[271-11] Testing God for the 10x of Numbers 14:22 and by the contest of 1Kings18

There was a Laodicean Passover on 2017Tebbeth14. All the Laodicean armies of Jehovah came out of Egypt not in 'that night' but in the very festival day of Laodicean Cakes from 2017Tebbeth14-21 (430 years in Laodicea a month for a day from 2003Elul14-16 when we suppose that the Laodicean congregation was started by the baptism of the 2nd Laodicean in time for the 2NC celebration on 2003Elul16. The 12 Laodicean Apostles/Tribal Heads, the firstborn by baptism of Roger Knight, DID NOT DIE PHYSICALLY at Hebrew/true midnight on 2017Tebbeth14 (Saturday January6 at true midnight). We deduce this from Joshua3 (the 12 stones are removed from the river and placed in Gilgal). NEITHER DID THEY DIE ANGELICALLY TO THE 2NC THAT DAY. Because God gives everybody a second chance at all of his festivals and at life. The law of Moses provided for a late Passover. If you miss both the regular and the late Passover then you stand condemned.. SO THEY HAVE ONE MORE CHANCE ON 2017SHEBAT14, THE LATE LAODICEAN PASSOVER. This is a 2NC angelic Passover only. So if a 2NC Laodicean fails to attend both, then they lose their angels, being the firstborn angelically They all survive physically but are nonetheless forfeit to Roger Knight the builder of Jericho, the one who stole the LW water baptism and created the Laodicean sect in the Watchtower. Revelation 7 prohibits any Passover angel to permit wind to blow against the earth or see or trees until after 2013Shebat13 (a 128 sentence count of verse1 after Jesus is installed as Caesar on 2017Tishri5) .So no Passover execution occurred on 2017Tebbeth14. But one will occur on 2017Shebat14. Non adamic Laodiceans cannot be killed as humans by a Passover. The first Passover was of Adam on 3993Nisan14. Adamic Passovers occur, start or end on Nisan14.

All Laodicean 2NC saints who failed to celebrate the Laodicean Passover on 2017Tebbeth14 or the late Laodicean Passover on 2017Shebat14 have lost their angels.
Laodicea is under a 40 month + 50 day installation + 2x30 day Jacob's ladder wilderness penalty from 2014Tammuz1 to 2017Shebat20. So they cannot turn up at Zoar until 2017Shebat21. The 2 faithful spies Jonah and Caleb must also be under that penalty - since it is a penalty on the church as a group.

26 Then Joshua had an oath pronounced at that particular time, saying: Cursed may the man [Roger Knight] be before Jehovah who gets up [taking the 4EC waters baptism] and does build this city, namely Jericho [Laodicea]. In his firstborn [the 12 Laodicean apostles] let him lay the foundation of it, and in his youngest [The adamic Laodiceans baptised after 2012Elul10, when the lost their 4EC water baptism] let him put up its doors [to the autonomous church non adamic Abrahamic 1AC baptism]
27 So Jehovah proved to be with Joshua, and his fame came to be in all the earth (Joshua 6).

The 12 firstborn apostles of Roger Knight, the tribal heads of Laodicea, will all lose their angels because they will all fail to celebrate either Laodicea Passover
The 12 firstborn of his youngest, the first ones baptised after 2012Elul10, the firstborn adamic members of each tribe, will also fail to celebrate either Laodicean Passover and therefore be Passover executed physically and die on 2017Shebat14 - if we have this right. When the 2nd presence ended, Laodiceans were downgraded from being non adamic Isaiac to being non adamic Abrahamic. And they lost their non adamic baptising power. There was no 1AC baptism at that time. So those who joined the tribes were just adamic and retained their 1AC baptism if they had one. These are the beasts of Laodicea.

40 And the dwelling of the sons of Israel, who/which dwelt/resided in Egypt, was 30 year and 4 of hundreds year [a month for a day, 14 years and 4 months, from the baptism of the 2nd Laodicean by Roger Knight on 2003Elul14-21, actually by 2003Elul16 (when we used to hold the 2NC celebration) in order to keep their stolen baptism (pursuant to his baptism on 2002Elul16) as the apostle to Laodicea, the hidden church of the night, the bottle gourd plant, the bottled Gordon plant, the night shade, the church of fornication with the concubine of Judges19, to 2017Tebbeth14-21, Laodicean Cakes, when Laodiceans escape from their Egypt into a Sinai to the Egypt of the Watchtower. So by 2017Tebbeth21, the last day of Laodicean Cakes, all the Laodicean armies of Jehovah have escaped from the Watchtower by resigning from it]
41 And it came about at the end of 30 year and 4 of hundreds year, it even came about on/in/at this very day [Literally they started to leave on the Passover day. But completed their exit during the whole 'day'/festival of Passover/Cakes from 1513Nisan14-21]  that all the armies of Jehovah [the saints. Not all the people in all the armies but merely all the armies] went forth from of the land of Egypt [in fact they collected at Ramases on 1513Nisan14 and then left Ramases on 1513Nisan15] [This very day, is the 'day' of 2017Tebbeth14-21, which is precisely 430 years, a month for a day, from 2003Elul14-21, more particularly from 2003Elul14-16 which must have been the days when Roger Knight, the Laodicean apostle, baptised the 2nd Laodicean in order to celebrate the 2NC on 2003Elul16 and not lose his stolen 4EC water baptism]
It is a night for observance [i.e. something that should be observed, i.e. a festival. The Laodicean and the 3 Watchtower Passover nights MUST ALL BE OBSERVED] with regard to Jehovah for bringing them out of the land of Egypt. With regard to Jehovah this night is one for observance on the part of all the sons of Israel throughout their generations (Exodus 12).

26 Then Joshua had an oath pronounced at that particular time, saying: Cursed may the man be before Jehovah [Roger Knight] who gets up and does build this city, even Jericho. At the forfeit of his firstborn let him lay the foundation of it, and at the forfeit of his youngest let him put up its doors. (Joshua 6 NWT)

8 Accordingly the sons of Israel did so, just as Joshua had commanded, and they took up 12 stones from the middle of the Jordan, just as Jehovah had stated to Joshua, to correspond with the number of the tribes of the sons of Israel; and they went taking them over with them to the lodging place and depositing them there [The 12 Laodicean apostles, are removed from the Jordan, the lose their water baptism. Then they are set up in the 1NC reserve autonomous congregation of Zoar. They become the sign that they sought. They were waters of the Jordan who chose to be cut off from the mediator of their water baptism and then God cut them off].
9 There were also 12 stones that Joshua set up in the middle of the Jordan on the standing place of the feet of the priests carrying the ark of the covenant, and they continue there until this day [the 12 LW apostles] (Joshua 4).

This persuades them to board the escape boat of John6:19 on 2017Tebbeth21, the last day of Laodicean Cakes. The Passover is the time honoured manner in which God deals with rulers who enslave his people. 

19 Therefore, when it was late on that day, the first of the Sabbaths [2017Shebat22 is the 1st Sabbath of late Laodicean Weeks - when the Jesus of the 3rd Holy Spirit go to Laodicea and Peter meets Elijah4], and, although the doors were locked where the disciples were for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood in their midst and said to them: May ye have peace [As Salaam Alaikum in Arabic. Peace be unto you or 'Hello' in middle east speak. No more conflict with the Watchtower].
20 And this having said [1x] he showed also the hands and the side to them [2x.11x=22x. Not said the holes therein - so this visit is from the Holy Spirit itself, Jesus' flesh]. Rejoiced therefore the disciples having seen the Lord [2x].
21 Jesus, therefore, said to them again: May ye have peace [on 2017Adar17. 1x+22x+2x=25x days later in the ark at the 3rd marriage]. Just as the Father has sent me forth, I also am sending you.
22 And having said this he blew upon them and said to them: Receive holy spirit.
23 If you forgive the sins of any persons, they stand forgiven to them; if you retain those of any persons, they stand retained (John 20 NWT/KIT)

24 But Thomas, one of the 12 [Laodicean spies or apostles - one of the 12 Laodicean spies - Jonah], who was called The Twin, was not with them when Jesus came [on 2017Shebat22. Thomas/Jonah, the 1NC reserve Laodicean spy, misses this appearance. But he is there for the next after 8 days after something].
25 Were saying therefore to him the other disciples We have seen the Lord [2x.2x=4x. Resurrected 1st and 2nd presence kings. Married to Jesus, his flesh]. The (one) but said to them [2x] If ever not I should see in the hands of him the type/mark of the nails [10x] and I should thrust the finger of me into the type of the nails [1x+1x] and I should thrust of me the hand into the side of him [5x], not not I would believe [4x+2x.(10x+2x+5x)=4x+2x.17x=38x. From 2017Shebat22 to 2017Adar30, when the last 1NC reserve jumps off the overhand of the false church of the Watchtower into the sea of the world in order to drown in the waters of the 4EC at the end of 2,000 pigs of Makr5 from 2012Elul10, the end of the 2nd presence when the 1NC reserves became swine, unclean in the flesh due to losing their water baptism. Thomas wants to see the holes in Jesus' body. Jesus' body was uninhabited and dead until it was put into the tomb. Then it went into cold storage and was reanimated for Jesus, not having yet healed on 33Nisan23 and on 33Sivan1. The literal and the greater Thomas is blind and deaf and needs physical touch to believe] (John 20 NWT-KIT).

26 And after days 8 [from 2017Shebat22 to 2017Shebat30] again were inside the disciples of him also Thomas with them. Is coming the Jesus [upon/whilst - implied epi] of the doors having been locked, and he stood into the midst and said Peace unto ye [As Salaam Alaikum in Arabic. Peace be unto you or 'Hello' in middle east speak. No more conflict with Zoar].
27 And he is saying to the Thomas Be bearing the finger of you here [1x] and see the hands of me [10x. But do not fill the holes in my hands entirely yourself], and be bearing the hand of you [5x] and thrust [it] into the side of me [1x], and not be becoming unbelieving but believing [2x] [1x+10x+5x+1x=17x from 2017Shebat30 to 2017Adar17, the 3rd marriage when Thomas starts filling the holes in Jesus' body, his wife. Thomas is the surgeon who fixes the wound, he baptizes the 1NC reserves].
28 Answered Thomas and he said to him The Lord of me [Husband!] and the God of me! (John 20 KIT)
29 Jesus said to him: Because you have seen me have you believed? Happy are those who do not see and yet believe. (John 20 NWT)

Jesus in the form of the 3rd Holy Spirit appears to Laodicea on 2017Shebat22, the 1st of the Sabbaths of late Laodicean Weeks
Jesus in the form of the 3rd Holy Spirit appears to Zoar on 2017Adar5, the Laodicean Pentecost and the 3rd fire sign.

We now expect the 2nd and 3rd fire signs to be nuclear EMP air burst bombs due to the lightning of Matthew24.

For the full reasoning behind our 26th extension to our 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-2017Adar11, for the 2nd and 3rd fire signs of 1Kings18 - see U271aq

Very Brief Notes for the 2nd fire sign of 1Kings18 on 2017Shebat27 (2018February18-19), the 86th Solar Asheraian Pentecost from 2006Iyyar14, when the first no show prediction was made (for a warning bomb on 2006Iyyar21) and for the 3rd fire sign of 1Kings18 on 2017Adar4/5, the Laodicean Pentecost (or 7th Sabbath thereof) from 2017Tebbeth16, their re-appointment as a true but dry non adamic church, a dry land in fact, and for the 4th fire sign of 1Kings18 on 2017Adar13 (2018March6-7), the 94th Solar Baalian Pentecost from 2005Iyyar14, the fall of the Watchtower as a true church.

1. Discontinuous Gentile Times from 607Tishri15 BC to 141Tishri15 BC and from 46Tishri15 BC to 2009Tishri15 AD, the end of Satan's lease (the end of all satanic lease maledictions). Then the 7x of the Kingdom Gentile Times from 2009Tishri15 to 2016Tishri15 (a malediction on the 1NCs and a malediction on the LWs). Then the 7x of the Laodicean Gentile Times from 2016Tishri15-2017Iyyar15. Then Jesus would be in a position to become Caesar but is delayed by the 40 year gapped Watchtower wilderness penalty from 1975Tishri1 to 2017Tebbeth20.

2. Jericho. The first campaign day began on 2010Tishri1, after our appointment/installation as sacred king over the 1NC reserves on 2010Nisan18/Tammuz7 (3rd appointment after FDS3 and Laodicea). Then each circumnavigating campaign day is one whole old/Zoar secular year. The 7th campaign day is the Zoar secular year from 2017Tammuz1 to 2017Tebbeth30. It is a 7 month year which is truncated by the new Zoar Shebat1 secular year. Hence we read,,,

14 And they circled the city on the 2nd day one time, and returned to the camp. So they did 6 days. (GLT)
15 And it happened on the 7th day, they rose early, at the dawning of the day, and went around the city 7 times in the same manner. Only on that day they circled the city 7 times. (Joshua 6 GLT)

So the 7th month of the 7th year is 2017Tebbeth1-30. Then on the Jubilee release day, the 10th day of the 8th month, taking a month in the 7th campaign day as a 'Sabbath' month, is 2017Shebat10, when we got the late 3rd Abrahamic Passover, the end of Adam, the end of the 1st death, as being 2019Tammuz14. 

