[252]  Numbers 12: Miriam Spends 7 days outside the camp

1 Now Miriam [1NC reserves] and Aaron [2NC saints in the Watchtower] began to speak against/at/in [b] Moses [FDS4] on account of the wife, the Cushite [the LWs] whom he had taken, because he had taken [a] wife [who was a] Cushite [noun - Ethiopian. Black as night skinned, not white as snow. So not declared righteous in the flesh on baptism, i.e. not ex-JWs - hence the jealousy. Laodiceans are white skinned LWs!].  
And they kept saying: Is it just by-Moses alone that Jehovah has spoken? Is it not by us also that he has spoken? And Jehovah was listening.  
And the man, Moses was by far the meekest of all the men who were upon the surface of the ground.  
Then Jehovah suddenly said to [-la] Moses and to [-la] Aaron and to [-la] Miriam: Go out, the 3 of you, to [-la] the tent of meeting. So the 3 of them went out.  
And Jehovah came down in the pillar of cloud [3rd fire sign, nuclear bomb] and stood at the entrance of the tent and called Aaron and Miriam. At this both of them went out [to the LW church].  
And he went on to say: Hear my words, please. If there came to be a prophet of yours for Jehovah, it would be in a vision I would make myself known to him. In a dream I would speak to him.  
Not so my servant, Moses [FDS4]! He is being entrusted with all my house [appointed over all the saints and the sons of the ICC].  
Mouth to mouth I speak to him, thus showing him, and not by riddles; and the appearance of Jehovah is what he beholds. Why, then, did you not fear to speak against [b] my servant, against [b] Moses? [How many riddles do I have to give him the meaning of before you realise that I have chosen him?]
And Jehovah's anger got to be hot against them, and he went his way.  
And the cloud [not the pillar of cloud] turned away from over the tent [of the LWs, and went over the tent of Zoar], and, look! Miriam was struck with leprosy as white as snow [though yours sins be as scarlet they shall be white as snow Isaiah 1:18. This is the righteous decree in the flesh that results from joining both true churches in a presence]. Then Aaron turned toward [-la] Miriam, and, look! she was struck with leprosy.  
Immediately Aaron said to [-la] Moses: Excuse me, my lord! Do not, please, attribute to us the sin in which we have acted foolishly and which we have committed! [We were forced into it by the Watchtower]  
Please, do not let her continue like someone dead, whose flesh at the time of his coming out of his mother's womb is half eaten off! [the 6,000 first presence 1NC reserves have good flesh and the 6,000 second presence ones have dead leprous flesh. Coming out of their mother's womb is being sealed in the spirit, conception is being sanctified in the spirit. This scripture is saying that fixing the leprosy (sealing in the flesh) brings them out of their mother's womb (seals them in the spirit). So they are sealed in the flesh and in the spirit at the same time - upon joining the LWs. The two sealings are coincident! They are in fact handed a white robe at the new Passover baptism]
13 And Moses began to cry out to Jehovah, saying: Oh God, now! Heal her, now! [2 healings/water baptism at two specific times. One in Laodicea and the other in the LWs]
Then Jehovah said to [-la] Moses: Were her father to spit directly in her face, would she not be humiliated 7 of days? Let her be quarantined 7 of days outside the camp, and afterward let her be received in [this is the Kingdom Exedenic Times from 2008Nisan15 to 2015Nisan15 on the 2nd presence 3rd Holy Spirit].
Accordingly Miriam was quarantined outside the camp 7 of days, and the people did not pull away until the bringing back [@sah is construct BDAHCL] of Miriam.  
[[ 16 And afterward the people pulled away from Hazeroth [Gardens/Courts/Enclosures] and took up camping in the wilderness of Paran (Numbers 12).]]

Taking [-la] as a construct we have: Wife (1 who was a Cushite), Cushite (2), Moses (6), Miriam (4), Aaron (4), Tent (0/1), Cloud (1), Days (0), Man (1), Servant (2). WRONG
Taking [-la] as a preposition not a construct we have: Wife (1 who was a Cushite), Cushite (2), Moses (9), Miriam (6), Aaron (5), Tent (2), Cloud (1), Days (0), Man (1), Servant (2). OK if Aaron is the Jewish faith through his sons.

My Servant, Moses is not a double designation because it has a pronoun imbalance. 

Wife (1) is defined as being Cushite (2), so it acts like Wife (2).

4 Designations for Moses: Moses, my servant, my Lord, the man.
2 Designations for Jehovah: Jehovah, God (one is Jesus in a word symbolic meaning).

1NC reserves are sealed in spirit upon joining the LWs - handed a white robe.