatic prelude. Joanie quite rightly told him to get on his pedalo. He responded by telling her she would never make it in Hollywood.

Hearing this, one immediately thinks what a pig that man was! Why does he use such a crass and disgusting seduction technique? Well. You might find the answer in the apology made by Mick Hucknall I would suggest. Mick knew that he had slept with some really nice girls who could have made it emotionally with him. Girls who in another life, in other circumstances, could have become his soul mate, his wife maybe. But he compartmentalised what he was doing with those who lined up at his dressing room door in various stages of undress. He was fulfilling a desire. He was not looking for a partner.

The studio boss, like Harvey, was playing a percentage game. He could afford to do that because after Joan Collins left and before the bath water went cold, there would be another protégé and there would be dozens and dozens more after that. In fact like Mick and Russell and Harvey and Danny, the problem was never rejection because they were just so many more candidates eager to fill the void so to speak. The problem was that men cannot physically sleep with more than about 3 women in any 24 hour period without falling apart. That is why Mick only slept with 3,000. It was not due to a lack of women. It was due to the physical limitations of the male body and that was all it was due to. This was wholesale status prostitution. And nobody but nobody has called it out for what it is.

The Movie Mogul's reasoning would have been, yes, I know that my behaviour is disgusting. But I am not looking for any emotional attachment. I want sex and sex is all I want. He was effectively a male prostitute in reverse. He was doing some business. He wanted to be paid with sex for giving the woman status in his movie. He did not want a romantic candlelit dinner for two with a mexican band playing love songs. He wanted a status prostitute. He did not want emotional baggage.

If the reader thinks that this ugly studio boss is the problem think again. The majority of the women who walked into his casting bathroom ended up having a swim, I would imagine, or he would have adjusted his technique. The problem is not him and his disgusting seduction technique. The problem is that all too often he did not have to adjust his disgusting seduction technique in order to score. The problem is that very large numbers of women were prepared to accept that abuse from him in return for a 1% chance of a role in his movie. In fact his technique deliberately filtered for such women. His behaviour is the inevitable product of women's desire for status, celebrity and fame. To be frank, were he to replace himself with a rotting corpse in that bath, with rigor mortis like "Weekend at Bernie's" his success rate might not have been much reduced. And not only him but far too many men make themselves into a similar product. Dustin Hoffman, has freely admitted that he became an actor for the women. Mind you he is a really good actor. He must have really really liked women!

Here is how it all works in my all too limited experience. Too many women are blinded by status and have their love lives run by their statusometer. When you have high status they forgive you pretty much anything, and they are always around. When you have low status they just disappear. The absolute worst is when you have average status. When you have just enough status to date them but not quite enough for them to take you seriously. In that scenario they give you one chance, and if you are really cool and really amusing and totally nail it, you can win them over. But if you make one slip up, just one little slip up - you are toast.  Men know this. We have all been in that scenario at some time in our lives. So we seek to increase our status not because we think that status has any intrinsic value. We know it is total crap. I knew it was crap when I was 16 and status consisted of having a Ford Capri. But many women are very slow learners about status. The end result is that men spend a lot of their time chasing status, not because they value what they are chasing, but because they know that the day will come when they meet a girl whom they sense could be the one, and they do not want to be given only half a chance to love her because her statusometer is reading yellow rather than green. And that screws up men and society big time.

That is what all these thousands of women are doing with Russell Brand and Mick Hucknall and Danny Cipriani. And that is what the 10,000 women were doing with Harvey Weinstein. They are consulting their statusometers instead of their hearts or their brains actually. They are causing the emotional abuse that their sisters then suffer from down the line and that the METOO movement seeks to terminate. They are creating the monsters these men can become. They are feeding male sex addiction. And all the time they are doing that, there is a regular Joe drinking by himself or with his mates in the corner bar. He would hardly register on their mobile phone statusometer. But he would give his right bath tap to have half a chance to love them with his whole heart for his whole life. A chance that he will never be given by any statusometer consultant.

And THAT is the crime against humanity. That is the abuse of love. Not a few dozen celebrities sleeping with women who literally throw themselves at them and then try and make a buck out of it 20 years later by stitching them up to a gutter journalist acting as an agent for genocidal globalists who detest any form of procreative sexuality.

