[367] The 2 Spies of Joshua 2 who come to see us due to being raptured

1 Then Joshua [the book of Joshua at chapter 2], the son of Nun sent 2 men [the same number as were good spies Joshua and Caleb] out secretly from Shittim [sticks of acacia wood, the wood of the ark] [bundles to be burnt?] as spies [the 2 spies out of the 12 from Laodicea who brought back a good report on 2016Nisan1, after 40 days of spying from 2015Shebat21. They become double agents and spy on Laodicea for our benefit - finally], saying: Go, take a look at the land [1NC Zoar or the LWs] and Jericho. So they went and came to the house of a prostitute woman whose name was Rahab [1NC reserves in Laodicea - named - a prostitute woman in the line to Jesus - the Mother of Boaz - Matthew 1:5], and they took up lodging there.
2 And it was said to the king of Jericho: Look! Men from the sons of Israel [2 different classes of saints: HLCs and 2NCs - Rahab is the 1NCs] have come in here tonight to search out the land.
3 And the king of Jericho sent to Rahab [1NC reserves in Laodicea - named], saying: Bring out the men that came to you, that have come into your house, for it is to search out all the land that they have come.
4 And the woman took the 2 men and concealed them. And she proceeded to say: Yes, the men did come to me, and I did not know from where they were.
5 And it came about at the closing of the gate by dark that the men went out [unfulfilled literally: 2021Iyyar10, the closing of the gate to the Laodicean FRC Passover on 2021Iyyar14]. I just do not know where the men have gone. Chase after them quickly, for you will overtake them.
6 She, though, had taken them up to the roof, and she kept them out of sight among stalks of flax laid in rows for her upon the roof [roof is saints, and flax is pre linen. So the spies are saints under test. Two rows are for 2 covenants. One 1NC reserve spy and one 2NC spy]
7 And the men chased after them in the direction of the Jordan at the fords, and they shut the gate [the 4EC gate to Laodicea was closed on 2013Adar10. The 1AC gates was closed on 2017Elul10] immediately after those chasing after them had gone out.
8 As for these, before they could lie down, she herself came up to them on the roof.
9 And she went on to say to the men: I do know that Jehovah will certainly give you the land, and that the fright of you has fallen upon us, and that all the inhabitants of the land have become disheartened because of you.
10 For we have heard how Jehovah dried up the waters of the Red Sea from faces of you when you came out of Egypt [proved that the Watchtower had lost its water baptism due to UN harlotry this indeed is why Laodicea was permitted to exist], and what you did to the 2 kings of the Amorites [mountain dwellers] who were on the other side of the Jordan [had a 4EC water baptism rather than a 3EC], namely, Sihon [sweeping away] and Og, whom you devoted to destruction [2 Laodicean Governing Body Members who join Laodicea, the two attendants of Balaam of Numbers 22:22].
11 When we got to hear it, then our hearts began to melt, and no spirit has arisen yet in anybody because of you, for Jehovah your God is God in the heavens above and on the earth beneath.
12 And now, please, swear to me by Jehovah that, because I have exercised loving-kindness toward you, you also will certainly exercise loving-kindness toward the household of my father, and you must give me a TRUSTWORTHY SIGN [Rahab needs a sign. Rahab has sworn not to contact the LWs in the absence of a trustworthy sign].
13 And you must preserve alive my father [Roger Knight] and my mother [the sons of the 4EC] and my brothers [non Laodicean 1NC reserves] and my sisters [2NCs] and all who belong to them, and you must deliver our souls from death [by non adamic baptism].
14 At that the men said to her: Our soul under ye for to die! [you will all be baptised into our tribal bodies].  Behold! [~ai] If you will not tell about this matter of ours, it must also occur that when Jehovah gives us the land, we also shall certainly exercise loving- kindness and trustworthiness toward you.
15 And she had them descend by a rope through the window [??], for her house was on a side of the wall, and it was on the wall that she was dwelling [So they left whilst Laodicea still had a wall, i.e. before 2017Elul10].

When the wall falls down, then Rahab's house falls down too, since it was built on the wall. The wall of reappointed Laodicea fell down on 2019Adar13. For that is when Laodicea became a false church, so the wall of its law fell to the ground and became earthly rather than heavenly,.

