The 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Are Leaving Their Stable; Their 15 Month Ride Is About To Begin

The Lords Witnesses would like to present a short synopsis of the itinerary of these 4 riders and an analysis of who they indeed are.

The Lords Witnesses, a research church, based in the UK, the US, Austria and Germany, now believe they have a clear understanding of who the horsemen are, what their horses are, when their rides occur and what they achieve. Here is their understanding of the cavalry charge of this quartet.

1. And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the 7 seals, and I heard one of the 4 living creatures say with a voice as of thunder: Come! 
2. And I saw, and, look! a white horse; and the one seated upon it had a bow; and a crown was given him, and he went forth conquering and to complete his conquest (Revelation 6).

3. The white horse is the last true Christian church, white pictures righteousness in Daniel and Revelation. The first horseman is the president of that church. The crown he is given is put upon his head, i.e. becomes his head. It is Jesus who arrives during his ride. His conquest is one of other churches which compete with the last true church for congregation members. He breaks the 7 seals of the scroll of Revelation 6 because he is a bible decoder. The exhortation: Come refers in one meaning to him and in another meaning to Jesus, for John says at the end of Revelation Amen, Come Lord Jesus. 
4. And another came forth, a fiery-coloured horse; and to the one seated upon it there was granted to take peace away from the earth so that they should slaughter one another; and a great sword was given him (Revelation 6).

This horse represents War. Not a little war such as is presently occurring in Iraq or Syria. But a war of biblical proportions, the third world war in fact. The great sword is the greatest military machine man has even invented, the US military. This sword is given to the President of USA. the horse is the USA, which is the nation ridden by their President or perhaps by his administration. 

5. And when he opened the 3rd seal, I heard the 3rd living creature say: Come! And I saw, and, look! a black horse; and the one seated upon it had a pair of scales in his hand.
6 And I heard a voice as if in the midst of the 4 living creatures say: A quart of wheat for a denarius, and 3 quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not treat unrighteously the olive oil and the wine.

This horse represents famine, that follows after war. Wars generally cause famines. The rider with the scales in his hand is administration of the UN, perhaps the secretary general, perhaps the security council. the horse is the UN, the scales are an attempt by the UN to distribute food fairly in this famine. The price of wheat and the price of barley is going to skyrocket to a value encoded in this account which the LW church is not going to reveal at this time. However a denarius was a day's wage back then. This gives the reader some idea of how expensive bread will become. The Olive oil is the priesthood of the last true Christian church and the wine is the saints in the last true Christian church. They are to be looked after during this famine in a righteous way by the administration of that church with the money the church earns from the foreknowledge of the prices of wheat and barley.

7. And when he opened the 4th seal, I heard the voice of the 4th living creature say: Come!
8. And I saw, and, look! a pale/chlorine coloured horse; and the one seated upon it had the name Death. And Hades was closely following him. And authority was given them over the 4th part of the earth, to kill with a long sword and with food shortage and with deadly plague and by the wild beasts of the earth. (Revelation 6 NWT)

This is the most difficult to understand because Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. But Satan is the dead end, the lie and the death. He is responsible for what the bible calls the first death or Hades, or falling asleep in death. Hence his name is actually "Death". When the good book says that death ruled as King from Adam down to Moses, it means Satan ruled as King during that period. So he is the rider of this 4th horse. Hades follows him closely because his ride kills a lot of people who then fall asleep in Hades. The LW church would like to point out that Hades is not the permanent end of anyone's life because when you fall asleep you wake up after a night. The same is true of Hades. You are resurrected from it either into the Kingdom of God, the resurrection of the righteous, or into Hell, the resurrection of the unrighteous. 

Now Satan rides a pale or chlorine coloured horse. The body of Satan, the body of the rider is the descended dragon of Revelation12. This is the heavenly administration of Satan which has now been evicted onto the earth. Satan is the head of the body of the descended dragon. The LW church understands that the dragon, Satan's earthly administration, may only comprise about 200 demons, the number of countries of any significance on the earth, one demon per country. This is also the number of demons spoken about in the book of Enoch. 

