To the Branch Overseer and the Branch Press Officer

An Open Letter to all Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Bethels around the world

2013Tammuz3 (2013 June 14th 00:30 UK)

Dear Brothers

Apology and Revised Sign of Jonah for the wicked generation of the last days – i.e. for us…

Firstly I must say that all of the bible interpretations in this letter are the best that the Lords' Witness can manage at present. The interpretations themselves are not inspired and may be incorrect. 

Secondly I must apologize for some of the content of my Sign of Jonah letters to you of 2006Iyyar1 and 2006Sivan1.

In those letters I effectively represented that God was going to execute a nuclear judgement upon the Brooklyn Bethel.

God does not execute nuclear judgements. A nuclear bomb is an unrighteous and most indiscriminate weapon. It is Satan who is responsible for the coming nuclear terrorism not God.

So my apologies for diabolically misrepresenting the manner of your judgement and the activities of our loving God. 

We have recently understood from 1Kings18:43, Joshua6 and Daniel4 that the Lords' Witnesses received a 7x prophetic malediction we suspect as a result of my Sign of Jonah letters. The Gentile Times was not a malediction on Jesus Christ, for he had done nothing wrong. It was a malediction on the saints, the sons of the Jacobian Angelic Covenant. For all the kings of Israel were saints as were all the ancestors of the Christ. Of course many of the Kings of Israel failed their spirit sanctification test and were not sealed and lost their angels.

43 Then he said to his attendant: Go up, please. Look in the direction of the sea. So he went up and looked and then said: There is nothing at all. And he went on to say, Go back 7 times. (1 Kings 18 NWT)

The first nuclear terrorism date we proposed was 2006Sivan11/12, the second was 2006Tammuz2-6. Go back 7x means: Go back up and look in the direction of the sea (for the mushroom cloud depicted my Elijah's crouching down to the earth with his head between his knees). So this would be 7x or 2520 Biblical Lunar Calendar days from the second nuclear terrorism date of 2006Tammuz2-6, which take us to 2013Tammuz2-6. But then we read in verse 44 that...

44 And it came about at the 7th that he got to say: Look! There is a small cloud like a man's palm ascending from the sea. He now said: Go up, say to Ahab, 'Hitch up! And go down that the downpour may not detain you!' (1 Kings 18 NWT)

Not ' the 7th time', but just ' the 7th', which is either the weekly Sabbath of 2013Tammuz4 (2013June14/15) or possibly the 2NC Pentecostal Sabbath (in the count of 2NC weeks from Sivan16 to Ab5) of 2013Tammuz6 (2013June 16/17). This therefore is the date of the 3rd fire sign of 1Kings18:44, which is a man made mushroom cloud rising from the sea. It will also be the second fulfilment of Luke 12:54-56 we understand. 

54 Then he went on to say also to the crowds: When you see a cloud rising in western parts, at once you say, 'A storm/shower/downpour is coming,' and it occurs like-that. (NWT)
54  And He also said to the crowd, When you see the cloud rising up from the west, you immediately say, A storm is coming; and it happens so. (GLT)
54 And he said also to the multitudes, 'When ye may see the cloud rising from the west, immediately ye say, A shower doth come, and it is so; (YLT)
54 He was saying but also to the crowds Whenever you might see cloud rising upon western [parts], immediately you are saying that Storm is coming, and it becomes thus; (KIT)
55 And when you see that a south wind is blowing, you say, 'There will be a heat wave,' and it occurs. (NWT)
55 And when a south wind [is] blowing, you say, There will be heat; and it occurs. (GLT)
55 and when -- a south wind blowing, ye say, that there will be heat, and it is; (YLT)
55 and whenever south [wind] blowing, you are saying that Heat [wave] will be, and it becomes. (KIT)
56 Hypocrites, you know how to examine the outward appearance of earth and sky, but how is it you do not know how to examine this particular time? (Luke 12 NWT)
56  Hypocrites! You know to discern the face of the earth and of the heaven, but how [is it] you do not discern this time? (Luke 12 GLT)
56 Hypocrites! the face of the earth and of the heaven ye have known to make proof of, but this time -- how do ye not make proof of {it}? (Luke 12 YLT)
56 Hypocrites, the face of the earth and of the heaven you have known to be proving, the appointed time but this how not you have known to be proving? (Luke 12 KIT)

Literally the Greek has: When you see a cloud rising upon Wests/Sunsets at once you say: A storm is coming.

