[259] What happens when you knock on the door of the Watchtower?

Dear Rob,

Thanks for our discussions and thanks for the kindness you showed to Mike, given the constraints that you are under.

I would like to explain where we are coming from here in a way that does not compromise you, indeed this is why we did not volunteer that Mike and I have been JWs in the past.  Had we done so we would have not been able to discuss the bible and the enemy of all bible discussion and research, the one who caused Wycliffe and Tyndale to be murdered, would have won.

From a Watchtower perspective Mike and I are both spiritually sick and so in need of help. Please therefore view this letter as a cry for that help, so that you can and should indeed consider it in your capacity as an elder of the congregation whose territory we are in.

31 In reply Jesus said to them: Those who are healthy do not need a physician, but those who are ailing do.
I have come to call, not righteous persons, but sinners to repentance (Luke 5).

Here is the history of my sickness and an explanation of what we are doing.

In 1992 I realised that the greater meaning of the phrase 7 Times in Daniel4 (2520 years) did not only apply to Daniel4 (running from 607Tishri to 1914Tishri), but also to Genesis4 and in fact to any occurrence of the phrase anywhere in the bible, since Daniel4 had the same editor as the rest of the book. This lead to my deducing the chronology of Adam to Armageddon initially from two parallels to the kingship malediction of the Gentile Times, which were the Land malediction of the Exedenic Times, from Eden until the Promised land, 2520 years from 3993Nisan to 1473Nisan, and the priesthood malediction of the Alienation Times, 2520 years from Noah’s warning in 2488Sivan BC to Pentecost in 33Sivan AD. This gave us the end of the world, this system, judicially, being 2008Nisan, 6.000 years after 3993Nisan BC.

So that the Kingship malediction ended at the festival of Booths, the Land inheritance malediction ended at the festival of Cakes and the Priesthood malediction ended at the festival of Pentecost, the 3 big 7x maledictions ending at the 3 big annual festivals.

This meant that Adam sinned aged 33½, the same age that Jesus was when he paid for that sin in what Paul describes as a corresponding ransom. It also meant that Jesus died in the dead centre of the Abrahamic covenant which started in 1943Nisan, 1975 years before his impalement, and ended in 2008Nisan, 1975 years after his sacrifice.

I presented all of this material in 12 books one for each of the Governing Body members in 1992 and travelled to Brooklyn on several occasions to talk to them about it. Dan Sydlik confirmed to me, that they were amazed at my work and that Freddie Franz thought that mankind could know the date of Armageddon after Jesus’ death. However in the words of Brother Sydlik, there were powerful egos at work, and the Writing committee was not about to take any bible lessons from me (an unbaptized publisher at the time, but a Cambridge maths scholar who excelled in abstract symbolism).

Eventually I began to see more than dates from these greater meanings and it became apparent that most bible accounts had a greater meaning as Daniel 4 has. I saw the whole history of Christianity and in particular that there were to be two true Christian churches in each of two presences, making 4 faithful and discreet slaves running 4 true churches. So that in this second parousia, there are two witnesses, the Jehovah’s Witnesses and their successors, The Lord’s Witnesses. Jesus said he was the chief cornerstone, but every building has 4 cornerstones, and there are 4 true churches each of which is a wall in the temple of all Christianity laid upon his foundation (Jesus is both the foundation and one of the cornerstones, Russell was the third cornerstone, I can prove from scripture that I am the 4th).

But my purpose is not to bore you with my history. It is to explain the tragedy of our position and ask for your help in resolving it.

I should say that the GB were very slow to disfellowship me, indeed I was baptised in July 1993, long after I sent them lots of new ideas based on greater meanings. I even sent my local congregation elders 7 proofs each of the date of Armageddon without sanction. I was permitted to do things most regular JWs would have been disfellowshipped for, because the GB was at a loss as to what to do with me, rather like Herod was with John the Baptist. Eventually I brought matters to a head by telling them that I was the mediator of a second new covenant for 144,000 kings not of the heavens but of the earth, and that they had recently become the evil slave. Even that did not get me removed! It was only when I insisted upon a judicial hearing as to whether they have become the evil slave or not using Matthew and Luke as my witnesses, that they disfellowshipped me rather than having that hearing.

My tragic position results from the satanic rules for the treatment us lepers. It is not hard to prove that indefinite shunning and refusing to eat spiritual food with Disfellowshipped people is a false doctrine. Disfellowshipped ones should indeed be thrown out of the camp, denied attendance at formal congregation meetings. But obviously you can go and visit them when they are outside the camp, should you wish. In fact Jesus said of the goats in the parable of the sheep and the goats…

I was sick and in prison and you visited me not.

