[200] The 4 tablets of the covenant, tablet shattering day and the date of 2NC first fruits and the 2NC Pentecost

3 Then Moses came and related to the people all the words of Jehovah and all the judicial decisions, and all the people answered with one voice and said: All the words that Jehovah has spoken we are willing to do [this commitment was made on the Pentecost on 1513Sivan7. It could not be made on a weekly Sabbath. It could be entered into on a festival Sabbath because that is a rest from secular works not from sacred works - whereas the weekly Sabbath and the atonement day Sabbath are a rest from both]
4 Accordingly Moses wrote down all the words of Jehovah. Then he got up early in the morning and built at the foot of the mountain an altar and 12 pillars corresponding with the 12 tribes of Israel.
5 After that he sent young men of the sons of Israel and they offered up burnt offerings and sacrificed bulls as sacrifices, as communion sacrifices to Jehovah.
6 Then Moses took half the blood and put it in bowls, and half the blood he sprinkled upon the altar.
7 Finally he took the book of the covenant and read it in the ears of the people. Then they said: All that Jehovah has spoken we are willing to do and be obedient.
8 So Moses took the blood and sprinkled it upon the people and said: Here is the blood of the covenant that Jehovah has concluded with you as respects all these words.
9 And Moses and Aaron, Nadab and Abihu and 70 of the older men of Israel proceeded to go up,
10 and they got to see the God of Israel. And under his feet there was what seemed like a work of sapphire flagstones and like the very heavens for purity.
11 And he did not put out his hand against the distinguished men of the sons of Israel, but they got a vision of the [true] God and ate and drank.
12 Jehovah now said to Moses: Come up to me in the mountain and stay there, as I want to give you the stone tablets and the law and the commandment that I must write in order to teach them.
13 So Moses and Joshua his minister got up and Moses went up into the mountain of the [true] God.
14 But to the older men he had said: You wait for us in this place until we return to you. And, look! Aaron and Hur are with you. Whoever has a case at law, let him approach them.
15 Thus Moses went up into the mountain while the cloud was covering the mountain.
16 And Jehovah's glory continued to reside upon Mount Sinai, and the cloud continued to cover it for 6 days [1513Sivan7-1513Sivan12 inclusively]. At length on the 7th day [1513Sivan13 - a weekly Sabbath following 1513Iyyar22 - the first such after the Exodus - see U356] he called to Moses from the midst of the cloud. 
17 And to the eyes of the sons of Israel the sight of Jehovah's glory was like a devouring fire on the mountaintop. 
18 Then Moses entered into the midst of the cloud and went on up the mountain. And Moses continued in the mountain [not up the mountain] 40 days and 40 nights (Exodus 24) [1513Sivan6 to 1513Tammuz16. He did spend the night of 1513Sivan7 in the mountain - see verse12]

18 Now as soon as he had finished speaking with him on Mount Sinai he proceeded to give Moses two tablets of the Testimony, tablets of stone written on by God's finger (Exodus 31).

15 After that Moses turned and went down from the mountain with the 2 tablets of the Testimony in his hand, tablets written upon on both their sides. On this side and on that they were written upon
16 And the tablets were the workmanship of God, and the writing was the writing of God engraved upon the tablets. 
17 And Joshua began to hear the noise of the people because of their shouting, and he proceeded to say to Moses: There is a noise of battle in the camp. 
18 But he said: It is not the sound of the singing over mighty performance, And it is not the sound of the singing of defeat; It is the sound of other singing that I am hearing. 
19 So it came about that as soon as he got near the camp and could see the calf and the dances, Moses' anger began to blaze, and he at once threw the tablets from his hands and shattered them at the foot of the mountain. 
20 Then he took the calf that they had made and he burnt it with fire and crushed it till it was fine, after which he scattered it upon the surface of the waters and made the sons of Israel drink it (Exodus 32). 

This was the first time that Moses went up the mountain for 40 days and 40 nights, during which time he did not eat bread and drink water see below...

9 When I went up the mountain to receive the stone tablets, the tablets of the covenant that Jehovah had concluded with you, and I kept dwelling in the mountain forty days and forty nights, (I neither ate bread nor drank water,) 
10 And Jehovah gave me the two tablets of stone written upon with God's finger; and upon them were all the words that Jehovah had spoken with you in the mountain out of the middle of the fire in the day of the congregation.
11 And it came about that at the end of the 40 days and 40 nights Jehovah gave me the two tablets of stone, the tablets of the covenant (Deuteronomy 9).