All the adherents in the YOUTOO Movement (me and the writer) seek to smash the statusometers of those who abuse love to enhance their social standing or career, and decry status as a snare created to a very large extent by the main stream media (the mouth of the Dragon) to suit its purposes. If you want to assess a man, touch his hand as Madonna advises or give him a kiss as Cher declares, or look into his eyes and hopefully you will not see the back of his head. Your own body is way more trustworthy an instrument for determining how sincere a man is than his social, sporting, financial, artistic, academic, professional, political, media or celebrity status.

As regards rape, the biblical definition of it appears to be that the woman must scream whilst the attack is ongoing, making it plain to the attacker and passers by that she does not consent and abhors what is occurring. Today with larger houses and thicker walls a scream might not be of much use to get help. But if the woman is prevented from screaming by the man then it is rape period (Deuteronomy 22). Today one could expand this to mean a woman must report the rape not to a media outfit but to the police or a doctor as soon as is possible. Not 20 years later. Having no statute of limitations on rape is a gift to the intel services who can then manufacture allegations to order, which could in theory lead to criminal convictions. Another feature of God's law is that if you make a false accusation of rape, then the very same penalty that you were trying to fix upon your victim by deception is to be fixed upon you. Eye for eye, penalty for penalty. Those are the scales of a balanced justice system. Not an anonymous accuser selling front page headlines with unproven allegations against a named celebrity. Great for newspapers. But rank injustice.

I was in Jimmy's in Monte Carlo dancing actually with Ivana Trump until her bouncers politely relocated me. And after picking up a gorgeous super model, I mean literally picking her up, she weighed absolutely nothing, I was introduced by a banker friend of mine who funded Manchester United Football Club, to Ryan Giggs. But before I could say: Hello, this girl shouted out RYYYYAAAAAAAN and ran at him. She jumped into his arms and planted her genitalia on the end of his and wrapped her legs around his bum. Ryan then politely, and with the perfect execution of a professional footballer, took her to the touch line and exited stage left (something he had obviously done a few times before). That was a straight up sexual assault with no mitigating circumstances at all. It was not a kiss given in the heat of world cup winning passion. There are thousands and thousands of girls who have done that to Ryan and other high profile celebrities. And I can speak from personal experience here too. No one has ever suggested those girls should lose their jobs permanently and be denied the opportunity to feed or educate their children without state support. Ryan Giggs is now a self confessed sex addict. It is not hard to see why.

The fix is to see through the status for what it is. It is a valueless as FIAT currency is about to become. Russell is a testament to that. He is in danger of bringing down the whole house of cards of media constructed status. He chose truth over status. He chose truth over Hollywood celebrity. He rejected the left wing because he saw its hypocrisy and inhumanity. Oh dear oh dear. Old Russell has gone well off message. 

So rather than sleeping with him, may I suggest that we learn from his spiritual journey. If anyone knows what a load of old crap status is, it would be Russell. He has the status of a TV Personality, a Hollywood Star and an Entertaining Comedian. So what is his verdict on mega status when all is said and done? He wants to find something that is true and not fake, He knows about fake. He has done fake. He gave it all up for one ounce of truth. He has the size of status. So there is the end of my little frolic of free speech. I love putting the opposite view to the MSM narrative which always has a hidden agenda.


The UK Online Safety Bill is awaiting Royal Assent. The EU Digital Services Act became law on August25. Christine Lagarde says that the IMF will have CBDCs ready in October. Most important financial transactions now require a 6 digit code to be sent. It is a simple matter to refuse that code if your social credit score is too low. The technology is there. But governments succeed in remaining in power by pretending to be champions of our freedoms. So they will at first introduce Digital IDs as a positive and optional liberating technology. But it will not be long before they become mandatory due to some manufactured emergency or other, that is seemingly outside of government control but is in fact directly controlled by their paymasters.

Biblically that event is WW3, which is presently being curated in Ukraine for that very purpose by ensuring enough weapons and money for each side to keep fighting but not enough for either side to win. It starts with the ride of the 2nd horseman of the apocalypse (who follows after the 1st). And the Digital IDs, the Mark of the Beast, will become our war time rationing cards. But if you do not buy into that then they can use some new superbug or some climate crisis or some economic or environmental disaster as the trigger.