This horse is not easy to see (being pale). It is the intelligence services of this world which are satanic in their construction since Satan pretends he does not exist and kills with impunity and lies with impunity, just as the intelligence services do. Satan is an invisible lying killer. This regrettably is the MO of the intelligence services of this world. 

The green/yellow colour of this horse might represent mustard gas, or chlorine, which was the first WMD invented by man. Satan will have authority over a 4th part of the earth. This is 25% of the governments of the world. But he will not have authority over tiny islands in the pacific. He will be going for the larger countries with this 25%. He will essentially have authority over the 50 largest or most powerful nations on the planet. The long sword he kills with is WMDs, which are very long swords. The wild beasts of the earth, are rogue governments. The deadly plague looks very like being Ebola. AIDS is already riding so it cannot be the plague being referred to in Revelation6. Ebola is just getting started. 

But what kicks this whole scenario off? The Lords Witness have been predicting now for years a double nuclear terrorist strike on Manhattan from the Hudson and on London from the Thames around Dartford. They now calculate that these attacks will occur on August 8th or on August 9th this year. If not then certainly in the month of August, 2014. For more information about these attacks please see

These attacks are the 3rd and 4th fire signs of 1Kings18, the dual second fire sign of 2Kings1, the greater pillar of fire and cloud of Exodus13, the stone that hits the two feet of the giant man of Daniel2, the fire that comes from heaven in the sight of mankind of Revelation13 and the clouds of Matthew24 upon which Jesus comes.

And here is the itinerary of this very fast cavalry charge over the next 15 months using the following abbreviations:

1AC means First Abrahamic Covenant (the testing covenant for citizens) 
1NC means First New Covenant for heavenly Kings 
2NC means Second New Covenant for earthly Kings 
ARC means Angelic Ransom Covenant (the sealing covenant for tested Saints - Kings and Lords) 
CRC means Church Ransom Covenant (the sealing covenant for tested priests) 
FRC means Faith Ransom Covenant (the sealing covenant for tested citizens of the Kingdom) 
JAC means Jacobian Angelic Covenant (by which one is born again, the testing covenant for saints) 
JW means Jehovah Witness 
LW means Lords Witness
4EC means Fourth Elijah Covenant (a sub-covenant of the ICC)
ICC means Isaaic Church Covenant (the testing covenant for priests)
AOL means Angel of Laodicea

