To the Branch Overseer and the Branch Press Officer

An Open Letter to all Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Bethels around the world

2008Nisan26 (2008 May 3)


Dear Brothers in the promises,


Interpreting God’s word is not an easy task, for in the sweat of our brows we shall eat bread. When humans reach for new understandings they stumble many times, but we are commanded to keep on knocking, to keep on seeking and to keep on asking. So that is what we try to do.


In fact contrary to the catholic dogma of Papal infallibility, which serves as a wall around their incompetence, it is the experience of all human researchers that advances in knowledge come from the making and the analysing of our previous mistakes. If therefore we cannot admit mistakes, we cannot, as imperfect humans, make any advances. That is why the LWs embrace as an axiom, the concept of doctrinal repentance.


For this is what the words of Jesus mean for bible researchers, that we seek new understandings of old scriptures from new disciples. For then we empower all to be founding fathers, even those who have not yet procreated. The Watchtower has learned the lesson that all can be evangelisers. We have learned the lesson that all can be prophets. Whereas Paul has said that some are evangelisers, some prophets, some teachers and some apostles.


The end of the Sign of Jonah


We first wrote on 2006Iyyar1, saying that the Watchtower would be destroyed by nuclear terrorism 40 days later on 2006Sivan11. Forgive us brothers, we were wrong. Here, 77 or so nuclear prediction mistakes later we have the jigsaw fitting to perfection as far as we can see. We are pleased to announce therefore that Jesus will descend from heaven in the form of the 144,000 first new covenant saints on 2008Sivan6 in 40 days time. The Watchtower will not be destroyed on that day. But it will be overturned on that day, which is Pentecost 2008. -


So the good news is that you will not suffer from nuclear terrorism at the end of 40 days on 2008Sivan6, you will rather be overturned by the descended apostles.  

The end of the contest between Elijah and the Prophets of Baal

Our letter of 2006Iyyar1, which contained our understanding of 1Kings18, was the start of a prophetic contest between the writer and the prophets of congregational fertility within the Watchtower. Do not worry brothers, all interpretational prophets are doing the most important and necessary work for God and for man at this time. We none of us have it all right, but those who try to get it right and who admit when they get it wrong, will be blessed and make progress.

The first fire from the heavens occurs on 2008Iyyar17 or 2008Iyyar21 we now calculate –

The Battle of Jericho

Our battle of Jericho which we waged from what we thought was 2008Iyyar1 to 2008Iyyar7 was a valiant attempt! But it was not the greater battle of Jericho. We have had to change the Biblical Lunar Calendar to take account of the heading of barley in the promised land. It seems a very counter intuitive thing to do for a modern city dweller. But it is manifestly correct when you think about it. Because under law, the first month (Abib), could not begin unless barley was headed. This was in order that it could be roasted on Nisan16 at the festival of the first fruits. Were this not the case then Abib would have to have been re-declared as a second Adar in order that the festival of the firstfruits might be celebrated in the next month. For more on this see our home page.

So now the real battle of Jericho ends not with the 50 count of the LW Jubilee on 2008Iyyar7, but with the 50 count of Pentecost on 2008Sivan6. These days being the first 50 days of the kingdom of God. The battle will be waged from 2008Iyyar30 to 2008Sivan6.

The Writing on the Wall

It is not possible for the writing to be on the wall after the wall has fallen down. So Mina, Mina Tekel and Parsin, being a witness to 50x (a Mina in Shekels) and 100x (a Mina in half Shekels) tells us that the wheat market limit explosions on 2007Shebat26 in Chicago, Kansas and Minneapolis, 100x before Pentecost, were a writing on the wall of the Watchtower, and that 2008Nisan17, the start of the Kingdom of God, 50x before Pentecost, was also writing on the wall for the Watchtower – we think.

The Time of the End

The time of the end is the period from the end of the world, 2008Nisan14, to the world’s end 2009Sivan15, when the last human dies, at the end of the 370 days of the greater flood, not of water, but of angels, which begins with the pouring out of the apostles on 2008Sivan6. The period is a time (one year), times (2 months) and half a time (half a day) long. This is 14 months and half a day, which takes us from 2008Nisan14 to 2009Sivan15. For the phrase a time, times and half a time is too ambiguous just to say 3½ times. God is not that stupid. In fact after every chapter of the holy book we should insert the phrase: “The writer of this chapter is way more intelligent than the reader”. Every ambiguity is deliberate and each possible meaning has power!

We worked the above out from a cryptic interpretation of Daniel 7:25

He will intend to change times and law and they will be given into his hand for a time, times and half a time.

Since we now finally know what the time of the end is, we must be in the time of the end. For the meaning of those words of Daniel12 is sealed up until the time of the end.


So to cut a long story, a story of 77 nuclear prediction mistakes, short. We have finally understood the greater meanings of 1Kings18 (U271), Jonah3&4 (U274), Daniel12 (U152) and Joshua6 (U271). U271 means

It would be wonderful if some of you in the Watchtower were as spiritual as the men of Nineveh were 2800 years ago. They repented at the preaching of Jonah, not at the sign of Jonah. It would be great if you could assess the veracity of our latest interpretations using your own mind which God gave you for this very purpose, and realize that we are offering food at the proper time. For it is the LWs who have announced that the Kingdom of God is here when it arrived, not the JWs. And it is the LWs who are announcing that Jesus will turn up on 2008Sivan6 through the descended saints, not the JWs. We look forward to hearing from such sons of God before the first birth pang makes things a little too obvious.

When that occurs, the scripture will be fulfilled again, wherein Jesus asks Peter to forgive his brother 77x rather than 7x.

Blessings from the two Gods

Gordon Ritchie
Lords’ Witnesses