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Adar 17, 1994

Dear Brothers of Christ,

Firstly, may I thank you for having the graciousness not to hinder my baptism, despite my many new ideas of which you had been made aware. I know that you were put in a difficult position at that time and I am grateful for your forebearance in that regard. In fact being put in difficult positions is what being a Christian is all about, this is how we are taught. For the true God is raising up pearls which sparkle in the light from the mirky depths of the ocean floor, and the more a metal is worked, being placed in physically difficult positions, the more it is agitated, the stronger it becomes. Likewise it is the agitation of the oyster that causes the pearl to be produced, and it is the problems which we face, rather than those that we ignore, which refine us and make us precious to God.

Of course the one who caused our first problem and agitated us first and is responsible for our lives being short lived and glutted with agitation is Satan. He is the one who has authority from God to put us in all sorts of difficult positions, it is he who is our enemy, not we ourselves. Yet though he is our enemy, God is using him to make us into his friends. If we are truly God's friends, then we are friends ourselves. Thanks to your kindness I am now your brother in the flesh, and thanks to the undeserved kindness of God, I have been for some 29 months your brother in the spirit. This causes me a problem from Satan relating to the memorial, which I will address later. I hope it makes me into a bigger pearl!

But look! why have we been ignoring each other, we are not seeking a divorce are we? Why are we speaking to each other through letters and magazines? Did not God appoint us both with a mouth? He is the one who appoints the speachless and the deaf. I for my part have been speachless and you for your part have been deaf.

Please let us end this ostracism. We are serving the great communicator himself. There are many many things I would love to tell you, wonderful things, but now a cloud has appeared over the proceedings and I find myself in the position that Jude was in 2,000 years ago:

Beloved ones, though I was making every effort to write to you about the salvation we hold in common, I found it neccessary to write you to exhort you to put up a hard fight for the faith that was once for all time delivered to the holy ones. My reason is that certain men have slipped in who have long ago been appointed by the scriptures to this judgement, ungodly men, turning the undeserved kindness of our God into an excuse for loose conduct, and proving false to our only owner and Lord, Jesus Christ (Jude 3,4).

I must admit that I do not find this easy to do at all, but the little scroll that was sweet in the mouth has become bitter in the belly, that is on further digestion, and the blessing has become a malediction. Because the words of my first letter which you actually received were true, there was to be no further anointed, that is heaven-bound anointed, president of the Watchtower Society after brother Franz. So now there is a very strong accusation which I am about to make, and I do make it in all sincerity. I am willing to listen to any arguments which may prove me wrong, should you grant me a hearing. And I would hope that you would this time listen to the words of Nicodemus and grant a man a hearing, before you condemn his works.

I would further point out that had you listened to the words of my first letter, then you would not be in the predicament that you are now in. Because brother Henschel, although sanctified, was not sealed, the ravens have told me. He has broken his baptism and has sinned against the holy spirit [Woops! he was never sanctified is the current understanding - Ed. - he was the Egyptian the Moses killed and hid in the sand, the Jew who Moses reprimands is Judas, the one who has sinned against the holy spirit, he suceeds Henschel.] This is actually the sin against the holy spirit, for the man who tramples on the sacrifice of the Christ has to have been sanctified by his blood, and have had the sacrifice applied in his case, that is have been baptised with holy spirit first, and then as in the case of Esther and Ahasuerus, either you touch the tip of the golden sceptre, or you die in Gehenna.

Look! I bring you a gift:

Abraham, Abraham (Gen 22:11)
My son Absalom, my son, my son Absalom, Oh that I might have died instead of you Absalom, my son, my son (2 Sam 18:33).
Conspiracy! Conspiracy! (2 Chron 23:13)
Samuel, Samuel! (1 Sam 3:10)
Moses! Moses! (Exodus 3:4)

All of the repeated calls mean that there is a greater call or fulfilment. The angel saying from the burning thornbush: Moses! Moses!, has the meaning that a second Moses [And a third - Ed.] would see a burning thornbush which does not get burnt up. Oh my brothers, you are that burning thornbush, because you are under a judgement from God right now. But fear not, you will not be burnt up, because God loves you even though you are rejecting him still. I know this because I have turned aside and I have inspected you. The things that you are doing in secret, God has written in advance in the bible. Every meaning of the bible will be understood before the end of this system, in fact 5 years before the end of it. Every manouevre that you make now in opposition to the new wine, has been recorded in advance and will become known by all of Jehovah's people. You must stop producing thorns, it is as Jesus said:

Never do people gather grapes from thorns (Matt 7:16).