The correct main prediction and subpredictions to 2017Adar11 for the 2nd and 3rd fire signs came on 2017Shebat5/6. 
The  fire sign predictions for 2017Shebat23 and 2017Adar3 and 2017Adar5 came on 2017Shebat21, the end of the contest day of 1Kings18.
The final incorrect 2nd fire sign prediction for 2017Shebat25 came on 2017Chislev25 (around midnight on Friday night).
The predictions for 2017Shebat27 and 2017Adar4/5 and 2017Adar13 came on 2017Shebat26 just after sunset.

We have to get the right predictions and stop going around in chronological circles before the end of 2017Shebat in order that we do not go around 8x in the old Zoar secular year.

2017Tebbeth30 is the last day of the 7th month of the 7th year of the Jericho campaign. Joshua6 requires a 7 trumpet Rosh Hashana fulfilment. 

These 7 trumpets must run from 2017Tebbeth1-7 for the Laodicean Rosh Hashana and from 2017Shebat1-7 for the new Zoar Rosh Hashana and from 2017Adar1-7 for the late new Zoar Rosh Hashana. 2017Tebbeth7 (2017December30/31) was the 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th year of the Jericho campaign. 

3. The Time of the End for Laodicea runs for 1290 days of Daniel9 from 2014Tammuz1, the judicial end of the church to 2017Shebat1, late new Rosh Hashana, the physical end of the church. 2017Tebbeth1 is the start of the acceptable/goodwill year of Isaiah61 for Laodicea, the Laodicean Sabbath year, the day of the big slaughter when the towers fall of Isaiah30 and the day of the binding up of the breakdown of God's people of Isaish30, the 7th day of Hanukkah, when the glower becomes 7 glowers like the light of 7 days (of Hanukkah). 

2017Tebbeth1 is the start of the new secular year resulting from the Laodicean Passover (which should occur on the 14th day of the 1st month of some year) and from Jesus becoming Caesar to Laodicea. 
2017Shebat1 is the start of the new secular year resulting from the 1st Watchtower Passover (which should occur on the 14th day of the 1st month of some year) and from Jesus becoming Caesar to Zoar. 

4. 12 baskets full of fragments and disciples took up fragments from the 2 fishes from the feeding of the 5,000 run from the end of the Watchtower as a true church, the end of their authorized feeding with the 5 loaves of the food baked under the authority of their 5 presidents, on 2005Iyyar14. They are whole calendar years (pre formed baskets) from 2005Tishri1 to 2017Elul30. But then we have disciples picking up fragments (whole calendar months) from 2 more fishes which are 2x2x2=8 more whole calendar months taking us at least to 2017Tebbeth30 and not to 2017Shebat30. So by 2017Shebat29, the Watchtower must run out of food for 1NC reserves. We know that all true 1NC reserves leave the church on or before 2017Adar30=2018Nisan6, 2,000 pigs of Mark5 after 2012Elul10, the end of the 2nd presence, when the 1NC reserves became swine, unclean in the flesh. Jesus completes his 1NC reserve arrival at Zoar 6 days of John12 before the Passover on 2018Iyyar8 which is porch day of 2Chronicles29.

5. Elijah asks his attendant in 1Kings18:43 to Go back for the 7x of the LW 2NC Alienation Times from 2010Tebbeth21 (the late late 2NC Pentecost, the installation of FDS4 over the Gentile Call 2NCs, a prediction non show) to 2017Tebbeth21. Then we go to the next Baalian, Asheraian or Divine Pentecost after that. 
The next Baalian Solar Pentecost was 2017Tebbeth23, the 93rd from 2005Iyyar14, the fall of the Watchtower as a true church. This had no sign because an Asheraian Pentecosts must be the first contest winning sign since they represent the no show period.
The next Asheraian Solar Pentecost is 2017Shebat27, the 86th from 2006Iyyar14, the 1st no show prediction (for a warning bomb), the 2nd fire sign.
The next divine Pentecost is 2017Adar5, the Laodicean Pentecost, the 3rd fire sign.

6. Seize the prophets of Baal. Let not a man escape from them. 450 days from 2017Adar10-2019Sivan10, the end of JW kingdom salvation, the day before the installation of the Kingdom , the 7th Sabbath of Kingdom 1NC Weeks. 2019Iyyar11-2019Sivan10 is the month no escape into Zoar - let not  a man escape from them. So 2019Sivan10, is the last day of 100 days of OMC sealing from 2018Adar1, is the last day of covenant salvation. OMC sealing occurs on seizing.

7. The ark comes to a rest on 2017Tebbeth17 upon the mountains plural of Ararat (meaning curse reversed), on the 17th day of the 7th month of the Zoar Tammuz1 secular year.. This enables the repentant holes in the hands of the 3rd Holy Spirit (the repentant disassociated ones) to walk out of the ark as humans and come to Zoar to be baptised and become hand filler along with the sons of Thomas/Jonah. Then late in the day on 2017Tebbeth22, the 1st of the Sabbaths of Laodicean Weeks of John20, the 3rd Holy Spirit itself, the hands themselves and the side itself, would have normally gone to visit the Laodicean 1NC.reserves and to tell them about their new non adamic Abrahamic 1AC dry baptism. But they were prevented by the 40 months Laodicean gapped wilderness penalty which does not expire until 2017Shebat20. So Jesus comes to Laodicea on 2017Shebat22, the 1st of the Sabbaths of late Laodicean Weeks of John20 instead. Perhaps the Caleb, the 2NC spy gave them the vision of Daniel10 on 2017Tebbeth24-2017Shebat2/3, as a result of his reading this website - see U163

8. 22 But all the men [3x] who have been seeing my glory [1x] and my signs that I have performed in Egypt [3x] and in the wilderness [3x] and kept testing me this/these 10 times, and have not listened to my voice [1x]. (Numbers 14 NWT)
22 for all the men who are seeing My glory, and My miracles which I have done in Egypt and in the wilderness, and have tried Me these ten times, and have not listened to My voice, (Numbers 14 GLT)
22 for all the men who are seeing My honour, and My signs, which I have done in Egypt, and in the wilderness, and try Me these ten times, and have not hearkened to My voice -- (Numbers 14 YLT)
23 Behold! They WILL see the land which I swore to their fathers [3x - because they are interested in it but incredulous. They will most certainly see it. But will they enter into it?], and, all of derider of me, they will not see her [3x.3x=9x] (Numbers 14 NWT).

10x of testing + 1x of no listening by all the men who saw glory and signs in Egypt and in the wilderness. 

3x.(1x+3x+3x+10x+1x).3x = 18x.9x = 162x. 162 months is 13 years from 1992Chislev1 (the large stone letter at the end of the 80 days up the Watchtower mountain from 1992Elul11) to 2006Sivan1, the revised Sign of Jonah letter?.

10x of testing + 1x of not listening makes 11x of Abraham's Kingdom possessing times from 2008Sivan11 to 2019Sivan11. If you test and do no listen during this period you will not enter into the Kingdom and you will go to Hell. 
10x of testing + 1x of not listening makes 11x of questioning God as regards: Where is this 2008Nisan14/Iyyar14 end of the world then? from 2008Iyyar14 to 2019Iyyar14, then you will miss Zoar, a promised land from the Nile of the Watchtower to the Euphrates of Abraham (the 1AC). 

2006Nisan21 (the day after Dan Sydlik died), was the day Gordon decided to write to Don Adams again telling him precisely how to celebrate the Passover so that no more 1NCs would die without having properly celebrated it. Ahab (the Laodicean members of the governing body) did then go up and eat and drink on 2006Iyyar14. This letter was sent on 2006Nisan21/22.

The first letter after 2005Iyyar14 was the 2006Nisan8 letter to Don Adams, then the Red Lobster letter of 2006Nisan18/19. Then Dan Sydlik died on 2006Nisan20. Then Gordon decided on 2006Nisan21 to instruct Don Adams on how to correctly celebrate the Passover so that no more 1NCs died without having celebrated properly. He sent an email to the church telling them this on 2006Nisan21. Then he sent the 2nd letter to Don Adams on 2006Nisan21-22. So some people (firstborn JWs who miss the 2nd and late 2nd Watchtower Passovers and are executed) who test God for 10 years in the Kingdom and do not listen to his voice during that time will not see Zoar. They may yet enter into the Kingdom however.

So from 2005Iyyar14 signs and glory were in Egypt (slavery to Baal) AND in the wilderness
But from 1992Elul11-2005Iyyar14 they were in the wilderness but not in Egypt. The 40 year Watchtower wilderness penalty started on 1976Tishri1.

9. The Giant image of the man of Daniel2 is Adam. The non abrahamic version of him (non 1AC Adam) is finished by 2019Nisan30, the last day of the lava flood from 2018Shebat11. There is another Time of the end from 2017Tebbeth14, the Laodicean Passover to 2018Tebbeth14, the sacrificial death of the last 1NC reserves. But the Abrahamic version (1AC Adam) continues until 2019Tammuz14, the late 3rd Abrahamic Passover, the end of unsealed 1AC Adam, the end of unsealed Adam contracted to be Abraham. The 10 toes are 10 kingdoms of the 10 kings of Revelation17 who give their power and authority for one hour representing 10x precisely. These are 10 months precisely from 2018Ab11 to 2019Sivan11, the 1NC Pentecost, the end of the world, the installation of the Kingdom. They are preceded by the 4 months precisely of the 4 headed 4 winged Leopard like beast from 2018Nisan11-2018Ab11. Then the Mark of the Beast test for FRC sealing runs from 2018Tammuz16 (616 new Shebat1 secular) to 2018Tebbeth30, the end of FRC sealing, the end of the acceptable year of ISaiah61, the end of the 42 months of authority of Satan from 2015Ab1. Although the Mark of the beast test continues for a total of 208 days to 2018Shebat14, the dragon's earthly Passover, from its sentence count. All of the body parts in the image of Daniel2 are kingdoms not time periods. The image of a man is a statue representing the march of supreme nation states over God's people from Babylon, Medo Persia, Greece, Rome, UK-US (the 2 legs). This is a white nationalist supremacist imperialist slave owning Nazi statue in the eyes of misled modern man. So it must be toppled in favour of extreme left globalist totalitarianism (true Nazis - who were socialists not right wingers) and a worldwide political monopoly which is completely against the nation state design of God and operated by Satan. Globalism is a coup against Satan by the balance of the dragon. It is a sedition against every nation state by the most megalomanic of people GNazis, Globalist Nazis.

10. Non 1AC Adam is passed over on 2018Nisan14/Iyyar14/Sivan14/Tammuz14. The 195 days of extra 1C entrance in the kingdom runs from 2017Tebbeth23, the first day after the 7 whole day installation of Laodicea form 2017Tebbeth16-22, to 2018Ab8, when the 3rd Holy Spirit takes over Zoar at the late 2nd 1NC Pentecost which is the late 2nd adamic Pentecost.

All Kingdom citizens must enter into the 1AC by the end of 2018Elul10, late temple burning day (rather than 2018Ab7, the last day before the 3rd Holy Spirit takes over Zoar - counting from 2017Tebbeth23 - But thereagain there was no Laodicean Pentecost on 2017Adar5 from 2017Tebbeth16).
All Kingdom citizens must be sealed by the end of 2019Sivan10, before 2019Sivan11, when the 3rd Holy Spirit takes over the World. 

All JW Kingdom priests must enter Zoar by the end of 2018Sivan9, before 2018Sivan10, the 3rd Watchtower Pentecost, the 1NC Pentecost
All Kingdom priests must enter Zoar by the end of 2018Tammuz9, before 2018Tammuz10, the late 3rd Watchtower Pentecost, the late 1NC Pentecost
The Tetramenos of John4 runs from 2017Adar10 to 2018Tammuz9 inclusively.