16 And she proceeded to say to them [2x]: Go ye to the mountain [2x] [the administration of a true church - Laodicea], lest/in order that not the pursuers meet in you [3x.2x=6x]; and be ye hidden there 3 of days [2x.3x The 2 spies are the first ripe fruits of the contest and of the Jericho campaign and of Laodicea. The mountain must be a true administration of God. So these days must be of Laodicea, reappointed Laodicea, 1NC Zoar - 3 hidden churches. They cannot directly hide from them in the ark because Ark time is independent of earth time], until the pursuers have come back [3x], and afterward [after the pursuers have come back] ye may go to [not in not by] your own way/direction [1x+2x: to the 2NC Zoar congregation actually into Hebron - the way for them].

Verse16: 2x.(2x.6x+2x.3x+3x+1x+2x) = 48x

And the men said to her: We are free from guilt respecting this oath of yours that you have made us swear [this oath not to contact the LWs until they have done a sign. Perhaps the spies are free of this oath of Rahab].

Verse17: 2x.2x.2x=8x
Total = 49x+8x=56x from ??
18 Look! [hNEhi] We are coming into the land [2x. And FROM here is the sentence count defining how long we will take to do that]. This rope of string of coccus/redness [coccus is a worm from which a red dye is extracted - a bloodline. This is the rope that binds the entire 3rd Holy Spirit together. The knot of the 4th HLC marriage was tied in the window - which window is the ark on 2020Tishri20. And the Holy Spirit is the means by which they descend from that ship. OR it is the non adamic bloodline from 2022Elul14-16, the 1st crop of the tree of lie of Revelation22] you should tie in the window, which you have had us descend in/by him [1x.2x - the Window, that is, literally. But the window is the ark - which is God's bird's eye view of mankind. It is a window into all the activity of man. It is like the very high mountain which Satan took Jesus to when he showed him all the kingdoms of the world in an instant of time. The CIA would like one of those! The rope is fully tied at the 7th marriage], and your father and your mother and your brothers and all the household of your father you should gather to yourself, [to/at/in] the house [1x+1x+3x+1x=6x. your Passover house. 6x to Rahab in the house. She is already in the house].
19 And it must occur that [the] entire [group] who he goes out from the doors [dual] of your house outside [2x: But this is only used in the next phrase], his blood will be in his own head [1x.1x=1x the group that goes out from the doors has his blood is in his head], and we shall be free from guilt [2x]; and [the] entire [group] who he continues with you in the house [2x: But this is only used in the next phrase], his blood will be in our head if a hand occurs in him [1x.1x+5x.2x=11x. Yes we have no hand upon Laodiceans. If A then B is NOT (A and NOT B)].
20 And if you should report this matter of ours [1x], and/then we [2x] shall also have become guiltless from this oath of yours that you have made us swear [2x.2x. Yes cross terms. One spy can/cannot be guilty for an oath sworn by the other - unless they are jointly and severally liable?].

Total sentence count from look! of verses 18-20: 2x+2x+6x+1x+2x+11x+1x+2x/4x=27x/29x

21 And she said: As/like your words [K.] [of verses 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 24: 16(19) + 6(6) + 22(27) + 19(22) + 8(10) + 8(13) = 79(97) Hebrew words counting hyphenated words as one word or (84)/97 as several words] as/like/so/thus/accordingly [!Ke] let it be 

Total Hebrew word count from verses 14, 17-20, 24: 19x+6x+27x+22x+10x+13x = 97x from the end of the bloodline of adamic Laodicean FRCs at the late Laodicean FRC transformation, the 2nd crop of the tree of life of Revelation22 on 2022Elul14-16, to 2022Chislev21, when the 3rd Holy Spirit starts to be baptised into 2NC Zoar

Counting Hebrew words appears to be an element of the code.