New wine does not come from thornbushes. And you must become a crown of stars not a crown of thorns. Please listen very carefully to the words of our master:

If your right hand is making you stumble, cut it off and throw it away from you. For it is more beneficial to you, for one of your members to be lost, than for your whole body to be thrown into Gehenna (Matt 5:30).

The right hand is the 5th administration of the right hand of Jesus, namely the 5th watch, that of Brother Henschel. You are faced with a stark choice. You are the body, the governing body. Blessed be the one who voted against rejecting the new wine in 1993Tishri, listen to him. And I will tell him now, my brother, you are sealed, your testing is over, your everlasting life is yours through Jesus Christ, fear nothing. In fact the ravens have told me that brother Franz accepted this work of mine. But look! I am being cagey again. Here is a list of what I believe to be true, it would help me very much if you could confirm or deny the following:

1993Nisan10  Decision to distribute the new wine internally
1993Tishri10  Decision to stop distributing it
1993Tishri30  Declaration banning the new wine
1994Shebat10  End of 5th watch
1994Adar13  A release of some sort begins

I am in the dark as to the exact fulfilments of these things. I am better at dates than I am at symbolisms. But in some sense the 5th watch has ended, I suspect that it has ended physically and we are in some sort of hideous Bethelgate situation.

Some sort of financial corruption has been attributed to the 5th president and possibly to the treasurer, the one in charge of the money box, but I am not sure exactly how the symbolism works and without your confirmation I would not cast any definite slanderous assertions in that direction. Look, brothers, these things bring me no joy. I am not a very good policeman, I am a mathematician. In fact if I step into your shoes for the moment I suppose you may be thinking: We don't want him over here, he might show us up in respect of such and such. This is a good position to take if you are running a wordly organisation. It is a suicidal position to take if you are running God's organisation.

If brother Henschel has committed no sin deserving of disfellowshipping then I am wrong and I withdraw my accusation and I would beg him and God to forgive me, and may his presidency last until time indefinite. If on the other hand he has, then publically disfellowship him now. Do not form a conspiracy, do not listen to Jezebel, who is not rebellious sisters in the congregation, but is rather rebellious members of the wife of the king, the wife to be of the king Jesus. Brothers, when Ezekiel saw all of the disgusting things in the temple, they were IN THE TEMPLE, the one that John was asked to measure! Do I have to spell this out? You are that temple, the one made of living stones.

As regards your ex-president, you will find that he will be unrepentant if he is a son of the darkness and you will find that he will be repentant if he is a son of the light. I am empowered to help you a lot, let us work together to find our common salvation. I cannot be of much help when I have no confirmation from you of what is going on. Let there be no division between us, every house divided against itself will fall. Look! Reuben lay down with his father's concubine, as Paul said:

A wife a certain man has of his father, and you are puffed up, and did you not rather mourn, in order that the man that committed this deed should be taken away from your midst. I for one, although absent in body but present in spirit, have certainly judged already, as if I were present, the man who has worked in such a way as this (1 Cor 5:3).

The 5th watch have been abusing a woman all night. The woman is the covenant of gifts and the covenant of peace, she is Keturah, the 3rd wife of Abraham, the one that had 16 sons, the one about whom I wrote to you in my last letter. The night is the period from 1992Elul11 onwards, until such time as you pack in this abuse, which time is yet future. You are God's steward, and so I will continue to present to you gifts under this covenant. But please stop kicking them round the courtyard and let them be presented to God in the proper manner. I know that you have not actually kicked the understandings out of the courtyard yet. You must deal with Jezebel and clear away the leaven.

I am saying all of this so that you know that I am not unaware of the enormous difficulties that you currently face, difficulties which I wish to help you with. Difficulties which require action. I have been silent for 16 months, and now it is 18 months since 1992Elul11, when the first letter arrived, and you have been silent since then too.

Borthers I do not find it easy to knock on peoples' doors and represent an organisation who do not themselves respond to my flying people over with books and charts to knock on their door. I have made my first call on you, I have left my literature. Now please, I wish to make a return visit, according to the kingdom ministry these are very important, so when would be convenient? I am at your disposal - preferably before the memorial.

I was sanctified in holy spirit on 1991Tishri17. I have known this, to the month for some 15 months. I did not partake last year because I am not a part of your baptism. I am baptised to be a prince on the earth, you are baptised to be a king in the heavens. However, my understanding has improved and I wish to partake of the wine, because I am saved by Jesus' blood, it has already been applied in my case. However I am not a part of Jesus' body, I am not going to be his heavenly wife, so I cannot partake of the bread, because the bread is his flesh. I am not saved into his body, his flesh, his wife. I am in fact a part of his inner garment [which of course is a priestly garment - Ed.]