11. Lift up your rod, and stretch out your non adamic hand upon the sea from 2012Heshvan21 (when we were installed over Zoar) and divide the sea [~y] of the world

16 As for you, lift up your rod [of Authority from 2012Heshvan21] and stretch your hand [the other hand, being stretched out counts a full 5x, 5 years precisely] out upon/over the sea [5x precisely + 1 month of upon the sea + 1 month of lift up your rod + month of divide it from 2012Heshvan21 to 2017Shebat6. Moses can lift up his rod on 2017Tebbeth21, the end of the LW 2NC Alienation Times. Then on 2017Shebat5/6, the full light of late Hanukkah, the correct sub and main predictions for the 2nd and 3rd fire signs were seen/published. Incorrect predictions were depressing his rod for 11 years prior to that day] and divide it [dividing the opinion of the mass of mankind by the signs and the LW doctrine and chronology. Split the mass of mankind into sheep and goats by their response to the fire signs of 1Kings18] that the sons of Israel may go through in the midst of the sea [to the ark] in dry land [the dry land of the descended 3rd Holy Spirit, the great evangelizers]

16 And you, lift up your rod [1x] and stretch your hand [5x precisely] out upon/over the sea [1x] and divide it [x] that the sons of Israel [13x] may go through in the midst of the sea [1x] in dry land [1x]

5 years +2 months from 2012Heshvan21, our installation over the 2NCs in Zoar to 2017Shebat6, when this present 26th extension to our 552nd subprediction was published - running to 2017Adar11!
OR 7x.13x=97 days from 2017Shebat6 to 2018Iyyar14, the final Watchtower Passover execution, the final division of that church.
OR 7x.13x=97 days from 2017Shebat11, when Peter lifts up his rod as Caesar to Zoar, to 2018Iyyar19, when all the saints are in the ark.

A stretched out had is dead on 5x, which are 5 years, lift up your rod and upon the sea  and divide it are a further 2x which we take as months. So these run from 2012Heshvan21 to 2017Shebat6, the publishing of the correct fire sign predictions. Then, on 2017Adar17, all the springs of the vast watery deep are busted in two, it being the 17th day of the 2nd month of the new Shebat1 secular year of Genesis 7:11. 

12. Double light, Noon, for Laodicean 1NC reserves from the start of feeding operations of FDS4 at the end of the LW 1NC Alienation Times on 2009Chislev21 to the fall of Laodicea as a true church at the end of the 40 days of Laodicean spying from 2014Iyyar21 to 2014Tammuz1. 3 years 7 months and 20 days before noon is 2006Iyyar1, when the bilateral contest day began with the Sign of Jonah letter of that date. Elijah got going as regards a fire sign which was tested and failed with the revised Sign of Jonah letter dated 2006Sivan1. 3 years 7 months and 20 days after noon is 2017Shebat21, the last day of 1st Watchtower Cakes, the end of the contest day, the day when Elijah4 made his last prediction mistake.

2017Tebbeth21 is the last day of 1st Laodicean Cakes, when Laodicea escapes from the Watchtower, resigning and boarding the boat of John6:19. The Laodicean concubine of Judges19 falls at the entrance to the Laodicean Passover house (failing to go into it) but with her hands upon the threshold from 2017Tebbeth10-21, when the doors are opened for her to leave the Watchtower. Then the light arrives for them on 2017Tebbeth21, since they escape from the darkness of the Watchtower (a light is shining in the darkness but the darkness has not overpowered it). The 3rd Holy Spirit itself could not visit Laodicea on 2017Tebbeth22, the 1st of the Sabbaths of Laodicean Weeks due to the 40 months gapped Laodicean wilderness penalty from 2014Tammiuz1 to 2017Shebat20. She falls again at the entrance to Zoar and with her hands upon the threshold of the Passover house of Zoar from 2017Adar5, the Laodicean Pentecost (3,000 of them), when Caleb baptises her into Zoar, to 2017Adar16, when she is vomited out onto the autonomous dry land within Zoar. Laodicea could miss the 1st Watchtower Passover because she has already been passed over - for more see U367

Elijah4 baptises Jonah on 2017Adar3 starting the temple
Caleb baptises Laodicea on 2017Adar5, starting the autonomous congregation

13. There are several periods of 3 sevens of mourning or not partaking in Daniel10:

Laodicean Daniel gets a vision of the Laodicean church on 2017Tebbeth24-2017Shebat3 from the 2 spies who read this website?

2017Tebbeth1-21 (mourning in the Laodicean Tebbeth1 secular year, the demise of Laodicea at the end of 4600 solar days of Daniel8 from 2005Iyyar14 to 2017CHislev2/3. This mourning stops on 2017Tebbeth24, when they see the vision of Daniel10, having escapes from the Watchtower in the boat of John 6:19 on 2017Tebbeth21, the last day of Laodicean Cakes.
2017Tebbeth24-2017Shebat14 (Laodicean 1NC reserves not partaking after accepting 1NC reserve status and mourning after the vision) 

Laodicean Daniel gets a vision of the Zoar church from 2017Shebat24-2017Adar3 from the 3rd Holy Spirit.

2017Shebat1-21 (mourning in the new Zoar Shebat1 secular year, the demise of Laodicea. This mourning stops at the end of the contest day on 2017Shebat21, the 2nd fire sign, when Laodicea escapes to Zoar, the last day of late Laodicean Cakes)
2017Shebat21-2017Adar10 (mourning the angelic Laodicean Passover victims until the 3rd presence begins. One cannot mourn or fast when the bridegroom is present)
2017Shebat24-2017Adar14 (Laodicean 1NC reserves and 2NCs accepting their status and not partaking for 3 weeks of mourning after the vision) 

14. FDS3 was installed over the saints (Jesus' belongings) on 1915Sivan7, the first 1NC Pentecost after the end of the continuous Gentile Times. 

They did not understand that they should have implemented a Land Sabbath system, so were not held accountable for failing to do that.
They did not understand that they were supposed to celebrate the Atonement day fast, so were not held accountable for missing those.
Everybody should understand God made the Sabbath for man, and that Jesus died not to end the Sabbath but to end the law. He died to establish the Sabbath which preceded the law.

So the Watchtower is held accountable only for all of its missed weekly Sabbaths.

34 Then the land shall enjoy its Sabbaths, all the days of the desolation. And you shall be in the land of your enemies; then the land shall enjoy rest, and shall enjoy its Sabbaths.
35 It shall rest all the days of the desolation, that which it has not rested in your Sabbaths while you lived on it. (Leviticus 26 GLT)

On a weekly Sabbath one should not work for God or for man (unless one is a priest in the temple).
On a festival Sabbath one should not work for man.

Actually a Sabbath appears to be a rest from working for a human 3rd party (secular or sacred). It is not a rest from working directly for God. So one can work for oneself secularly or sacredly during a Sabbath and one can work directly for God as a priest does.

From 1915Sivan7 (Saturday/Sunday 1915May22/23) to 2005Iyyar14 (Saturday/Sunday 2005April23/24) is 4692 weeks which is 32844 days. This period contains 4692 Sabbaths.

So the Watchtower failed to give ANY of the 4692 weekly Sabbath to the JWs. These would be paid back in solar days from 2005Iyyar15 to 2017Adar5 inclusively - the Laodicean Pentecost. The Sabbath penalty is upon the Watchtower church itself, not upon any individual JW who is free to leave that church and get baptised into Zoar. God cannot carry out a Watchtower Passover execution until all of those missed Sabbaths have been paid back to him. So the first possible Watchtower Passover execution date would be 2017Adar14. But that indeed is the late 1st Watchtower Passover, when the first Watchtower Passover execution occurs. God is just as impatient as we all are to save his people,. but he has been constrained by his own justice and by their selfish unrighteousness until 2017Adar14. So at the first possible Passover release by execution day God goes for it. WE baptise no fire sign responders until 2017Adar5, for the sun must have gone forth over the land before Lot arrives (Genesis19).

Furthermore 2017Adar5, the Laodicean Pentecost, is a sacred Sabbath for the autonomous congregation. So the Laodiceans can join Zoar on that day and finish paying back their Sabbaths! However they will have to commit to obeying church law (sacred law, the law of their mother) starting from the day after the Sabbath. For you cannot enter into a sacred commitment upon a sacred Sabbath which is a release from such commitments.

So the final judgement on the Watchtower congregations occurs after the end of the period of paying back the missed weekly Sabbaths. So JWs are released from working for Jehovah (by becoming a false church) for the precise length of time that they should have been released from working for Jehovah as a true church on all their weekly Sabbaths from 2005Iyyar15 to 2017Adar5 inclusively. Then the 1st Passover execution occurs and the JWs are supposed to escape during late 1st Watchtower Cakes from 2017Adar15-21, which is the installation of Solomon's temple. In that way they are forced to repay their Sabbaths in the Watchtower before leaving it for Zoar.

15. The 6,000 day working week of the LWs began not on 2000Elul16, the baptism of Tony, nor on 2000Tishri16, the baptism of Jamie, but on 2000Chislev21, the installation of the composite administration/priesthood of FDS4 (with at least 2 people, a 2nd installation after Gordon on 1997Heshvan21). A congregation requires 2 people. A land requires 3 people, since an administration requires 2 to make a judgement on the 3rd, and those 2 are in the mountain overseeing the land. But we died on 2012Sivan14 to Adam and were re-appointed/re-installed as priests on 2012Tishri2/Heshvan21, so there was a 158 day gap when we were unemployed by God. 

6000 whole day working week of the LWs from 2000Chislev22 to 2017Tebbeth29 inclusively with 158 day gap from 2012Sivan14 to 2012Heshvan21 inclusively.
1000 whole day Sabbath of the LWs from 2017Tebbeth30 to 2020Heshvan9 inclusively, then the late Atonement day on 2020Heshvan10.
11 whole day transition from 2017Tebbeth30 to 2017Shebat10. Then the Sabbath is established, the Kingdom really begins for LWs. 
1000 whole days of ruling with the Christ present from 2017Shebat11 to 2020Heshvan20. Then the ark leaves and we rule alone from 2020Heshvan21, the 2NC Pentecost, our installation of Abraham to be resurrected from Hades..
David and Solomon being coregent for 1,000 days.

So Jesus became Caesar to Zoar on 2017Shebat11, the 11th day of the 1tth month of the 11 year of the bilateral contest of 1Kings18 from 2006Iyyar1. This day was the Jericho Jubilee release, our last prediction failure. 2017Shebat10 was when we saw and published the correct date, 2019Tammuz14, for the absolute end of Adam and the first death.

16. Mike's dream. Mike dreamt about fire signs blowing up a bridge and a calendar flicking through the days plural of August. This could mean either that the two fire sign occur in August, or that they occur not too long after August. We now have the 2nd and 3rd fire signs occurring on 2018February. So flicking through 2018January might have been more use. Furthermore he dreamt that he was in a meeting with men speaking in a Berlin accent. This is a count of 3x and a East West confrontation. Mike had the dream in August 2014. So it applies to August 2017 a man for a year. The East west confrontation presently is Korea verses US. But Korea is a proxy for Putin/China. That is the problem. No little guy challenges a big guy unless he has a bigger guy behind him. Russia has been punished for a hacking that it did not do. Congress for misperceived political advantage over Trump, has baited Russia. Perhaps Russia or China are baiting the US through North Korea. Or perhaps the demons are baiting everyone through North Korea and Congress?

17. We presently have the 430 years in the Egyptian prison of Laodicea a month for a day as running from the start of the Laodicean congregation on 2003Elul14-16 in time for the 2003Elul16 2NC celebration (that we had in those days incorrectly) to 2017Tebbeth14-16, when all the armies of Jehovah leave the Egypt of Laodicea and head for Zoar in the escape boat of John 6:19, which is boarded on 2017Tebbeth21, the last day of Laodicean Cakes, the festival of escape. The 430 years must end at Passover/Cakes (since that was the 'day' of escape for the Jews). Joseph of Genesis40, presides over 5 Passovers not 6. So the Laodicean Passovers on 2017Tebbeth14/Shebat14 are not celebrated by the LWs - but is celebrated by Laodicea. Neither was the 1st Watchtower Passover celebrated by the LWs or anyone else, We preside over the 2017Adar14, 2018Nisan14, 2018Iyyar14, 2018Sivan14 and 2018Tammuz14 Passover cups. 

18. Solomon's temple then 70 years in Babylon then Zerubbabel's temple. This becomes the Watchtower then 75 months of the 2nd part of the 2nd presence in the prison of Laodicea from 2006Iyyar14 to 2012Elul10, temple burning day, then Zoar. We now have the length of the 1NC reserve temple being exiled in the Babylon of Laodicea as at least 70 months. That fulfils Jeremiah25 and Jeremiah29 and 2Chronicles36 etc..

11 And all this land must become a devastated place, an object of astonishment, and these nations will have to serve the king of Babylon 70 years.'
12 And it must occur that as/when 70 years have been filled I shall call to account against the king of Babylon and against that nation, is the utterance of Jehovah, their error, even against the land of the Chaldeans, and I will make it desolate wastes to time indefinite. (Jeremiah 25 NWT)

1 In the first year of Darius the son of Ahasuerus of the seed of the Medes, who had been made king over the kingdom of the Chaldeans [?];
2 in the first year of his reigning I myself, Daniel, discerned by the books [of the bible] the number of the years concerning which the word of Jehovah had occurred to Jeremiah the prophet, for fulfilling the devastations of Jerusalem, [namely,] 70 years. (Daniel 9 NWT)

70 months of devastation from 2012Elul10, the end of the 4EC water baptism for Laodicean, the end of the 2nd presence, to 2018Tammuz10, the end of the 4EC water baptism for Zoar. So Jerusalem is reconstructed, and all its priests are cleaned up by 2018Tammuz10, the late 1NC Pentecost.