And she sent them off [2x], and they went/walked [2x. Following verse 16 - to Zoar]. and she tied the scarlet cord in the window [1x: A Bloodline from Hebron into the ark??]
Count = 5x 

22 And they went/walked [0x/2x - a repetition. Is this walking as HLCs and walking as 2NCs or a further walking?] and came to the mountain [2x. 1NC Zoar] and sat down there 3 of days [3x: 3 Passover days, the 7th 1NC marriage Passover and the 1st and 2nd HLC marriage Passovers (the 3rd and 4th HLC marriage Passover are later versions of the 1st and 2nd) - sitting in Passover judgement rather than standing before God as priests? Then on 2020Tishri14, the HLC spy has gone and there is only one 2NC spy left in 1NC Zoar], until the pursuers had come back [3x]. And the pursuers were seeking [them] in every road [3x.3x=9x. Every sect every way within the Watchtower administration every rebellious study group], and they did not find [them] [3x. This appears to be quite an elaborate escape plan!].

Spies: 0x/2x+2x+6x+3x = 11x/13x
Pursuers: 9x+3x = 12x

In the literal meaning they come to a mountain, then they sit in it for 3 days, then they come down from that mountain
In the greater meaning the order is changed. They come down from their mountain and then they come to the LW mountain. They sit in judgement for 3 days without baptism, without standing as a priest, then they come into the LW mountain.

23 And the 2 men [2x] turn back [1x], and come down from the mountain [2x: the mountain of 1NC Zoar and of the 3rd Holy Spirit], and pass over [2x.The literal spies passed over the Jordan to Joshua who had the ark of the covenant], and come in unto Joshua, son of Nun [2x], and recount to him all the happenings to them [2 spies tell all the happenings to them i.e. 1x/2x.3x.2x=6x/12x. We do/do not permit cross terms, wherein one spy tells Joshua what happened to the other spy. This is all the things that happened to one spy + all the things that happened to the other spy narrated by 2 spies. Total is 6x/12x. The order is mixed up in the greater meaning] (Joshua 2 YLT - adapted)  
2x+2x+2x+2x+6x/12x =14x/20x

14x/20x  2022Sivan14, the Zoar Passover.

The 2 spies are 2 days of acting as spies for the LWs. But there were 12 brothers whom Joseph called spies in Genesis42. So there are 12 days of spying reporting to Joshua..

13 At this they said: Your servants are 12 brothers. We are the sons of but one man in the land of Canaan; and here the youngest is with our father today, whereas the other one is no more.
14 However, Joseph said to them: It is what I have spoken to you, saying, 'You are spies!' (Genesis 42 NWT)

The order of events in verse 23 does not have to be preserved in the word symbolic meaning since the events are joined with 'and'. 

33 And you must not go out from the entrance of the tent of meeting for 7 days, until the day of fulfilling the days of your installation, because it will take 7 days to fill your hand with power.
34 Just as it has been done this day, Jehovah has commanded to be done so as to make atonement for you.
35 And you will stay at the entrance of the tent of meeting day and night for 7 days, and you must keep the obligatory watch of Jehovah, that you may not die; for so I have been commanded. (Leviticus 8 NWT)

The 1NC reserves in Laodicea are taken out of the missed weekly Sabbath penalty by the 3EC water baptism. But the 2NCs are still under that 5211 + 82 - 47 = 5246 solar day penalty from 2005Iyyar14 to 2019Ab30/Elul1, because Laodiceans, although autonomous, still have to obey Watchtower law!

The LW church always begins on Elul16. 
Gordon was born on 1957Elul16
Tony, the 2nd LW was baptised on 2000Elul16
Jamie, the 3rd LW, was baptised on 2000Tishri16
Roger Knight, the first Laodicean, was baptised on 2002Elul16
The Kingdom of God is appointed on 2022Elul16 under Jesus over Abraham
The first crop of the tree of life of Revelation22 completes its non adamic transition on 2022Elul16
The last chance salooners are resurrected on 2023Elul16.

Nineveh (the Watchtower) is turned back to God on 2019Tishri24, 40 days of Jonah after 2019Elul14, the early 1st Watchtower Passover of the Bethels. 

Russell/Peter stands up with the 11 in Zoar on 2021Tammuz10, when he comes upon the clouds of the 2nd fire sign?

1. With the 11 in the little Laodicean boat of John21.- the 10 sons of Haman (the 10 2NC saints who celebrated the Laodicean Passover) and Jonah. These are the 10 brothers who visit Joseph.
2. With the 11 LWs still holding a 4EC baptism? 
3. 11 further fire signs of 1Kings18 counting from the 2nd/3rd fire sign?

So we have the LW transition football team. This team and Joshua ask Peter: Are you for us or for our adversaries? He says: No. He is not for either of us. He is the referee!