At this point you will probably think that I have totally lost my marbles, and I am not going to try and make a full defence of my position here. But, I would like to have an opportunity to present myself, marbles included [or excluded - Ed.], to you, so that my local elders can be saved being dragged into something that they do not understand. I do love them, please spare them the full force of my understandings at this time, I do not want to burden them. I wish to discuss this new baptism and my partaking with you.

Very briefly, Jesus turned the water into wine and Moses turned it into blood. This water is the water of the baptism pool. It was Jesus' first miracle, and it is the start of his last series of miracles. It was also one of the 3 signs that Moses had to show Pharaoh. Another sign he had was to throw down a rod to the earth, which would turn into a snake, and then when Moses grabbed it by the tail, it would return to being a rod. Well in the case of brother Franz, this is fulfilled. The rod is the shepherding staff of Jesus, which today is the mouthpiece of Jesus. The snake is the 'shepherding' implement of Satan, the mouthpiece of Satan. The earth is the organisation that guides the waters, the waters are God's people. Please repent and turn back into a rod. Incidentally, the hand in the upper fold of the garment is a similar symbolism. The two signs are 'but one' to quote Joseph.

Look! I am loaded down with gifts for you from Jehovah, please will you accept them. They are not harmful to you, they actually mean salvation for you. When I said, in my first book, that the understandings contained therein might not even be one tenth of the unsealed things in the bible, I thought then that I was exagerating. With hindsight, I now know that I was not. They were not even a hundredth part. I am exploding with knowledge and yet I know nothing. You are delaying the spreading of the good news according to the unsealed understandings. You are acting in direct contradiction to the purpose as stated by brother Russell, to disseminate such understandings. Will you please give up this fruitless fight against God and listen to your father and to the voice of his son. The Kingdom Interlinear reads:

About but the day that and hour no one has known (Matt 24:36).

The verb 'oiden' is in the past tense, actually it's the perfect tense 3rd person singular, the perfect tense is used for completed actions. The scriptures do not say 'no one knows', they say literally, 'no one has seen', a completed action in the past tense. It is impossible for a verb in the past tense, especially in the perfect tense, to be a prohibition on the future. And I believe you know this, and you are being dishonest. I for one cannot stomach it. When British politicians mislead the house of commons, they resign or they get transferred to the EEC!

There is no literal prohibition resulting from the above, on knowledge of the day or hour of Armageddon, that extends after this statement was made. But you yourselves know neither the day nor the hour, not because you cannot know the date of Armageddon, but because you do not know what 'day' or what 'hour' this scripture actually applies to, in the symbolic meaning. For this day is the day of Jesus' presence, in the sense that one member of his wife-to-be, his flesh-to-be, is here. I have finally understood that brother Russell was anointed in 1884Tishri in a John the baptist/Elijah antitype, and that the last anointed one of the second baptism dies in 2004Tishri [more precisely the last anointed one of the second part of the first baptism dies in 2004Elul - Ed.] Jesus was born in 2Tishri10, BCE, and the last anointed one of the first baptism [first century part of it - Ed.] died in 119Tishri [or before -Ed.], having been sealed on or before 95Tishri, this being the end of the baptism. So that both of his first and 20th century presences are 120 years long, the life of Moses, and the warning period given to Noah:

Just as the days of Noah were, so the presence of the Son of man will be (Matt 24:37).

These figures occur because man is under a 120 year maximum lifespan limit right now, and so is woman, and so therefore is Jesus' symbolic wife, the 144,000, split into 80,000 from the first baptism and 64,000 from the second [of the house of David - Ed.] The hour is actually a time period which is running now of which you are unaware. You have not known which day or hour this scripture refers to, in the symbolic meaning, at least not until now! But the scripture says:

If the householder had known in what watch the thief was coming, he would have kept awake and not allowed his house to be broken into (Matt 24:43).

This is the hour which Matthew 24:36 refers to because Jesus said:

I shall come as a thief, and you will not know what hour I shall come upon you (Rev 3:3).

[The account in Matthew makes it quite clear that that householder, the FDS, is going to fall asleep, and his house is going to be broken into by the thief - Ed.]