19. The moon being turned into blood was the blood moon, the total lunar eclipse on the Passover day on 2015Nisan14 - which was visible in the pacific and the US. The sun becoming dark at the same location was the total solar eclipse on 2015Adar24. But that total solar eclipse was only visible over the pacific and Indonesia where there are no LWs (but some JWs). Whereas the total solar eclipse on 2017Ab25, the great American Eclipse, was visible over all of America where we do have LWs. But the signs in the heavens of Joel2:30, blood fire and columns of smoke must also precede the great and epiphanaic day of Jehovah. So both of these days begin after the 2nd fire sign on 2017Shebat27/28. These are the days of Passover and fire sign responder salvation from 2017Adar10 to 2019Sivan10.

20. The fire sign that kick starts Zoar and sees the appearance of the 3rd Holy Spirit, we thought should occur at a Zoar or a 2NC Pentecost since we are Zoar and a 2NC church. The 2nd Holy Spirit appeared at the 1NC Pentecost because FDS1 was a 1NC church NOT because the 2nd Holy Spirit were 1NCs. The 2nd Holy Spirit were angels and God's wife, they were not 1NCs. In the first presence the gifts of the 2nd Holy Spirit were poured out on the Pentecost not the Holy Spirit itself. For the 3rd presence the 3rd Holy Spirit comes itself as humans. But Zoar is not kick started by a fire sign. It is kick started by the appearance of the 2 Laodicean spies as a result of the Laodicean Passovers. 

21. We must burn the temple on the 10th something of the 5th month of some 19th year. The Watchtower temple is burnt on 2018Sivan10, which is the 10th day of the 5th month of the 19th old then Zoar then new Shebat1 secular year of Gordon over the 2NCs, the day the 4EC water baptism ends for JWs, the 1NC Pentecost.

22. Vesuvius erupted around noon on August 24 Julian 79 AD (79August22 Gregorian and according to Pliny the younger, which was 79Ab26 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Vesuvius). This produced a rising lava and ash cloud on the West coast of Italy (Just East of Rome but West from Jerusalem and most of Christianity). The eruption lasted 8 days until 79Elul4/5 - https://www.wired.com/2009/08/0824-vesuvius-pompeii-pliny/. Then there was a massive downpour of Ash. So this fulfils Luke 13:54-56 in the 1st presence. TCC1 lost its water baptism on 80Tishri10 we presently understand - due to idolatry with Rome.

23. 1 And it came about in the 6th year [of the exile in Babylon] [year to date of the exile of Jesus from 2012Elul10 i.e. 2017Tishri1-2018Elul30. The Tishri1 secular calendar is fine for the 3rd fire sign], in the 6th [month] [2017Adar], on the 5th [day/festival day/non late festival day/day of Cakes] of the month [2017Adar5, the Laodicea Pentecost, the 3rd fire sign]. I was sitting in my house [1x] and the older men of Judah were sitting to faces of me [3x.3x], and the hand of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah fell upon me there [5x+1x=6x] [The hand falls upon him from 2017Adar5 to 2018Ab8 - after he sees the correct fire sign predictions - which he must do without direct help from the 3rd Holy Spirit]
2 And I looked [on 2017Adar5, the 3rd fire sign], and behold, a likeness as the look of fire, from the appearance of His loins and downward, [like] fire, and from His loins and upward, as the look of brightness, like the colour of polished bronze. (Ezekiel 8 GLT)

The vision is of the fire signs which divide the downward looking physical man from the upward looking spiritual man. The hand that falls is the 3rd Holy Spirit. The people are sitting as in Acts2 on 2017Adar5, the Laodicean Pentecost and the 3rd fire sign 

24. 1 In the second year of Darius the king [Darius Hystapes, 520 BC. Perhaps meaning holding firm the good and perhaps being a generic term applied to Persian Kings] [of Jesus after 2017Tebbeth21 when he became Caesar to Laodicea, from 2017Shebat1, the new Zoar secular year] in the month, the 6th, in day one to the month  [2017Adar1 of the Tishri1 secular year], the word of Jehovah occurred [perfect] in hand of Haggai [Meaning Festive] [FDS4 or Elijah4. So the word occurs personally!] the prophet [5x] to Zerubbabel [Meaning Sown in Babylon] [2NC kings], the son of Shealtiel [Meaning I have asked of God] [Elijah4], the governor of Judah [1x. The true church, appointed to be FDS4], and to Joshua [1NC reserves], the son of Jehozadak [meaning Jehovah is righteous], the high priest [1x. Jesus/the 1NC kings], saying:

2 This is what Jehovah of armies has said, 'As regards this people, they have said [3x]: Not, time has come, time of house of Jehovah for [it] to be built [1x] [5x.2x.3x=30x from 2017Adar1 to 2017Adar30=2018Nisan6, the last day of 1NC reserves being in the Watchtower. The building time runs from 2017Adar1 to 2018Adar1, the start of the 100 days of OMC sealing to 2019Sivan10. Actually all of the true JW 1NC reserves leaves that church in the one month of 2017Adar ! So 2017Adar1-30 is a temple stone collecting time]

FRC Zoar entry ends in 2018Shebat before OMC entry begins on 2018Adar1. We are not sure whether all the sons of the FRC make it into the ark by 2017Shebat4, the end of ark entry. Jesus saved the faithful robber all by himself. So it is possible that the 3rd Holy Spirit alone saves the sons of the OMC. That will be some heavy lifting

3 And the word of Jehovah was occurring [imperfect] in hand of Haggai, the prophet [on 2017Tebbeth24 of verse15. 5x], saying:
4 [Is this] the time [] for you yourselves to dwell in your panelled houses, and this house is dry/desolate? [3x+1x=4x. 5x.4x=20x from 2017Tebbeth24-2017Shebat14, the 1st Watchtower Passover. A singular house compared to Hebrew plural houses - for 3 Passovers] (Haggai 1)

In the literal meaning it was not the time to be dwelling in panelled houses whilst God's house was desolate. In the greater meaning they do from 2017Tebbeth24 to 2017Shebat14, when they miss the 1st Watchtower Passover.

12 And Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel [2NC saints], and Joshua the son of Jehozadak the high priest [1NC reserves], and all the remaining ones of the people [JWs in general] were listening/listened [waw consecutive] to the voice of Jehovah their God, and to the words of Haggai the prophet, as Jehovah their God had sent him; and the people were fearing/feared [waw consecutive] face of Jehovah. [s paragraph end sign]

13 And Haggai the messenger of Jehovah was saying/said [waw consecutive] to the people according to the messenger's commission from Jehovah, saying: 'I am with you people,' is the utterance of Jehovah.
14 And Jehovah proceeded to rouse up/awaken the spirit of Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel, the governor of Judah [2NC Kings], and the spirit of Joshua the son of Jehozadak the high priest [1NC Reserves], and the spirit of all the remnant of the people [2NC Lords? LWs?] [3x] [List of spirits so definitely a sentence count. And it counts as 3x precisely, since the word spirit is repeated 3x. They could be the 3 Passover destructions which are wake up calls!] and they began to enter in and to do the work in the house of Jehovah of armies their God
[p Account end sign].

15 in/at/around/concerning the 24th to the month in the 6th [2016Elul24 or 2017Tebbeth24, the vision of Daniel10, in the 6th year of the lack of presence] in the second year of Darius the king [the 2nd secular year of Jesus over Zoar who gets the Zoar 2017Tammuz1 year then the new 2017Tebbeth1 Laodicean secular year and the new Shebat1 Zoar secular year - Satan over Adam and Jesus over non Adam] [What? The word occurring, the rousing up? It is the word occurring in verse 3 due to the account end marker sign Pey at the end of verse 14] (Haggai1).

2017Tebbeth24: The vision of Daniel10 of the church of Melchizedek given to 1NC Laodiceans by the 2 spies rouses up Joshua (Laodicean and 1st Watchtower 1NC reserves)
2017Shebat24: The vision of Daniel10 of the church of Methuselah given to Laodiceans by the 3rd Holy Spirit rouses up Zerubbabel (2NCs in Zoar)
2018Nisan24: The overturning of the Watchtower, 40 days of Jonah after the late 1st Watchtower Passover on 2017Adar14, a walking distance of one out of 3 Passover days into the 1NC reserve city. This rouses up the remnant of the people

25.17 And it came about as Ahab saw Elijah, and Ahab said to him: Is this you, the [one] ostracising Israel? 
18 To this he said: I have not ostracised Israel, although/which/whereas you and the house of your father [have] [1x+2x=3x. Laodicea became a false church - ostracised from God - on 2014Tammuz1 as a result of a faithless spying report. And the house of Russell became a false church on 2005Iyyar14], in [that] ye left the commandments of Jehovah [3x.3x=9x], and you went following the Baals [3x]

19 And now send [1x] [and/in order to] gather all Israel [12x, the 12 tribes of Israel - Ephraim and Manasseh are two different tribes but whole sons] [Gather all the 12 tribes of the 4EC water baptism, to me - so Elijah remains as head of Zoar at least until the end of his water baptism] to me [Elijah] [Elijah is called a prophet of Jehovah in the account] unto Mount Carmel [meaning Garden Land - This is Zoar] and [send and/in order to gather or just gather - this must count as 1x] namely [i.e. specifically] the 450 prophets of Baal and the 400 prophets of the sacred pole, [ones] eating of the table of Jezebel [0x/1x+0x/1x+12x+450x+400x - this is a word symbolism - but it is also a count. Does it not matter that he in fact may have unwittingly collected 50 or all of the 100 prophets of Jehovah as well?]

20 And Ahab proceeded to send in/among all the sons of Israel [13x, 13 sons blessed by Isaac (excluding Joseph) and 12 tribes - since Ephraim and Manasseh were whole sons but tribes] and gather the prophets together unto Mount Carmel [450x of Baal + Elijah - the 400 prophets of Asherah never showed up - hence they stand for our 400 no show predictions. Elijah evidently was not gathered by Ahab. But this is a word symbolism so this could be 551 prophets if we include the 100 prophets of Jehovah. Mind you Ahab did not consciously collect those] (1Kings 18). 

0x/1x+0x/1x+12x+13x+450x+400x (from verse 19)+450x (from verse 20) prophets = 1325x/1327x from 2014Tammuz1 to 2017Adar5, the Laodicean Pentecost, when Laodicea joins Zoar, or to 2017Adar7, the falling down of the wall of the Watchtower.

This period was first seen as 1325x days, running between 2011Chislev30 and 2015Tishri5 (should have been 2015Elul5) on 2015Nisan29 at 01:00 on Sunday morning. 

26. 25 And there shall be upon every high mountain [BIG], and upon every high hill [SMALL], rivers [BIG] [and] streams of waters [SMALL] in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall [911, 2001 was small and then the 2nd/3rd fire signs are big].
26 And the light of the moon [1x] shall be like the light of the glower/sun [1x]. And the glower's/sun's light shall be sevenfold [7x brighter when compared to the normal light of the sun], as the light of seven days [7x], in the day [not literal] of binding up, Jehovah [binding] the break of His people, and healing the wound of His blow [] (Isaiah 30 GLT).

1x+1x+7x+7x=16x lights, which can be moons or suns. So this is16 months or 16 years precisely due to the 7x of the sevenfold being precise. 
16 months dead from 2017Adar14, the late 1st Watchtower Passover to 2019Tammuz14, the late 3rd Abrahamic Passover, that being the day of the big Passover slaughter. This was preceded by 2017Shebat14, the day of small Passover slaughter at the late Laodicean Passover.
16 months dead from the anointing of Jesus as Caesar to Zoar on 2017Shebat11 to the installation of the Kingdom of God on 2019Sivan11. This being the day of the binding up of the breakdown of God's people?
There are 16 years (sacred year starts) from 2001Heshvan14, the breakdown of God's people in the Watchtower, the end of the 3EC water baptism, to 2017Tebbeth14, which begins the process of healing the wound, the gap in the flesh.

Also the light of the moon becomes as the light of the sun at the equinox. The Autumnal equinox in 2017 is September22 at 19:57 GMT, which is 2017Elul28.  So the dead moon of Laodicea and the living shining Sun of Zoar begin uniting after the autumnal equinox which is coincident with the Virgo-Leo-Jupiter Revelation12 sign of the woman giving birth! That is a double astronomical sign. It appears to have been coincident with absolutely nothing.

