[12] Jesus spent 5 hours in the Gates of Hades without actually entering the place and 10 hours in Gehenna

50 Again Jesus cried out with a loud voice, and yielded up [his] spirit. (NWT)
50 And Jesus having again cried with a great voice, yielded the spirit; (YLT)
51 And, look! the curtain of the sanctuary was rent in 2, from top to bottom, and the earth quaked, and the rock-masses were split. (NWT)
51 and lo, the vail of the sanctuary was rent in two from top unto bottom, and the earth did quake, and the rocks were rent, (YLT)
52 And the memorial tombs were opened and many bodies of the holy ones that had fallen asleep were raised up, (NWT)
52 and the tombs were opened, and many bodies of the saints who have fallen asleep, arose, (YLT)
53 and persons, coming out from among the memorial tombs along with his being raised up, entered into the holy city, and they became visible to many people. (Matthew 27 NWT - revised)
53 and having come forth out of the tombs along with his rising, they went into the holy city, and appeared to many. (Matthew 27 YLT)
53 kai. evxelqo,ntej evk tw/n mnhmei,wn meta. th.n e;gersin auvtou/ eivsh/lqon eivj th.n a`gi,an po,lin kai. evnefani,sqhsan polloi/j (Matthew 27 WHO)
53 kai exelqontej ek twn mnhmiwn meta thn egersin autou eij thn agian polin enefanisqhsan polloij (Matthew 27 Sinaiticus)
53 kai exelqontej ek twn mnhmeiwn meta thn egersin autou eishlqon eij thn agian polin kai enefanisqhsan polloij (Matthew 27 VatB)

44 Well, by now it was about the 6th hour, and yet a darkness fell over all the earth until the 9th hour, (NWT)
44 And was already as if hour sixth and darkness occurred upon whole the earth until hour ninth (KIT)
45 because the sunlight failed; then the curtain of the sanctuary was rent down the middle. (NWT)
45 of the sun leaving out, was split but the curtain of the divine habitation middle. (KIT)
46 And Jesus called with a loud voice and said: Father, into your hands [plural] I entrust my spirit. When he had said this, he expired. (Luke 23 NWT)
46 And having sounded to voice great the Jesus said Father, into hands [plural] of you I am placing beside the spirit of me; this but having said he expired. (Luke 23 KIT)
kai. fwnh,saj fwnh/| mega,lh| o` VIhsou/j ei=pen Pa,ter eivj cei/ra,j sou parati,qemai to. pneu/ma, mou tou/to de. eivpw.n evxe,pneusen (Luke 23 WHO)
46 kai fwnhsaj fwnh megalh o Ihsouj eipen paterV eij ciraj sou paratiqemai to pneuma mou touto de eipwn exepneusen (Luke 23 Sinaiticus)
46 kai fwnhsaj fwnh megalh o ihsouj eipen pater eij ceiraj sou paratiqemai to pneuma mou touto de eipwn exepneusen (Luke 23 VatB)

5 Into your hand [singular] I entrust my spirit. You have redeemed me, Oh Jehovah the God of truth. (Psalms 31 NWT)
5 ^d.y"B. dyqip.a; yxiWr ht'ydiP' ytiAa hw"hy> lae tm,a/ (Psalms 31 WLC)

40 For just as Jonah was in the belly of the huge fish 3 days and 3 nights, so the Son of man will be in the heart of the earth 3 days and 3 nights. (Matthew 12 NWT)

So Jesus entrusts his spirit into one hand AND into two hands. So Jesus is actually asleep not in Hades but in the gates of Hades for 5 or 10 hours and he is in Gehenna for 10 or 5 hours, taking a finger for an hour.

In order for his flesh not to see corruption and in order for him not to actually fall asleep in the first death, which he could not do, being non adamic and therefore not under the adamic death penalty, which is the first death, he could only be in the gates of Hades for 5 hours, less than one night's sleep. So he was in Gehenna for 10 hours from the 2nd hour on Pentecost 33Sivan5 (before the Holy Spirit was poured out at the 3rd hour) to the 12th hour (still during 33Sivan5).