So the Watchtower by banning its subjects from visiting the disfellowshipped is forcing baptized witnesses to be goats by the definition that Jesus gave in Matthew25. The goats actually go into indefinitely lasting cutting off. If you shun all of your brothers who were so spiritually sick that they got disfellowshipped, and are therefore also in a prison where they may not even have proper communication with their own genetic relatives, then you are a goat according to Matthew25. And this is not a trivial matter, you will have 1,000 years to weep and gnash your teeth over it, if you truly love the slave who told you to shun more than the master who told you this parable.

Furthermore it does not belong to man who lives but a hundred years to pass any indefinite penalty on his brothers, not under the law of Christian love anyway. I committed mortgage fraud in 1990 (which incorrectly delayed my baptism) and after 7 years my sentence became spent, finished, it no longer exists. I am permitted by law to say that I have no criminal record. That is the world following what is a Sabbath element of the law of Moses. But the Watchtower sentences me in perpetuity? That is not from God. The Watchtower of course have no Sabbaths, and so have amassed a huge land Sabbath error, which they are in fact already paying.

The Sabbath was a principle not of the law, but of Genesis1, Jesus did not die to end the Sabbath, he died to end the law and to become the Lord of the Sabbath.

So enough doctrine and history. My disfellowshipping is when the tragedy began not just for me but for God and his people. Because yes, I am good at bible research, the best there has been in the Watchtower, but no I am not a better Christian than any other JW, and make all sorts of mistakes and need the help of my brothers as much as any other JW does. Furthermore the bible was not written entirely for G. S Ritchie, and I have found that when 2 or 3 are gathered together, then the holy spirit will help a lot more effectively and our research really yields fruit. So I am always keen to have scriptural discussions with enlightened bible students, because that is how the holy spirit gives new understandings. Your focus as a JW is to get a larger congregation and convert or reconvert me. My focus is not to get a larger congregation but simply to improve the doctrine of the small church that the scriptures instructed me to set up. I want to grow our understanding, you want to grow your congregation.

In the end the restaurant with the best food will get the most customers. But that does not occur until the mountain is raised up.

The Watchtower represent that the bible is pretty much understood as far as it needs to be and that they have fulfilled Matthew 24:14 and that the flock do not need to worry about getting new understanding because only the faithful slave is the channel for all new interpretation. This is not true. Most Watchtower doctrine originated in other churches. The Gentile Times was first proposed by Rev John Aquila Brown in 1823, a Scottish Presbyterian for example. And Russell described himself as more of a collator and sifter of other people’s ideas than an originator (Kingdom Proclaimers). In fact it was his wife that convinced him that he personally was the FDS. Although we know today that the remnant administration of the Watchtower was that. There are perhaps 7 or more years of research work for perhaps 100 or more researchers that need to be done on the bible to get anywhere near a thorough understanding of it. And the very people who could do this job are forbidden from doing it by Satan through the now corrupted evil slave. This has pretty much ruined true Christianity over the last 13 years.

Had I spent the last 13 years (I was disfellowshipped in 1995) doing bible research with hundreds of JWs, neither of us would believe the incredible things that we would have found, because the mind of God is not limited to the understandings of the Watchtower. To give you some idea of what we are talking about. You can get the resurrection timetable of the kingdom from Genesis 11. We know the precise condition of the first dead and the second dead. We know that 50% of mankind are saved into the kingdom, and the other 50% are saved out of Gehenna. In fact just as God created this planet to save Adam, which although you do not believe, must be the case because Jesus ransomed him, soul for soul. So he also created the entire universe to save Satan who was actually his firstborn angelic son. Michael was a 41st generation angel. This is the greater meaning of the genealogy of Matthew1.

For love never fails and we must love our enemies and you cannot love the non existent. Put those together and you see that it is God’s desire that none are destroyed but all attain to repentance, and again everything that is his delight he shall do. So will he fail with anyone? – you tell me!

The Watchtower argues that no loving parent would hold their son’s hand on a hotplate for a thousand years. I argue that neither would they cause that son to disappear forever. For the former is an abuse of love, and the latter is an absence of love. God suffers from neither.

We know all the 24 salvation covenants. We know that we go into the ark by twos by choosing a rapture partner and lending them our angelic body in a good antitype to the bad procreative activities of the demons choosing good looking wives for themselves and having hybrid kids immediately prior to the flood etc. 

We presently calculate that the world has already ended judicially, and that the greater flood of Noah is underway. This means that the descended 1NC saints (the anointed) are already here, in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights, and actually they start appearing next weekend which is the 41st day of the greater flood. It all seems ludicrously close, but if it is truly going to happen, then the day will come when it is that close. We may be wrong chronologically – we normally are! But we certainly have masses of advanced understandings many of which show that the Watchtower was the third true Christian church, the first true Christian church of the second presence.