If the light of the moon becomes like the light of the glower and the light of the glower becomes 7x as bright. Then we have a total of 7+1=8 glowers. But that makes a Hanukkah! Furthermore the glowers light is sevenfold on the 7th day of Hanukkah, which has 7 candles lit which represent the light of 7 days. So Isaiah30 is saying Tebbeth1, the 7th day of Hanukkah, new Rosh Hashana for Laodicea, except that the light of the moon (Laodicea a satellite of the earth of Zoar illuminated by the Sun of the Holy Spirit) was not like the light of the sun whilst Laodicea was a false church within the Watchtower. Laodicea escaped on 2017Tebbeth21, the last day of Laodicean Cakes. So 2017Shebat1, the 7th day of late Hanukkah, would be the correct fulfilment of Isaiah30. Because by then, Laodicea was a true church and had escaped from the darkness of the Watchtower. A light is shining in the darkness. but he darkness has not overpowered it.  

The light of the moon is like the light of the sun. So months become years. So 2017Tebbeth25-Shebat2, late Hanukkah, becomes Hanukkah. Then the 7th day of late Hanukkah is 2017Shebat1, the start of the new Zoar secular year and the theoretical Jericho shout.

2017Shebat1 is the start of the acceptable/goodwill year of Isaiah61, the new secular year and is the 7th old then Zoar then new secular year of the Kingdom of God. So it is the start of the new Sabbath year. The acceptable year is the day in which Jehovah binds up the breakdown of his people. It is also the day of the big slaughter when the towers fall.

It is also possible that the nuclear flash, the light and the heat of the US bomb (or some later bomb), is 7x larger than the light of the UK bomb or vice versa. Oh dear.

27. The 551st 2NC Pentecostal contest day (2017Tishri2) must be significant in a contest attended by 551 prophets. Elimelec contacted us on 2017Tishri2. He was post wilderness first fruits from the website. Actually he contacted us on the last day of the LW Exedenic Times from 2010Tishri2-2017Tishri2 a malediction on those in the LWs entering into the promised land of the rest of the LW congregation to come. Lot arrived at Zoar after the sun had gone forth over the land. So 2NCs from the Watchtower arrive after Jesus has become Caesar.

28. The 2nd and 3rd fire signs of 1Kings18 are also...

The stone hitting the feet of the image of Daniel2
The 2nd fire sign of 2Kings1
The cloud rising upon Wests of Luke12:54-56
The sword stroke to the 7th head of the wild beast of Revelation13.
The clouds of Matthew24, Luke21 and Mark13, upon which Jesus comes
The sign of the son of the man, which appears in the heavens.

29. 13 And the sixth angel trumpeted; and I heard voice one out of the horns of the altar [4x], the golden the (one) [enwpion] to the face of God [1x. Horns which have voices. There were 4 horns on the altar of Moses]
say to the 6th angel, the [one] having the trumpet [6x]: Untie the 4 angels [4x], the [ones] bound upon/over the river, the great Euphrates [4x+1x=5x]  
And the 4 angels were untied [4x], the [ones] having been prepared into the hour and day and month and year [4 years 4 months 4 days and 4 hours. No sentence count because the time period is precisely specified already], in order that [having completed said preparatory period] they might [then, after the preparatory period] kill a 3rd of the men [2/3x = 16 hours. 2NC saints are the ones who go into their tribes. 1NC reserves go into Jonah's 1NC half tribe] (Revelation9)

So 4y+4m+4d+4h from the start of the preparation on 2012Sivan16 to 2016Tishri20 when we got the correct understanding of the 2NC Solemn Assembly held on Tishri22 and completed the Christianising of all the Mosaic festivals. This completed our doctrinal preparation.

AND verse 13+14+15 give 4x.30x+ 4y+4m+4d+4h + 2/3 day= 120d +4y+4m+4d+4h+16h=4y+4m+34d+20h of preparation from 2013Ab5, the Zoar Pentecost, when Zoar was installed as a non adamic priesthood to the unsanctified, to 2018Nisan10, by which time all the heavenly baptised 2NC saints are in Zoar (Kings and Lords) - or certainly the ones from the first 4 apostles are. Here we take 1/3 of the men and 1/3 of the saints, 4 tribes of them. All 4 tribes of the 4 apostles of the contest of 1Kings18 are full of 2Nc saints by 2018Nisan10. 1NC reserves do not go into the 12 2NC tribes (perhaps that is why Caleb should baptise Jonah and not Elijah4). The deluge into Zoar from the Watchtower runs from 2018Iyyar26, 3rd marriage veil lifting day, to 2018Tammuz5. The 10 virgins parable insists that all the 2NC saints celebrate the 2018Nisan22 2NC Assembly and you cannot do that without celebrating Booths, which is Cakes. And and you cannot celebrate Cakes without celebrating the Passover. So certainly all 2NCs must enter Zoar by 2018Nisan14. And no 2NC can enter on 2018Nisan10-12 which are exclusively for 1NC reserves. So perhaps these 4 tribes are filled by 2018Nisan9 and the other 8 are filled by 2018Nisan14 in time for the Passover?

The 4 apostles are baptizing into 4 of the 12x 2NC tribes (1/3rd of the tribes). So their installation to do that ends at the Zoar Pentecost on 2013Ab5. Verse 15 is plainly a witness to 4x since year, month, day and hour are all times. 4x could also refer to the Tetramenos of John4.

30. 9 happinesses of the sermon on the mount of Matthew5, from when his disciples came up to him on the mountain on 2018Ab14, for the late 3rd adamic Passover, after the 3rd Holy Spirit is baptised into and takes over Zoar on 2018Ab8, to 2019Iyyar14, the end of Zoar, 9x which are 9 months precisely.

31. We now have the 3rd Holy Spirit being baptised into the church at the late 5th marriage Pentecost, the chief of the 3rd 50 of 2Kings1 on 2018Ab8, the late 2nd 1NC Pentecost - when they should take Zoar over (3rd after Eden2 and FDS4). This is a Palm Sunday scenario, when the sacred saving King should ride into Jerusalem as the high priest of Zoar seated upon the garments, the priesthood, over the colt of the ass, upon which no one had sat before (Mark11 Luke19). That is re-appointed Laodicea, the autonomous congregation. The ass is found with her colt. The ass is bound and must be loosed. The colt is never said to be bound. This is because Laodicea has already broken free, whereas the saints in the Watchtower are trapped by the lies of Satan. We do not sit upon that colt. It rules itself. We give them law. We do not preside over the application of that law - neither did the Watchtower police 4EC law - they must have managed themselves. The colt of the ass, the offspring of the ass, is the autonomous church. The Laodicean Exedenic Times lasts from 2017Adar16 (Autonomous first fruits) to 2018Tishri16 (secular first fruits)

9 Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion! Shout, O daughter of Jerusalem! Behold, your King comes to you! He is righteous and being victorious, humble, and riding on an ass, even on a colt, the son of an ass. (Zechariah 9 GLT)
9 Rejoice exceedingly, O daughter of Zion, Shout, O daughter of Jerusalem, Lo, thy King doth come to thee, Righteous -- and saved is He, Afflicted -- and riding on an ass, And on a colt -- a son of she-asses. (Zechariah 9 YLT)

2 saying to them, 'Go on to the village over-against you, and immediately ye shall find an ass bound/tied, and a colt with her -- having loosed/untied, bring ye to me;
3 and if any one may say anything to you, ye shall say, that the lord hath need of them, and immediately he will send them.'
4 And all this came to pass, that it might be fulfilled that was spoken through the prophet, saying,
5 'Tell ye the daughter of Zion, Lo, thy king doth come to thee, meek, and mounted on an ass, and a colt, a foal of a beast of burden.'
6 And the disciples having gone and having done as Jesus commanded them,
7 brought the ass and the colt, and did put on them their garments, and set {him} upon them; (Matthew 21 YLT)

The 3rd Holy Spirit is baptised into the autonomous congregation not into 2NC run Zoar. Then the two churches of Zoar are united on 2018Tishri16, the end of the Laodicean Exedenic Times.

32.9 Look! I will give those from the synagogue of Satan who say they are Judaean [ones] [sons of the JAC], and yet they are not but are lying [Claim to be 1NC saints but are not or Laodicean 2NCs who all lose their angels except Caleb], look! I will make them in order that they will come and they will do obeisance before/in the face of your feet [10x] and they will understand that I have loved you [rather than them in the time period before they join up. Whereas they hate me as they hate anyone who they perceive to be a threat to their satanic status] [Look! God does not make them come through fire signs arranged by Satan and predicted by Elijah. He makes them come by a Laodicean Passover execution on 2017Tebbeth14 and the sign element of the 2nd and 3rd fire signs. They will come and do obeisance before feet and know Jesus has loved Gordon counting as 1x+10x+1x=12x of things that Jesus makes them do from 2017Shebat24, the 24th of the 9th of Haggai2 (set your heart on this), the 2NC vision of Daniel10, after he goes to see them on 2017Shebat22, after the end of the 30 stadia of rowing from 2017Tebbeth21. On 2017Adar5, she is baptised into Zoar at the Laodicean Pentecost. The Laodiceans are those whom Jesus makes come. They end up becoming Gordon's feet].

33. 6 Render/Give-back to her and/even as she herself rendered/Gave-back, and do to her twice the double according to the works of her; in the cup in which she mixed, mix double for her [1x+4x.2x+2x=11x]
To the extent that she glorified herself and lived in luxury, to that extent give her torment and mourning
[2x.2x=4x. Total is 11x+4x=15x from 2018Adar14, the late 1st Watchtower Passover, the first Passover execution for that church to 2019Sivan14, the 3rd Abrahamic Passover]. Because in her heart she keeps saying, 'I sit a queen, and I am no widow, and I shall never see mourning.' (Revelation18)

Watchtower payback (give back) period is 15 months from 2018Adar14 to 2019Sivan14. The last prophet of Baal is seized on 2019Sivan10. On 2019Tammuz14, the last JWs are executed. No JW can mourn this because they will all be dead. So the last Passover execution after which they are still around to mourn will be 2019Sivan14.

34. 3 [It was] In the going of the man eastward [1x - water baptism direction] and a measuring line in his hand [5x], and he proceeded to measure 1,000 in/by the cubit [6x.1000x=6000x, BLC days from 2001Heshvan14 to 2018Tammuz14 - but with the 158 day gap from 2012Sivan14-2012Heshvan21, inclusively, taking us to 2018Chislev22 + 38x sentence count which are days before the end of FRC sealing on 2018Tebbeth30, the end of entrance into the temple] and he was making me pass-over in the waters [3x.2x from bank to bank, fording the stream], waters [were] of ankles [3x.2x waters of ankle level or possessed by ankles, like the camps of the Philistines - 2017Shebat14, the 1st Watchtower Passover].
4 And he continued measuring [the] 1,000 [1x] and was making me pass-over in the waters [3x.2x], waters [were to] knees [3x.2x, not a construct, 2017Adar14, the 2nd Watchtower Passover] .
 And he continued measuring [the] 1,000 [1x] and was making me pass-over waters of hips/loins [3x.2x waters of hip level or possessed by hips, 2018Nisan14, the 3rd Watchtower Passover and 1st adamic Passover].
5 And he continued measuring [the] 1,000 [1x. 2018Iyyar14, the late 3rd Watchtower and the 2nd adamic Passover]. [and then behold] a torrent that/which I was not able to pass-over [1x], waters [were] of swimming [3x], [it was] a torrent that/which could not be passed-over [1x] [the sons of the 1AC?]

6 At that he said to me: Have you seen [this], Oh son of man? 
Then he had me walk and had me return [to] the bank of the torrent.

3x.2x+3x.2x+1x+3x.2x+3x.2x+1x+3x.2x+1x+3x+1x=38x from 2018Chislev22 to 2018Tebbeth30, the end of FRC sealing, the end of the 42 months of authority of Satan from 2015Ab1.

6 At that he said to me: Have you seen [this], Oh son of man? [1x. On 2012January25, at 01:50, we first saw this incorrectly. We saw 3 successful pass throughs or Passovers and a 4th unsuccessful Passover. Then on 2016Tebbeth23, we saw it as 6,000 BLC days from 2000Tishri16 to 2017Sivan16. then on 2017Nisan11, we saw it as 6,000 1NC reserves. Then on 2017Sivan30 we saw it as 6,000 days of water baptism from the 3rd drip, Lee Spinelli. Then we properly interpreted the symbolism on 2017Heshvan30 and realised that waters running out or down from the temple are people leaving it by losing their water baptism - not people joining! So the 6,000 days run from 2001Heshvan14 to 2018Tammuz14. Then we realised on 2017Chislev1, that we must exclude the 110 day gap between our death to Adam on 2012Sivan14 and our installation and what we at first thought was our installation as non adamic priests on 2012Tishri5. Then we realised that this gap was 158 days from 2012Sivan14 to 2012Heshvan21 inclusively since the first fruits and the first ripe fruits were offered up during the daylight day. So the 6,000 days of priesthood with 158 day Zoar installation gap run from 2001Heshvan14 to 2018Chislev22. Then the 38x sentence count of verses3-5 to 2018Tebbeth30, the end of FRC sealing, the end of temple entrance] (Ezekiel47).