Well your house is already broken into. The spiritual thief, Jesus, came in the 4th watch, and was seen by some of you then [walking on water - Ed.], and by brother Franz. I am not explaining in what sense Jesus is a thief, and you did not know what hour he came upon you. But the physical thief is the one who presided over the 5th watch I believe, although I hope I am not doing him an injustice [Judas is the bogus 6th president, brother Swingle, I currently believe - Ed.] And you did not know in what watch he would come either. Whereas I have delayed writing to you because I knew a lot of this before the memorial last year, and I did not want to influence events before they happenned. Also I was under a divine prohibition. And to be frank, I am not absolutely sure that this prohibition is yet lifted, but in any event, may His will be done.

Now this sort of knowledge is the new wine, a further symbolism of the parable of the wine of Cana. For Jesus has turned the bible, the water of life, into its full meaning, the wine of salvation. Truly you will find that the book of life tastes much better when viewed in all 4 of its dimensions, the literal, the symbolic, the cryptic and the coded numeric. As Paul said:

In order that you may thoroughly be able to grasp mentally, with all the holy ones, what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of God which passeth all understanding (Ephesians 3:18).

Brothers, it is no coincidence that our genetic code has 4 bases, Adenine Guamine Cytosine and Thiamine, and is a 4 dimensional code, and that Einstein discovered that we live in a 4 dimensional world, x,y,z & t, related by the Lorentz transformation, and that the code of the bible, the book by which we live, our written code of conduct, is also a 4 dimensional code. the former physical things prophesy the latter spiritual things. As Paul again says, it is first the physical and then the spiritual (1 Cor 15:46 - paraphrased).

In fact, the day when Crick and Watson walked into the eagle pub in Cambridge and cried out: We have discovered the secret of life! they having cracked the 4 base code of physical life, is a prophesy, that the day will come when the 4 dimensional code of spiritual life, the code of the bible, will be cracked [Brothers, this day has now come, it is the day of Jehovah - Ed.] It's like Paul said:

Who has indeed adequately qualified us to be ministers of a new covenant, not of a written code, but of spirit, for the written code condemns to death, but the spirit makes alive (2 Cor 3:6).

And if it is a written code, then it will one day be decoded, it will be unveiled, for the scripture says:

There is nothing carefully concealed that will not be revealed, and secret that will not become known (Luke 12:2).

As regards the Christ, who is the word of God, which is the bible:

Carefully concealed in him are all the treasures of wisdom and of knowledge (Collosians 2:3).

If they are carefully concealed, then they are encoded. And if the physical decoding of the secret of life was declared in an inn, what of it? The covenant for saving us was declared on not entirely dissimilar circumstances. But let us not declare this new secret of life in a pub, let it rather be declared with honour and glory and respect for Jehovah, even in his son's earthly home.

Now Einstein discovered that the whole structure of space-time is determined by the fact that the speed of light is a constant to all observers, independent of the speed of the light source with respect to the observer. In other words man cannot at all influence the speed of light. It is 300,000,000 metres per second, whether he runs along with his torch or flies backwards in the space shuttle with his laser beam. As a result of this you can put a 20 foot truck in a 10 foot garage, although not for very long, if the truck is travelling sufficiently fast with respect to the garage. Likewise the whole structure of Jehovah's earthly organisation is determined by the speed of light, spiritual light, enlightenment. But in this case, it is not the speed of enlightenment which is constant, being set by God, it is the source, the bible, which he has preset.

In the case of physics, it is the fact that its speed is a constant that makes it the fundamental determinant. In the case of theology it is the light source itself which is constant, the bible, and yet it imparts light at differing speeds and differing times, which makes it the fundamental determinant, and this is why we all pretend to study this book. This situation is the precise reverse of physics. And this is a true reverse symbolism. Reverse symbolisms are one of the deepest things that the writer has yet managed to get his head round in the bible. the classic reverse symbolism is the case of Gideon and the fleece. He requested a reverse confirmation. Gideon was acting as a prophet. The bible is full of reverse confirmations, and they are not easy to understand, but thereagain neither was relativity, but it was understood.

Do we have the faith in the perfection of God that Einstein or Newton had? - I wonder. Incidentally, I loved the Watchtower on Newton's rejection of the trinity - 1977April15. But look! Just as the constancy of physical light from various velocity sources produced some suprising results to the physicist, so the speed and glory of the new illuminations form the constant source of spiritual light are producing some suprising results for the theocratician. None more suprising - I suspect than the following:

When now, the director of the feast tasted the water that had been turned into wine, but did not know what its source was, although those ministering knew... (John 2:9).

He said to them: You will indeed drink my cup, but this sitting down at my right hand and my left is not mine to give, but it belongs to those for whom it has been prepared by my father. When the 10 others heard this, they became indignant at the two brothers (Matt 20:23,24).

