How Can Mankind Defeat Nuclear Terrorism?

The Lords Witnesses Christian church predict a nuclear terrorist attack on Manhattan from the Hudson and on London from the Thames around Dartford in the period from August 12 to August 18, 2014. Their President, Gordon Ritchie, offers an alternative response to military intervention.

London, England (PRWEB) August 13, 2014
How should governments and people respond to the next terrorist attack? The Lords Witnesses President would respond as follows...

"No terrorist has the power to topple a society. For if he had that power he would use it rather than using terrorism. The purpose of terrorism is to achieve a goal through fear. There are some people, fortunately not very many people, who mistakenly believe that their personal goals are more important than the lives of others. Then there are other people, even fewer of them fortunately, who mistakenly believe that their personal goals are more important than the lives of thousands or even millions of others. These people will at some point use nuclear terrorism in an attempt to achieve their goals. The church deduces this from the symbolism of the pillar of fire and cloud of Exodus13, which led the Jews out of Egypt, from the rising mushroom cloud of 1Kings18, and from the fire from heaven of 1Kings18, 2Kings1, and Revelation13. The church also interprets the stone of stumbling that hits the feet of the giant man in Daniel2 to be nuclear terrorism."

They, and many other churches interpret the giant man in that account to be the succession of dominant military powers, militarised man. The final pre-eminent global military power will be stumbled by a stone not cut out by hands. This, they say, is bible speak for a stumbling block thrown by fallen angels at a race which indulges in war to gain power.

So the human race will be stumbled by something, and that something is nuclear terrorism - if the Lords Witness interpretation of Daniel2 is correct. Another way of seeing this, they argue, is that any race of free willed beings whose military technology advances at a faster rate than its morality will eventually wipe itself out - which incidentally is why mankind does not need to fear being conquered by some superior alien race. Because any alien race that has better technology than us would also have to have better morality than us or it would have already wiped itself out.

If the human race now stands at the threshold of self-extinction, then the church understands that it is their job to attempt to inoculate people against the terrorism that is about to befall us. Their president would put it like this...

"It is most certainly God's job to teach his children the morality they need to hold on to in order not to wipe themselves out. This is what the Lords Witnesses call sustainable morality. And here is the inoculation...

Since the terrorist does not have the power by himself to wipe out a society, he has to terrorize that society into wiping itself out. The real threat from terrorism is not the awful damage it does, or even the terrible fatalities and injuries and emotional scars that it inflicts on people. It is the kind of response that such attacks provoke. For whilst the terrorist does not have the power to change or to destroy a society, society certainly has the power to change itself or indeed to destroy itself.

Therefore the ultimate terrorist will attempt to provoke society into destroying itself. For most leaders of the free and of the not so free world believe that their national security lies in having a bigger gun than their neighbours or a better shield. But they are wrong. Their security lies in the strength of the grip that they and their citizens have on the civilization, on loving and fair laws, on laws designed to protect society, on moral sustainability in fact.

For if the terrorist can persuade society to let go of the rope upon which it is suspended, then that society will collapse and the terrorist will have won. Now to be fair to mankind, our society has never yet collapsed, notwithstanding two world wars and various banking collapses. Mankind has kept a fairly tight grip on civility, on love, on morality, on righteousness, as the bible would put it. But what is coming in the near future is going to test people further than they have ever been tested before. So it is the absolute purpose of the work of the Lords Witnesses Church to prepare mankind for this test and to help those who will listen to pass it.

The terrorist is trying to trigger the immune system of society to attack itself and to destroy itself. He is trying to trigger a terminal auto immune response from society. He is trying to scare society into abandoning the principles upon which it is based. He is trying to get us to let go of the rope."

The correct response to a nuclear terrorist attack, the Lords Witnesses would propose, is to hold on tight to every one of the principles upon which our society is based. It is most certainly not to pass emergency legislation changing everything. The response they propose is not to flinch at all. It is not to flinch personally and not to flinch legislatively.

It is in fact the precise opposite of the response George Bush Junior gave to 911.

The Lords Witnesses recommend that the terrorist is given no response, for then he has lost everything. Whereas if he is given a big response, then he has won. The larger the response, the more he wins and the more he will terrorize in the future. A kidnapper is looking for a ransom. The larger the ransom the more he will kidnap. A terrorist is looking for a fear based response. The larger the response, the more he will terrorize.

The Church argues that declaring a worldwide war on terror is precisely the response that the terrorist is looking for. Because declaring war is the largest response a society can give to a terrorist. The church appreciates that this may sound very counter-intuitive but points out that when Jesus instructed us to love our enemies (which is just as counter intuitive) he was not mistaken. Loving ones enemies is sustainable morality. Hating them is not.
In order to prepare people and governments for what the church is predicting they are trying to warn us in advance that...

Nations will have to decide whether they are democracies or terroristocracies. 
People will have to decide whether they are prepared hold on to our principles in the face of the most extreme provocation imaginable. 

The church believes that God knows that these things are going to happen. He is permitting them although not causing them. His book predicts the times and places of these and of other attacks in order that his people may know that he is with them throughout this period.

The Lords Witnesses continue to predict a nuclear terrorist attack on Manhattan from the Hudson and on London from the Thames around Dartford sometime during the month of August 2014. They calculate more precisely that these attacks should occur between August 12 and August 18. For the details of their 70 or so scriptural references to these events (as they see it) please visit The Lords Witnesses are a Christian Church, which specializes in research rather than evangelism. They operate in the UK, the US, Germany and Austria. They understand that the bible has literal, event symbolic, word symbolic, cryptic and coded numerical chronological meanings. Their home page is