The first fulfilment of this during the last days was the fertilizer explosion upon the town of West in Texas, 9 minutes before sunset on 2013Iyyar5. The second fulfilment for the last days will be the 3rd fire sign of 1Kings18, we understand, which is a nuclear terrorist bomb from the sea. This we take as the waterways around Manhattan which are on top of the Garden State of New Jersey just as Elijah crouched down and put his head between his knees upon Mount Carmel which means Garden Land. There are of course many candidates for a waterway near a garden land. But the attendant of Elijah4 (the writer) first looked for a bomb in the direction of the sea from the Edison Hotel in Manhattan when he had 'gone up' in order to celebrate a late Passover on 2006Iyyar14. Whence our understanding that this fire sign occurs around Manhattan.

The 450 prophets of Baal who are seized so that not a man of them escapes and are slaughtered in the torrent valley are 450 days from 2013Tammuz2-9 to 2014Tishri2-9. 2014Tammuz9 is the last day of entrance into the ark and the flood starts on 2014Tishri10 - see This final atonement day is the Sabbath about which God swore in his anger, saying: They shall not enter into my rest. The goat for Azazel, which stood before Jehovah and which was atoned for stands for the half of mankind who are saved into the ark in the wilderness. The goat that was sacrificed and not atoned for whose flesh was taken outside the camp to be burnt, stands for those whose flesh is to be burnt by the final lava flood outside the ark. But the good news for them is that the blood was taken inside the curtain. For the life, the spirit, continues even in Gehenna -see Intro14.

The 400 prophets of Asherah, ones eating at the table of Jezebel, of 1Kings18:19 are my 400 nuclear predictions. I got 4 correct, which were 2010Chislev21, 2010Chislev22 and 2010Chislev23-24 for the first fire sign upon Mount Carmel in Israel, and 2010VeAdar1 for the second fire sign at Fukushima in Japan. I made 395 nuclear prediction mistakes from 2006Sivan11/12 to 2013Sivan29-30. And my 400th attempt is 2013Tammuz2-6. Ahab is the Angel of Laodicea, who is the guy running the LW church inside the JWs. His wife, Jezebel, is the Laodicean congregation, and Obadiah, his servant, is the administration of Laodicea, which in our understanding is the good for nothing slave of Matthew 25, who hid his talent in a cloth. Asherah means either to walk or to bless (TWOT) or to be upright (Gesenius), hence pole or pillar. So these ones eat food in Laodicea from Obadiah which is from AOL (the Angel of Laodicea) for 400 nuclear predictions, a prophet for a prediction, but not for 401 of them. For more on this see - after the 3rd fire sign. It is embargoed and only for the eyes of LWs until after that sign.

Our understandings have moved forward a lot since 2006. So here are some corrected interpretations of the scriptures that we were grappling with in the letters we sent you at that time.

[1] The Watchtower administration will not be physically destroyed either 11 or 40 days from the date of this letter! I am not Jonah and this letter is not the sign of Jonah. Jonah is the 1NC reserves, the boat he fell asleep in is Laodicea. The second part of the second presence belonged to Laodicea. They did not get the Passover right (although they did try) - which is why the Passover is yet to be completed as Jesus prophesied when he said...

15 And he said to them: I have greatly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer;
16 for I tell you, I will not eat it again until it becomes fulfilled in the kingdom of God. (Luke 22 NWT)
16 For I say to you that no more, I will not eat of it until when it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God, never! (Luke 22 GLT)
16 for I say to you, that no more may I eat of it till it may be fulfilled in the reign of God.' (Luke 22 YLT)
16 I say for to you, that no more not not I may eat it, till it may be fulfilled in the kingdom of the God. (Luke 22 ED)
16 I am telling for to you that not not I should eat this until when it should be fulfilled in the kingdom of the God. (Luke 22 KIT)
le,gw ga.r u`mi/n o[ti ouv mh. fa,gw auvto. e[wj o[tou plhrwqh/| evn th/| basilei,a| tou/ qeou/ (Luke 22 WHO)

But the Greek word used here is plhrwqh meaning to fill up or complete not to fulfill. There is more to this festival which you are yet unaware of unless you read the website of the 4th faithful slave that is - see