He started measuring from when the waters were running down out of the temple, through the East outer gate of the 4EC, to the right side (the JW side) i.e. from 2001Heshvan12, when the Watchtower lost its 4EC water baptism.

35. The LWs feed the 1NC reserves in the Watchtower remotely for 4,000 days of Mark8 from the Passover instructions on 2006Nisan21 (2nd Letter to Don Adams), to 2017Tebbeth21, their resignation from the Watchtower in their escape boat of John 6:19 (with 230 day gap from 2008Tebbeth1-30,  2012Sivan1-13, 2012Sivan14-2012Heshvan21 and 2016Ab1-30)
And fed them officially and remotely in an isolated place, for 7 years and 7 months (not full baskets)  with 200 day gap from the end of the LW 1NC Alienation Times on 2009Chislev21 to 2017Tebbeth21, their Exodus from the Watchtower.
2002Chislev21: Laodicea (Roger Knight) and FDS4 appointed to feed as priests the 1NC reserves. They feed with authorisation for 4,000 days to 2014Tammuz1 excepting 2012Sivan1-14 (Jubilee) and 2013Sivan14-2012Elul10 (adamic death to end of 2nd presence) and 2012Elul11 (transadamic) and 2012Elul12-2012Heshvan1 (Abrahamic installation)

36. So the master of that slave will come on a day that he does not expect [but does know] and in an hour that he does not know [having no chronology] (Matthew 24 NWT) 

37. The 11 Times of Abraham's Kingdom Possessing Times run from 2008Nisan22/Sivan11 (first fruits/Pentecost after the end of the ARC world on 2008Nisan14) to 2019Nisan22/Sivan11 (first fruits/Pentecost after the 1st Abrahamic Passover on 2019Nisan14). By this Abraham shall know that he will take the kingdom in possession. They are represented by his sacrifice of 3x 3 year old divided animals and the undivided dove and young pigeon... 

8 To this he said: Sovereign Lord Jehovah, by what shall I know that I shall take it in possession?
9 In turn he said to him: Take for me a 3-year-old heifer [3x - sons of the ICC] and a 3-year-old she-goat [3x - sons of the 1AC] and a 3-year-old ram [3x Levi - true church priests] and a turtledove [1x - sealed saints] and a young pigeon [1x - unsealed saints].
10 So he took all these to himself and cut them in 2 and put each part of them so as to match the other, but the birds he did not cut in pieces. (Genesis 15 NWT)

And they are represented by God's promise to give him namely the land from the Nile to the Euphrates and namely the land of the 10 ethnic groups from the Kenites to the Jebusites.

18 In day the that cut Jehovah covenant namely Abraham to say: To seed of you I have given namely the land the this from river of Egypt [The Watchtower= Slavery] until the river the great, river Euphrates [The river of the 1AC]:
19 namely the Kenite and namely the Kenizzite and namely the Kadmonite
20 and namely the Hittite and namely the Perizzite and namely the Rephaim
21 and namely the Amorite and namely the Canaanite and namely the Girgashite and namely the Jebusite. (Genesis 15 NWT)

The Hebrew direct object marker ta is translated 'namely'. So this covenant says: To you seed I have given namely 11x.  That is how long it takes in prophetic times (11x360=3960 years) from the inauguration of the 1AC on 1943Nisan14 to the giving of  the land of Adam to Abraham on 2018Nisan14, the Watchtower congregation Passover execution of over 100,000 of adamic JWs, after which Abraham knows he will take the kingdom as his possession. The previous Passover execution of Watchtower Bethelites, will only affect perhaps 300 people and may well be covered up by the Watchtower who have enormous power over Bethelites. Furthermore it occurs on 2017Adar14, which is not known to be a Passover day. But the Watchtower will not be able to hide the Passover execution of more than 100,000 that befalls their congregations. So 2018Nisan14 is indeed when this thing will become known. Bethel means House of God. Peter says...

17 For the time [is come] that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if [it] first [begin] at us, what shall the end [be] of them that obey not the gospel of God? (1 Peter 4 KJV)
17 For it is the appointed time for the judgment to start with the house of God. Now if it starts first with us, what will the end be of those who are not obedient to the good news of God? (1 Peter 4 NWT)

The Watchtower will cover up that judgement and thereby condemn over 100,000 JWs to death 30 days later. What they should do is tell them the truth and permit the congregation to make an informed choice.

But these 11 times are also how long it takes God to give the Kingdom of God by appointment to Abraham after his covenant entrance ends at the end of 2008Nisan21 - 11 years from 2008Nisan22, the first marriage, to 2019Nisan22, Kingdom 1NC first fruits and 11 years from heavenly kingdom installation on 2008Sivan11 to earthly kingdom installation on 2019Sivan11.  

Whereas the 11x sacrifice indicates 3+3+3= 9 years of division to 2017Sivan11 (when the the saints are divided into two camps), then 1 year of sealed saintly collection (heavenly baptised saintly entry - symbolised by the dove - Jonah in Hebrew) to 2018Sivan11, then 1 year of unsealed saintly entry (for the 2NC Underlords) to 2019Sivan11.

So 11x is a process time, a journey time, from Abraham first setting foot in the promised land, which was the start of the 1AC to him inheriting the whole planet which is the fulfilment of the 1AC. It is a time from satanic to divine administration. For a satanic administration is represented by 10 whereas a divine administration is represented by 12. And 11 is the bridge between those two numbers. So 11x is the length of the journey from a Satanic administration to a divine one. Jesus turned a condemnatory 10 commandments into the salvational 12 commandments by elevating loving God and loving one's brother to the status of commandments. Generally the journey from a promise given during a satanic administration to a fulfilment occurring in a divine administration is 11x long. Hence Elijah4 unwittingly wrote as the first line of the revised Sign of Jonah letter which contained the first tested prediction of the bilateral greater fire sign contest of 1Kings18.

38. Jesus was betrayed into the hands of men at the Passover when the Governing Body failed to inform the 1NC saints that they were celebrating their one and only obligation incorrectly. This was a betrayal of the Christ. The betrayal began after FDS3 fell over the saints on 1997Elul26/28. The fall was due to 3 denials of the Christ 'in this night' on 1995Nisan14/Iyyar14 and 1996Nisan14/Iyyar14 and 1997Nisan14/Iyyar14, after Elijah4s uncompromising letters about the memorial - assuring the Watchtower that it would fail - of 1995January17, 1995Nisan10, 1995Nisan25. 

The betrayal lasts for 20 Passovers from 1998Nisan14/Iyyar14 to 2017Nisan14/Iyyar14 during which Jesus is given into the hands of men/sinners (unsanctified men), when he should be exclusively in the hands of angels (who are regarded by God as sin free) at the Passover. 

22 Being turned together but of them in the Galilee said to them the Jesus Is about the Son of the man to be given over into hands of men [2x.2x.5x=20x], (Matthew 17 KIT)
31 he was teaching for the disciples of him and was saying to them that The Son of the man is being given over into hands of men  [2x.2x.5x=20x], and they will kill him, and having been killed after [meta + accusative] 3 days he will stand up. (Mark 9 KIT)
7 saying that the Son of man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men [2x.2x.5x=20x] and be impaled and yet on the 3rd day rise. (Luke 24 NWT)
41 And he is coming the third [time] and is saying to them you are sleeping the leftover (thing) and you are resting up; it is having off; came the hour, look! is being given over the Son of the man into the hands of the sinners [2x.2x.5x=20x] (Mark 14 KIT)
45 Then he is coming toward the disciples and is saying to them you are sleeping leftover (thing) and you are resting; look! has drawn near the hour and the Son of the man is being given over into hands of sinners  [2x.2x.5x=20x] (Matthew 26 KIT).

The Son of the Man here is by the 1BC for Adam is the blessing mediator of the ARC. So 1NC saints are in the hands of sinners (in unsanctified hands). This situation pertains for 20 years from 1998Nisasn14, the 1st Passover after the fall of FDS3, to 2017Nisan14. But it does not pertain on 2018Nisan14. For the betrayal is that Jesus, in the form of a 1NC saint (a son of the man through the JAC), turns up at the Passover, and that Passover fails due to a corrupt and self seeking priesthood.


So Zoar will have ALL the 1NC reserves from the Watchtower congregations by 2018Nisan14.

If 20 years is an hour, then the day is 240 years. That is the 'day' of both 120 year presences. This 20 year betrayal happens in both presence because it is always described in two parallel gospel accounts.

39. The 7,000 year and 7,000 day gapped weeks...

6000 years of the ARC lease from 3993Nisan14 to 2008Nisan14, then the 1,000 year ARC Sabbath, the heavenly Kingdom Sabbath begins on 2008Nisan22, with the 1st marriage. Then we have 11 years of Abraham's Kingdom Possessing Times from 2008Nisan22/Sivan11, the heavenly kingdom 1NC first fruits/Pentecost to 2019Nisan22/Sivan11, the earthly Kingdom 1NC first fruits/ Pentecost, then 1,000 year earthly FRC Sabbath begins on 2019Nisan22/Sivan11 and runs to 3019Sivan14

6000 days of the LW working week from 2000Chislev22 to 2017Tebbeth29 (with 158 Zoar installation gap from 2012Sivan14 to 2012Heshvan21), then 11 days from 2017Tebbeth30-2017Shebat10 inclusively, then 2017Shebat11, the start of the 1,000 day LW Sabbath ruling with the Christ to 2020Heshvan20. So Jesus becomes Caesar to Zoar on 2017Shebat11.

So the earthly secular FRC Sabbath is delayed by 11 years after the heavenly sacred ARC Sabbath.

40. Passovers where humans are executed can only be of Adam. Non adamics cannot be killed by Passovers since they are not under any death sentence. Therefore human execution Passovers must occur on Nisan14/Iyyar14 if they are single executions or start on Nisan14/Iyyar14 or end on Nisan14/Iyyar14 if triple executions. Because Adam was sentenced and passed over on 3993Nisan14 BC and all festivals can be celebrated one month late.

41: 42 months of authority are given to the dragon from 2015Ab1 to 2018Tebbeth30. He is bound with a chain for the 1st 1,000 days from 2015Ab1 to 2018Iyyar10 the end of saints entering into Zoar. After this he is loosed to cause trouble. So all the saints must be in Zoar by 2018Iyyar10. 

42. 12 Oh the happinesses/blessings of the one who is keeping in expectation and who reaches to the 1,335 days!
13 And as for you yourself, go toward the end; and you will rest, but you will stand up for your lot at the end of the days. (Daniel 12 NWT)

Sentence count verse 12: 3x (1x+1335x) = 3x.1336x = 4008x, which are 4008 days

The Kingdom of God was appointed on 2008Nisan22. We have been in expectation of its manifestation since then. If we add 4008 days to 2008Nisan22 then we get 2019Sivan10, the last day of Kingdom salvation, the last day of seizing of the 450 prophets of Baal, the 7th Sabbath of the Kingdom Pentecost count from 2019Nisan22 to 2019Sivan11, which is the installation of the kingdom and the end of the world.

43. The weekly Sabbath is both a sacred and a secular Sabbath. This prefigures the two 1,000 year Sabbaths of the Kingdom of God. 

Jesus became Caesar on 2017Shebat11. He rules with us for 1,000 days until 2020Heshvan20. But those 1,000 days are themselves a secular Sabbath. So it takes 11 whole days before that Sabbath is established. Therefore he comes to the Laodicean church as Caesar on 2017Shebat22. We already had him coming on that date since it is the first of the Sabbaths of late Laodicean Weeks of John20.

This double 11 day interpretation arises from the 2 types of Sabbath that we have, the sacred Sabbath and the secular Sabbath. Festival Sabbaths are secular Sabbaths not sacred Sabbaths. Weekly Sabbaths are both sacred and secular Sabbaths. The Kingdom of God is a 1,000 year sacred ARC Sabbath from 2008-3009, which we are already under and a 1,000 year secular Sabbath from 2019-3019, which we are not yet under.

Jesus taught in the synagogues on the Sabbath. So priests can teach and the congregation can go to meetings and be trained and taught on a sacred Sabbath. But no field service or church administration should be done on a Sabbath. No working for God in the sense of Martha. But one can work for God in the sense of Mary on the Sabbath. Mary's portion is not removed from her upon the Sabbath.

So it does not break the weekly Sabbath to hold a festival upon it. But God really does not like his people breaking his Sabbaths. The Watchtower have had to pay back every single one that they broke. 

