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Todd Ellison
The Watchtower
25 Columbia Heights
New York N.Y. 11201 USA

Chislev 1, 1992

Dear Todd,

I Thank you very much for the kindness that you have showed my friend Massoud Vakili. I was not able to deliver the first book myself because the superior authorities were not allowing me to leave the country at the time. However that matter has now been cleared up, and thanks to the mercy of Jehovah, I am now a free man! I have enclosed one small letter which I have addressed to the Governing body as a whole rather than to each member. I really hope that they will find this letter comforting and helpful. Please do pass it on to them. May the true God bless you even more than he already has for the help and hospitality that you have shown to his servant Oholiab!

Yours faithfully,

Gordon Ritchie