1 Then the word of Jehovah occurred to Jonah [1NC reserves] the second time, saying:
2 Get up, go to Nineveh, the great city, [The administration of the fallen Watchtower, ES2] and proclaim to her [to the administration of the Watchtower, ES2] the proclamation that I am speaking to you.
3 At that, Jonah got up and went to Nineveh in accord with the word of Jehovah. Now Nineveh herself proved to be a city great to God, with a walking distance of 3 days [day12hour] [3 new Passover days, 2013Tammuz14, 2013Ab14, 2013Elul14, the 3 new Passover celebrations, which are the 3x of the Stretching Times of 1Kings17. Basically walking is being spirit sanctified, and being a part of Nineveh means being in the 1NC, and on day 60, if you are a 1NC reserve saints you will have walked out of the Watchtower or its disfellowshipping prison and into the LWs].
4 Finally Jonah started to enter into the city the walking distance of one day [2013Tammuz14], and he kept proclaiming and saying [on 2013Tammuz14]: Only 40 days more, and Nineveh will be overthrown [on 2013Ab24].
5 And the men of Nineveh [1NC and 2NC saints of the Watchtower] began to put faith in God, and they proceeded to proclaim a fast and to put on sackcloth, from the greatest one of them even to the least one of them.
6 And/When the word reached the king of Nineveh [The 1NC reserve kings in the Watchtower], and/then he rose up from his throne and put off his official garment from himself and covered himself with sackcloth and sat down in the ashes.
7 Furthermore, he had the cry made, and he had it said in Nineveh, by the decree of the king and his great ones [Jesus and the LWs], saying: No man [saint] and no domestic animal [bethelite], no herd and no flock [unsanctified JWs], should taste anything at all. None should take food [Stop eating Watchtower food]. Even water they should not drink [stop baptising people].
8 And let them cover themselves with sackcloth, man and domestic animal; and let them call out to God with strength and come back, each one from his bad way and from the violence that was in their hands.
9 Who is there knowing whether the [true] God may turn back and actually feel regret and turn back from his burning anger, so that we may not perish? [Reader Question: Answer, anyone who understands the word symbolic meaning of this account]
10 And the [true] God got to see their works, that they had turned back from their bad way; and so the [true] God felt regret over the calamity that he had spoken of causing to them; and he did not cause [it] [not to them. They get saved into the LWs, which is not a calamity but an avoidance of the same. The Watchtower administration is not destroyed] (Jonah 3).

1 To Jonah [1NC reserves], though, it was highly displeasing, and he got to be hot with anger.
2 Hence he prayed to Jehovah and said: Ah, now, Oh Jehovah, was not this an affair of mine, while I happened to be on my own ground? That is why I went ahead and ran away to Tarshish [Yellow Stone. This is not a coincidence. The Yellowstone National Park Caldera will erupt during the final lava flood. Jonah was going, together with the passengers in the ship, to Gehenna with the fallen church of Laodicea]; for I knew that you are a God gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abundant in loving-kindness, and feeling regret over the calamity [].
3 And now, Oh Jehovah, take away, please, my soul [my human] from me, for my dying is better than my being alive [All 1NC saints are baptised into a sacrificial death. They give up their human soul and become angelic].
4 In turn Jehovah said: Have you rightly become hot with anger? [Binary Question. Literally no, Jonah was looking at things from his narrow perspective, he was embarrassed, so what? All of Nineveh had undergone an unprecedented repentance. He should have been rejoicing! Word symbolically yes, Jonah, the 1NC reserves, is rightly mad at the Watchtower]

