The 13 Baktun (144,000 Solar days) Mayan Calendar predicts the end of an age on 2023Elul8/9 

The Long Count Mayan Calendar or the Baktun Mayan Calendar has some astonishing features for a bible student.

It is described in wikipedia at

The creation date for this calendar was August 11, 3114 BC Gregorian (true solar).

It has 360 day years (Tuns) and 20 year periods called Katuns and 400 year periods (144,000 days long) called Baktuns. We know today that the BLC has 360 day years - see U4. And we know that the sun is 400x larger than the moon and is 400x further away from the earth than the moon is. This is why the moon fits perfectly over the sun in a total solar eclipse. But how did the Mayans know this? For in scriptural terms 400x is 400 years which are 144,000 days, which is the largest time period they used in their calendar!

We also know that the Kingdom of God will be run by 144,000 heavenly kings and 144,000 earthly kings and that the second holy spirit has 144,000 angels in it. In fact the sun and the moon declare this since the one dominates the other by 400x which is 144,000 days a king for a day in bible symbolism.

So looking at this calendar spiritually, it has heavenly knowledge within it that was not known to mankind at the time it was used by the Mayans, at least 1400 years ago.

Now the 13th Baktun, (the 13th 144,000 day period since the Mayan creation date of August 11, 3114 BC Gregorian which was September 6, 3114 Julian) ends on 2012December21 according to most internet sources (wikipedia has it ending on December20).

Let us do the calculation.

13x144,000 solar days is 1,872,000 solar days. There are 365.242199 solar days in a year. So 5125 years are 1871866.27 days. Therefore the entire period is 5125 years plus 133.73 days. These take us to 2012 August 11 + 133.73 days or of the way through 2012December22 which is 2012Tebbeth4/5.

However prior to the flood there were indeed 360 days in the solar year not 365.242199 - see GuyCramer360.html. The flood occurred on 2371Heshvan17 BC which was 267577/276578 lunar and solar days after 3114Ab9/10 (3114August11 BC Gregorian). 

So this leaves us with 1,872,000 less 267577/267578 days = 1,604,422/1,604423 days from 2371Heshvan17 which was 2371November17/18. These Gregorian days would take us to 2023Elul8/9 !!

Since the Baktuns are 400 years long or 144,000 days long we are lead to deduce that the calendar has to do with heavenly authority which is exercised by the 144,000 angels of the holy spirit be they in the 2HSC or the 1NC. So we think that Satan's heavenly authority ended on or before the end of the 13th Baktun. But then surely since he had a 6,000 year lease and not a 5200 year lease on mankind from Michael - see U17 - there must really have been 15 Baktuns in the heavenly version of this calendar - which is phase shifted forwards by 4 years from his lease. Perhaps he gained full heavenly authority over mankind in the sense that his entire heavenly administration (the dragon) was completed and in place and operational 4 years after his lease began, i.e. by 3988Tebbeth (Tishri1 calendar) 6,000 years before 2012Tebbeth, the end of the 15th heavenly Baktun.

It is not possible that the second true church may have got as far as the LWs have presently reached chronologically and communicated it to the Mayans - since TCC2 did not exist in the time of the end of this world and because the Mayan calendar was devised in 500 BC!

So we think that the Mayan calendar is two Baktuns short of the one that is possibly being used in heaven.