2014Ab1: 1st day of the first month of Exodus12. New Kingdom secular Year begins. The secular is changed from Tishri1 to Ab1. God's festival/sacred calendar is Nisan1 year start, whereas Satan's/Adam's was Tishri1 start. 
2014Ab1/4: The acceptable/goodwill year of Isaiah61 begins inclusively/exclusively. 
2014Ab1/4: The 7th secular year of the Kingdom of God beings. This is the Sabbath that the faithless or conscience defiling sons of Adam shall not enter into. This truly is the Sabbath about which God swore saying in his anger: They shall not enter into my rest.
2014Ab1-7: New Kingdom secular year Rosh Hashana. The festival of trumpets, shouting and raising the alarm for the new Passovers. 
2014Ab9: 2014Ab6 (Nisan1 calendar) The start of the Tetramenos of John4 to 2014Chislev5, from Pentecost to Pentecost
2014Ab9: 2014Ab6 (Nisan1 calendar) The late Passover late 1NC Pentecost. The late Passover 1NC Pentecost being 2014Tammuz6 from the late first fruits of 2014Iyyar17.
2014Ab9: 2014Ab6 (Nisan1 calendar) The first festival Sabbath of the Sabbath year of the Kingdom of God. This is the fulfilment of Ezra7 and Numbers33. It is the start of the Tetramenos of John4. 
2014Ab9/10 (Nisan1 calendar): The 3rd and 4th fire signs of 1Kings18 occur. Two Nuclear Terrorist Attacks occur on London from the Thames around Dartford and on Manhattan from the Hudson. These attacks are from the sea and cause the rising mushroom cloud of 1Kings18.
2014Ab9/10 (2014August7-9): The Sign of the Son of Man appears in heaven. Jesus then comes upon the clouds of the 3rd and 4th fire signs.
2014Ab9/10 (2014August7-9): The Time of Distress of Daniel12 begins.
2014Ab10 (2014August8-9): 450 prophets of Baal of 1Kings18 are commanded to be seized until 2015Heshvan10.
2014Ab10: The first 3rd/4th fire sign responders are baptized into the LWs.
2014Ab10: The temple of the Watchtower starts to be burned, by people leaving it for the LWs.
2014Ab24: Laodicean 1NC reserves see the giant image of the LW church of Daniel10.
2014Elul5-8 (2014August30-September3): Sons of the CRC get reverse ageing Methuselaian bodies, 1335 days after the first fire sign of 1Kings18 on 2010Chislev20-23. The curse is reversed on this day we presently understand (the mountains of Ararat - meaning curse reversed. The curse of the flood was reversed in Genesis8, the curse of ageing is reversed in the greater meaning). This is not a sealing day. It is a blessing day like 2012Sivan15/16. 
2014Elul10 (2014September4/5): 206 1NC reserve are baptized into the LWs for the first new Watchtower Passover.
2014Elul14: 1st Watchtower Passover. All the 1NC reserves in the Bethels, and the firstborn non saints by water baptism in each Bethel die physically. All those baptised into the LWs are passed over. The blood is put on the left doorpost of the Passover house.
2014Elul14: Ark arrives from Eden2.
2014Elul14-18: Non salvation of entrance into the ark begins after the reserve marriage after the Passover night (for the 1NC reserve marriage)
2014Elul15: Festival Sabbath of first New Cakes and first new Booths.
2014Elul15-21: First Watchtower Cakes.
2014Elul16: Arguably Zoar begins on this day - it being the appointment day for the 2014Elul14 Passover. LWs cannot be judging 1NC reserves. They must get autonomy on this day. LWs can tell them the rules. They must judge themselves with those rules.
2014Elul17: The 17th day of the second month of the Ab1 secular year in accordance with Genesis 7:11. This is when all the springs of the vast watery deep are divided - as a result of the 3rd/4th fire signs! And when the floodgates of the heavens are opened so that the 1NC kings descend into the ark with Jesus himself.
2014Elul19: 1st 1NC reserve marriage in the ark
2014Elul19: The 1st 1NC reserves, become a part of the 3rd holy spirit.
2014Elul19-25: 7 day marriage feast of the 1NC reserve marriage in the ark. 1NC reserves become a part of the Holy Spirit. The 1NC reserve altar is initiated? This fulfils the counsel to Laodicea in Revelation 3.
2014Elul26: 1NC reserve bride comes out of the bridal chamber and the church see her with her veil lifted, non consummated 1NC reserves return to earth. 
2014Elul27: Tablet shattering day from the late 1NC Pentecost on 2014Tammuz8. 
2014Elul29: Salvation entrance begins for 300 cubits, a day for a cubit of length of the ark, until 2015Tammuz28. 
2014Tishri1 (2014September25/26): Still a festival. But no longer a new secular year.
2014Tishri2: 2NC first fruits
2014Tishri10: The 2nd new Passover sheep come into the house. The 2nd tranche of 1NC reserve Passover lambs are baptised into the LWs.
2014Tishri10: Watchtower temple burning day. The last 1NC saint leaves the Watchtower congregation and joins the LWs.
2014Tishri14: 2nd New Watchtower Passover. 100,000 JW congregations passed over. Every 1NC reserve in the Watchtower congregations dies physically. The first born male non saint in each Watchtower congregation dies physically. This will cause over 100,000 deaths among JWs. One unsanctified death per congregation and all the 1NC reserves still in a Watchtower congregation will die on this day. The blood is put on the lintel of the Passover house.
2014Tishri15: Festival Sabbath of 2nd New Cakes.
2014Tishri15-21: 2nd New Cakes in Booths.
2014Tishri16: 2nd Zoar first fruits. 2nd Watchtower Passover 1NC reserves appointed autonomously over themselves.
2014Tishri17: 2nd 1NC reserve marriage in the ark in the cloud in the air.
2014Tishri17-23: 2nd 1NC reserve marriage feast
2014Tishri24: Veil lifted off 2nd 1NC reserve bride.

