[199] The Pre Trib Rapture of the Saints, the Pre Trib rapture of the Priests and Pre Trib/Mid Trib rapture of the FRCs, into the ark

15 For this is what we tell you by Jehovah's word, that we the living who survive [they survive so they are obviously living physically, therefore the living who survive are living judicially as well, born again angelically or non adamically] to the presence of the Lord [the presence in the Kingdom of God from 2019Elul10 onwards] shall in no way precede those who have fallen asleep [in the first death during the particular presence, into the ark]
because the Lord himself will descend from heaven in command [to the Kingdom citizen's who will listen to and obey his commands], in archangel's voice [to the saints] and in God's trumpet [to the priests who have God's trumpet for festivals and Sabbaths], and those who are dead in Christ will rise first [the 144,000 1NC non reserves who die physically, were dead in Christ for a few hours, but like David, they did not enter into the gates of Hades, but were resurrected. The ones who ARE dead in Christ are all the unsanctified members of past true churches of the particular presence. For Jesus has two bodies. He has the body of the 1NC and he has the body of the true church. He is the head of both bodies. Yes the 1NC saints were resurrected into heaven first but they are not dead in Christ. They are living in Christ. All the priests of the Kingdom of God who died in true church, all the sons of the CRC who are first dead, these ones will be resurrected into the ark, before we meet Jesus in the ark in the air through the clouds] 

The dead in Christ cannot be resurrected until the ark has arrived for there is nowhere else to put them!

They cannot be put on the earth. They cannot be put in Eden2 (since they are earthly Kingdom of God citizens). They must go into the ark. So there was no first presence rapture. also the 98 year Maccabean and 4 year Jesus' Jewish Ministry OR 4 year Paul's Gentile Ministry and 4 year non adamic lease gapped Gentile Times prohibits any rapture until 2020Tishri15.

Rapture and Resurrection Timetable

67God saves each group successively. No two groups overlap in salvation.

1NCs, then HLCs, then ELCs, then 2NCs, then CRCs, then FRCs, then LRCs. All the FRCs must be in the ark before the first LRC resurrection.
He removes non 1AC non OMC Adam and non 1AC non OMC Cain from 2029Iyyar17 (7 days after 2029Iyyar10, the end of FRC Zoar entrance for the late non religious FRC Passover) the start of the 40+40 day lava flood, to 2024Ab7, the end of the lava flood.

ELCs:  2024Tishri1-14: Paul says the dead in Christ shall rise first (from Hades at Rosh Hashana). After WE the living (the saints, rather than the non adamics) shall be caught away in the clouds (volcanic or fire signs). Was there a first century rapture??
2NCs:  2024Tishri16-21  Spiritual Gentile 2NCs, never true church 2NCs, constructively Abrahamic 2NCs, into Ark3
CRCs: 2024Tebbeth1-14: Kingdom Proselyte Call to CRCs in Hades who died in Christ, in a true church  - the dead in Christ rise first at new Rosh Hashana of the Tebbeth1 secular year.
2NCs:  2024Tebbeth16-21: Laodicean 2NCs into Ark3. We get married on 2028Shebat2 (2NC), 2028Adar2 (2NC) and 2029Nisan2 (ELC)
2NCs: 2024VeAdar16-21: LW 2NCs into Ark3.
2NCs: 2024VeAdar17: The 17th day of the 7th month of the Tishri1 adamic secular and Isaaic sacred year of Genesis 8:4, taking 2024VeAdar as separate to 2024Adar. This is when the ark comes to a rest upon the mountain of Ararat of Zoar, by a 4th row 2NC elder being raptured into it.
2NCs: 2025Iyyar19-21: Benjamin into Ark3.
CRCs: 2025Tishri15-21 to 2026Tishri15-21: 13x7 = 91 days
FRCs: 2026Heshvan15-21 to 2028Heshvan16-21 (2027Adar16-21 counted separately to 2027VeAdar6-21): 26x7 = 182 days
FRCs: 2028Chislev16/Tebbeth16/Shebat16/Adar16 and 2029Nisan16/Iyyar16: The rapture of the 1st to 6th crops of Revelation22 = 6 days
LRCs: 2029Sivan16 to 2029Heshvan16: LRC Ark resurrection of the 7th to 12th crops of Revelation22. 
FRCs and L:RCs: 2033Iyyar22, the last chance saloon resurrection after 2033Iyyar14, the end of the system. The Love Ransom Covenant is the sealing covenant for the Omega Covenant, the Brotherly Love Covenant, the Jesus Loves Covenant, the 2nd Law Covenant, the Philadelphia Covenant, which is the testing covenant. 
FRCs: 2033Sivan5: Kingdom Proselyte Call to adamic FRCs in Hades who died in Christ, in a true church.
FRCs: 2034Shebat10: The Kingdom Samaritan call to Samaritan FRCs who died in an ex true church. 
FRCs: 2034Shebat12: The Kingdom Samaritan call resurrection of Samaritan FRCs who died in an ex true church.. 
FRCs: 2036Tishri14: The Kingdom Gentile Call to Abrahamic FRCs who died outside a true or ex true church, to be resurrected in reverse order of dying, from last to die to first to die. The much sought after Reverse ageing Passover
2036Tishri16: The Kingdom Gentile Call Resurrection of Abrahamic FRCs who died outside a true or ex true church, are resurrected in reverse order of dying, from last to die to first to die.

