The Watchtower
25 Columbia Heights
New York, N.Y. 11201 USA


Dear Brothers of Christ,

To what extent the physical things reflect the spiritual things is always a fascinating topic to me. I have written to you about your upper house made by God, through a baptism of prayer not using hands, and about my lower house made by man through a baptism of prayer using hands.

In my country we have an upper house, the house of Lord's, and a lower house the house of Commons. In your country you have the upper house, the Senate house, and the lower house, the house of representatives, the congress (I think). In the UK those who enter the house of Lord's are of one type, being genetically (to some extent) the aristocracy. And those who enter the lower house are of another type, being chosen by 'democracy'. One cannot be a member of both houses.

Whereas I am informed that in the USA those who enter the lower house are the same as those who enter the upper house. Well, here is our current spiritual dilemma defined for us by our two differing political systems. Can the members of the upper house enter the lower house in the kingdom of God? The answer is both yes and no. Firstly one cannot be a stone in two different buildings, and the 'stone' is the symbolism that the bible uses. Obviously the upper house, being in heaven, requires a different body as well, and no flesh can go up there. However there is an entering to be a stone and an entering to worship and whereas I cannot enter into your house as a stone, I can enter into the outer courtyard of your house to worship. You likewise can enter into the outer courtyard of my house to worship, but you cannot enter into the sanctuary as a stone. Therefore the UK parliamentary system is symbolising the situation for stones, or building blocks, and the US parliamentary system is symbolising the situation for worship. However both nations are declaring the existence of two administrative houses for a kingdom, a lower and an upper house. It is as the Psalm says:

He is watering the mountains from his upper chambers. With the fruitage of your works the earth is satisfied (Psalm 104:13).

Now where have we seen the words 'upper chamber' before? In the Greek scriptures; the last supper, praying with Mary before Pentecost and the two resurrections of Peter and Paul are the only events said to occur in an upper chamber. From the Psalm we can see that this applies to a heavenly abode, the house made by God for David. Incidentally the fact that the apostles were staying with Mary in the upper room means that she was anointed, baptised into her son's name! into the upper temple, before that time. But look what the holy spirit said to Peter, as regards the calling of the Gentiles:

Look! 3 men are seeking you. However, rise, go downstairs, and be on your way with them, not doubting at all, because I have dispatched them (Acts 10:19,20).

This call is now being made to you, come downstairs! For you men are symbolically represented as roofing tiles in the parable of the paralytic who was lowered through the roof, in a further example of this vertical symbolism. The roof is standing for the upper house and the 4 walls are the lower house. The route which is taken to get the paralytic who is representing various differing groups in Matthew 9, Mark 2 and Luke 5, through to his cure, is through you, not through the walls. To be precise it is through some of you but not others of you, for not all of the slates were removed, or in your case prepared to let him through. This paralytic is not unrelated to the paralytic who had been sick for 38 years who had nobody to put him in the pool about whom I wrote in my last letter.

Through great faith requests will be made to you by Nethinim and other cupbearers to visit me, once they are told that I am in New York. For I am coming to New York on Thursday, November 10th, the day after you get this letter, and am staying at the Dorset Hotel, at 30 West 54th Street, Tel: 0101 212 247 7300 (from UK). I will be staying as long as it takes to commence the baptism of the Great Crowd, God willing. Furthermore I do know how long it takes, for God has revealed this to me, at least I believe that he has done this, it was as a result of a large amount of asking seeking and knocking.

Brothers do you truly understand the wickedness of this evil democracy of the Greeks? You have quite correctly taken great care to remove it from God's organisation. But you have not followed through to a completion your eradication of this philosophical quagmire.

Which animal did God ever create with two heads? There have been none. It is only Satan who goes in for 7 headed and 4 headed wild beasts. Each man has only one head, each congregation should have one head, each woman has one head and the whole organisation should have one head on earth, the president, just as it has one head in heaven, the Christ.

But I want you to know that the head of every man is the Christ; in turn the head of a woman is the man; in turn the head of the Christ is God (1Cor 11:3).

This scripture refers nowhere to 'heads' in the plural. Satan has created a 5 billion headed monster to rule this planet in the form of universal democracy. But this democracy apart from being complete chaos is also lie, because one head is always in the ascendancy over another.

But you 11, my brothers (be it in flesh or in spirit), have you become an 11 headed wild beast???? Who, among you, is your head???

I solemnly warn you, I do not threaten you, I warn you. You are answerable to your conscience, and not to the conscience of any vote that you may have taken. Your conscience is greater than the result of a vote. In fact democracy is a firing squad to the conscience, the enemy of all mens consciences. A wife, in Gods arrangement, when she does not know, or more frequently does know but cannot decide what to do, asks her husband, her head, for a decision. The democrat, for his part, in Satans arrangement, asks everybody on the same land mass as him, none of whom is his head. He thereby declares himself to be several million times less decisive than his wife for whom he is appointed by God to make decisions. Is this not absolute madness?? Should the hand ask the arm and the leg for a joint decision on what to grab?

Now it is certainly apparent that you are split on the matter of the validity or otherwise of my work. It is apparent from the scriptures, for there were 5 in one house divided 2 vs 3 and 3 vs 2, and this is the five watches of the Watchtower Society, the first 3 and the last 2, in one meaning, but there are many divisions witnessed to in Luke 12. And your division is further apparent by your impotency when it comes to your dealings with me. It has certainly been decided to say nothing to me, whereas many of you would like to reject me and some of you would like to accept me.