OK here is the big one. As you may know the Watchtower became an NGO associated with the UN DPI on 1992January28. This was the transgression causing desolation of Daniel8. It was in fact the Watchtower playing the harlot and riding the beast. Those would be Russell’s words. But in fact nearly every major religion is an NGO associated with the UN DPI. So that is how the harlot of Babylon rides the beast of the UN.

But it is worse….


All churches are subject to the law of the land but no church should make itself subject to the rules of another organisation. Such an agreement is a corporate joining which gives the church a second head. It is therefore an act of harlotry to a God who requires exclusive devotion...


16 What! Do you not know that he who is joined to a harlot is one body? For, The 2, says he, will be one flesh. (1Corinthians6).


Anyone who brings an idol into the temple is an idolater. So if you spend the whole meeting trying to sell double glazing to your brother you are an idolater. But if a church makes itself subject to the rules of any other organisation by agreement, then it has become one body with that outfit and the outfit has a permanent wing in the temple. This is harlotry by the church.


So if for example a church joined the tennis club as a corporate member, this would also be harlotry. Even if the only result was that every member of the church had to mow the lawn of the tennis club once a year, it is still harlotry, because the church is joined by agreement to the tennis club and subject to its laws.


So the harlotry of the Watchtower with the UN was not that the UN would one day battle with the lamb nor was it that the UN is the throne of Satan, nor was it that they had condemned the UN in 1963 and resolved never to have anything to do with it. The harlotry was merely that they joined the temple to a worldly outfit by agreeing to be subject to the UN rules for NGOs associated with the DPI (Department of Public Information). These rules involved actively promoting and supporting the ideals of the charter of the UN!


However the bottom line is that the Watchtower was joined to the throne of Satan. His throne was therefore placed in the temple of the Watchtower for 10 years from January 1992 until the Watchtower left the UN on October 9th as a result of an exposee in the UK Guardian Newspaper on October 8th 2001. Any JW knowing this, who thinks that he should remain in that church is a rank idolater of that church and an unrepentant worshipper of Satan.


Any JW who remains in that temple is condoning the biggest possible insult to God and Jesus and is a demonstrably false worshipper. In fact since the temple is joined to God, Satan succeeded in joining his throne to God through the UN-Watchtower association.

This of course was one of the 3 tests that Jesus passed. However his church fails all 3 of them. In this case Satan offered all the territories of the world to the Watchtower for evangelism for one little UN NGO signature. 

The throne of Satan being in the temple of the Watchtower was the abomination causing desolation standing in a holy place in the church symbolic thread of Matthew24. It is the UN on the temple mount in Jerusalem in the literal meaning of Matthew24. The advice from Jesus is therefore to flee to the mountains of Judea, the congregational administrations of the next true church.

So yes we can prove from the scriptures that the Watchtower has become a false church and that everyone with faith in God in it, everyone who loves the master more than the slave, should join the Lord’s Witnesses.

16 Most truly I say to you, A slave is not greater than his master, nor is one that is sent forth greater than the one that sent him.
17 If you know these things, happy you are if you do them [The problem being that they do not. The JWs worship the slave rather than the master. That is why they need their feet washed again] (John 13).

But that was not the purpose of our talking with you. The purpose was to seek new bible understandings or to correct existing understandings through the holy spirit acting on a group of sincere bible researchers. That remains our purpose. If the only way to achieve that is for you to leave the JWs, then yes our purpose would be for that to occur. But we are not primarily evangelists, we are primarily researchers, we are Mary, you are Martha, the two women stand for two covenants as Paul said of Sarah and Hagar.

What I have been missing these last 13 years is bible based discussions with reasonable numbers  of sincere knowledgeable Christians. This has meant that I have been over focussed on research and under focussed on doctrine and congregational care and evangelism to some extent and well I have been unbalanced. Also our research is too much the sort of thing that I am interested in! Mind you we do not stop anyone else coming up with new ideas, and when they satisfy all the scriptures as far as we can see, we accept them just as Russell did. I would certainly argue that I need to be unbalanced away from evangelism and towards research to make up for the imbalance of 6 million JWs in the other direction, but the point is this. We are in a position to help each other and God requires churches to love their neighbours just as he requires people so to do. For to God a church is one person just as the entire nation of Israel was Israel, the person.