But Jesus said to them: You do not know what you are asking for. Are you able to drink the cup which I am drinking, or to be baptised with the baptism with which I am being baptised?

They said to him: We are able - Amen!

At that Jesus said to them: The cup which I am drinking you will drink, and the baptism with which I am being baptised, you will be baptised. However this sitting down at my right or at my left is not mine to give, but belongs to those for whom it has been prepared.

Well, when the 10 others heard about it, they started to be indignant at James and John (Mark 10:39-41).

You are the '10 others', the identities of James and John are not for you to know yet, not until you stop being indignant.

And accepting the cup, he gave thanks and said: Take this and pass it from one to another among yourselves (Luke 22:17).

This cup means the new covenant by virtue of my blood (Luke 22:20).

The bread was not passed from one to another, the bread did not mean the 'new covenant'. The wine will be passed from a heavenly anointed brother top an earthly anointed brother. If you will permit this, it will actually start in my home congregation. Alternatively, of course, you could carry on resisting the holy spirit just like your forefathers.

Paul explains it all:

The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not a sharing in the blood of Christ? The loaf which we break, is it not a sharing in the body of Christ? (1 Cor 10:16).

[Currently those who bless the wine are not those who break the bread - Ed.- since the dead are blessing the wine and the remnant rather than the blessor are breaking the bread - what a mess]

And after giving thanks, he broke it and said: This means my body which is in your behalf. Keep doing this in remembrance of me. He did likewise respecting the cup also, after he had the evening meal, saying: This cup means the new covenant, by virtue of my blood. Keep doing this as often as you drink it in remembrance of me (1 Cor 11:24,25).

The bread means the body, the blood means a new covenant, in fact two new covenants, the new covenant and the newer covenant. The bread is never said by the holy spirit to mean a new covenant.

A comparison of Matthew 26:26-28, Mark 14:22-24, Luke 22:19,20 & 1 Corinthians 11:24,25 reveals that the order of events was:

[1] Start eating the passover lamb

[2] Bless the bread, then brake it and eat it

[3] Finish eating the passover lamb

[4] Give thanks, then drink out of the cup

[5] Sing praises

The bread was eaten with the evening meal. The wine was not drunk with the evening meal. Jesus was the passover lamb, his body is represented by the bread, you are a part of his body. The wine was not drunk until the eating of the body, the bread was over [Actually Jesus' personal body was the bread and the 144,000 are the lamb, his wife's body in this symbolism - Ed.] Brothers, I did not want to tell you this in this letter, but your baptism is over. And now the new wine must be drunk, and the next baptism must begin.

Why at every memorial do you not yourselves eat the bread before you drink the wine? Are you not declaring these very things? If there was only one fulfilment then why not drink the wine with the bread during the meal, far more palatable I am sure, ask any French brother. How do you like the bitter greens??? [Also two emblems mean two classes of anointed - Ed. - one class of anointed brothers does not need two emblems.]

Now this is all very well, but it is not possible for you to declare this by yourselves, or for you to deal with it in isolation. If you do attempt this then you wil fulfill the scripture:

Neither do people put new wine into old wineskins, but if they do then the wineskins burst and the wine spills out and the wineskins are ruined. But the people put the new wine into hew wineskins and both things are preserved (Matt 9:17).

New wine must be put into new wineskins (Luke 5:38).

No one that has drunk old wine wants the new. For he says: The old is nice (Luke 5:39).

This is understandable, it is the devil you know. But as the director of the feast said:

Every other man puts out the fine wine first, and when the people are intoxicated, the inferior. You have reserved the fine wine until now (John 2:10).

Well we are reaching the end of the marriage feast now, the majority of the bride has arrived in heaven already [So now is the time to break out the fine wine! - Ed.] And having fulfilled part of this scripture, we are now approaching a further fulfilment. Possibly you have had these thoughts already. I am a new wineskin. I am preserved by the new wine, wine which I am currently being used to preserve, along with various brothers in Brooklyn who believe it to be true wine, it is in fact fine wine.

This new wine is nitroglycerene in the wrong hands, it has the power of Elijah, it will not be ignored, it will not be contained, it will destroy all opposition. Likewise:

Gifts of the prophets are to be controlled by the prophets (1 Corinthians 14:32).