Well be advised, those who would like to accept my work: Your day of reckoning has now come. The concentration camp guard cannot say to God: Oh we all voted on whether or not we should exterminate the Jews, and I also voted against it, but I was out-voted, so I followed the wishes of the majority and killed a few Jews, providing them with no means of escape.

Do not imagine that you are in a different situation from this guard. You in fact are that guard. And I am the first of a new race of Jews, and I am in your prison, your concentration camp, a prison of bible interpretation, in fact I have been for years in solitary confinement. And so are many of my brothers, and many more of my brothers to be. And you have a tough decision to make my friends, whereas my enemies have no decision to make.

Which do you value higher, the authority which you currently possess and have been given by God, or the God who gave you this authority??

If you love God more than you love wielding his authority, and you are prepared to risk losing your authority through your love of the lord almighty, the possessor of all authority, and through your obedience to his son, the one in whose hand all this authority is. Then you will be given all of the authority that Jesus has, relating to men, into your hands indefinitely, for he is as generous with authority as is his father. And you and I both know that this generosity knows no boundaries.

But should you, like the junior car park attendant, or the assistant manger's assistant, love your authority more than you love the one who gave you it, then you will lose your authority, even all of it.

Please, therefore, all of you moveable roofing tiles, inform all cupbearers of my visit. Permit them to come to see me, or me to come to see them. Come yourself! Do not become demosthenesians, become Christians. There is no collective conscience which you are answerable to, or saved by, there is only your own conscience. Do not be sons of Abraham Lincoln, be sons of Abraham Abram. He was the one who did not forbid his sons to cross a river into a new land (not that he had any at the time). He, rather, crossed the thing himself, thereby becoming an alien resident, even although this meant leaving the house of his father and of his relatives. And since he gave up his temporary home, God gave him a permanent home that no man could ever remove from him. For this is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has told me to say to you, you rebellious house:

Jehovah the God of the Hebrews has come in touch with us, and now we want to go, please, a journey of two days into the wilderness, and we want to sacrifice to Jehovah our God (Exodus 3:18).

[Actually its now a journey of 1 day - Ed.]

The last time that this request will be made is for 1 day in the wilderness, and it is actually made of my brothers, by the Zoar class I think, or perhaps by the unclean animals of Noah, I do not know, or maybe the 5th baptism. Finally allow me please to say this to you, you who have been given the glorious freedom of the children of God:

God allows all of his sons to sin, whenever they want. If he, for his part, even allows us to sin, will you, for your part, forbid us to be cleansed from this sin? You must understand that God does not compel, he entreats, he does not prevent, he expressly forbids. You really have nothing to fear. Jesus would not forbid his followers to visit me, in fact he has called them to visit me. But even if he had forbidden it, he would not deny them the opportunity to break his commandment. For this would be oppression. This would invalidate the great freedom that this current system of things is allowed by God to enjoy.

Brothers, all of the pain and suffering that mankind has been and is going through is for the purpose of buying us everlasting freedom. Freedom is the most expensive commodity. When you restrict your brothers by force, you deny to God the very purpose of your own existence in this system. Which purpose is to learn the fruitages of freedom, both the good and the bad, and in fact to reject the bad fruitage, having seen it. Yes, you count as worthless all the pain suffered by every Christian, if you deny them this freedom for which they are still suffering today. Therefore set them free to speak to me. The Christian congregation should know no oppression, internally. Our protection is the holy spirit, it is not man made fences. Please suffer the little children to come to Jesus, through me this time, do not prevent them.

Yours faithfully

Gordon Ritchie.

P.S. There must be one scripture somewhere that will move you from fear and into love. I appeal to you finally, as I have done before, with the words of the one who has stated that he baptised me [Not quite - Ed.], the one who had a dual citizenship, both a Jew and a Roman, the apostle to the nations, and here we are impinging on a sacred secret of great magnitude.

Otherwise, what will they do who are being baptized for the purpose of [being] dead ones? If the dead are not to be raised up at all, why are they also being baptized for the purpose of [being] such? (1 Cor 15:29).

This dead is obviously not physical death. Nobody is baptised in order that they drop dead and drown in the bath of water or die shortly thereafter. And they were already going to die physically before they got into the bath. They are baptised in water to be judicially dead children of Abraham. Paul is saying that they are being baptised in order to be raised up. Now you do not have to be baptised in order to be raised up physically, i.e. resurrected into the kingdom, this is apparent, for many men will be saved by their following of their conscience in complete ignorance of Christianity. Therefore this scripture is saying that the judicially dead will become judicially alive, in fact this is why they are baptised in water, it is in order that they may then be baptised in blood.

And now, brothers, let me meet my relatives please, the house of Stephanus, the servants of Solomon, the Nethinim, all of whom have been baptised in the blood of Jesus, into his Roman name, by the angel Paul himself, the only Roman in heaven. I go far enough.

P.P.S. I must say also this, although I doubt whether you will accept it. The month of Chislev is a sabbath month under the second law of Moses, these occur every 7th month until Armageddon [True, but the first one runs from 1995Nisan12 to 1995Iyyar12 - I think - Ed.]. This means that the true congregation of God should hold no formal meetings and do no formal field service in this month, and put no formal burden on any member of the congregation, there should be no congregational activities in Chislev. The land, that is the administration, and all the food producing trees and shrubs in it, will work producing food exclusively for God, not for man, in a Sabbath month. It is meant to be a month of worldwide bible research and rest. It is a month wherein rather than doing one's utmost in the 'service' as commanded by the Kingdom ministry, one is commanded by God to do the complete reverse, namely, absolutely nothing in this 'service'.