He received 2 stone tablets from God himself, written on by God on both sides, on this side and on that side. But when he came down he saw the idolatry of Aaron and his people.

24 Hence I said to them, 'Who have any gold? They must tear it off themselves that they may give it to me.' And I proceeded to throw it into the fire and this calf came on out. 
25 And Moses got to see that the people went unrestrained, because Aaron had let them go unrestrained for a disgrace among their opposers (Exodus 32). 

Here is a table of the 3 x 40 day and 40 night sojourns of Moses up the mountain of God - for more see U356.

Date Event
1513Sivan3 Arrived at Mount Sinai (in Arabia)
1513Sivan3 (Sabbath) 19:3: Moses goes up to Jehovah (at the base of the mountain). Jehovah calls him and gives him the law covenant proposal, but not the covenant itself. He asks would Israel like to enter into a law covenant with me, that would make me their King?
1513Sivan3 (Sabbath) 19:8 Moses goes back and calls the older men and asks them if they would like God to be their King and to enter into a covenant with him to obey his laws. They spoke to all Israel and unanimously all Israel agreed.
1513Sivan3 (Sabbath) God says to Moses Look I am coming in a dark cloud. Moses said all the people have agreed. God says sanctify yourselves over the next 3 days. (1513Sivan4/5/6) and on the 3rd day I am coming. God tells Moses that anyone who touches the mountain, man or beast, is stoned or shot through (i.e killed without being touched). A the blowing of the ram's horn they must come to the bounds of the mountain. 
1513Sivan4 (Sabbath) Moses goes down from the base of the mountain, sanctifies the people who wash their mantles. Told them to get ready in 3 days 
1513Sivan6 (Sabbath) In the morning thunders and lightning a heavy cloud smoke fire loud horn trembling of camp and of mountain 
1513Sivan6 (Sabbath) Moses brings the people out of the camp to the base of the mountain
1513Sivan6 (Sabbath) God descends from heaven to the top of the mountain. Calls Moses up to the top of the mountain. 
1513Sivan6 (Sabbath) Moses goes up into the mountain during the day of Sivan6. And God says go back down and warn the people not to break through to Jehovah and take a look that many will fall. And let the priests who regularly come near to Jehovah sanctify themselves that God does not break through in/upon them.
1513Sivan6 (Sabbath) God tells Moses to go down and get Aaron and come up and tell the priests and the people not to break through the bounds so that I do not break through/forth in/upon down.
1513Sivan6 (Sabbath) Moses went down and told the people. 
1513Sivan6 (Sabbath) God tells the 10 commandments directly to the people (including Moses).
1513Sivan6 (Sabbath) The people 'see' the thunders lightning sound of the horn and mountain smoking and got afraid and told Moses and stood at a distance. They asked Moses to speak to God do not let him speak with us for fear we may die.
1513Sivan6 (Sabbath) Moses said God came to test you in order that you remain in fear and do not sin.
1513Sivan6 (Sabbath) Moses goes near to the dark cloud, i.e. into the mountain but not but not up the mountain to the top where the cloud was. God then gives him the rest of the law.
1513Sivan6 (Sabbath) Moses is then told after getting the law to go up to Jehovah (into the mountain, inside the bounds, but not up to the top of the mountain not up to the cloud) and bring Aaron Nadab Abiru and the 70 older men
1513Sivan6 (Sabbath) Moses tells the people the rest of the law.
1513Sivan6 (Sabbath) 24:3 All the people answered with one voice and said: All the words that Jehovah has spoken we are willing to do.
1513Sivan6 (Sabbath) 24:4 Moses writes down all the words of the law (at some point in the proceedings)
1513Sivan7 Moses builds an altar under the mountain and the young men offer sacrifices upon it. So the altar is outside of the bounds. 
1513Sivan7 Moses takes the blood of the sacrifices poured out before the animals are offered up and sprinkles half over the people and half on the altar and calls it the blood of the law covenant. 
1513Sivan7 Moses read the words of the law from the book in which had written them, in the ears of the people. 
1513Sivan7 24:7 The people said: All that Jehovah has spoken we are willing to do and be obedient.
1513Sivan7 Moses sprinkles the blood of the sacrifices of Bulls upon the people. Pentecost. The law covenant is validated/comes into force by sacrifices.  " Here is the blood of the covenant that Jehovah has concluded with you as respects all these words."
1513Sivan7 Moses Aaron Nabad Abiru and the 70 older men go up to Jehovah (not up the mountain) And God did not put out his hand against them (even though they were presumably inside the bounds)
1513Sivan7 They all get a vision of God with Sapphire flagstones of heavenly purity under his feet. They eat and drink.
1513Sivan7 God invites Moses up the mountain to receive stone tables upon which God has written the law which Moses has already written in a book.
1513Sivan7 Moses and Joshua his minister go up into the mountain, which is covered/topped by the cloud, leaving Israel in the hands of Aaron and Hur. But he did not go into the cloud for the first 6 days.
1513Sivan13 On the 7th day after the Pentecost inclusively, the Pentecost being the first of the week, Moses is called by Jehovah from the midst of the cloud.
1513Sivan13 Moses enters into the midst of the cloud and goes up to the top of the mountain.
1513Sivan13 - 1513Tammuz16 Moses receives the 2 tablets not made with hands written upon by the finger of God
1513Tammuz16 Daytime after 40 days and 40 nights from the day of Sivan6 to the night of Tammuz16, Moses shatters the 2 tablets given him by God
1513Tammuz16 The Levites kill 3,000 men at the command of Moses
1513Tammuz17-1513Ab27 Moses goes up the mountain to prostrate himself and beg forgiveness for Aaron and the people
1513Ab27-28/29 Moses is back down again making the ark and the tablets made with hands
1513Ab28/29 - 1513Tishri28/29 Moses goes back up the mountain by himself, with the tablets in his hand but not the ark, to receive another copy of the law. He also receives an addition to the LCC whereby God will drive out the Amorites, Canaanites, Hittites, Perrizites, Jebusites and Hivites from the land so long as Israel enters into no covenants with them and pulls down their altars and does not intermarry with them. God shows him his back and Moses' face starts emitting rays. 
1513Tishri8/9 After the night, in the morning of 1513Tishri9, Moses comes back down the mountain to the people. This is just in time to be at one with his people on Atonement day, which starts in th evening after 1513Tishri9.