Both of the 1,000 year Kingdom Sabbaths have an 11 whole year transition period before they are fully implemented. The secular Sabbath begins once the sacred Sabbath is fully implemented. So the whole process actually takes 22 years! It will take 11 years from 2019Sivan11 to 2030 to set up 144,000 Kingdoms on earth and resurrect the first citizens into them.

The easiest way to understand this is to translate it into our weekly Sabbath system. 11 days or years out of 1,000 is 1%. 1% of 24 hours is 15 minutes. So it takes 15 minutes for a weekly Sabbath to be established. This makes a lot of sense because one cannot just stop working in an instant of time. It takes a finite amount of time to stop working and tidy up and start relaxing. God appears to allow 15 minutes for this. So, for example, one would not break the Atonement day Sabbath if one finished up ones work within the first 15+15=30 minutes after sunset at the start of Tishri10. One would break it if one started working 5 minutes before sunset at the end of Tishri10 however. One should stop spiritual work within the 1st 15 minutes and secular work within the 2nd 15 minutes.

8 Remembering the Sabbath day to hold it sacred,
9 you are to render service and you must do all your work 6 days.
10 But the 7th day is a Sabbath to Jehovah your God. You must not do any work, you nor your son nor your daughter, your slave man nor your slave girl nor your domestic animal nor your alien resident who is inside your gates.
11 For in 6 days Jehovah made the heavens and the earth, the sea and everything that is in them, and he proceeded to rest on the 7th day. That is why Jehovah blessed the Sabbath day and proceeded to make it sacred (Exodus 20).

A weekly Sabbath is a sacred Sabbath where one takes a rest from working for God and it is a secular Sabbath, where one takes a rest from working for man. It is not a rest from working for oneself however.

On a sacred Sabbath there should be no proactive evangelism, no collation of bible research from 3rd parties (manna from heaven that has fallen on the land of the church), no church administration, no research administration.

However you can learn on a weekly Sabbath, which is working not for man or for God, but for yourself. And priests can teach on a Sabbath (which is working for God). You can do personal research on a Sabbath. 

5 Or, have you not read in the Law that on the Sabbaths the priests in the temple treat the Sabbath as not sacred and continue guiltless? (Matthew 12 NWT)

God blessed the Sabbath and made it sacred. So the sacred Sabbath must be established on the 7th day before the secular Sabbath can be established. Hence the sacred Sabbath is established first (during the first 15 minutes) and then the secular Sabbath follows and is established in the next 15 minutes - for more see U103.

So here is how the whole process applies to Laodicea and Zoar...

Laodicea lost its water baptism on 2012Elul10. So they became non adamic Abrahamic on the 3rd day which was 2012Elul12. That is non adamic Abrahamic first fruits. They are then installed as priests for 50 days to the Abrahamic Pentecost on 2012Heshvan1, 20 days before the 2NC Pentecost. So the gap in their working week is 20 days less than the gap in our working week. So their working week ended on 2017Tebbeth9, which is 6,000 days plus a 138 day gap after 2000Chislev21. So their 1,000 day Sabbath began on 2017Tebbeth10 (Laodicean Passover entry day). It became established after 11 whole days of transition from 2017Tebbeth10-20 inclusively. So it was established on 2017Tebbeth21, the last day of Laodicean Cakes when the resigned from the Watchtower. But an established Sabbath must be secular as well as sacred. So Jesus became Caesar to Laodicea on 2017Tebbeth21.

Whereas our Sabbath from 2017Tebbeth30 to 2020Heshvan9 was established after 11 whole days from 2017Tebbeth30 to 2017Shebat10, when we saw that the end of Adam was the late 3rd Abrahamic Passover on 2019Tammuz14 and therefore stopped having to slide our entire chronology forward every month. That was our release from chronological monthly sliding. It was when we were given the end of Adam and the first death. So our Sabbath was established on the 12th day which was 2017Shebat11. But an established sacred Sabbath must be secular too. So Jesus became Caesar to Zoar on 2017Shebat11. We rule with the Christ for 1,000 days from 2017Shebat11 to 2020Heshvan20. But this then is a 1,000 day secular Sabbath which itself takes 11 whole days before it is established. So Jesus comes to see Laodicea as Caesar, on 2017Shebat22 after 11 whole days from 2017Shebat11-21. 

Jesus would have gone to see Laodicea on 2017Shebat2, after 11 whole days of their 1,000 day secular Sabbath of their ruling with the Christ from 2017Tebbeth21 to 2020Tishri30. But he could not because they were still under their 40 month + 110 day gap wilderness penalty from 2014Tammuz1 to 2017Shebat20.

Passover Laodicea Zoar
Death to Adam 2012Sivan14 2012Sivan14
Resurrection to Issac 2012Sivan16 2012Sivan16
Death to Isaac 2012Elul10 n/a
Resurrection to Abraham 2012Elul12 n/a
Appointment of non adamic priesthood 2012Elul12 (Abrahamic first fruits) 2012Tishri2 (2NC first fruits)
Installation of non adamic priesthood 2012Heshvan1 2012Heshvan21
Gap in working week 138 days 158 days
End of working week 2017Tebbeth9 2017Tebbeth29
1,000 day sacred Sabbath 2017Tebbeth10-2020Tishri19 2017Tebbeth30-2020Heshvan9
11 whole day transition before sacred Sabbath is established 2017Tebbeth10-20 2017Tebbeth30-Shebat10
Sacred Sabbath established 2017Tebbeth21 2017Shebat11
Jesus becomes Caesar 2017Tebbeth21 201Shebat11
New Secular year 2017Tebbeth1 201Shebat1
Passover 2017Tebbeth14 (Laodicean) 201Shebat14 (1st Watchtower)
1,000 day secular Sabbath ruling with the Christ 2017Tebbeth21-2020Tishri30 201Shebat11-2020Heshvan20
11 whole day transition before secular Sabbath is established 2017Tebbeth21-Shebat1 2017Shebat11-21
Secular Sabbath established  2017Shebat2 2017Shebat22
Jesus comes as Caesar to the church  2017Shebat22  2017Adar5

44. The Watchtower fell as a true church on 2005Iyyar14, at the 3rd Laodicean Passover celebration. This was because they denied Jesus 3x in that night. Elijah4 baptised Roger Knight the 2NC apostle to Laodicea on 2002Ekul16. He then celebrated the 2003Nisan14 Passover with the Watchtower as he has to. Then on 2003Iyyar14 he and some other future Laodicean celebrated the Passover again according to their understanding of our Passover instructions. These other future Laodiceans were not baptised because they did not think that a '2NC' baptism was necessary for a 1NC festival They were wrong. But God does not hold people accountable for mistakes made in ignorance. So that Passover was accepted - not that any 1NC reserves were present. They did start baptising Laodiceans for the 2NC festival on 2003Elul16. We now think they did this on 2003Elul16 itself. After all JWs only baptise people at circuit assemblies or district conventions, which are JW made up festivals.

8 And they shall eat the flesh in this night, roasted with fire, and they shall eat it with unleavened [bread] and bitter herbs. (GLT)
12 And I will pass through in the land of Egypt in this night. And I will strike every first-born in the land of Egypt, from man and until beast. And I will execute judgments on all the gods of Egypt. I [am] Jehovah! (Exodus 12 GLT)

30 And Jesus said to him, Truly I say to you that today, in this night, before a cock crows twice, you will deny Me 3 times. (Mark 14 GLT)

25 Elijah now said to the prophets of Baal: Choose for yourselves one young bull and dress it first, because you [are] the many/the majority; and call upon the name of your god, but you must not put fire to it. (1 Kings 18 NWT)

Well the bilateral contest began on 2006Iyyar1 with the faxing of the sign of Jonah letter of that date. So Elijah got going them. How many more prophets of Baal were there than team Jehovah in this Olympic divine competition - not held upon mount Olympus but held upon mount Carmel? Well there were 3450 prophets of Baal and there was Elijah, his attendant, 100 prophets of Jehovah and Obadiah, their attendant, who met Elijah and presumably told them to attend the games. So team Jehovah numbers 103. So the majority was 347. So the prophets of Baal starts 347 days before 2006Iyyar1. That was 2005Iyyar14, when the Watchtower became a false church.

Furthermore the Watchtower lost its water baptism on or soon after sending the awful letter to the Bethels on 2001November1 (2001Heshvan10/11) which declared in writing that they had zero repentance for joining the United Nations as a UN NGO associated to their Department of Public Information. This made the Watchtower subject to the rules of the United Nations. That put the throne of Satan into the temple of Jehovah. God's church should plainly only be subject to God, not to Satan. Furthermore this agreement with the UN was the Watchtower riding the UN Beast as the harlot church of Revelation 17. So it could not have been a worse sin and was gross hypocrisy given their resolution at the 1963 Everlasting Good News District Convention

5 THAT, in order to prevent the destruction of the nations by their own means in war, the nations further refused the surrender of their sovereignty to God's Messianic kingdom by setting up a society of nations, which, since 1945, has taken the form and the name of the United Nations, with international headquarters at New York city. This international organization stands for world sovereignty by political men. For years men without faith in God's kingdom have endeavored to get all people to worship this international image of human political sovereignty as the best hope for earthly peace and security, in fact, the last hope for humanity. To date 111 nations have given worship to this political image by becoming members of it. However, we, as witnesses of the Sovereign God Jehovah, will continue refusing to engage in such idolatrous worship, for we see, under angelic enlightenment, that God has smitten such idolaters with a malignant ulcer, symbolically speaking, that will spell death to them as spiritually diseased image worshipers who worship a man-made political creation rather than the Creator of heaven and earth;

For more detail on the church sin please see U246. Now the Watchtower preside over a water baptism of repentance. And whilst they have proven themselves to be total inveterate hypocrites, God is no hypocrite. He cannot have a church preside over a baptism of repentance when they declare Worldwide that they have no repentance for putting the throne of Satan in the temple of Jehovah and for riding the UN beast as a harlot church of Revelation17. So that letter finished their water baptism on or just after 2001Heshvan10/11.

5 And I saw, I Daniel, and, look! there were 2 others standing, one on the bank here of the stream and the other on the bank there of the stream.
6 Then one said to the man clothed with the linen, who was up above the waters of the stream: How long will it be to the end of the strange/wonderful things?
7 And I began to hear the man clothed with the linen, who was up above the waters of the stream, as he proceeded to raise his right [hand] and his left [hand] to the heavens and to swear by the One who is alive for time indefinite: It will be for an appointed time, appointed times and a half. And as soon as there will have been a finishing of the dashing of the power of the holy people to pieces, all these things will come to their finish. (Daniel 12 NWT). 

The river is the water baptism of the Watchtower, the 3EC for 1NC saints. The man clothed in linen floating above the river is Jesus, the 1NC saints, those who are supposed to have authority over the waters of the Watchtower congregation.  The bank of the river in the sand of the sea, the beach, the sons of Abraham, those who are not in the river, but are nonetheless attached to it. So the bank represent the period after the Watchtower 3EC water baptism ends whist the whole Watchtower congregation are still sons of Abraham, i.e. whilst the Watchtower is still a true church. It is the period of dry true churchness. It is the period when the church still does wonderful things under the power of the Holy Spirit but no longer has a water baptism. That period lasted for 3 times which are years from 2001Heshvan14 to 2005Iyyar14. And now we have nailed the fall of the Watchtower as a true church from both ends. It fell 1260 days of Daniel12 after it lost its water baptism on 2001Heshvan14. And it fell 347 days of the majority of Team Baal over Team Jehovah at the Olympic prophecy competition of 1Kings18 before Elijah began his challenge on 2006Iyyar1 with his Sign of Jonah letter.

Daniel 3 shows that the Watchtower set up an idolatrous image last lasted for 6x50=360 months or 30 years. these run from the resolution to turn the Watchtower into a 2.3 majority vote democracy after the manner of the voting of the Cardinals in the Roman Catholic church on 1975May1 (1975Iyyar18/19) to 2005Iyyar14. This period cannot extend to 2005Sivan1 which would be 361 month starts after its inception - see U171.


25/30 stadia 2017Tebbeth16 - 2017Tebbeth21
2017Tebbeth21 not end of the wilderness, but end of the LW 2NC Alienation Times.
2019Iyyar12 - 2019Iyyar14 the last day of OMC sealing on the Passover as was the case when Jesus OMC sealed the faithful robber on 33Nisan14.

51st Asheraian
2017Tebbeth28. 2017Tammuz16/Tishri5 is Aaron to unsanctified non adamics? They cannot act as Caesar during the LW 2NC Alienation Times because they are also Aaron? Perhaps they cannot act as Caesar at all because they are Aaron. Or is it like the 2NCs? Can they be a king to one kingdom and a high priest to another?

80 day
2019Iyyar14 - 2019Iyyar21
2017Shebat20 and 2017Shebat2/3 and 2017Shebat21 - So 2017Shebat2 basically.