Laodicean Characters
POL: the President of Laodicea. The greater Joash of 2Chronicles24. Baptised into Laodicea in 2006Shebat. Ruled over the 1NC reserves for 40 months from 2007Elul11 to 2010Tebbeth24, tablet shattering day from 2010Heshvan5, the 5th 1NC Psntecost..
AOL the Angel of Laodicea: = Caleb, since AOL buys gold and then owns it and Caleb owns Hebron which is non adamic Laodicea.
Roger Knight: The baptism burglar
Jonah: The 1NC reserve spy
Caleb: The 2NC spy. 85 years old, when baptised into Zoar. Year counts once as a noun in Joshua14!
Caleb was the son of Jephunneh of the tribe of Judah (a Laodicean apostle)

6 to the tribe of Judah, Caleb the son of Jephunneh (Numbers 13);

Jonah/Thomas and Caleb/AOL are baptised into 1NC Zoar and 2NC Zoar as 1NC reserve and 2NC reserve half apostles. They spend 3 Passover days hiding in the mountain of 1NC Zoar. Then Elijah4 baptises Caleb/AOL to be the apostle to Laodicea (to own as a possession Hebron) in 2020Adar

Every victim (1NC reserve) member of a Passover group must enter into the Passover house on a Passover entry day or he loses his angel
Every man (saint) member of a Passover group must celebrate a regular or late Passover or he loses his angel
Every beast (unsanctified member of the Passover group) must respond by the relevant Pentecost in order to become one of God's people of the Passover type (agreeing to the law at that Pentecost). 

But we do not talk to them other than through Jonah and Caleb? Caleb and Jonah, the half apostle twins. Caleb, the 2NC Spy, gets all the Laodicean 2NCs, his half tribe, as an inheritance. The Laodicean concubine was cut up and sent to all the tribes of Israel. So they must go into one of the two reserve half tribes (from the two 2NC half apostles).  So the 2NC spy is the JW half apostle. Gordon must baptize him. Jonah is Thomas, he fills the holes in Jesus, being the half apostle to the 1NC reserves. 

24 And they went on to say to Joshua: Jehovah has truly given all the land into our hand [From 2021Sivan10-2021Heshvan24, the end of FRC ark rapture, the period of 2NC Zoar gaining all the sons of the FRC]. And also/additionally all the inhabitants of the land have melted from [being] before/faces/presence of us (Joshua 2 NWT)
Verse 24: 2x.5x+3x.(3x+1x)=22x from 2019Elul10, the start of the 3rd presence to 2022Tammuz10, the end of JW FRC sealing?

3 of days (2) are partitive/quantitative genitives so count as nouns. There are 3 threads to the account. So Mountain is not literal and day takes one greater meaning in the two word symbolic threads (so may or may not be literal in this thread).

Laodicea is Hebron, Caleb's Inheritance, and Caleb is AOL, the Angel of Laodicea

6 Then the sons of Judah approached Joshua in Gilgal, and Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenizzite said to him: You yourself well know the word that Jehovah spoke to Moses the man of the [true] God with regard to me and with regard to you at Kadesh-barnea.
7 Son of 40 year I was when Moses, the servant of Jehovah [Ahab, the Laodicean members of the Governing Body - who were still in a true church up until 2017Elul10 and then again from 2019Ab21/Tishri11 to 2019Adar10] sent me out of Kadesh-barnea to spy out the land, and I came bringing him back word just as it was in my heart [40 years old when he was sent out and 85 years old when he inherits in 2021Sivan. So he becomes 85 years old on 2020Tishri1 and was 80 years old on 2015Tishri1 and 40 years old on 1975Tishri1. So he was one of the 12 spies sent out by Knorr to see what could be done after 1975Elul29 failed!]
8 And my brothers who went up with me caused the heart of the people to melt; but as for me, I followed Jehovah my God fully.
9 Consequently Moses [no longer said to be the servant of Jehovah so this is after their fall on 2017Elul10] swore on that day, saying, 'The land upon which your foot has trod [the congregation of Laodicea - but is no longer treading in authority] will become yours and your sons' as an inheritance to time indefinite, because you have followed Jehovah my God fully' (Joshua 14).

