On August 23rd The Lords Witnesses Bible Scholars Released New Bible Calculations Predicting Two Nuclear Terrorist Attacks Within the Next 48 Hours. http://www.truebiblecode.com

One terrorist attack will be upon Manhattan and involve 'fire from the heavens' causing a rising mushroom cloud from the Hudson and the other will be East of London again involving 'fire from the heavens' causing a rising mushroom cloud from the Thames around Dartford.

London, England (PRWEB) August 23, 2014

The Lord's Witnesses deduce theses dates and events from a symbolic interpretation of various scriptures in the bible. For full the details see http://www.truebiblecode.com/understanding271aq.html 

The Lords' Witnesses seek to prove that the bible can accurately predict future events of biblical significance. If this present prediction is correct then they understand that these attacks are not what they seem. They interpret them to be the stone that hits the two feet of the giant image of Daniel2. Their president, Gordon Ritchie, describes the churches understanding of these attacks as follows...

"It is impossible for me to describe what the church understands is behind these attacks without sounding completely crazy. Suffice to say that Jesus spent a lot of his ministry expelling demons. But that was only the first act. They will be back. And these two attacks are the sign to all mankind that they are here once more. For the demons actually cause the attacks in order to make a power grab for themselves. The two attacks are the stone that is cut out not by hands (not by humans) that strikes the giant image of the man of Daniel2 on its two feet (the US and the UK military powers).

That is the bad news. The good news is that they are going to be expelled today in the 21st century just as they were in the first century. And the heavenly realities behind earthly politics will be revealed. The veil will be lifted."

The Lords Witnesses are a research based Christian church operating in the UK, the US, Germany and Austria. They believe that every page of the bible is deliberately written in a code which disguises its true brilliance and it is mankind's job to break that code. Their position is that we have, as a race, cracked the genetic code, the code of biology. We have, as a race, postulated and then discovered the Higgs boson and cracked many of the laws of particle physics. We have, as a race, made a reasonable amount of progress with organic chemistry. But we are nowhere with the code that the bible is written in. So we get an A+ for biology. We get an A for physics. We get a B for chemistry. But we have failed Theology. And actually that was the most important subject of them all.

To see how far the Lords Witnesses have got in decoding the scriptures please visit http://www.truebiblecode.com