2005Sivan12 - 2005Sivan14
2006Iyyar12 - 2006Iyyar14
2001Heshvan10 - 2001Heshvan14
2001Heshvan12 - 2001Heshvan14
2012Ab10 - 2012Elul10
2013Ab5 - 2013Elul5 
2014Sivan1 - 2014Tammuz1
2017Chislev7 - 2017Tebbeth23
2017Shebat10 - 2017Adar10
2017Shebat11 - 2017Shebat23 (fire sign only)
2017Shebat16 - 2017Adar16
2017Shebat17 - 2017Adar17
2017Shebat19 - 2017Adar17
2017Shebat21 - 2017Shebat23 (perhaps search for 2017Shebat2)
2017Adar24 - 2018Nisan24
2018Nisan10 - 2018Iyyar10
2018Shebat12 - 2018Shebat11.
2019Nisan14- 2019Iyyar14 (end of Zoar)

2005Sivan14 - 2005Iyyar14
2017Adar3 - 2017Adar10
2017Shebat23 - 2017Shebat24
2017Shebat30 - 2017Tebbeth30 the end of the fragments
2017Adar5 - 2017Adar4/5
2017Tebbeth16 to 2017Adar16, for the Laodicean Exedenic Times.

I will make them in order that they will come and they will do obeisance before/in the face of your feet and they will understand that I have loved you - 12x. 2017Shebat9-21. So they must come before the fire signs - which are done by Elijah4 without specific help form the Holy Spirit
2 Spies are in the mountain from 2017Tebbeth21-24 and then take 14x to get here to 2017Shebat8. They are the porch of Jehovah, the 2 half apostles.
Fall of the concubine of Judges19 at the entrance to the Passover house and hands upon threshold is 12x from 2017Tebbeth10-21 and from 2017Shebat10-21.
2nd fire sign is 2017Shebat11, GT is 2018Iyyar11, 3 months of Luke12:54-56 later.
We must have the Passover on 2017Shebat14 since it is a Tebbeth1 year due to Laodicean Passover and end of 2NC Alienation Times. Isaiah30 has the day of the binding up of the breakdown starting on the 7th day of Hanukkah which is Tebbeth1.
We must have the Passover on 2017Shebat14 because the cup is in my hand. So we have 5 of them not 4.
Asheraian then Laodicean then Baalian. They can come at and Asheraian or Divine Pentecost but not at a Baalian one!
The 20 years of betrayal is a 1NC reserve, representing the son of man, turning up on Nisan14 but the Passover failing due to a corrupt priesthood. That will not happen to any 1NC reserve on 2018Nisan14. If it did and they were a firstborn then they would die in which case it could not be fixed on 2018Iyyar14. 
The Baalian Pentecost is BLC because the 450 prophets of Baal are counted BLC. As is the Asheraian Pentecost.

15 And they completed this house by the 3rd day of the lunar month Adar, that is, in the 6th year of the reign of Darius the king. (Ezra 6 NWT)

We have all the royal house of 144,000 2NC Kings and 2NC reserves by 2017Adar3. So the 1st Watchtower Passover must occur on 2017Shebat14 before 2017Adar3.

All the 1NCs are out of the Watchtower by 2017Adar30 from the 12 baskets to 2017Adar29 and the 2000 pigs to 2017Adar30.
Beasts of Laodicea are the adamic ones baptised after 2012Ab10. These are also the youngest. Actually they are the 2nd born compared to the non adamics. Its gates are the non adamic Abrahamc 1AC blessing and baptism. Kingdom 1AC entry is now 2017Tebbeth7 to 2017Tammuz21.So the firstborn in each of the 12 tribes baptised after 2012Ab10 die physically.

If you change from adamic to no adamic you have to die to end the death penalty of Adam
If you are baptised from non adamic Abraham to non adamic Isaac then you do not have to die to change your genes.


16 And it is compelling/forcing all [ones] [2x], the small [ones] and the great [ones], and the rich [ones] and the poor [ones], and the free [ones] and the slaves [2x+2x+2x+2x+2x+2x=12x] [A specification of all ones 1x as 6x of ones comparing to 6x and totalling to 7x], that they [all persons] [2x] should give to them [small great rich poor free slaves] [12x] a mark/engraving upon their right hand or upon their forehead [6x or 2x] ,
17 and in order that not anyone might be able to buy or sell if not the [one] having the mark/engraving, the name of the wild beast or the number of its name [1x or 1x or 1x].
18 Here is where wisdom comes in: Let the one that has intelligence calculate the number of the wild beast, for it is a man's number; and its number is 616. (Revelation 13)

2x.(2x.12x.(6x+2x)/2+2x+2x.(1x+1x+1x)/3+2x+2x.(1x+1x+1x)/3) =2x.(96+4x+4x)=2x.104x=208x. 6 months and 28 days. From 2018Tammuz16 to 2018Shebat14, the Passover of the Dragon. Evidently the dragon can no longer compel everyone to give the mark to everyone after the Passover execution of its firstborn.

The hour long FRC sealing test of God's merciful responses to Abraham's negotiation over Sodom lasts for 195 days from 2018Tammuz16 to 2018Tebbeth30, the end of FRC sealing. The precise length of the Mark test until the demonic Passover on 2018Shebat14 is 7 months less 3 days. The precise length of non adamic Zoar entrance from 2012Sivan16 to 2019Iyyar10 is 7 years less 36 days which is precisely 7x as long. So the test is one hour of the day of Zoar entrance. The unrepentant firstborn members of the dragon are Passover executed on 2018Shebat14 at midnight, one month after 2017Tebbeth14, the day that the last 1NC reserves die sacrificially. The balance of the dragon carries on the satanic Caesar needed for a salvation test until the end of OMC sealing on 2019Sivan10. 

Ezekiel47 puts the end of FRC sealing on 2018Tebbeth30 - see U267. So the Mark of the beast test as regards FRC sealing lasts for 195 days of God's responses to Abraham's negotiation of Genesis18 from 2017Tammuz16-2017Tebbeth30. 

2nd presence ends on 2012Elul10/11. 2,000 pigs to 2017Adar30. 
12 baskets and 8 fragments to 2017Shebat30 not to 2017Adar30. So they stop feeding them before 2017Adar30 when they leave?
The 1324/1325 count of 1Kings18 from 2014Tammuz1 nails 2017Adar5 for Laodicea entering Zoar.
1st Watchtower Passover is 2017Shebat14, but that Passover is not held (we do hold a late Laodicean one however). Adar from Esther, the late 1st Watchtower Passover and the 2nd Watchtower Passover, is the first celebrated Watchtower Passover, and the first Watchtower Passover execution. The 5 with the cup in Gordon's hand are 2017ADar14 to 2018Tammuz14. The 1,000 day chain of Revelation20,  runs from 2005Ab1 to 2018Iyyar10, when the last saint enters into Zoar.

Spies arrive on 2017Shebat14, the Passover of Jonah. Cup is in their hand somehow not mine Yes because it is the late Laodicea Passover. We advise Laodicea we do not run their affairs. Caleb must celebrate this festival in order to retain his angel. Gordon can act as laity to pass the cup to but not as Clergy. LWs do not need to celebrate this Laodicean festival.
Jonah was lifted up and then thrown out (for the Passover on 2017Shebat14). He came down from the mountain and passed over to Joshua.
Jesus comes upon the clouds on 2017Adar3, the 3rd fire sign the first weekly Sabbath of temple building.
The concubine falls from 2017Shebat21-2017Adar3, temple building day of 2Chronicles3:2
2016Shebat21 was the 77th failure Pentecost from 2006Sivan12 our first prediction failure
2017Adar3 is the 86th Asheraian Solar Pentecost from 2006Iyyar21 our first prediction no show: There is nothing at all said the entire church by conference call on 2006Iyyar22 in Jeff's house.
2017Shebat11 is the 84th failure Pentecost, having gone back 7x from 2016Shebat21, the 77th. It is the 1st day of the LW Sabbath.
2017Shebat5/6 was the correct sub and main prediction (it had to be since it went to 60 days after 2017Tebbheth21). 
2017Shebat11 is the start of the 1,000 day LW Sabbath.
The Watchtower congregation Passover execution cannot occur before 2018Nisan14 when Abraham starts to inherit the kingdom art the end of the 11 Prophetic Times of Abraham's Times. 
The missed Watchtower Sabbaths must be paid off by the congregation on 2018Nisan13 before the Passover execution occurs. For the land itself, the congregation must keep Sabbath. 
Neither the 500 men killed on Adar13 in the palace in Shushan nor the 300 killed on Adar14 in Shushan in Esther 9 or the 75,000 killed in the Jurisdictional districts on Adar13 are Passover executions performed by Passover angels. They are all baptisms performed by Zoarites.
Hammedatha the father of Haman means he that troubles the law. So he may be the man of lawlessness. Roger Knight or whoever sent him to get the baptism.

We go around 7x in the 7th year and only in that year because it has 7 months in it! So this proves that the new secular year stars 7 months after the Zoar year. And that proves that the 1st Watchtower Passover occurs on 2017Shebat14.

All Kingdom citizens must enter into the 1AC by the end of 2018Ab7, before 2018Ab8 when the 3rd Holy Spirit takes over Zoar
All Kingdom citizens must be sealed by the end of 2019Sivan10, before 2019Sivan11, when the 3rd Holy Spirit takes over the World. 

David became King in Hebron first (Laodicea - Caleb's inheritance). Then he became king in Jerusalem (Zoar).


Jesus promises that he will make the entire synagogue of Satan (failed 2NC saints in Laodicea) come and do obeisance at AOPs feet and make them know that he has loved him - 12x from 2017Shebat21-2017Adar3, from the arrival of Laodicea until their baptism into the autonomous congregation of Zoar by Caleb. 

He makes them come. Elijah4 (AOP) does not make them come by doing a fire sign without any help from the 3rd Holy Spirit. So they arrive BEFORE the 2nd fire sign - well we now have them arriving on the day of the 2nd fire sign, 2017Shebat21, the last day of late Laodicean Cakes, the last day of 1st Watchtower Cakes, the festivals of escape..

The 2nd fire sign must occur at the 1st Asheraian, Baalian or Divine Pentecost after the end of the LW 2NC Alienation Times, which was 2017Tebbeth21 (or possibly 2017Chislev21).

The 3rd Holy Spirit can show up on an Asheraian Pentecost because they are prophets of Asherah in the sense that hey have not helped me with winning the contest, because there was no voice and no answer and no paying of attention to either contestant by either God. We have had to get these prediction dates without help from the Holy Spirit. They can help with everything else but not with the fire sign dates. Whenever Elijah4 prayed for the correct date he would always get some other wonderful piece of doctrine or chronology but no date!

The 3rd Holy Spirit is a no show at the contest. They show up at the 86th Asheraian Pentecost counting from our first (warning bomb) no show prediction date of 2006Iyyar21, after which on 2006Iyyar22, most of the church said on a conference call: There was nothing at all! (fulfilling 1Kings18:43)


1st solar Baalian Pentecost after 2017Tebbeth21
End of contest day
Last day of late Laodicean and 1st Watchtower Cakes
End of Laodicean wilderness penalty.
Sentence counts of Joshua2 after 2017Tebbeth21.
Day before Jesus comes on 2017Shebat22, the 1st of the Sabbaths of 1st Watchtower Weeks.
30 stadia after a Cakes takes us to another Cakes which must precede 2017Adar14 due to Esther9.
600 day working week with158 day gap to 2017Tebbeth29. 11 whole day transition to 2017Shebat10 - got 2019Tammuz14 for end of Adam end of chronological monthly sliding. 1,000 day Sabbath of ruling with the Christ from 2017Shebat1-2020Heshvan20. But that Sabbath takes 11 days to become established from 2017Shebat11-21 inclusively. Then Jesus turns up on 2017Shebat22.

12 baskets full of fragments is 12 full year after 2005Iyyar14 and not 13.
disciples took up fragments from the (2) fishes is 8 fragments from 2018Ab8, when the 2nd fish leaves.

Laodiceans must go under Zoar law at their Pentecost on 2017Adar5. They can only do that by being baptised into Zoar, 3,000 in one day. They then fall with their hands upon the threshold of the autonomous church for 11 days to 2017Adar16. A festival Sabbath is a secular Sabbath. So one can enter into a sacred law on a festival. Israel did on 1513Sivan7. Caleb must baptise them. So he must appear be baptized into Zoar by 2017Shebat27/28

Zoar installation gap is 188 days from 2012Sivan14 to 2012Chislev21.. Acceptable year is 2017Adar1 to 2018Shebat30, the end of FRC sealing. Then OMC sealing is 2017Adar1-2019Sivan10. Attendant says look a fire sign on 2017Shebat29, the 2nd Sabbath of 1st Watchtower Weeks. It is also the last day of the 6,000 day working week of the LWs. I must have published the 2006Iyyar21 warning bomb prediction on 2006Iyyar16. I did. I have the email to the church.