[22] The evening meal of the lamb's marriage

The features of an old Hebrew wedding were...

1. The bride must be a virgin
2. The Bride's lineage must be acceptable
3..A covenant is made between the father of the bride and the groom
4. A bride price is agreed and paid by the groom or the groomís father if the groom is under age
5. Wine is drunk by both parties to seal the union at the house of the bride's father. the bride and groom are now engaged
6. Whilst the bride is engaged (consecrated) she wears a veil and does not meet with the groom (Genesis 24:58-67 - Rebekah put her veil on when she met Isaac after having agreed to marry him. And Jacob did not recognise Leah during his marriage night until the morning of Genesis29 due to her wearing a veil as Rachel had done throughout the 7 years of her engagement.)
7. Gifts are given to the bride in advance of the arrival of the groom
8. The groom builds the new home, which includes the bridal chamber where the marriage will be consummated, upon his father's ancestral land
9. The bride has a cleaning bath, a mikveh, after the last menstruation and before the marriage
10. The groom leaves his fatherís house with his best man to fetch his bride and bring her home at an unannounced time and unexpected time
11. The groom's party blows a shofar to announce his approach and shouts
12. The bride gets her bridesmaids ready and the groom waits outside the bride's house
13. The bride and groom walk together back to the Bridal Chamber in the groom's house - which house is symbolised by the Chuppah, the temple of genetic life, the bridal chamber being the most holy.
14. The couple consummate the marriage whilst the best man and the chief bridesmaid wait outside that chamber (this is actually God's marriage ceremony!)
15. When the couple come out after the consummation. which occurs during the night then they are married and the 7 day feast begins for the guests, whilst the couple go back into the chamber. The feast begins during the night of the first day.
16. After 7 whole days of installation of her genetic priesthood the bride comes out of the chamber and the veil is taken off so that all can see who she is.
17. At the start of the 8th day after sunset, after the veil is lifted, the bride and the groom eat the marriage supper with their guests.

There is good information about Hebrew wedding custom at 

The first new covenant (1NC) Symbolism is as follows...

Groom is Jesus
Groom's father is Jehovah
Bride is 144,000 1NC saints in two presences
Bride's father is Adam
Price is Jesus' death in ransom for Adam
Wine drunk is Lord's evening meal 1NC cup and ARC cup
Gifts are gifts of the spirit given to the 1NC saints through the hands of the apostles
Groom leaving fathers house is Jesus coming down here to inspect the house of the bride the church of the 1NC
Best man is the new Elijah, Elijah3 in the first presence and Elijah4 in the second, the one preparing the way
Bridesmaids are sons of the ICC
Jesus waiting outside the house is his rejection of the Bride's house - church
The bride coming out, is that part of her which leaves the church of the 1NC to enter the second true church where she walks with Jesus once more. 
The walk back to Jehovah's house is the bride learning God's laws and purposes in the second true church.
She then dies enters into the first death and then is resurrected into heaven as an angel.
Bridal chamber is the heavenly government courtroom over the Kingdom
The marriage is the investiture of the bride as kings with Jesus over the Kingdom on 2008Nisan22
The Kingdom of God starts judicially on 2008Nisan22, first fruits day.
Then the 7 day wedding feast runs from 2008Nisan22 to 2008Nisan28 inclusively. This being the installation of the priesthood of the first presence part of the 3rd Holy Spirit 

The scriptures do witness that a marriage celebration should last 7 days in Genesis29 and in Judges14...

26 To this Laban said: It is not customary to do this way in our place, to give the younger woman before the firstborn.
27 Celebrate to the full the week of this woman [her 7 day marriage feast and bridal chamber honeymoon]. After that there shall be given to you also this other woman for the service that you can serve with me for 7 years more (Genesis 29).

7 And he continued on his way down and began to speak to the woman; and she was still right in Samson's eyes.
8 Now after a while he went on back to take her home. Meantime he turned aside to look at the carcass of the lion, and there there was a swarm of bees in the lion's corpse, and honey.
9 So he scraped it out into his palms and walked on, eating as he walked. When he rejoined his father and his mother, he at once gave them some, and they began to eat. And he did not tell them that it was out of the corpse of the lion that he had scraped the honey.
10 And his father continued on his way down to the woman, and Samson proceeded to hold a banquet there; for that was the way the young fellows used to do.
11 And it came about that, on their seeing him, they immediately took 30 groomsmen, that these should keep with him.
12 Then Samson said to them: Let me, please, propound a riddle to you. If you will without fail tell it to me during the 7 days of the banquet and you do solve it, I shall in that case have to give you 30 undergarments and 30 outfits of clothing.
13 But if you are unable to tell it to me, you yourselves also must give me 30 undergarments and 30 outfits of clothing. At this they said to him: Do propound your riddle, and let us hear it.
14 So he said to them: Out of the eater something to eat came forth, And out of the strong something sweet came forth. And they proved unable to tell the riddle for 3 days.
15 And it came about on the 4th day that they began to say to Samson's wife: Fool your husband that he may tell us the riddle. Otherwise we shall burn you and the house of your father with fire. Was it to take our possessions that you people invited us here?
16 Consequently Samson's wife began to weep over him and to say: You only hate me, you do, and you do not love me. There was a riddle that you propounded to the sons of my people, but to me you have not told it. At this he said to her: Why, to my own father and my own mother I have not told it, and ought I to tell it to you?
17 But she kept weeping over him the 7 days that the banquet continued for them, and it came about on the 7th day that finally he told her, because she had pressured him. Then she told the riddle to the sons of her people.
18 So the men of the city said to him on the 7th day before ever he could go into the interior room
: What is sweeter than honey, And what is stronger than a lion? In turn he said to them: If you had not plowed with my young cow, you would not have solved my riddle (Judges 14).

