On October 29th The Lords Witnesses Bible Scholars Released Revised Bible Calculations Predicting 2 Nuclear Terrorist Attacks in Early November – http://www truebiblecode.com

They are predicting a nuclear terrorist attack from the Hudson on Manhattan and from the Thames on Dartford East of London 
most likely on 112 (November 2nd, 2014) or if not then on or before November 5th.

London, England (PRWEB) October 31, 2014

112 is the European emergency telephone number and the GSM mobile phone (cell phone) emergency telephone number. It is the 
European and Mobile equivalent to 911 in the US and to 999 in the UK. So from a secular standpoint it would be a candidate 
for a successor to 911.

Of course the Lords Witnesses research department (which is most of the church) deduced the date from years and years of 
chronological bible decoding not from the interesting telephone number correspondence. 

Their President, Gordon Ritchie, explains the new calculations as follows…

“The Hebrew month of 2014Tishri ended on 2014October28 at sunset according to the Biblical Hebrew Calendar (which is 
slightly different from the modern Hebrew calendar - see http://www.truebiblecode.com/understanding4.html). 2014Tishri was 
the 7th month of the 7th sacred year of the Kingdom of God, which is the 7th sacred millennium counting from Adam’s sin on 
3993Nisan14 BC. The LW church has 14 scriptural calculations showing that the Kingdom of God began on 2008 – see 

The church initially thought that these terrorist attacks would occur during the month Tishri itself. But with hindsight 
they now understand that the month had to end before the attacks could occur. For the attacks are the signs which end a 
greater battle of Jericho between the Lords Witnesses church and the Jehovah's Witnesses church they understand. And the 
instructions for the battle were to march around the city 7x on the 7th campaign day - which the LWs interpret as meaning 
to continue going around in chronological prediction circles for 7 completed months of the 7th sacred (Nisan1 start) year 
of the Kingdom of God (but not for 8 completed months). The battle is won when the chronological circumnavigations stop 
due to the attacks occurring during the 8th month of the 7th sacred year of the Kingdom of God. Their symbolic 
interpretation of the marching pattern of the battle of Jericho works like this...

Jericho was the first city that the Jews conquered in the promised land. And remember that the Jews conquered the land of 
Israel in 6 years and rested in the 7th. In fact the symbolism of Jericho applies in the same way to the Jewish conquest 
of the promised land as it does to the Christian conquest of the Kingdom of God. 

The Israelites entered the promised land in 1473Nisan. Then in the 7th month of the 7th sacred year after entering, which 
was 1467Tishri, the first annual Sabbath began. During this Sabbath they rested from war and were given their inheritance 
by lot. The symbolism applies in the same way today as follows. The Kingdom of God is the greater promised land. The first 
sacred year of the Kingdom ran from 2008Nisan1 to 2009Nisan1. We are now in the 7th sacred year of the Kingdom. The first 
church that the LWs will succeed with is the JW church. And 2014Tishri for Christians in the Kingdom of God is the 
equivalent of 1467Tishri for the nation of Israel in the promised land. For both months are the 7th month of the 7th 
sacred year after entry.”

Sure it does not look like mankind is in the Kingdom of God right now. But before every new US president is inaugurated 
there is a transition period, when the outgoing president is still in charge. The Lords Witnesses understand that the 
world is presently in such a transition period between the old outgoing heavenly president (the heavenly biblical ruler of 
this world) and the new incoming heavenly president who is Jesus Christ. 

The LW church would like to apologise for their ineptitude in nailing the dates of these future attacks from their 
attempts to decode the numerical symbolism of the bible. A quick examination of their track record to date (400 mistakes) 
does more to prove that the bible is not in any discernable code than it does to convince anyone that the our future lies 
hidden in the holy scriptures. But the LWs are confident that they will one day get this right - not because they have 
great faith in their intellectual capability (which they do have actually) - but rather because they have great faith in 
the love of God and in the promises he has made about the power of his book. Their president puts it like this...

"Someone has to put this ball in the net and we are really the only team on this particular pitch."

The Lords Witnesses seek to prove that time can be beaten by accurate scriptural interpretation. Their latest calculations 
for these fire signs/terror attacks, which are an attempt to harmonize over 100 numerically significant scriptures, can be 
found on http://www.truebiblecode.com/understanding271aq.html 
The Lords Witnesses are a research focussed Christian church based in the UK, the US, Germany and Austria. They understand 
that the bible has literal, event symbolic, word symbolic, cryptic and coded numerical chronological meanings - See