However you look at it, we will be lucky if we have unfettered access to our own money by the end of the year.

So yes, up until today, the right thing to do for financial security has been to chase money. But the power of money is about to go very dark. It is about to become a measure not of your industry or talent or work ethic or dedication to customer service or ingenuity or creativity, but a measure of the extent of your collaboration with genocidal globalists.. I say to all those who seek security in a career. Those days are GONE. It is not your fault. It is just the time period in which we now live.

We are at war with people who would debank us, deplatform us, dehumanise us, and kill us or injure us with sophisticated genetic weaponry posing as medicine and approved by the most corrupt government regulators mankind has ever known! Right now every sort of weapon is being deployed against mankind outside Ukraine and Russia and worse still inside those two nations. Their end game is subjugation or death for all of us. But we have the power to stop them.

For everything they do is dependent upon money. So my job is to inoculate the reader against money. Yes I must vaccinate you financially. and I must give a booster shot to women to vaccinate them against status (which is crap - total crap - I mean seriously meaningless crap as Russell has discovered). In fact these days status has become so corrupted that it is a negative measure of a person's contribution to mankind.

And here is my vaccination... There is a currency that is more valuable than gold. It does not rust, it does not devalue and it lasts forever. It is pictured in the cosmos by gravity, the force which holds the entire universe together but which no scientist can understand. When you spend this currency your bank balance does not go down. It goes up. In fact the more you spend the more you have. When you receive this currency your whole body lights up like a Christmas tree. When you throw this currency away you feel the loss for the rest of your life. It is the currency of God. It is a currency created by God. It is his masterpiece, his Mozart's 40th, his Beethoven's 5th, his Rachmaninov's 2nd, his 18th sonnet, his Daffodils, his Blue Danube, his Bohemian Rhapsody, his Mona Lisa. Yes, it is the second hand emotion of Tina Turner, the crazy little thing called love.

If men and women love the truth and each other and eschew money and status and defend humanity rather than collaborating with those who are attacking it, then a force which is greater even than the unfathomable power of gravity will put his arms, nay, actually her arms (the arms of the Holy Spirit, God's wife, his helper) around them. And what is more she will do that through their brothers and sisters who will see them struggling and deplatformed and demonetized and bankrupted by the totalitarian state for rejecting the Mark of the beast and the lies of the the Dragon's Mouth (the main stream media) and the bite of the fangs of the serpent (the vaccines with which they genetically rape us and our progeny), and they will have compassion upon them, and risking their social credit score they will help them because we are human and that is what we do. For all our faults we are the embodiment of God's love and love never fails. We are not the embodiment of pound notes and we are not the embodiment of dollar bills. When we act as if we are those things, we cheapen ourselves and we cheapen our society.

All the problems we presently suffer from can be traced to corrupted people putting money and career and status before love. It used to be men that did that whilst women were content to love their families and support their children and their husband full time. But that gave far too much power to the family unit and far too much support to hard to control men. So women were tempted into wage slavery along with the men. And now we can both put money and career and status before love, and there is no one left to put love first. We must now be living at the end of the road of this status rather than love malaise. It is typified by the UK Doctor's strike which has now lasted for 700 hours. We have a generation of doctors who sit at the sharp end of the clinical collapse of the NHS, seeing daily the needless pain and suffering and death caused by politically enforced gross mismanagement of NHS resources. But they completely ignore that and instead strike solely for more money for themselves. Sure they deserve more money. But it will not do them any good when the NHS collapses or worse still when it does not collapse but kills many more people than it saves, in which case it would be better if they resigned, because everyday they support such an outfit they break their oath not to harm. Many have already resigned of course.

The problem is not the paltry sums paid to the clinical staff. It is the massive sums paid to medically illiterate bureaucrats curating their careers at the expense of the health of the nation. Let me be clear here. All clinical staff need to take the NHS back by refusing to comply with political hospital administrations as a group in a joint nationwide coordinated industrial action. That is the only strike that will fix the NHS.

When my father first joined a large teaching hospital in London in the early 1960s there was one bureaucrat, Hugh Laird, the bursar. That was it. The whole place was run by the professors on the academic board and the ward sisters ran the wards. Today the bill for the parasitic politicised bureaucrats is larger than the bill for the clinical staff. Now let's do some maths on that shall we?

