[126a] The 3 stages to the End of a True Church or a System

When the Jews were dispossessed they lost first their king, then their temple, then their land. Their king was lost when Pharaoh Necho appointed Eliakim as his vassal and changed his name to Jehoiakim in 608 BC. Their temple was burnt to the ground by Nebuchadnezzar on 586Ab10. Then they were taken into exile to Babylon in the 6th century BC and again more permanently to Rome in the first century AD. Of course they never had a king from their people on their return from Babylon, since this occurred during the Gentile Times.

When a true church falls, it likewise first loses authority over the saints (kingship), becoming the evil or wicked slave. Then it loses its water baptism (priesthood), becoming the sluggish slave. Then it loses its constant feature, its worship, becoming the good for nothing slave (constructively a false church just awaiting its final fall). Then it becomes a false church, ceasing to be any kind of a slave of Jesus and becoming instead a slave of Satan, and so loses its land, its congregation, its global 1AC baptism and its prophets become prophets of Baal, worshiping fake priests rather than God

When a system ends, it loses first its king (saints), then its priesthood (water baptism), then its worship (constant feature)  then its land/people (1AC baptism capability). The greatest example of this is the end of the world. Satan lost his kingship through his 6,000 year sublease from 3989Nisan17 on 2012Nisan14. he still had his 1254 day ministry payback .lease to use up which ran from 2016Nisan17/Sivan6 over Adam and 2016Iyyar16/Tammuz5 over Cain to 2019Tishri11 over Adam and 2019Heshvan10 over Cain. He will lose his priesthood, through the harlot of false religion, when the beast burns her. People will stop worshipping him directly - when the dragon is expelled from the earth to Gehenna on 2024Tammuz14, and finally he will lose his congregation, the sons of fallen Adam, when the last unsealed 1AC dies the 1st death on 2024Shebat14, the 1st death Passover, the final judicial execution of failed 1AC/OMC Adam and failed 1AC/OMC Cain.