So he smashed the tablets and then he went up again for a second 40 days and 40 nights to prostrate himself before Jehovah and beg for forgiveness for his brother and his people during which time he again ate no bread and drank no water. Then he went back down and carved out some stone tablets himself and made an ark for them and went back up for a 3rd period of 40 days and 40 nights during which time God again gave him the law for the new tablets - made with hands. God himself [through Moses] wrote on them the same words that he had written on the first tablets:

1 Then Jehovah said to Moses: Carve out for yourself two tablets of stone like the first ones, and I must write upon the tablets the words that appeared on the first tablets, which you shattered (Exodus 34).

27 And Jehovah went on to say to Moses: Write down for yourself these words, because it is in accordance with these words that I do conclude a covenant with you and Israel. 
28 And he continued there with Jehovah 40 days and 40 nights. He ate no bread and he drank no water. And he proceeded to write upon the tablets the words of the covenant, the 10 Words. 
29 Now it came about when Moses came down from Mount Sinai that the 2 tablets of the Testimony were in the hand of Moses when he came down from the mountain, and Moses did not know that the skin of his face emitted rays because of his having spoken with him. (Exodus 34).

1 At that particular time Jehovah said to me: Carve for yourself two tablets of stone like the first ones, and come up to me into the mountain, and you must make an ark of wood for yourself.
2 And I shall write upon the tablets the words that appeared on the first tablets, which you shattered, and you must place them in the ark.
3 So I made an ark of acacia wood and carved two tablets of stone like the first ones and went up into the mountain, and the two tablets were in my hand.
4 Then he wrote upon the tablets the same writing as the first, the Ten Words, which Jehovah had spoken to you in the mountain out of the middle of the fire in the day of the congregation; after which Jehovah gave them to me (Deuteronomy 10).