So we wish to keep communication with you (sorry to burden you with this, but it is God’s will as we can prove if given the chance). We are both too experienced to play conversion games with each other and I really have no desire to do that. I have an enormous desire to combine our research power with your bible experience, and indeed the Watchtower’s bible experience and to finish the job of fully understanding the book that God wrote for this system. It is our experience that the holy spirit often gives great new understandings to newcomers. For example it was a 15 year old girl who got the understanding that the name above every other name named given to Jesus was ‘Jehovah’ as his surname. This meant that Jesus became what his father is, namely a God to be worshipped. That is our destiny, and Jesus is the first begotten God as John says. He is a God like Jehovah, as true son. He is the first creation to be elevated to a God. He exists now not in an angelic body, which he gave as a ransom for Adam himself, and which resulted in Adam being resurrected back in his original angelic body which he gained aged 30 and lost aged 33½. But in a divine body, the same type of body that Jehovah has. For if we are truly sons of God, then one day we run the family business, which is being a God, a God to be worshipped.

Now we can provide you with people from the Lord’s Witnesses who were never JWs, who could speak to you from a personal standpoint should you wish it. And that is no problem. We have both Arsenal supporters and Tottenham in the church (since they shun each other too – probably with more justification! – sorry just kidding!)

But also I would like you to try and persuade the Watchtower at some level to obey the second commandment to love their neighbour and to obey the first, which is to love God and love the power of his book more than to love exercising power over the flock. It is not scriptural to refuse to study the bible with anyone. Jesus had a bible study with Satan himself in the wilderness as he was being tested.

I once wrote to all the Governing body and said: I have searched the scriptures and found no case where Jesus refused to see anybody. He met with lepers, demonised men, prostitutes, tax collectors, Pharisees, traitors and with Satan himself. There is no account wherein he said I am a bit busy, come back next Tuesday. Therefore since we are following Jesus’ example, I will now say the same thing to you that I said to them. Either show me the scripture I have missed wherein Jesus refused to see someone, or since we are supposed to be imitators of the Christ, agree to continue seeking the truth with us, with the help of the holy spirit. Dan Sydlik, incidentally rang me having received that letter and said that was a great letter.

So my proposal is that you obey the commandment of the Christ and love Mike and I and visit us in our sickness, and try and heal us by researching with us. I doubt that you will persuade us that all our new ideas are incorrect and that we should return to the Watchtower, but you are welcome to try and you may well persuade us on some of them. We are interested in serious bible debate, since that is sacrificial smoke to Jehovah. We will just be trying out our new ideas on you and seeing if you can add to them or indeed knock them down and more importantly if the holy spirit will give us all a few more. It is just bible research, it is what we do and what we promote and what Satan detests – hence 6 million JWs do not do it other than to confirm Watchtower doctrine which is not true research.

So just as Tyndale finished his translation of the bible into English in prison, so we are finishing our decoding of its greater meanings (which is a translation of the bible within the bible) in the prison of being disfellowshipped. The M.O. is all too familiar. So please do come and visit us in this sad state!

Or if not, then like Mike says: Try shunning your tax collector or someone from another race and see how long you remain solvent and not indicted for race hate! As you know we should be treated just as they are. There is no prohibition in scripture on discussing the bible with tax collectors!

As Russell said: Only when we have harmonized all scriptures relating to a subject, do we have the truth. And the harmonized truth, the completed scriptural jigsaw on disfellowshipping, is that the sinner needs to be removed from the congregation, not from the love of the congregation. So he needs to be visited by elders and spiritually strong people and helped, but denied attendance at formal meetings, until he is repentant and therefore no longer a threat (or can prove that the Watchtower has become a false church in which case no one should any longer be under its law!!) We can prove the latter for anyone who is interested.

Here is the key question. Does the chain of command for the faithful go:
God, Church, Conscience or does it go:
God, Conscience, Church?

If the former then you are an idolater of a church, no matter whether it be true or false. If the latter then you are a son of Abraham by covenant so long as you sincerely try and keep to your conscience. The job of the true church is to strengthen the bond between God and your conscience, not to interpose itself between the two and thereby play God to your conscience.

Finally I had better defuse this one in advance…

23 Then [tote] [i.e. during the Great Tribulation] if anyone says to you, 'Look! Here is the Christ,' or, 'There!' do not believe it [anyone from any false Christian church].
24 For false/pseudo Christs and false/pseudo prophets [opportunist false Christs and false prophets arising after the Great Tribulation taking advantage of the panic. Before the first birth pang, which starts the GT, potential Christs are ridiculed, after it they will be on to a good thing from a worldly perspective. True Christs arise and are ridiculed before the GT] will arise and will give great signs and wonders so as to mislead, if possible, even the chosen ones [no false signs until after the first true sign, the sign of Jonah].
25 Look! I have forewarned you (Matthew 24).

May the Lord open the king of Brooklyn’s eyes!

Gordon and Mike.