5 And [new account] Jonah went out of the city [the Watchtower administration] and sat down east of the city; and gradually [not overnight, but gradually] he made for himself there a booth [2NC is celebrated at Booths. He accepted the 2NC], that he might sit under it in the shade until he would see what would become of the city [The Watchtower].
6 Accordingly Jehovah God appointed a bottle-gourd plant [quick growing gourd vine, the gourd is the seed pod - Laodicea], that it should come up over Jonah, in order to become a shade over his head, to deliver him from his calamitous state [Separate the Sun from his head. Separate Jesus from Jonah]. And Jonah began to rejoice greatly over the bottle-gourd plant [the congregation of Laodicea grows up very quickly during the night and then dries up when it loses its water baptism again during the night. A hidden church].
7 But the [true] God appointed a worm at the ascending of the dawn on the next day [Jesus was that worm, in the sense that the 1NC reserves undermined Laodicea for Psalm 22:6 says: But I am a worm, and not a man, A reproach to men and despicable to the people. (Psalms 22 NWT)], that it should strike the bottle-gourd plant; and it gradually dried up [on 2007Ab23, Laodicea lost its water baptism].
8 And it came about that, as soon as the sun shone forth, God also went on to appoint a parching east wind, and the sun kept striking upon the head of Jonah, so that he was swooning away; and he kept asking that his soul might die, and he repeatedly said: My dying off is better than my being alive.
9 And God proceeded to say to Jonah: Have you rightly become hot with anger over the bottle-gourd plant? At that he said: I have rightly become hot with anger, to the point of death.
10 But Jehovah said: You, for your part, felt sorry for the bottle-gourd plant [The church of the Laodicea], which you did not toil upon or make get big [The evangelism being done by the Watchtower and the research being done by the LWs], which proved to be a mere growth of a night and perished as a mere growth of a night [From 2002Adar to 2010Nisan4. A hidden church, a church of the night].
11 And, for my part, ought I not to feel sorry for Nineveh, the great city, [The administration of the Watchtower] in which there exist more than one 120,000 men [more than 120,000 1NC reserve kings and 2NC saints] who do not at all know the difference between their right hand and their left [the heavenly 1NC kings and the earthly 2NC kings], besides many domestic animals [unsanctified JW administrators] (Jonah 4)?

Now we employ the symbolism of the blessing given by Isaac to Jacob, the younger son, rather than Esau, the elder son. We see that the 1NC reserves have been cheated out of their birthright by 2NCs, the younger born son, posing as 1NCs, at the behest of Rebecca, who we think is those on the governing body who were never 1NC saints. But the true 1NC non reserve saints, the last two of which to die were Karl Klein and Lyman Swingle, realised this before they died as a result of the 1NC reserves doing some hunting (as Esau did) through the scriptures for themselves, and realising who they themselves were. This upset the genuine 1NC non reserve saints on the Governing Body before they died - since they had been conned into giving seats on the Governing body to 2NC saints rather than 1NC saints. The Passover celebrated on 2001Nisan14 was devoid of all true 1NC saints because the non reserves had all died by then (because it is 7 years of yet another fulfilment of Daniel4 before 2008Nisan14 - a malediction on the 1NCs) and the 1NC reserves do not sit themselves at the top of the table but are too humble to partake at the JW memorial on Nisan14. Although some of them do partake at the Laodicean memorial on Iyyar14.  We have worked this out from the scriptures. We have no direct knowledge even of the existence of Laodicea. 

So the lack of any 1NC saints therefore constituted a 100% pig on the altar of the sacrificial death of the 1NC saints confirmed each year by that festival. One is supposed to sacrifice a sheep (a 1NC saints who become sealed) or even a goat (1NC saints who fail to become sealed). One is not supposed to sacrifice a pig (fake 1NC saints).

Then we come to the 12 baskets of fragments left over from the feeding of the 5,000. Jesus pointed out the significance of the number of these baskets as follows...

9 Do you not yet see the point, or do you not remember the 5 loaves in the case of the 5,000 and how many baskets you took up?
10 Or the 7 loaves in the case of the 4,000 and how many provision baskets you took up? (Matthew 16 NWT)

17 Noting this, he said to them: Why do you argue over your having no loaves? Do you not yet perceive and get the meaning? Do you have your hearts dull of understanding?
18 'Though having eyes, do you not see; and though having ears, do you not hear?' And do you not remember,
19 when I broke the 5 loaves for the 5,000 [men], how many baskets full of fragments you took up? They said to him: 12.
20 When I broke the 7 for the 4,000 [men], how many provision baskets full of fragments did you take up? And they said to him: 7.
21 With that he said to them: Do you not yet get the meaning? (Mark 8 NWT)

Well - No, you do not. And neither did we for a long time. The 12 baskets are 12 years. We know that Joseph interpreted a basket as a day in Genesis 40 and we know that both Moses and Ezekiel advise us to take a day for a year. So it is a two piece jigsaw to take a basket for a year. These years run from the end of the 5th loaf (the resignation of Milton Henschel, the 5th president, on 2000Heshvan4/5) to either 2012Heshvan4/5 or to 2013Nisan1 if we take the full baskets to be complete calendar years. During these 12 years all Watchtower food was a rehash of parts of the 5 loaves baked during the previous 5 presidencies of the Society from Russell to Henschel. But as you know the 2013July15 Watchtower had food that none of these 5 ever cooked up. It had a new understanding of the Faithful Slave. For our rather derogatory view of this new food please visit Whether the food is good or bad, it is most certainly not a fragment from a previous loaf. So that Watchtower, which was produced around about 2013Nisan, proved that the 12 basket period had ended by then.