First Tablets (Law of FDS1 and FDS3) Second Tablets (Law of FDS2 and FDS4)
Moses stayed 40 days and nights Moses stayed 40 days and nights
Tablets carved by God Tablets carved by Moses
The day 1513Sivan7 to the night of 1513Tammuz17 inclusively The day of 1513Ab29 to the night of 1513Tishri9 inclusively
Written on both sides Not said to be written on both sides
Neither ate bread not drank water Neither ate bread nor drank water
  Skin of Face unknowingly emitted rays
Written by God's finger directly Written by God through Moses
Shattered by Moses on 1513Tammuz17 Not shattered
10 words written (commandments) Same writing as the first tablets
Tablets of a covenant Tablets of a covenant

So the first pair of tablets were written upon directly by God and were written on both sides and were shattered. The second pair were written upon by God indirectly through Moses and were not said to be written on both sides and were not shattered. These 4 tables are the 4 true Christian churches. The first two that were shattered are TCC1 and TCC3, 1NC churches that committed idolatry of their administrations, which became golden calves for them. The calves were made from the gold that Aaron put into the fire. So the 1NC saints who are condemned to Gehenna become that calf. So the 1NC covenant is shattered twice at the end of the two 1NC churches. The second two churches of TCC2 and TCC4 have covenants (salvation or law?) too. But the words of these covenants are written by Moses not by God directly. So we have make bible interpretations to find these covenants. We have to search for hidden meanings to find these covenants. However God causes Moses to write on the second pair of tablets the same words that were written on the first pair of tablets so the second church of each presence fixes the problem with the 1NC saints in the first church. The second church saves the faithful 1NC saints lost by the first church. The second church becomes a church for both covenants.

Each tablet was of a covenant and each church is of one or more covenants. 
TCC1 was administrated by FDS1 and had the 1EC water covenant and the 1NC spirit covenant. 
TCC2 was administrated by FDS2 and had the 2EC water covenant and the ELC and HLC spirit covenants and some 1NC saints.
TCC3 was administrated by FDS3 and had the 3EC water covenant and the 1NC spirit covenant.
TCC4 is administrated by FDS4 and has the 4EC water covenant and the 2NC spirit covenant.
Zoar is administrated by the 1NC saints and FDS4 and has the 4EC water covenant and the 2NC and 1NC spirit covenants.

Tablets made by human hands are churches made by human works and tablets carved by God directly and churches made by God's works. Furthermore the churches made by hands have a baptism which involves the laying on of the hands, whereas the churches made without hands have a baptism which involves a bath of water. When 2NC saints baptise 1NC reserves we put their feet in a bath of water, because they are the last part of a church made without hands!

58 We heard him say: I will throw down this temple that was made with hands and in three days I will build another not made with hands (Mark 14).

1 For we know that if our earthly house, this tent, should be dissolved, we are to have a building from God, a house not made with hands, everlasting in the heavens (2 Corinthians 5).

We have two tablets received from God, written upon by God, not made with hands, that were shattered due to idolatry of a golden calf made from golden earrings of the people. The calf was crushed and the dust of it was thrown into a torrent that was descending from the mountain of God. And we have two tablets made with hands that were not shattered.

2 At this Aaron said to them: Tear off the gold earrings that are in the ears of your wives, of your sons and of your daughters and bring them to me. 
3 And all the people began tearing off the gold earrings that were in their ears and bringing them to Aaron.
4 Then he took [the gold] from their hands, and he formed it with a graving tool and proceeded to make it into a molten statue of a calf. And they began to say: This is your God, O Israel, who led you up out of the land of Egypt (Exodus 32).

21 And your sin that you had made, the calf, I took, and I proceeded to burn it in the fire and to crush it, grinding it thoroughly until it had become fine like dust; after which I threw its dust into the torrent that was descending from the mountain (Deuteronomy 9).

The calf of gold made from ears is an idolatry of those in the new covenant, the anointed remnant, who are speaking to the congregation. This is therefore an idolatry of the Heads of the Watchtower, the Faithful and Discreet slave. In fact it is an idolatry of FDS1 and FDS3. The solution to this problem is a destruction of the calf, which is burnt in the fire and crushed. But the dust of it, i.e. the individual brothers, are thrown into a river coming from a mountain of God, i.e. water baptised again by the next mountain, the next FDS, which is FDS2 & FDS4 respectively - see U201.