At the risk of sounding melodramatic let me please say this:

I am a messenger of a new covenant. I have come in the power of Elijah, I have not come in the spirit of Elijah, because the spirit of Elijah was the angel Gabriel [I have come in the spirit, the mental disposition of Elijah, but I am not angelically possessed, although I do possess an angel, one with my name on it in the heavens - Ed.- he is asleep right now] Gabriel was John the baptist, he baptised Michael, in the sense that he presided over the entry of Michael into the fleshly body of Jesus, when the latter was 30. Jesus was a non-adamic human for 30 years, but was not Michael until 29Tishri10. Just as Adam was married to Eve, when he was 30, on 3997Tishri10, the day that she was created, since she was made from his flesh, they were one flesh from day one [Maybe!! - Adam's reformed rib was named 'Woman' presumably on the 41st day, in an archetype of the name change of Peter, on 3997Heshvan21 - Ed. - Mrs 'Rib' may have been brought to Adam on 3997Tishri10 in this case.]

So Michael was 'married' even 'yoked together' so that no man could put asunder, becoming the head of the body of Jesus, when he was 30. Yes Gabriel mediated the placing of the angel Michael as head over the human body of Jesus on 29Tishri10, and he will do it again at the marriage of the lamb, when he marries Michael to his wife, and Michael becomes the head of his wife and the two become joined as one flesh/spirit/government in the heavens. Luke is saying:

But as for you, young child, you will be called a prophet of the most high, for you will go in advance before the Lord, to make his ways ready (Luke 1:76).

Malachi is calling out to you and saying:

Look! I am sending to you people Elijah, the prophet, before the coming of the great and fear inspiring day of Jehovah. And he must turn the heart of fathers back towards sons and the heart of sons back towards fathers in order that I may not come and actually strikle the earth, with a devoting of it to destruction (Malachi 4:5,6).

He is not sent to condemn, he is sent to save damn it. The earth is God's organisation in one meaning, the guidance for the waters who are God's people. You yourselves have explained recently that the Sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before this fear inspiring day. The Sun is Jesus, the moon is Satan, the poor reflection of the light of the world, being dead, having no light of its own, the mimic light source. And you have explained that these events are still future in time. This means that there will be a modern day Elijah, who arrives in the same period as the celestial signs of Joel 2 and Acts 2 are occurring. And come now I have showed you already many celestial signs, and in the words of President Bush: I am that man.

Now Gabriel himself said to Zechariah:

He will be for great in sight of Lord, and wine and strong drink not not he might drink, and of holy spirit he will be filled, yet out of cavity of mother of him. And many of the sons of Israel he will turn back upon Lord, God of him (Luke 1:15,16 KI).

He will go ahead in sight of him, in spirit and power of Elijah, to turn back the hearts of fathers upon children and disobedient ones in sensibleness of righteous ones, to get ready to Lord, people having been furnished down (Luke 1:17).

The comma must be put in the right place in the above scripture. It is John who had the spirit of Elijah, not Jesus. Jesus had the spirit of Elisha, which was the angel Micahel. Both Elijah and Elisha performed human resurrections before Jesus died, before any ransom was paid. which means that they were clean to mediate a resurrection from Jehovah in the absence of Jesus' sacrifice, which means that they were guaranteed a resurrection themselves, without needing to apply the blood of the Christ, which means that they were non-adamic [Actually no - they could have been declared righteous in the flesh, such as Zechariah or Joseph - Ed.- but this would not gaurantee them a resurrection in the absence of Jesus' blood. It appears that one needs to have one's own life as a possession, i.e. have the promise of everlasting life, i.e. be sealed, i.e. be declared righteous in spirit, in order to be able to mediate physical life as a priest to a third party. In other words one needs to be baptised into the name of the holy spirit in order to be clean to resurrect humans, putting God's spirit in them. Then of course Elisha and Elijah would have to be non-adamic since all adamic humans were unsealable during the Alienation times. Actually when one is resurrected one is not under Adam's death sentence any more, since he who has died has been acquitted from sin. Therefore a resurrection is a sanctification in spirit, therefore the priest would have to be sanctified, he would be imparting both judicial and physical life]

This is what I call the 'dirty water principle' - namely one cannot clean something with dirty water. Likewise Peter and Paul, when they resurrected humans, were in fact guaranteed resurrections themselves, in their case by means of Jesus' blood. Had they not been clean to be resurrected themselves then they could not have performed a resurrection on anybody else. [Furthermore had they not been in possession of their own lives, then they certainly could not have given life, physical life, to anybody else - Ed.]