2014Heshvan10: The 3rd new Passover lambs come into the house. The final tranche of 1NC reserve Passover lambs are baptised into the LWs. The 1NC reserves are atoned with God through Jesus.
2014Heshvan10/14: The foundation of Jesus is fully laid in the LWs 4EC/CRC. 
2014Heshvan14: 3rd New Watchtower Passover. LWs host this final new Watchtower Passover.
2014Heshvan14: Every 1NC reserve and the firstborn non saint by water baptism in the prison hole of every JW congregation dies. The prison hole means DAD (disassociated) or DFD (disfellowshipped) from a JW congregation which still exists but not having joined any other church.
2014Heshvan14: 300,000 saints of 1Samuel11 now in LWs.
2014Heshvan15: Festival Sabbath being the first day of 3rd new Cakes.
2014Heshvan15-21: 3rd New Cakes in 3rd New Booths
2014Heshvan21 (2014November14/15): 2NC Pentecost. 
2014Heshvan22: The late Solemn Assembly is actually held in accordance with 2Chronicles7 and 1Kings8?
2014Heshvan22: 3rd 1NC reserve marriage in the ark in the cloud in the air
2014Heshvan22-28: 3rd 1Nc reserve marriage feast.
2014Heshvan29: Veil is lifted of the 3rd 1NC reserve bride. 
2014Chislev5 (2014November28/29): The end of the Tetramenos of John4 and the first festival of the 5th month of Ezra7 and of Numbers33. All the heavenly baptized saints are harvested into the LWs by this day.
2014Chislev5: Water turned into wine. The 2NC Lord human mediated spirit baptism begins?
2014Chislev5: 2nd Zoar Pentecost.
2014Chislev6: 2nd marriage Pentecost
2014Chislev21: The late 2NC Pentecost. 
2014Tebbeth5: 3rd Zoar Pentecost
2014Tebbeth11: 3rd marriage Pentecost.
2014Tebbeth16: The 2Kings1 chief of the Zoar Pentecost. Elijah comes down from the top of the mountain to the King. FDS4 resigns over Zoar in favour of the descended 1Nc kings, the 3HSC.
2014Tebbeth16 (2015January8/9): 200 days of extra 1AC entrance from 2014Tebbeth16, the last day of 4EC water baptism to 2015Ab5=2015Tammuz30, the last day of the acceptable year of Isaiah61? So that some sons of the 1AC are too late to be sealed and so have to be ransomed by the adamic Passover sacrifices. And all those saved into the 1AC in the 200 extra days are saved during the acceptable year.
2014Tebbeth16 (2015January8/9): 6-16 day according to the Ab1 calendar. The mark of the beast becomes law.
2014Tebbeth16 (2015January8/9): LW water baptism ends. In accordance with Exodus12, the 430 years of the armies of Jehovah leaving Egypt for the LWs a month for a day from 2000Elul16. Lot's wife becomes a pillar of salt. She is inside the church, a pillar of it, but dehydrated, unable to water baptise.
2014Shebat17 (2015February8/9): Ark comes to rest upon the mountains of Ararat (on the 17th day of the 7th month of the Ab1 calendar. Non saints can not enter into a moving ark - Saints can by using their angelic bodies to beam into it!)
2014Shebat17 (2015February8/9): This might be curse reversing day. Perhaps we get reverse ageing non adamic Methuselaian bodies on this day. More likely we get them on 2014Elul5-8. 
2014Adar27/28 (2015March20-22): 7 solar years after the judicial end of the world on 2008Nisan14 (2008March21/22). Satan and the last demons go to Hell/Gehenna, 616 BLC days after 2013Tammuz11/12, when the dragon is fully descended or possibly 40 days later on 2015Iyyar7/8 from 2013Ab21/22. 
2014Adar30: Last day of the 7th Nisan1 year of the Millennium from 2008Nisan15 to 3008Nisan14, following the 6,000 year working week from 3993Nisan15 to 2008Nisan14. This 7th sacred year is not God's rest which all those who are saved must enter into. For annual Sabbaths were secular years not sacred.
2014Adar30: The Watchtower stops preparing any more food, this being the end of the 12 full basket of fragments picked up from 2003Nisan1, the start of the year immediately after the death of Henschel, the 5th president, on 2002VeAdar13