24 As for my servant Caleb, because a different spirit has proved to be with him and he kept following wholly after me, I shall certainly bring him into the land where he has gone, and his offspring will take possession of it [this promise was made at the end of the 40 days of spying] (Numbers 14 NWT).

10 And now here Jehovah has preserved me alive, just as he promised, these 45 years since Jehovah made this promise to Moses [between 1975Tishri1 and 1976Elul30 in the greater meaning. So 45 years to 2020Tishri1 - 2021Elul30] when Israel walked in the wilderness, and now here I am today son of 85 years [2020Tishri1 onwards].
11 Yet I am today as strong as on the day of Moses' sending me out. As my power was then, so my power is now for the war, both to go out and to come in.
12 And now [hT'[;] do give me this mountainous region that Jehovah promised on that day [Zoar was in the mountainous region, the autonomous congregation is full of 1NC reserve mountain dwellers], for you yourself heard on that day that there were Anakim [neck people - spies - rubber neckers] there and great fortified cities [The Watchtower administration and the Laodicean administration]. Likely Jehovah will be with me, and I shall certainly dispossess them, just as Jehovah promised [Caleb will dispossess the anakim, the 2NC Laodiceans through baptism. He is the half apostle to Laodicea. Jonah, the 1NC reserve spy will baptize the 1st Watchtower Passover 1NC reserves. Since 1NCs must wash the feet of each other].
13 And Joshua blessed him and gave Hebron [The autonomous 1NC reserve congregation in Zoar] to Caleb the son of Jephunneh as an inheritance.
14 That is why Hebron has come to belong to Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenizzite as an inheritance down to this day, for the reason that he followed Jehovah the God of Israel fully.
15 The name of Hebron before that was Kiriath-arba [said Arba was] the great man among the Anakim [Arba was AOL]. And the land had no disturbance from war. (Joshua 14 NWT)

18 I advise you to buy from me gold refined by fire that you may become rich, and white outer garments that you may become dressed and that the shame of your nakedness may not become manifested, and eyesalve to rub in your eyes that you may see. (Revelation 3 NWT)

AOL buys gold refined by fire. He buys 1NC reserves refined by fire signs. He owns what he has purchased. He is therefore the half apostle to the autonomous congregation, the owner of Hebron, Caleb. The Laodicean concubine of Judges19 is split up and sent to all the 12 tribes of Israel. This symbolises the reserve tribe which Caleb/AOL is the half apostle to. Just as Levites had no inheritance but were split up amongst the 12 other tribes. Lords and priests are sent into the 12 tribes to fill holes as well as 2NC Kings. 

Fish on the other side of the boat is the instruction from Jesus through Zoar to Laodiceans to start collecting 1NC reserves into the autonomous church and not to collect any 2NCs into that part of Zoar.

AOL has to buy gold refined by fire. So he must be the half apostle to the Watchtower. Gold is 1NC saints and the fire is the 2nd/3rd fire sign. AOL runs the autonomous congregation within Zoar under FDS4. He is the interpreter between Joseph and the brothers. 

These two may be Thomas and his twin of John, since both are half apostles and both are baptised at the same time.

19 Therefore, when it was late on that day, the first of the Sabbaths [2019Ab27 is the 1st of the Sabbaths of Laodicean Weeks and 4th 1NC Weeks - when the Jesus of the 3rd Holy Spirit goes to Laodicea - overtly], and, although the doors were locked where the disciples were for fear of the Jews [2x.2x.1x=4x. Watchtower 1NC entry did not begin until 2019Elul10], Jesus came and stood in their midst [1x+1x+2x] and said to them: May ye have peace [2x. As Salaam Alaikum in Arabic. Peace be unto you or 'Hello' in middle east speak. No more conflict with the Watchtower].
20 And this having said [1x] he showed also/even the hands and the side to them [2x.11x=22x. Not said the holes therein - so this visit is from the Holy Spirit itself, Jesus' flesh]. Rejoiced therefore the disciples having seen the Lord [2x].
21 Jesus, therefore, said to them again: May ye have peace [No sentence count triggered]. Just as the Father has sent me forth, I also am sending you [].
22 And having said this he blew in and said to them: Receive ye holy spirit [].
23 If ye forgive the sins of any persons, they stand forgiven to them; if ye retain those of any persons, they stand retained [] (John 20 NWT/KIT)