The current position is that as regards those to be resurrected under the Abrahamic covenant, and the great crowd, saved under this covenant, either Jesus' blood can be applied whilst they are alive, in which case they are released from Adam's sin and do not have to die and so can be used to ransom others, or Jesus' blood is applied after they die in which case they are resurrected sanctified, actually into the test at the end of the 1,000 years, this being the resurrection of the unrighteous, the resurrection of judgement. Now before Jesus died, since his blood was not available, those such as Moses who were sanctified were 'counted as righteous' in the absence of Jesus' blood, and therefore have the Adamic death sentence lifted and are resurrected due to their own 'righteousness' and do not use the sacrifice of the Christ.

And had these three men proved to be in the midst of it, Noah, Daniel and Job, they themselves because of their righteousness would deliver their soul, is the utterance of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah (Ezekiel 14:14).

The one truly in the midst of the Abrahamic covenant is Jesus, this scripture is a comparison between his ransoming righteousness, his global righteousness and their personal, non-ransoming righteousness. None the less, these three are saved without Jesus' blood. But Job could have been born before 1943Nisan14, in which case he would be saved under the Noahic covenant (Melchizedaic) and Noah is saved under the Adamic (Enochian) covenant, and Daniel was Melchizedek resurrected, so he was non-adamic. So we have no evidence that any Abrahamic covenanter, any true son of Abraham, is saved other than through the blood of Jesus.

Putting this another way, Moses had judicial life conditional on the future availability of Jesus' blood. This being the case, Moses was not guaranteed a resurrection. I do not buy this, you cannot lift a death sentence on the grounds that a ransomer might appear sometime in the future. Moses must have had his own righteousness. Peter answers this one:

Why, even Christ died once for all time concerning sins, a righteous [person] for unrighteous ones, that he might lead you to God, he being put to death in the flesh, but being made alive in the spirit (1 Peter 3:18).

So Jesus died not for righteous people but for unrighteous people. So he ransoms only those who have died unrighteous in the spirit. But he also ransoms the living making them righteous before they die through the early application of his blood. However he does not ransom Moses. Paul says:

And I have hope toward God, which hope these [men] themselves also entertain, that there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous (Acts 24:15).

All of the unrighteous are resurrected by the application of Jesus' blood after they die, all of the righteous are resurrected due to the fact that they died without being under a death sentence, for this righteousness is the rightoeusness in the spirit. But many of those who are righteous in the spirit, have become so through the blood of Jesus.

Therefore Moses has his resurrection and could sanctify, yet he was not clean to resurrect, one can assume, since had he been so, he would have done it, and had he done it, it would have been recorded we presume. Therefore it appears that one must own one's own life, and be indelibly registered in the book of life which Moses himself bore witness that he could have been rubbed out of, if one is to resurrected men - End summary - Ed.]

This is a very deep thing. Both Peter and Paul were sealed by holy spirit, as process which you [and I - Ed.] do not fully understand as yet. It is the righteous declaration in spirit. Paul himself refers to his sealing:

From this time on, there is reserved for me the crown of righteousness (1 Tim 4:8).

A true statement, although it was actually reserved for him during or before his visit to Troas, where he left his cloak, even his royal garment, to go with his crown. Actually the 144,000 although ransomed by Jesus, also themselves ransom the great crowd, by forfeiting thier human life. This is how the great crowd are saved from physical death. They are saved, in this respect, by a ransom by those who have themselves been ransomed. The ransomees have become ransomers. But we will not go into this now, save to mention that the 1365 shekel payment in the ransom deal of Numbers 3, is the number of days from the birth of the last heavenly anointed ones as angels on 2004Tishri17 until the birth of the great crowd as non-adamic humans on 2008Ab1, counting inclusively, as we did in the case of the 1335 days of Daniel 12. This day, therefore, will be another day when Jehovah's people will be considerably more happy than they were in the Albert Hall in 1926!

This 1365 day period is therefore the time from the full birth of the firstborn ones, as angels, the heavenly kingdom of priests, until the birth of the firstborn of the 'Israel of God' of the great crowd as non-adamic humans [the earthly kingdom of priests - Ed.] So this period is a temporal excess rather than a congregational excess as was the case in the archetypical ransom deal. This great day, 2008Ab1 is the first day of the last Sabbath under the second and greater Mosaic law which God will implement shortly [actually it's the third Mosaic law, and the sabbath begins of 2008Nisan16, the whole kingdom is a sabbath - Ed.] This is why there is a bible book called Deuteronomy. The Jews got the law twice, and so there will be a second law for a second nation [and a third - Ed.]

Likewise, Moses had two tablets containing the 10 commandments. Brothers, this was not because God has very large handwriting, so he could not fit all 10 on the one stone tablet. It is because there is a second fulfilment to the 10 commandments. And the stone tablets were written on the reverse side, again not because of the myopia of Moses, but because the second law is a coded law, it is a truly beautiful law.