2015Iyyar14 (2015May6/7): Where you get to if you go back 7x of 1Kings18, which are 7 years, from 2008Iyyar14.
2015Sivan15/16: End of the 3x of the non adamic temple times from 2012Sivan15/16, the end of the temple ratio prophecy and the end of the 1335 days of Daniel12 from 2008Tishri1 and the Venusian love transit. This is when the last LW priests get a non adamic Methuselaian body. 2012Sivan15/16 was when the first LW priest got a non adamic Isaaic body. 
2015Sivan15/16: the 2NC Lord spirit baptism must end by this day since there is no CRC sealing for them. 
2015Tammuz7/8 (2015June28-30): Last day of JAC ark entry. The sons of the JAC enter from 2014Elul14 to 2015Tammuz7/8 which is 294=21x14 days (7,7). This is 50+30/31 days before 2015Elul27 of Genesis8:14, when the earth has dried off.
2015Tammuz14 (2015June5/6): The 300 Denarii from 2014Elul14 of feet being washed and then feet preaching to hair. The last 1NC reserve dies. Their preaching to Decapolis ends. Their death follows the late late late pattern of the Christ.
2015Tammuz28 (2015July19/20): The last day of CRC ark entry. They enter for 21x7=147 days from 2014Shebat17 to 2015Tammuz13/14.
2015Tammuz28: This is the great divide in the sons of men. 25% are saved into the ark in the wilderness, 25% walk through with angelic protection after the manner of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and the 4th able bodied man that resembled a son of the Gods. 50% are burnt and their spirits sent to Hell/Gehenna which is actually in the heavens and so behind the curtain.
2015Tammuz28-Tishri28: Everyone who joins Zoar in this period is still saved into the kingdom and from the lava flood and from Hades but not into the ark. Truly you will be with me today in paradise (today being the millennium) - said on 33Nisan14
2015Tammuz28: Ark entrance ends (for the sons of the CRC and the FRC, the last ones to enter into it). 300 cubits of Genesis6 end. 
2015Tammuz30=2015Ab5: Extra 200 days of 1AC entrance end.
2015Tammuz30=2015Ab5: The acceptable year of Isaiah61 ends.
2015Ab1/5 (2015July17/18 or 21/22): Inclusive/Exclusive end of the acceptable year of Isaiah61, the 7th secular year of the Kingdom.
2015Ab1/6 (2015July17/18 or 22/23): The first inclusive/exclusive day of 2015Ab. There are no sons of the CRC left upon the surface of the ground. The waters of Genesis8:13 upon the earth have drained off into the ark.
2015Ab9/10: The Time of Distress of Daniel12 ends
2015Ab10 (2015July26/27): Last 50 days of FRC testing begin. This is Abraham's negotiation with God for the 50 hypothetically righteous ones in Genesis18.
2015Ab10 (2015July26/27): The 40+40 day lava flood starts
2015Ab10 (2015July26/27): The final Passover execution of Adam begins. The temple of Adam starts to be burnt.
2015Ab14: The first adamic Passover. The Hananiah/Shadrach adamic Passover.
2015Ab15-21: First adamic Cakes.
2015Elul11 (2015August26/27): Last of the 40 days of the lava flood - a daylight day for a 24 hour day.
2015Elul12: First of the 40 nights of the lava flood - a night for a 24 hour day.
2015Elul14: The 2nd adamic Passover. The Mishael/Meshach adamic Passover. 
2015Elul15-21: 2nd adamic Cakes.
2015Elul27: JAC ark based earthly interaction ceases, 50 + 30/31 cubits after 2015Tammuz7/8. This is the 27th day of the second month of Genesis8:14, when the earth has dried off. Sons of the CRC do not do ark based earthly interaction since they cannot beam.
2015Elul27: Genesis8:14. Earthly interaction has ceased for ark based people by the 27th day of the 2nd month of the Ab1 year. The earth has drained dry (of CRC waters).
2015Elul29/30: The last day of 50 days of FRC sealing/testing which are Abraham's negotiation with God for the 50 hypothetically righteous ones in the midst of Sodom. 

