(Y) The cock always crows twice

Brother Sydlik
The Watchtower
25 Columbia Heights
N.Y. 11201 2483


Dear Brothers in spirit and not in flesh,

In the great and consistent irony of God's design my humiliation was my victory. When I am weak then I am powerful (2 Cor 12:10). Indeed I became a Jehovah's witness knowing that I would be killed, unjustly disfellowshipped. For the first absolute confirmation of the accuracy of my decoding came from the knowledge in advance of the day of my humiliation, 1996Adar11, 1260 days after 1992Elul11 when 'Letter to the Society' was delivered to Brooklyn. It was Revelation 11:

And I will cause my two witnesses to prophesy 1260 days dressed in sackcloth. These are symbolised by the two olive trees and the two lampstands that are standing before the Lord of the earth (Revelation 11:3,4).

These two witnesses are the Jehovah's witnesses and the Lords' Witnesses, the two lampstands, or congregations, of FDS3 and FDS4 respectively. The two olive trees stand for two baptisms in holy spirit, yours and ours. The 1260 day period in your case was from 1914Heshvan25/26 to 1918Iyyar25, when the governing body was arrested. The Gentile times ended on 1914Tishri15. The subsequent ministry of the witnesses against Babylon was antetypical of Jesus' ministry (W1966p183). But Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness after his baptism on 29Tishri10, before his ministry started. Furthermore, the next day (the 41st), he did not preach (John1:29-34) and then the next day (the 42nd) he turned and spoke to Andrew (John1:35-42). He therefore started his ministry on 29Heshvan22. This ministry lasted until 33Iyyar25, when he ascended, but lost 3 days from Nisan14 to Nisan16, so it was actually 1260 days long!!

Likewise the preaching of the Jehovah's witnesses was delayed for 40 days after his becoming king in the heavens over the Jews in the heavens, this is a cleansing period. Jesus' whole ministry was effectively phase shifted by 40 days, because it was delayed 40 days at the start by the wilderness and extended 40 days at the end by the resurrection. This is why the governing body was locked up on 1918Iyyar25 rather than on 1918Nisan14.

The Lords' Witnesses started their campaign against FDS3 on 1992Elul11 when 'Letter to the Society' was delivered to Brooklyn by Massoud. And I was thrown out on 1996Adar11, 1260 days after the book was delivered at the start of this ministry. It wasn't only my ministry, all of the 220 true Nethinim were participants in it. Being chosen because they love God more than they fear their spiritual leaders. And to find 220 brothers with this attitude is hard, very hard.

It was tragic and amusing at the same time because the elders called me in to chuck me out 7 days early, on 1996Adar4. And after a few hours they announced that their decision was to disfellowship me, and I said: 'When is this effective from?' Thinking it's 7 days too early. And Roger said: We are giving you 7 days in which you can appeal, and if you don't then we will disfellowship you at the end of the 7 days, or words to that effect. I was happy and sad at the same time. The the presiding overseer said to me: I suppose that you are shocked. He said this because he had conducted the whole affair with deceit, this being his modus operandi. But I knew it all in advance, I felt like a spectator at my own funeral. In truth Satan was deceiving him. I said: No I am not shocked. I refrained from telling him that I knew what day he would throw me out on, because I did not want to influence events, and anyway it was none of his business.

I was thrown out not for taking a stand against FDS3 but for: 'My unacceptible beliefs'. They thought that I was 'Potential Gangrene'. Of course you cannot throw out a man for his beliefs. Apostate means 'stand against', it is from the Latin: Sto, stare, steti statum, meaning 'to stand'. I was thrown out for being an Apocredate, one who 'believes against'. Although in fact I am an apostate to FDS3, but not to God. And a judgement should have been made as to the status of this slave before I could correctly be thrown out and no such case was allowed to be conducted. You have assasinated the prosecuting attorney, because you think that by doing this you will avoid prosecution, just like your forefathers did with your father. Furthermore I was not given the mandatory two warnings:

As for a man that promotes a sect, reject him after a first and a second admonition (Titus 3:10).