The End of FDS1 and of FDS3 and the date of 2NC first fruits and the 2NC Pentecost

The 2 tablets representing the two 1NC churches were smashed by Moses at the foot of the mountain on 1513Tammuz16,  the 40th day inclusively from the Pentecost which began the Law of Moses on 1513Sivan7, having been up that mountain for 40 days and 40 nights, from the day of Sivan6 to the night of Tammuz16, inclusively - see U356.

In the greater meaning Jesus destroys the law of the two 1NC churches in respect of the mountain, the administration, the saints, on a day which is 40 days plus 40 nights after the 1NC Pentecost on Sivan5-11 or the late Pentecost on Tammuz5-11. That day is either Tammuz14-20/Ab14-20 or Ab24-30/Elul24-30, depending upon whether the day and nights are concurrent or consecutive and depending on whether we use the regular or the second or the late 1NC Pentecost. If you go on holiday for 7 days then you book a hotel for 7 nights and the 7 days either include the nights if they are 24 hour days or interpose the nights if they are 12 hour days. In other words you are away for 7 days and their associated nights. But if you go away for 7 days and 7 nights then this might be a period of 7x 24 hour days or it could be 7 days with associated nights plus 7 nights with associated days, i.e. 14 days. So FDS1 and FDS3 fell over the saints either on Tammuz14-20 or Ab14-20 or Ab24-30 or Elul24-30. Then FDS2 and FDS4 were appointed over them on the first fruits day, the first day of the week following the interposing weekly or festival Sabbath after tablet shattering day.

2NC weeks (along with 1NC weeks) are manufactured patterns of 7 Sabbaths. Christianity is virtualized whereas under the law weeks comprised 7 weekly Sabbaths, 7 physical Sabbaths. For the law was physical but Christianity is spiritual/virtual/ethereal. The law of Moses was the primary school for the genetic sons of Abraham. The law of the Christ is the secondary school for the covenant sons of Abraham. So the 2NC Pentecost is a manufactured/virtual festival Sabbath count after an interposing festival Sabbath. The definition of first fruits and the Pentecost in Leviticus 23 is deliberately ambiguous to allow for this...

10 Speak to the sons of Israel, and you must say to them, 'When you eventually come into the land that I am giving you, and you have reaped its harvest [eaten some new church food, you must also bring a sheaf of the firstfruits of your harvest to the priest.
11 And he must wave the sheaf to and fro before Jehovah to gain approval for you [appointment to feed]. Directly the day after the Sabbath [could be weekly could be festival] the priest should wave it to and fro. (Leviticus 23 NWT)

15 'And you must count for yourselves from the day after the Sabbath, from the day of your bringing the sheaf of the wave offering, 7 Sabbaths. They should prove to be complete.
16 To the day after the 7th Sabbath you should count, 50 days, and you must present a new grain offering to Jehovah. (Leviticus 23 NWT).

First fruits is defined as: 'The day after the Sabbath'. That could be the day after the weekly Sabbath (it is for the Mosaic Pentecost). Or it could be the day after the festival Sabbath of the first day of Cakes. The 1NC was made under law (just). So the 1NC Pentecost is a weekly Sabbath count. But the 2NC and its slave covenant the ELC were made after the law had ended. So first fruits is the day after a festival Sabbath after tablet shattering day (40 days or 40+40 after the Pentecost or the late Pentecost). Well there was no non late festival Sabbath after Tammuz14-20 or Ab14-20 or Ab24-30 at the time that the 2NC was made on 1989Tishri22. But there was the festival Sabbath of Rosh Hashana on Tishri1 after Elul24-30. So that is the interposing Sabbath before 2NC first fruits on Tishri2. This puts the 2NC Pentecost on Heshvan21. ELC first fruits and the ELC Pentecost fall on the same days since the ELC is a slave covenant of the 2NC. So marrying Rachel will get you BIlhah so long as Rachel agrees (which she does).

So Tishri2 is 2NC and ELC first fruits
Heshvan21 is the 2NC and ELC Pentecost

That is perfect because Jesus was baptised on Atonement day of 29Tishri10. Then he spent 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness from 29Tishri11 to 29Heshvan20 inclusively. Then his ministry started on 29Heshvan21, which was the 2NC Pentecost when he was installed to feed the 1NCs. 

