For the Attention of Don Adams

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Dear President Adams,

Here is the Further Revised Sign of Jonah

Well, we have made quite a few mistakes with this sign. I do apologise for my incompetence to date. But we are commanded to keep on the watch and to keep on seeking and asking and knocking. And since the activities of Mary who sat at the feet of Jesus in research were preferable to those of Martha who was involved in ministering and service (field service), we have not given up. Instead we have revised our doctrine, corrected our chronology, and now we think we have it.

There will be a large nuclear bomb on 2006Tishri30 in 40 days time (counting inclusively). This will pose a life threatening danger to anyone in NYC due to fallout.

Prior to this there will be a smaller nuclear device at the UN. This must occur on the Jewish Sabbath of Friday 22nd to Saturday 23rd, i.e. this coming weekend. This will not destroy the Bethel, for if it did, then you would not be able to escape, since you are not listening to my warnings.

But God in his kindness, has told you in advance though me (if I am correct that is) about the bomb this coming weekend, in order that you will believe and repent and save your souls in 40 days time.

So in our new understanding there is a small nuclear bomb, possibly a dirty bomb at the UN on 2006Elul27 (2006September22/23) and then a larger one somewhere which would produce fallout on the Bethel on 2006Tishri30 (October 25/26). For more info please visit

Incidentally, in Luke 10, Mary is the sons of the second new covenant. Martha is the sons of the first new covenant.

May God open your eyes and move your feet.



President of the Lords’ Witnesses
Angel of Philadelphia
Mediator of the 4th Elijah Covenant
Mediator of the 2nd New Covenant

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