For the chronology of the last 450 days of the faithful after the 3rd fire sign, a day for a seized prophet of Baal - see which will only become publicly available after that sign has occurred.
For the chronology of the greater flood as best as we understand it please see
For a simple exposition of the entire salvation plan of Jehovah, the 24 covenants from the Alpha Angelic Ransom Covenant of Michael to the Omega Ark Rapture Covenant of Jesus please visit


I thank the Watchtower Society with all my heart for proving to me for a fact that there is a God and that the scriptures are inspired and that Daniel chapter 4 is written in a symbolic code which has at least two meanings. The trouble was that I am a pure mathematician. I realised that Daniel 4 was quadratic symbolically. And I then realised that the entire bible was written in the same code. I used to think, in my arrogance, that God set the scriptures at the maximum level of human intelligence and that I was intelligent enough to decode them with my own intellect. 400 mistakes later I realise that I could not be more wrong. He wrote them deliberately to be slightly above the maximum level of human intelligence so that he could reveal his interpretations not to the cleverest guy on the planet, but to the one whom he chose - which is more likely to be the most faithful in him, the most loving, the most humble etc. etc. Or sadly in my case - the only guy on the playing field a lot of the time.

I, and the 4th true church, have suffered this 7x malediction to teach us humility and to teach us that we are not quite tall enough to see over the wall into the garden of God. We need a foot up from the holy spirit to get a small glimpse of the perfection of God's love and of the simplicity and common sense of his righteousness. And boy have we seen things that we never believed we would see!

Dan Sydlik once said to me: You take really big bites out of the bible. My response was to say: I have no fear of over selling God, only of under selling him. He then said: Are you in sales? I said, No, I am in research. For we are the church of Mary, we sit at the feet of Jesus to learn. You are the church of Martha, you get involved in ministry and ministering and administration. But as you know it was Mary who chose the better portion and it will not be taken from her. This is true of TCC2 (the church started by Paul) and of TCC4 (the church started by me). We both cease operations rather than being judged as false churches. Whereas TCC1 and TCC3 are eventually judged as false churches. There are 4 true churches for Jesus said...

61 and said: This man said, 'I am able to throw down the temple of God and build it up in 3 days.' (Matthew 26 NWT)
61 said: This affirmed; I am able to destroy the temple of the God, and in three days to build it. (Matthew 26 ED)

The above scripture does not refer to Jesus' death for he did not kill himself, he was killed by the Romans. It refers to his pulling down a Christian church and building another one on 3 future occasions making a total of 4 true Christian churches.

For one small example of the amazing things we have seen please see We know that God will, following the words of Daniel, give his kingdom to the one whom he wants to give it. This is to Jesus in heaven and to Melchizedek on earth. And he will appoint over it, the most humble among mankind. Which is not me, but is the 1NC reserves, who to a man, are too humble even to elevate themselves to partake at the memorial. But there is one who sees that and will elevate them higher than any memorial ever could. However these ones must attend the New Passover that is coming after the 3rd fire sign finally occurs.

In my first Sign of Jonah letter I gave you the wrong Jonah, the wrong judgement and the wrong date for that judgement.

Satan kills with nuclear bombs. Jehovah kills with Passovers. Your judgement in our present demonstrably fallible understanding occurs at the coming 3 New Passover dates of 2013Tammuz14, 2013Ab14 and 2013Elul14. On these day's various greater firstborn sons will be physically killed if they do not attend the New Passover festival at the LWs. For more details please visit

So although we understand that we do have authority to judge you. It is our fervent desire to educate you and open your eyes and unstop your ears so that you can help us to save the 3 billion plus souls that will enter into the ark by 2014Tishri9, rather than hinder both us and them as the Pharisees used to do.

May we both be blessed with the blessings promised to Abraham and given to us by God through the sacrifices of Jesus and Melchizedek and the other validation sacrifices of the 24 salvation covenants these people died for.


Gordon Ritchie
President of the Lords' Witnesses
Mediator of the second New Covenant
Mediator of the 4th Elijah Covenant
First Horseman of the apocalypse in the last days
Angel of Philadelphia
Host of the New Passover
A small seed planted by yourselves that germinated more than anyone expected