I had no admonition at all. Furthermore I have not promoted a sect in my ex congregation and neither was any evidence provided to that effect. But all of this occured that the scriptures might be fulfilled upon you and I, for David and Peter are saying:

The stone that the builders rejected has become the head of the corner (Psalms118:22).

The identical stone that the builders rejcted has become the head of the corner (1 Peter2:7).

I am the chief cornerstone of the House of Jehovah, the earthly temple in the Kingdom of God on mount Moriah. Jesus is the chief conerstone of the House of David on Mount Zion. And you are bloodguilty men. You have some concept of what you have done, although you do not realise the enormity of your sin yet. But the local elders have very little concept of anything that hasn't been put in a recent Watchtower, so you have the greater sin (John19:11).

I am also the cock with the seed. The cleanliness to baptise, Elijah4, and the third Christ, and look! here I am crowing a second time. The first time I crowed you had denied me and the first Christ for 3 years from 1992Elul to 1995Elul. But this time you have denied Jesus 3 times at the three memorials of 1994, 1995 & 1996. For I warned you about the invalidity of these before the 1994 memorial and you took no note, because you are hard hearted and stiff-necked like your fleshly ancestors. For Jesus said to Peter:

Truly I say to you, on this night, before a cock crows, you will disown me three times (Matthew 26:34).

And the night in question was the memorial night. And you, the antitiypical Peter, who say the you will never as a group go wrong, have gone wrong three times on that very night. Three times you have broken your one and only obligation under your new covenant.

The gospels mention these three times of denial 7 times. And the 7 fulfilments are (I think):

3 years and 3 memorials on FDS1
3 years and 3 memorials on FDS3
2 future fulfilments for FDS4
One global fulfilment because FDS1, FDS3, FDS4, all deny Jesus

A nice account of all of the denials is found in Matthew 26:

Now Peter was sitting outside in the courtyard; and a servant girl came up to him, saying: "You, too, were with Jesus the Galilean!" But he denied it before them all, saying: "I do not know what you are talking about."

After he had gone out to the gatehouse, another girl noticed him and said to those there: "This man was with Jesus the Nazarene." And again he denied it, with an oath: "I do not know the man!"

After a little while those standing around came up and said to Peter: "Certainly you also are one of them, for, in fact, your dialect gives you away." Then he started to curse and swear: "I do not know the man!" And immediately a cock crowed. And Peter called to mind the saying Jesus spoke, namely: Before a cock crows, you will disown me three times. And he went outside and wept bitterly (Matthew 26:69-75).

Main house with Jesus inside House of David, your temple
Peter sitting outside in courtyard FDS1, not officiating as priests
Servant girl Bilhah, dependant covenant on Rachel
Jesus the Galilean Christ2, Paul
Gatehouse  House of Jehovah
Peter at the gatehouse FDS3 spies at the house of Jehovah
Other Girl  Rachel, our new covenant
Jesus the Nazarene Christ3, Gordon
Peter with those standing around FDS4
Those standing around Priests, standing before Jehovah
Dialect  Pure language, decoded knowledge
Peter going outside Losing priesthood (Vomitted outof Jesus' mouth).

So brothers there it is. You do not see me again until you say: 'blessed is he that comes in the Lord's name' at which point I will be riding upon two asses, two congregations, two olive trees, two lampstands, the Jehovah's witnesses and the Lords' Witnesses, one the son and the other the mother (Jesus being the father). For congregations are more stubborn than mules and less imaginative than asses, nonetheless they are more perspicacious than you 10 men, they see the angel before you do. I guess because they have less to lose, so Satan can blind them less. For although Balaam's words were carefully chosen, his eyes were not on the heavenly riches, which are the mind and the heart, which you can take with you when you die. They were on the earthly riches, which are the power and the status, which you cannot take with you when you die. And since you all finish your earthly courses pretty soon why are you even looking at them?? Truly the heavenly riches are so much more beautiful, though not so dazzling for a fact. But all that glitters is not gold.

I love you.

Regards Gordon