23 And, Jesus himself, was commencing [his work], as if/at [wsei] of years 30 [quantitative genitive] [On 29Heshvan21, the 2NC Pentecost, after 40 days and nights in the wilderness from 29Tishri11 to 29Heshvan20 inclusively. Jesus was born on 2Heshvan21 BC. So he was precisely 30 years old to the day when he was installed to feed the 1NCs (his fiance). This is a great proof that the 2NC Pentecost is Heshvan21], being the son, as it was held, of Joseph, (Luke 3)

Also the 1st fire sign upon mount Carmel, the largest fire in modern Israel's history, occurred from 2010Chislev20-23. So 2010Chislev21, the late 2NC Pentecost, occurred during that sign.

Also we deduced from the 2:1 temple ratio prophecy that Adam was born on 4027Tishri2 and Jesus was born on 2Heshvan21 BC in order that the end date is 2012Sivan15/16, knowing that the Zoar is the 14th of the month and Zoar first fruits must be the 16th. So Adam was born on 2NC first fruits day and Jesus was born on 2NC first ripe fruits day which is a perfect symbolism. For Jesus was a fully ripened Adam.

Tammuz17 and Zechariah 8:19 

19 This is what Jehovah of armies has said, 'The fast of the 4th [month] [Tammuz9 for Solomon's temple and Tammuz17 for Zerubbabel's], and the fast of the 5th [month] [Ab9/10], and the fast of the 7th [month] [Tishri10], and the fast of the 10th [month] [Tebbeth10] will become for the house of Judah an exultation and a rejoicing and good festal seasons. So love truth and peace.' (Zechariah 8 NWT).

For the Jews even today observe the fast of Tammuz17... 

The 17th day in the Jewish month of Tammuz, Jews the world over fast and lament to commemorate the many calamities that have befallen our people on this ominous day.
The purpose of such fasts in the Jewish calendar is, according to Rabbi Eliyahu Kitov's Book of Our Heritage, "to awaken hearts towards repentance through recalling our forefathers' misdeeds; misdeeds which led to calamities..."
Going all the way back to Biblical times, Moses descended Mount Sinai on this day and, upon seeing the Golden Calf broke the first set of Tablets carrying the Ten Commandments (Shemot 32:19, Mishna Taanit 28b).
In the First Temple Era: The priests in the First Temple stopped offering the daily sacrifice on this day (Taanit 28b) due to the shortage of sheep during the siege and the next year 3184 (586 BCE), the walls of Jerusalem were breached after many months of siege by Nebuchadnezzar and his Babylonian forces.
In Melachim II 21:7 we find that King Menashe, one of the worst of the Jewish kings, had an idol placed in the Holy Sanctuary of the Temple, according to tradition on this date. The Talmud, in Masechet Taanit 28b, says that in the time of the Roman persecution, Apostomos, captain of the occupation forces, did the same, and publicly burned the Torah - both acts considered open blasphemy and desecration. These were followed by Titus and Rome breaching the walls of Jerusalem in 3760 (70 CE) and Pope Gregory IX ordering the confiscation of all manuscripts of the Talmud in 4999 (1239).
Other interesting occurrences on this day include Noach sending out the first dove to see if the Flood waters had receded, (Bereishit 8:8) in 1650 (2100 BCE); Moshe Rabbeinu destroying the golden calf, (Shemot 32:20, Seder Olam 6, Taanit 30b - Rashi) and then ascending back up Har Sinai for the second time where he spent the next forty days pleading for forgiveness for the sin of the golden calf, (Shemot 33:11, Rashi).- http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Judaism/tammuz.html

Mind you the Jews are one day out in their calculation for tablet shattering day and one day out in their calculation for temple destruction day and over 150 years out in their calendar that was rigged to deny Jesus a fulfilment of Daniel9. They have Babylon falling to Cyrus in 432 BC when secular history knows it was 537Tishri. the Jewish fast on Tammuz17 is actually commemorating the start of Moses' 40 day and 40 night fast and supplication during his 2nd stay in the mountain.