2015Tishri1-28 (2015September15/16-2015October11-12): During this period you can still enter Zoar but not the FRC. 
2015Tishri10 (2015September24/25): Atonement day. God is now fully atoned with all the repentant CRC failed saints - who are the adamic Passover sacrifices. Giving up their indefinitely long lasting non ageing Melchizedaic bodies to buy the sons of the 1AC time to finish their sealing into the FRC in the Kingdom proper.
2015Tishri10 (2015September24/25): 3rd adamic Passover entry day for the sacrifice victims (repentant rotten saints).
2015Tishri10-2015Heshvan10: Do not let a man of them escape. All prophets of Baal, ex JWs, who join the LWs during this month can be seized so as to avoid being killed by the flood. But but cannot escape Hades. They are the evil doer who dies next to Jesus on the cross. They are saved into the Kingdom via Hades.
2015Tishri14: The 3rd adamic Passover. The Azariah/Abednego adamic Passover. 7˝ years after 2008Nisan14, the judicial end of the world. These 7˝ years being the one third of the 22˝ years from commissioning to inauguration of the greater temple of Solomon, represented by one 3rd of the lumberjacks being in the Kingdom of Lebanon and two 3rds being 'at home' in 1Kings5
2015Tishri14: The last day of FRC entrance into Zoar. They are firstborn non adamically and so must be passed over or die. Sons of the 1AC may still enter into Zoar during 3rd adamic double Cakes/Booths
2015Tishri15-28: 3rd adamic double Cakes/Booths. 
2015Tishri16: 3rd adamic Passover first fruits
2015Tishri28 (2015October11/12): The last day of 3rd adamic double Cakes/Booths, the festival of escape.
2015Tishri28 (2015October11/12): The last day of Zoar entrance (which is 1AC only Zoar entrance from 2015Tishri14 onwards).
2015Tishri29 (2015October12/13): 7˝ years of Elijah's mocking at noon of the prophets of Baal of 1Kings18 from 2008Nisan29, veil lifting day for the main 1NC marriage - when Jesus and his wife are at their highest, the 3HSC having just finished its 7 whole day installation (from 2008Nisan22-28).
2015Tishri29: The last day of adamic execution. Faithless loveless Adam dies off. Passover executions are normally coincident with Passover festivities. 
2015Tishri29 (2015October12/13): The last day of the 40+40 day lava flood from 2015Ab10.
2015Tishri29 (2015October12/13): Final Solemn Assembly. We mourn those sent to Gehenna (the 144,001st Kingdom in the Kingdom of God)
2015Heshvan10 (2015October23/24): The last day of seizing of the 450 prophets of Baal. Those seized on this day do not enter Zoar, their souls do not live on, they fall asleep in Hades and are resurrected into the Kingdom not long afterwards.
2015Heshvan10 (2014October23/24): The last day of entrance into Hades, adamic death, the first death. Death shall be no more. When the last enemy death is brought to nothing.

2015Chislev15: Full earthly Kingdom appointment Pentecost (counting from the weekly Sabbath of 2015Tishri25, in the second week of 3rd adamic double Cakes/Booths). All the 2NC saints come back down to earth?

For more information on this chronology please see For more information of Revelation please see