[155] The Society’s 1290 days does not work & their 1335 days do not fit: For Jehovah’s Witnesses

This section is largely a quote from an earlier work when Gordon was still a Jehovah's Witness. The 'Your will be done on earth' book p333-336 & p206-210, describes the Watchtower's current understanding of the 1290 days as starting in January 1919, this being when there was a placing of the disgusting thing that is causing desolation, which was the League of Nations, which occurred whilst the constant feature was removed by virtue of the fact that the governing body was in jail. But the League of Nations wasn't set up until January 1920 (Revelation book p247). So instead we say OK, this placing of the disgusting thing that is causing desolation, was in fact not the setting up of the league but rather a declaration from Christendom made in support of this body and declaring this body to be 'the political expression of the kingdom of God on earth'.

It is then argued that president Wilson 'merely advocated the league of Nations' whereas the Federal council of churches 'spoke forth in favour of it and gave it the role of Christ the Messiah'. The implication being that as stated on page 334, 'the league of Nations was set up by the religious organisations of Christendom'.

This is not only a visibly ridiculous assertion, but it is also a direct contradiction to the bible which shows us that the League of Nations was set up not by the harlot but by the dragon whilst standing on the sand of the sea, which sand is those humans who are loyal not to God or to Christendom but to the political system of the World (the earth). To be frank the whole commencement of the 1290 days is a dishonest fabrication at the worst analysis and a confusing mistake at the best analysis. The Watchtower Society have the problem that the League was set up not in January 1919, but in January 1920, and so they say that the start date of the 1290 days runs from the decision of Babylon to support the League. But this was unfortunately in December 1918. So they then say it was the presence of the ambassador from the Federal Council of Churches at the Paris peace conference starting on January 18, 1919, he being sent to present 'the actions of the executive committee which they were instructed to convey to the peace conference' (YWp208). That was the placing of the disgusting thing that causes desolation? This is getting to be as bad as the Albert Hall! However this did conveniently occur 1290 days before the Watchtower convention at Cedar Point. But it could just as forcibly be argued that the Pope's Mother in law went shopping in January 1919 and purchased a tin of ravioli and this was the start of the 1290 days of Daniel 12.

To represent that this guy's presence at the peace conference in Paris was in fact the setting up of the League of Nations is not realistic. And in any event Daniel says the 1290 days start with a placing of the disgusting thing, not with a messenger of a recommendation from a fallen religious empire pledging support for a thing that is to be placed at some time in the future. Neither is it true to say that just because 8 anointed Christians are locked up in prison, even if they are all governing body members (or more accurately, Directors and Officers of the Watchtower Society), the constant feature is removed. For all I know there may well be 8 anointed Christians in prison today as I write this letter. This does not mean that the constant feature is today removed. For the constant feature is the sacrificial death of members of the bride of Christ, and they are still dying off sacrificially today just like they were in 1918 and 1919, and they can do this just as effectively from prison as they can from anywhere else. However on 2001Heshvan7, all the JWs were disfellowshipped because the water baptism of Russell ended. 

And on 2004Elul14, the constant feature of Watchtower Field Service was rejected by God on 2004September1, the first day of the field service year. The abomination causing desolation was placed on 2004Heshvan6, 1290 days of Daniel12 before the start of the Kingdom Administration on 2008Sivan6 we presently understand. For the transgression causing desolation of their joining up with the UN as an NGO, always leads to the loss of the constant feature and the placing of the abomination. But on the 3rd day after churches become false, the temple is always restored. In the case of true Christian religions, it is rebuilt in another church, a further true religion.

As regards the 1335 days, this is said to run from the Cedar point convention September 5-13, 1922 until the Albert Hall convention May 25-31 1926. But these two conventions are just too far apart when measured in the prophetic form of the Hebrew Calendar, the BLC. Now the Passover in 1922 was on April10 and in 1926 was on March27. September 5-13 is 148-156 days after April10, and May 25-31 is 59-65 days after March27, so:

September5-13, 1922 was Elul12-20, 1922
May 25-31, 1926 was Sivan13-19, 1926

Therefore for the end of the Cedar point convention, 1922Elul20 until the start of the Albert Hall convention, 1926Sivan13, was a period of 3 years 9 months less 7 days, or 1080+270-7=1343 days. This is 8 days too large but it is the smallest possible period we can define between these two conventions. Basically these two conventions are just 8 days too far apart, they are separated not by 1335 days but by 1343 days of the Biblical Hebrew Calendar. So either Daniel was 8 days out or the Watchtower Society's interpretation is wrong. 

Having made this great condemnation of these incorrect interpretations we must say this. We are very glad that the Society came up with at least some interpretation of the 1290 days and the 1335 days. Because, although incorrect, they started us off on the road to our interpretations which may also be incorrect for all we know, and we are not the judge of this, the reader is, for our consciences cannot save him, only his conscience can. And here the Lord's Witnesses are most emphatically praising and glorifying all of their brothers who have made these interpretations of Daniel, whether they are right or whether they are wrong. Well done you good and faithful slaves! Because you at the least have followed the words of the great prince who is now standing on behalf (Dan 12:1) of us who said:

Keep on asking, and it will be given to you, keep on seeking and you will find, keep on knocking and it will be opened to you (Matt 7:7).

Who cares if they are wrong? We are wrestling with angels here, we are not going to win every round or every battle. Just as long as they are the best sacrifice our minds can give at the time. Just so long as we do not pretend that we are exclusive on all interpretations and God has given them directly to us personally. And that basically which ever angel we wrestle with we always beat him. If we give the best with our minds, then the holy spirit will do the rest and will deliver to us the whole truth, that is what the scripture above is saying. Therefore if we do not ask, then what are we going to be given? And it we seek only once or twice, then how are we going to find anything? If we stop knocking then which door will he open to us?

As of 2017 we understand that the constant feature of the Watchtower was their field service. They lost this as an acceptable form of worship on 2004Elul14. They lost their water baptism on 2001Chislev14 as a result of their awful Letter to the Bethels of 2001Heshvan10, showing no repentance for putting the throne of Satan (the UN) in the temple of Jehovah and for riding the UN beast as a Harlot church by joining the UN as an NGO associated to the UN Department of Public Information..