[124] The Third Determination Of The Gentile Times

Returning to Leviticus 26, there are four similar verses:

I shall then have to chastise you 7 times as much for your sins (Leviticus 26:18).

I shall then have to inflict 7 times more blows upon you according to your sins (Leviticus 26:21).

I shall have to strike you 7 times for your sins (Leviticus 26:24).

I shall have to chastise you 7 times for your sins (Leviticus 26:28).

Whilst verses 18 and 21 contain the phrases: "seven times as much" and "seven times more", verses 24 and 28 contain the phrases: "I shall have to strike you seven times for your sins" and "I shall have to chastise you seven times for your sins". These two phrases miss out the concept of "as much" or "more".

The literal account refers to the Discontinuous Israeli Gentile Times from 586Tishri15 after, the deposing of Zedekiah, to 1941Tishri15, during WW3 before 1948Sivan3, the founding of the state of Israel, the minute the British Mandate expired.

Verses 24 and 28 in the greater meaning (the word symbolism) refer to the 7 Prophetic Times of the Quad gapped Gentile Times and the 7 months LW Gentile Times

Verses 24 and 28 refer to the 7x 360 years (a year for a year) of idolatry error of Israel and Judah - For more see U121.
And to the 7x 430 days (a month for a day) of idolatry error of the Watchtower and adamic Laodicea
- For more see U271-11#54
There may have been a first century fulfilment on FDS1 as well to make one literal and 2 word symbolic fulfilments..

2 year Jehoiachin and 4 year Jesus; Ministry gapped Davidic Israeli Gentile Times denying physical Jews a Davidic secular king

Zedekiah captured and blinded        Jehoiachin, the King of Judah, released by Evil Merodach           Evil Merodach's 2 year reign ends     Cana veil lifting                 Pentecost          Poland Invaded    Ben Gurion proclaims State of Israel - US Accepts
Zedekiah taken captive to Babylon   His throne is raised up above other kings thrones in Babylon     Jehoiachin, last King of Judah, dies    Jesus Caesar to Jacob   Satan Caesar    WW3 starts         British Mandate to Govern Palestine ends
586Tammuz9+                                  562Adar25-27                                                                                  560Tishri1-559Elul30                             29Heshvan29                     33Sivan5            1939Elul13            Tishri1 1948Sivan3 (1948May14)
X___________________________X                     2 year gap for Jehoiachin's reign in Babylon          X_____________________________X 1266 day gap for Jesus  X____________X_____________X

586Tishri15                                       561Tishri15                                                                  559Tishri15 BC    29Tishri15 AD                   33Tishri15                                    1941Tishri15
X___________________________X     2 year gap for Jehoiachin's reign in Babylon     X_____________X  4 year gap for Jesus   X_________________________X
25+587+1908= 2520 Israeli Gentile Times (the curse of the law of Moses on genetic Israel) + 2 year gap for the reign of Jehoiachin In Babylon + 4 year gap for Jesus' miracle ministry

2 year Jehoiachin and 98 year Maccabean and 4 year Jesus' Jewish Ministry and 4 year Paul's Gentile Ministry and 4 year Jesus' non adamic lease gapped Gentile Times of God's People (the sons of Isaac by Covenant, the sons of the ICC) denying them an ICC Caesar

                                    Booths after Evil     Booths after last Judean    Booths after Demetrius II        Booths after Julius Caesar                                                                                                                 Booths after       Booths after       Earthly JACs can
Booths after Nechoh   Merodach raises    King and Evil Merodach      grants  exemption to               makes Antipater the              Booths after         Booths after       Booths after         Booths after      Jesus' non         Jesus' non          now have Caesar
appoints Jehoiakim     up Jehoiachin's      die in Babylon  after 2         Jonathan Maccabeus from     Idumean ethnarc of Judea    Jesus becomes   Jesus' miracle   Jesus becomes   Paul's miracle   adamic lease    adamic lease      approved by God
Vassal paying tribute  throne in Babylon    years of throne elevation    paying tribute to Caesar         He pays tribute to Caesar     Caesar to Jacob   ministry ends    Gentile Caesar     ministry ends    starts                 ends                   Gentile Times Ends
607Tishri15                561Tishri15             559Tishri15                         144Tishri15                            46Tishri15 BC                        29Tishri15 AD       33Tishri15        59Tishri15 AD       63Tishri15        2012Tishri15      2016Tishri15      2022Tishri15
X________________X                              X_____________________X                                             X______________________X         Jewish        X___________X         Gentile       X___________X   non adamic   X____________X
         46 years            Jehoiachin's 2 year gap - see U121  415 years             98 year Maccabean Gap                      74 years                4 year Ministry gap      26 years      4 year Ministry gap   1949 years     4 year lease gap          6 years

46 + 415 + 74 + 26 + 4 + 1949 + 6 = 2520 years of the Quad gapped Gentile Times, the secular Kingship malediction on Jacob (genetic and covenant). Paul could have been Jesus' Vassal Caesar to the Gentiles outside the true church (genetic Gentiles who were also spiritual Gentiles - not God's people) from 59Chislev21 (the installation of FDS2 to feed the 1NCs) to 63Tammuz8 (their installation to rule over the 1NCs). He could not be Caesar to his own church (TCC2) because no man can be King and priest to the same group (Father and Mother). 

The reason that Christians suffer from a malediction on the Jews, is that the malediction is on God's true people, the sons of Isaac by covenant, the sons of the ICC, either through the subcovenant of the law, mediated by Moses or through one of the 4 subcovenants of water baptism, mediated by the 4 Elijah's who began the 4 true Christian churches.