Since the NHS spends more each year than the government raises in income tax, and since the NHS spends more than half its income on administration, the government could HALVE all income tax and boost the economy to the stars and back if it would sack all the NHS bureaucrats and just return the NHS to its original model. It is not rocket science. But it would put a rocket under the economy and under healthcare. Income tax would be 10p in the pound basic rate and the higher rate would be 20% !!

Patient care would also improve dramatically because the idea that people who have not been medically trained and have not taken the hippocratic oath can manage people who have been so trained and have sworn that oath makes a mockery out of both said training and said oath.

There was a time when money was our friend. But now that the government is using it against us. The day is coming when money is our enemy. Politicians weaponise everything they touch. They have weaponised healthcare. They have weaponised sex. They have weaponised academia. They have weaponised education. They have weaponised the police. They have weaponised the Main Stream Media. And now they are going to weaponise money. They are going to weaponise your money against you. Are you surprised? They would weaponise the weather if they could - oh wait a minute. They already have!  So my unprofessional but theological and practical advice is to get out of money and into reality before Money Weaponisation Day comes later this year. In October according to darling Christine and in October according to my biblical calculations. And to recognise and investigate the spiritual dimension of what is happening to mankind right now and to choose to fight financial control with love and compassion. The Exposé itself has been under attack for years. Yesterday it was Trump. Today it is Russell. Tomorrow it will be another celebrity to keep the fear brewing (it was Lozza Fox and Dan Wootton actually). And then next month, or later this year it may well be all of us. For the real targets of the abuse are you and I.

MAGNA CARTA: 1215June15  (British Library) - 

JOHN, by the grace of God, King of England, Lord of Ireland, Duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, and Count of Anjou, to his archbishops, bishops, abbots, earls, barons, justices, foresters, sheriffs, stewards, servants, and to all his officials and loyal subjects, Greeting.

TO ALL FREE MEN OF OUR KINGDOM we have also granted, for us and our heirs for ever, all the liberties written out below, to have and to keep for them and their heirs, of us and our heirs:

(20) For a trivial offence, a free man shall be fined only in proportion to the degree of his offence, and for a serious offence correspondingly, but not so heavily as to deprive him of his livelihood
(39) No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled, or deprived of his standing in any way, nor will we proceed with force against him, or send others to do so, except by the lawful judgment of his equals or by the law of the land.
(40) To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice.

Here we stand 808 years later and our morality is WORSE than that of medieval feudalism. Our elected government is breaking articles 20 and 39 of the Magna Carta, and have rejected the bare minimums of FEUDAL morality. Today's House of Lords, corrupted by Sir Tony Blair, who passed the Online Safety and Efficiency Bill on September19, is an insult to the nobility of the 13th century.

Online Magna Carta?

Here is an attempt by the Internet Rights and Principles Coalition:

Here is my attempt: The purpose of this charter is the stop the state and the deep state using the internet to enslave humanity. A simple solution would be to abolish the deep state in every country. The deep state is the corruption of any democratic state.

1. Search engines shall list every site that they find by web crawling or that is submitted to them without exception

2. Search engines shall offer as a choice search results sorted by strict relevance only, strict popularity only and every user chosen percentage mixture of the two..

3. Social media, and user created content sites shall perform no censorship of any type of content submitted or displayed

4. Web content should only be removed by court order resulting from an interparty hearing before a judge and decided upon by a jury. Government regulators, ISPs and user provided content companies shall not remove content without a court order

5. Courts should only order the removal of web content if...

a.  The content directly facilitates a crime resulting in significant bodily or financial damage. Excluding crimes that result in emotional or psychological damage. One purpose of life being to learn how to avoid or how to handle such damage..

b. The content is pornographic without the consent of the exposed person.

c. The content amounts to grooming of minors for the sexual gratification of adults

6. Political extremism of all types is expressly permitted. That is the basis of every democracy.

7. A person's views on sex, sexual orientation, gender, race, the holocaust, aliens, election fraud, celebrity misbehaviour, political corruption, political incompetence, slavery, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, however palatable or deplorable are expressly permitted, in order to deweaponise these topics.