31 he saw beforehand and spoke concerning the resurrection of the Christ, that neither was he forsaken in Hades nor did his flesh see corruption. (Acts 2 NWT)

Jesus 'heart of the earth' Itinerary

33Nisan14 evening - Passover
33Nisan14 night - arrested, enters the heart of the earth in Caiaphas's house
33Nisan14 9th hour - expires and enters not into Hades, but into the gates of Hades, like David before him. His human body is immediately accepted by God as a validation sacrifice for the LRC (OMC), a burnt offering.
33Nisan15 2nd hour, he is resurrected as an angel after 5 hours asleep in the gates of Hades, NOT in adamic death, NOT in the first death. He did not die the first death. 

5 Into your hand I entrust my spirit [5 hours asleep in the Gates of Hades, but not actually in Hades, not adamically dead, not first dead, from the 9th hour of 33Nisan14 to the 2nd hour of 33Nisan15 - Jesus was non adamic!]. You have redeemed me, Oh Jehovah the God of truth. (Psalms 31 NWT)

And Jesus called with a loud voice and said: Father, into your hands I entrust my spirit [10 hours in Gehenna from the 2nd hour to the 12th on 33Sivan5] . When he had said this, he expired ( Luke 23 NWT)

33Nisan16  Michael Presents his everlasting angelic body as a first fruits offering to Jehovah, the validation sacrifice for the ARC, the angelic ransom for Adam.
33Nisan16: The 2nd Holy Spirit marriage occurs in the ark, Jehovah and Michael consummate that marriage. 
33Nisan16: Having no angelic body AND no human body Jesus returns to mankind as a human in an off the shelf rented human body initially meeting Mary, then Peter, then Cleopas and another on the Road to Emmaus, then the apostles in Jerusalem in Luke24, and nobody recognised him at first because he looked nothing like Jesus!
33Nisan16-Sivan5: Michael begins his 50 day ascension to be a God to be worshipped.
33Nisan16-22: The 2nd Holy Spirit marriage feast occurs in the ark. 
33Nisan16-17: Just before sunset in Jerusalem Jesus shows 'the 11' excluding Thomas his rented body with divinely cosmetic marks in the hands and in his side. Is this the bloodstained virgin bed sheet? He then blows on them and says receive Holy Spirit and he then ascends back to the 2HSC bridal chamber.

50 But he led them out as far as Bethany [of Judea - 3 miles from Jerusalem], and he lifted up his hands and blessed them.
51 As he was blessing them he was parted from them and began to be borne up to heaven. (Luke 24 NWT)

33Iyyar25: Ascends to his father again. 
33Sivan5 2nd hour of the day. God takes Michael's angelic soul in ransom of Adam. Michael dies and goes to Gehenna for 10 hours to the 12th hour of 33Sivan5
33Sivan5: 3rd hour of the day: The Holy Spirit is poured out onto the apostles as described in Acts 2. 

33Sivan5: Went to preach to the spirits in the prison of Gehenna. The bad news is that you have lost your soul. The good news is that you can get out of Gehenna courtesy of my angelic ransom.

18 Why, even Christ died once for all time concerning sins, a righteous [person] for unrighteous ones, that he might lead you to God, he being put to death in the flesh, but being made alive in the spirit.
19 And in this [state] he went his way and preached to the spirits in prison ( 1 Peter 3 NWT).

Gehenna is itself a womb of sorts, and the Greek word for belly of the whale is the same as the womb of a woman koilia So the whale pictures Hades and Gehenna very well. Both involve a keeping alive of the spirit through another vehicle. In the case of Gehenna and of Hades this is a communal vehicle. Whereas Jonah was sharing the respiration of the whale. Actually since in Hades one is conscious of nothing and since Jonah prayed from the belly of the whale, the whale stands for Gehenna really, a communal vehicle which saves those thrown overboard by providing a giant ubersoul for its soulmates.