Please let me come and speak to you about it. I have nowhere else to go. Likewise Moses threw down the first set of tablets but then a second set was made by him and written on by God. Whereas Jesus, the greater Moses, threw down the law of Moses itself, but now look! a second set is being made by him, and it is as God himself said:

Here I am concluding a covenant: Before all your people I shall do wonderful things, that have never been created in all the earth or among all the nations, and all the people in the midst of whom you are will indeed see the work of Jehovah (Ex 34:10).

And listen! you are ransoming the great crowd, you are saving their lives with your life, how therefore, can you hinder them now? But I have digressed again. I am not going fully to prove the angelic identities of Elijah and Elisha save for cosidering the below cryptic masterpiece:

One of the servants of the king of Israel answered and said: There is here Elisha, the son of Shaphat, who poured water upon the hands of Elijah. Then Jehoshaphat said: The word of Jehovah exists with him (2 Kings 3:11,12).

The word of Jehovah is of course Michael. As John said: In the beginning the word was. [Elijah is evidently going to baptise to make flesh clean using his hands! - Ed.] There is an interesting play around with other Hebrew names here too. Because Insight2 says that 'Shaphat' is a shortened form of Shephatiah, meaning 'Jehovah has judged', so presumably 'Jehoshaphat' means the same thing precisely. Whether this means that the non-adamic human Elisha was the son of Jehoshaphat I do not know.

So either the scriptures are alive and exerting power today, or they are dead and powerless. Either the flaming blade of the sword which guards the way to the tree of life is continually turning, or it has broken down and has come to a standstill. Either the word of God has a height and a breadth and a length and a depth, or it is flat. Either this book has further meaning upon further meaning upon further meaning, or it has one meaning and we should all become Hasidic Jews, and start declaring sabbath free zones everywhere.

What does this saying mean that he said: You will look for me but you will not find me, and where I am you cannot come? (John 7:36).

Well, I guess you are finding out. But I can go there because I am not a Jew, I am in fact a Roman [Well actually I am en Edenic Jew, but I am not a spiritual Jew - Ed.] And I have gone on long enough. I had better stop writing now before this letter turns into another book. Brothers, I beg you, for the sake of all of us, have faith, have courage. Listen to the words which emboldened me to write to you this 5th time, from Paul:

For God gave us not a spirit of cowardice, but that of power and of love and of soundness of mind (2 Timothy 1:7).

Let us both show this spirit. God has only one spirit, whether you receive it or are baptised by it or are sealed by it or are taught by it or are protected by it or created by it. Remember the face of the lion and the face of the man. Is it not a miracle that Jehovah has performed in creating man? How can he, simply by moving a few bones around in a man's face, capture the abstract concept of love? I do not know how he did it. And whether we have the knowledge of the angels or the wisdom of Solomon, we are nothing without it. You are to be kings in the heavens, who really can harm you? Why do you fear me? I am nothing, just some living dust. Do not think that I do not love you, I certainly do. Have I not been obeying your commands? You have shown me the truth, I accepted it from you. Now please, I am merely returning the love that you showed first.

You know that there is nothing that the true God will not do for you, within the limits of his own justice. If you truly believe this then you can face me, and if I truly believe it then I can face you. Let our next conversation be face to face. Just like Jacob and Esau. Jacob was so worried about his brother, who had no love for God. Nevertheless Esau did have a love for Jacob. So he appeared with the face of an angel. Now we both love God, but even if we both had the spirituality of Esau, and which man doesn't behave like him from time to time? there is nothing to fear, because we too are brothers.

Borthers when I write to you in very forceful terms I do this not because I want to be very forceful. I do this because I am afraid. I am frightened that I will not be heard, and I know that Satan has put up a big barrier between us, and I have to shout very loud to penetrate it. May this barrier be cursed, it is a debilitating and destructive barrier. Jesus put up no barriers, he broke down barriers and he appeared to break up the works of the Devil, which works are divisive. He rebuked those who prevented people coming to him, and he scolded those who objected to his eating with tax collectors and harlots and sinners, the very ones who needed his food most. May we too eat together one day, and may the love of God triumph over the petty squabbling of men. May we start to do just one tenth of the things that God asks of us. And whether we are running the heavens themsevles or whether we are holding a microphone in the smallest congregation on earth, may our pride and our vanity disintegrate and through Jesus Christ, may His mercy conquer everything, amen and amen.

Yours faithfully Gordon Ritchie