6 And I heard [new subaccount] what was as a voice of a great crowd and as a voice/sound of many waters and as a voice/sound of heavy thunders. They said: Praise ye Jah! because Lord, the God of us, the Almighty, has begun to reign [The heavy thunders must be saints, since thunder is a heavenly phenomenon. These thunders are predicted and preceded by the lightening of the 3rd presence. They praise Jah when they enter into the ark on 2019Tishri17 and on 2019Heshvan22 and on 2019Chislev20 and on 2020Nisan18 and 2020Iyyar16 for the 3rd to the 7th marriages, and on 2020Sivan21/Tammuz19/Ab17/Tishri20 for the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th marriage HLCs, and 2020Adar15 for the engaged 2NCs and on 2020Adar18-21 for the unengaged 2NCs and when Jesus becomes Caesar to those in the ark on 2019Tishri17. The many waters are the priests. They praise Jah when the priests enter into the ark from 2020Adar23-2021Nisan6 = 2020Adar30 (whereupon they get Jesus as Caesar) and from 2019Adar9, when the 3rd Holy Spirit is installed as 1NC Zoar and on 2021Nisan5, when the 3rd Holy Spirit is installed as sacred king of 2NC Zoar. But Elijah does not come down to the King, until the 3rd chief of 50 of 2Kings1, who is 2021Nisan5. This Great Crowd could be the sons of the FRC who make it into the ark or it could be the great crowd of Revelation7:9, the sons of the OMC (LRC) who are shielded on the earth. Then Jesus is appointed/installed as Caesar to Abraham on earth and 1AC Adam (including the sons of the 1AC not in Zoar) on 2020Shebat16/2021Nisan5, the appointment/installation of the Kingdom of God. Non 1AC Adam is wiped out by the lava flood from 2021Iyyar14, the late Passover, the late version of the day he was sentenced to be wiped out from the words...

17 But as for the tree of the knowledge of good and bad you must not eat from it, for in the day you eat from it dying you will die. (Genesis 2 NWT)

The flood ends on 2021Ab4. The great crowd of the faithful, are solid in their faith, then many waters, liquid, the priesthood, then heavy thunders, the serious heavenly people, the saints, those who have evaporated becoming angelic! saying Allhlouia!]
Let us rejoice and be overjoyed, and let us give him the glory, because the marriage of the Lamb has arrived and his wife has prepared herself []
8 Yes, it has been granted to her to be arrayed in bright, clean, fine-linen, for the fine-linen stands for the righteous acts of the holy ones [the 1NC saints and reserve saints are declared righteous in spirit. They are get a white robe when they are rebaptised into Laodicea for the Watchtower Passovers].
And he tells me: Write: Happy are those invited to the evening meal of the Lamb's marriage [The evening meal of a marriage happens before the marriage which is the consummation which in this case is the investiture of the first presence 1NC kings on 2008Nisan22, then the 2nd presence 1NC Kings on 2015Ab21, delayed from 2015Iyyar20 by the heavenly war of Revelation12 and Deuteronomy 24:5. Then there are the 3rd/4th/5th marriages, the two 1NC reserve marriages, which theoretically occur at 1NC first fruits being 3rd/4th/5th appointments. But since the 2nd marriage was delayed and since a Passover execution required 3 witnesses, 3 missed partakings, 3 denials of the Christ in that night, they must now occur at 7th/8th/9th 1NC first fruits (which do not normally exist. But they do exist in 2019 due to the extra Watchtower Passovers). So they occur on 2019Tishri17/Heshvan22/Chislev20 in the ark in the sky. The Passover meals for all 5 marriages were and are 2008Nisan14, 2015Ab14, 2019Elul14/Tishri14 and 2019Tishri14/Heshvan14 and 2019Heshvan14/Chislev14 (excluding the late Watchtower Passovers). Happy are those invited on in heaven in the cases of 2008Nisan14 and 2015Ab14, yes, but no 1NC saint actually showed up down here! They do however show up for the 3rd/4th/5th marriage Passover meals at Laodicea]. Also, he tells me: These are the true/dependable sayings of God.
10 At that I fell down before his feet to worship him. But he tells me [responding to John's actions]: Be careful! Do not do that! All I am is a fellow-slave of you and of your brothers who have the witness to [not of] Jesus. Worship God; for the witness to [not of] Jesus is the spirit of prophecy [This must mark the end of a sign since it is real, i.e. out of vision] (Revelation 19).