The First Attack (the 2nd fire sign of 1Kings18) will occur East of London and the Second (the 3rd fire sign of 1Kings18) will occur in Manhattan or vice versa

We now expect the these twin attacks to occur one on London producing a rising mushroom cloud of 1Kings18 from the Thames near Dartford and on Manhattan producing a rising mushroom cloud of 1Kings18 from the Hudson  

The 2nd fire sign in Manhattan will occur on 2023Chislev1-21 (2023November17-December8). This sign is expected at sunset/sunrise.

The 3rd fire sign to the East of London will occur on 2023Chislev20-22 (2023December6-9). This sign is expected at sunrise/sunset.. 

We expect both fire signs to involve some kind of EMP burst, since the lightning of Matthew24 shines from the East parts to the Western parts (UK then US, EMP, sunrise to sunset - if this scripture applies to fire signs!). We may have the strikes the wrong way around. Perhaps the UK is hit first? 

91271-2023Chislev21: 1Kings18: Fire sign predictions and the Bull Dressers versus Bull Dissectors. The 497th main fire sign prediction (494th discounting 2010Chislev21 and 2010Chislev22 and 2010Chislev23-24) for the 2nd fire sign occurring on 2023Chislev1-21 (2023November17-2023December8) the Laodicean 2NC attendant/boy going up to the top of Carmel by rapture on 2023Heshvan16-21, then going back 7x from the end of the rapture or the no show declaration for the 496th main prediction thereafter to 2023Heshvan29/30. Then adding none some or all of the 21x sentence count of 1Kings18:44. And for the 3rd fire sign occurring on 2023Chislev20-22 (2023November6-9) from Isaaic Zoar being installed over the 2NCs on 2016Elul21 and Elijah4 going back 7x of the LW Alienation Times from 2016Heshvan21 to 2023Heshvan21, the end of the Laodicean 2NC ark rapture, the attendant being told to go up to the same festival, the 2NC Pentecost itself on 2016Heshvan21, rather than the 11th 2NC Pentecost on 2016Elul21. Then the attendant going back 7x to 2023Heshvan21, which is the 7th day of Abrahamic World Exodus Cakes-Booths. then adding the 30x/31x sentence count of 1Kings18:42-44. WW3 begins on 2023Chislev21. The ride of the 4th horseman, with the long sword of WMDs begins on 2023Shebat22 (2024February6/7), the end of Benjamin's ark rapture. So nuclear war cannot begin until all the saints are raptured. So the fire signs CANNOT be nuclear WMDs. The two fire signs are an attack in the UK, East of London near Dartford producing a rising mushroom cloud over the Thames and an attack in the US on Manhattan, producing a rising mushroom cloud over the Hudson91.

So we must in all seriousness advise everyone in Manhattan or near Dartford, UK with faith in God to avoid Manhattan + Dartford  from 2 hours before sunset on Friday 2023November17 to 2 hours after sunset on Friday 2023December8  And from 2 hours before sunset on Wednesday 2023December6 to 2 hours after sunset on Saturday 2023December9.

Pharaoh (the dragon headed by Satan2 who is Cain) refuses to let God's people go after his lease expires on 2023Iyyar14 over Isaac. Hence God sends the 10 plagues of Egypt to mankind AFTER Jesus becomes by installation Pharaoh over all mankind on 2023Tammuz5, and is therefore in a position to command Moses to command Aaron to say to Pharaoh: Let MY people go. The 6th plague: Boils, is Monkeypox, which has not yet reached a plague of biblical proportions. But it will. And it will not touch God's people (who generally do not have the type of sex which transmits it). 

2023Elul21 is Mark of the Beast/Image of Daniel3 administrative introduction day (when those who will enforce the Mark of the Beast social credit score linked vaccine passports are introduced to the system). This is when the administrators of the Mark see the image of Daniel3 inaugurated (the global rollout plans for the Chinese style social credit score linked vaccine Passports in order to access mandatory CBDCs, the image of the beast, not of the beasts). this occurred on the 2023September9, the first day of the One Future G20 summit in India.
2023September10 (Gregorian: 2023August28 (Julian): was Mark Registration Decree Day  of the greater Caesar Augustus of Luke2, when it was decreed by EU Chief Ursula from the rocks at Session III of the G20 summit that everyone MUST have an interoperable Digital ID and the G20 should see to it.
2023Chislev21 (2023December7/8) is Mark Registration Publicity Day
2023Chislev22 (2023December8/9) is Mark Registration day when you will first be permitted to register for the Mark of the beast.
2023Chislev28 (2023December14/15) is Mark of the Beast Enforcement day, when it becomes illegal to buy or sell without the mark in the 10 lands of the 10 kings of Revelation17. The US does not join this idolatrous globalist government. There are no eagle parts in the sea beast of Revelation13, which has the US head cut off, or the 4th beast of Daniel7. Texas and other red states have already passed a law banning Vaccine Passports, which will be a part of this Mark. 2023Chislev21, is the start of the fiery furnace of WW3, the means of compelling the Mark.
The Great Tribulation of Matthew 24 is the 142 day period 2023Chislev22, the 1st whole day of WW3, until 2024Iyyar14, the end of the ride of the 4th horseman of the apocalypse, the end of fiathless and loveless Adam and Cain. It is the period of worry about a nuclear WW3 and other genocidal activity. It contains Greek winter from 2023Tebbeth5 to 2024Nisan9 (winter solstice to vernal equinox) and occurs during the 7th Sabbath year of Adam being in Jehovah's family.
The Unprecedented Tribulation of Mark13, is the period of hypersonic nuclear war of the 4th rider of the apocalypse from 2023Shebat24, the startof the grerat evening meal of flesh of Revelation19 to 2024Nisan9. It is contained within Greek winter..
The greater flood of lava for 40x 24 hour days plus 40 further nights runs from 2023Shebat14 to 2024Iyyar4. 
The Kingdom of God under Jesus is appointed/installed as Caesar over Adam on 2022Shebat16/2023Nisan11
2023Chislev16/Shebat5 (Isaaic first fruits/Pentecost), is the appointment/installation of the Kingdom of God under Jehovah over Adam
WW3 runs for 7x, 7 months of the fiery furnace of Daniel3 from 2023Chislev21 to 2024Tammuz21.
The gifts of the spirit are poured out on the 2NC apostles 7x, 7 months of the fiery furnace of Daniel3 from 2023Chislev21 to 2024Tammuz21. So their purpose is to protect people in salvation covenants from WW3 and make that war virtual for them. In fact the demons are not permitted to hold WW3 in the Absence of the gifts of the spirit. 

Laodicea fell as a true church on 2019Adar16
Reverted Laodicea fell as a true church and became Non adamic Sodom on 2022Tishri16
We hand over oversight of Isaaic Zoar on 2023Shebat5 (Abraham) and on 2023Adar5 (Isaac). 2023Shebat is an Isaaic Sabbath month. We cannot hold authority over a divine being, a completed Holy Spirit. Elijah4 comes down to the king on 2023Shebat5, the inclusive 3rd chief of 50 of 2Kings1
Zoar ends on 2024Heshvan14, the 12th crop Passover of Revelation22.
The absolute end of Adam and Cain, the 1st death Passover, is 2024Chislev14.