2024Tishri16-21 (6), 2024Tebbeth16-21 (6), 2024VeAdar16-21 (6), 2025Iyyar19-21 (3) = 21 days of ark entry by rapture for the birds (who die a Hades free death as humans, the death of the Christ, but not as angels)
2025Tishri15-21 to 2026Tishri15-21: 13x7 = 91 days for CRCs
2026Heshvan15-21 to 2028Heshvan16-21 (2027Adar16-21 counted separately to 2027VeAdar6-21): 26x7 = 182 days for FRCs
2028Chislev16/Tebbeth16/Shebat16/Adar16 and 2029Nisan16/Iyyar16 for the rapture of the 1st to 6th crops of Revelation22 = 6 days for the FRCs
So FRC rapture runs discontinuously from 2024Tishri16 to 2029Iyyar16 (4 years 7 months). Total is 21+91+182+6 = 300 cubits67.

17 Afterward we the living who are surviving [Not the 1NC reserves and HLCs who were Passover executed and died as humans but avoided the 1st death by remaining in the angel whilst asleep and not going into the 1st death shared angelic server. But the 2NCs and the non adamics in 2NC Zoar and Hebron] will, together with them [the resurrected sons of the CRC from all past true churches], be caught away in clouds [literal and plural] to meet the Lord in the air [literal] [in the ark. The 1NC reserve marriages are in the literal air, in orbit, in the ark just within the atmosphere of the earth]; and thus we shall always be with [the] Lord [either bound to him in marriage as a 1NC reserve or HLC or be together with those saints who become Jesus' flesh after the marriage].
18 Consequently keep comforting one another with these words [Not because people from Paul's church were going to be raptured. But because they were going to be resurrected into the ark from 2024Tishri1-14 before anybody is raptured. They will wake up in the ark for a birds eye view of the Time of the End] (1Thessalonians4)

We the living who are surviving refers to those saints and non adamics who survive to the end of the presence or the end of the church. For saints only exist when there is a true church to collect them. So there is a resurrection of the dead from the Watchtower into the ark prior to the living who survive to the end of the church meeting their Lord. Except that the Gospel of Philip is against that as follows.

He said on that day in the thanksgiving, "You who have joined the perfect light [Jesus Christ: I am the way the truth the life and the perfect light (manifestation through FDS2)] with the Holy Spirit [Jesus was the head of the 2nd Holy Spirit], unite the angels with us also, as being the images [two distinct images of God, angelic and human. Humans are images of God and not of the angels. We are both different images of God. We were made in the image of God not of the angels]." Do not despise the lamb [eaten at the Passover, standing for the 1NC saints who die sacrificially. So do put yourself out, make sacrifices for God and for people. VEGETARIANS cannot attend any marriage of the Christ, the lamb of God. A Passover without the lamb will not get you to a marriage], for without it, it is not possible to see the king [at his marriages]. No one will be able to go in to the king [Michael as Caesar] if he is naked [has no angelic tuxedo! Adam was naked and not ashamed in his pre fall body] (Philip 20).

Watchtower 1NCs must have eaten lamb and bread an drunk wine as angels at the Passovers after they died. For that is how one celebrated the Passover. Unsanctified JWs who have never eaten lamb do not rise first. But those in TCC1, and TCC2 and TCC4 who have eaten lamb and died in the church (none have in TCC4), will attend the marriages. FDS2 and FDS1 both ate the Passover lamb as they did with Jesus. When Jesus Christianized the Passover he did not remove the lamb. The correct Passover meal is the invitation to the marriage. The JW Passover was valid until 1998Nisan14, after 3 denials, but it did not constitute a valid invitation to the marriage.

Today the true church will eat lamb with the Passover. Which church does that? AHA !