But tablet shattering day for FDS3, the later fulfilment of the 1NC church, the second presence 1NC church, was 1998Elul25/30, and FDS4 was appointed/installed to feed ALL the 1NCs on 1998Heshvan2/Chislev21, late 2NC first fruits/the late 2NC Pentecost after the Heshvan1, late Rosh Hashana (or Rosh Hodesh) interposing festival Sabbath . This is because the Watchtower denied the Christ 3x on the Passovers of 1996Nisan14, 1997Nisan14 and 1998Nisan14 by deliberately refusing to celebrate them as instructed by Elijah4 by letter of 1995Nisan10. Gordon spoke to Dan Sydlik (a Watchtower Governing Body member) about this and his response was that hopefully the Holy Spirit made up for that kind of thing. It does if the sin is committed in ignorance. It does not if the sin was deliberate. It is also because they threw Gordon out on 1995Adar11. This enabled him to be appointed to feed the 2NCs on 1996Nisan18.

Incidentally since the first 40 days and nights up the mountain represent the first true churches of each presence and the last 40 days and nights represent the last true churches of each presence, then the middle 40 days and nights must be Laodicea in the second presence. There does not need to be a Laodicea in the first presence since the second 40 days and nights had no tablets of any sort - no church law - they must be under Watchtower law.

The Symbolic Meaning of the Sanctuary

2 For there was constructed a first tent [compartment] in which were the lampstand and also the table and the display of the loaves; and it is called "the Holy Place."
3 But behind the second curtain was the tent [compartment] called "the Most Holy."
4 This had a golden censer and the ark of the covenant overlaid all around with gold, in which were the golden jar having the manna and the rod of Aaron that budded and the tablets of the covenant; 
5 but up above it were the glorious cherubs overshadowing the propitiatory [cover]. But now is not the time to speak in detail concerning these things (Hebrews 9).

No, then was not the time to speak in detail concerning those things. But now is, now is the time. For the first tent, the most holy is the worshipping arrangement of FDS1 and FDS3, both administrations by members of the new covenant, spiritual Israel, the remnant. The bread represents their teachings, and the body of Christ which they are a part of. The lampstand being their congregation, and the table their food administration.

But the second compartment had the gold censer for the incense, Keturah (the root rjq means incense, sacrificial smoke). And it had the ark, the saving means for all mankind, and the tablets within it were made with hands, and so was the ark itself. It was the ark of the covenants represented by the cherubs upon it. These cherubs were Melchizedek and Gabriel. Michael is the ark, for he alone gives everlasting life which is the end result of all the other salvation covenants. The inside of the ark is the ARC. The outside is the FRC and the CRC

The priesthood under this covenant buds and blossoms, like the rod of Aaron, and the glorious cherubs overshadowing the propitiatory cover lift up their wings even for us. And you, the reader, today, are seeing the result. 

Now on 1992Elul11, Gordon's first book "A Letter to the Society" and his chart called "The Divine Plan of the Ages" was hand delivered by Massoud to the governing body of the Jehovahís Witnesses in Brooklyn, one copy for each of them. 

After 1992Elul11, Gordon spent 40 days and 40 nights or 80 days eating no bread from them and drinking no water from their source, but instead being fed by God from his angels. The Watchtower told him nothing and gave him nothing and did not even have the courtesy to thank him for his books and charts which one of them later acknowledged left them absolutely astounded. They saw his work as a threat, just the way the Pharisees saw Jesusí work. They are more reprehensible than the Pharisees however because they are fully aware of the example set by their forefathers.

The result of this was the booklet "Genesis", which included the whole resurrection timetable into the Kingdom of God from Adam to Armageddon (although containing many mistakes - ed). When Adam is resurrected, when King David will be resurrected etc., the last will be first and the first will be last!! And on the 80th day, 1992Chislev1, Gordon wrote a letter to them, "Letter 2", disclosing the existence of the 16 year covenant of Keturah to them [which was actually the 12 year covenant of Rachel - ed]. Then he did not write to them again for over a year. So after 80 days he came down from their mountain, which was Godís mountain at that time, for mountains stand for rulership, with the tablet of the newer covenant. The fact that Moses went up for 40 days and 40 nights twice, means that there will be two further fulfilments. Jesus was one, he fasted for 40 days and nights when he was tempted by Satan. And Gordon was the other, although he did not understand what he was doing at the time.

Incidentally the 4 tablets cannot stand for 4 temples of Moses (the tabernacle, the temple of Solomon, the temple of Zerubabbel and the post Maccabean temple of Zerubabbel), since all 4 were made with hands!