24 But Thomas, one of the 12 [Laodicean spies or apostles - one of the 12 Laodicean spies - Jonah], who was called The Twin, was not with them when Jesus came [on 2019Ab27. Thomas/Jonah, the 1NC reserve Laodicean spy of Joshua2, misses this appearance. But he is there for the next visit, after 8 days after something].
25 Were saying therefore to him the other disciples We have seen the Lord [2x.2x=4x. Resurrected 1st and 2nd presence kings. Married to Jesus, his flesh]. The (one) but said to them [2x] If ever not I should see in the hands of him the type/mark of the nails [10x] and I should thrust the finger of me into the type of the nails [1x+1x] and I should thrust of me the hand into the side of him [5x], not not I would believe [1x] [4x+2x.(10x+2x+5x+1x)=4x+2x.18x=40x. From 2019Ab27 to 2019Tishri7] (John 20 NWT-KIT).

So the Thomas tribe (doubting 1NC reserves) take 40 days to wake up starting from when Russell first appears to Laodicea. So Russell is the half apostle to the 2nd presence 1NC Reserves just as John was the half apostle to the 1st presence 1NC reserves. Thomas, is Jonah, who is the 1NC spy. So he is a part of Balaam, the administration of Laodicea.

There is also a further, a second, greater Thomas who does not see and does not believe (because the seeing is believing wording is ambiguous). That would be POL (the President of Laodicea)?

26 And after days 8 [2019Elul5 (the late Zoar Pentecost). This time the 2 spies of Joshua2 meet him] again were inside the disciples of him also Thomas with them. Is coming the Jesus [upon/whilst - implied epi] of the doors having been locked [2x. Watchtower 1NC entry did not begin until 2019Elul10], and he stood into the midst [1x+2x] and said Peace unto ye [2x. As Salaam Alaikum in Arabic. Peace be unto you or 'Hello' in middle east speak. No more conflict with Zoar].
27 And he is saying to the Thomas Be bearing the finger of you here [1x] and see the hands of me [10x. But do not fill the holes in my hands entirely yourself], and be bearing the hand of you [5x] and thrust [it] into the side of me [5x], and not be becoming unbelieving but believing [2x] .
28 Answered Thomas and he said to him The Lord of me [Husband!] and the God of me! [not husband - two greater Thomases] [2x] [7x+1x+10x+5x+5x+2x+2x=32x from 2019Elul5 to 2019Tishri7. When Jonah/Thomas is baptised] (John 20 KIT)
29 Jesus said to him: Because you have seen me have you believed? Happy are those who do not see and yet believe. (John 20 NWT)

Jesus in the form of the 2nd presence wing of the 3rd Holy Spirit appears to Laodicea overtly late in the day on 2019Ab27, the 1st of the Sabbaths of Laodicean Weeks.
The restarted 1AC baptism runs for 195 days of Abraham's negotiation of Genesis18 and of the kingdom balance of the 1.1 million men of 2Chronicles21 - see U40 from 2019Adar16 (after 7 whole days of 1AC installation for the 3rd Holy Spirit into their own 1NC Zoar from 2019Adar9-15) to 2020Elul30 inclusively.

Jesus comes to give the visions of Daniel10 in the form of the 3rd Holy Spirit. Thomas wishes to see the holes in the hands (disassociated from active duty but living flesh - since he was alive when his hands were pierced) and the holes in the side (disfellowshipped and dead, since Jesus had died when he was pierced in his side). These are those who were sealed into the 3rd Holy Spirit, but then fell away or were suspended or ejected from it. Holes in Jesus' flesh are not Jesus' flesh. So we can baptise them into Zoar without restarting the presence and without gaining authority over the 3rd Holy Spirit. They are the ex members of the 3rd Holy Spirit which the 1NC reserves are to replace. The holes may even be taking a Sabbath for a while. These are the ones that Thomas wishes to see.  They are the Lord of Thomas and so were remnant in the Watchtower. So the holes in the hands are those on the bench, no longer active - disassociated from the 3rd Holy Spirit. The holes in the side are those ejected from the team, dsifellowshipped. They are no longer a part of the bride. Because the hole in the side was made after he had died. When the spear went in water came out but not blood because the plasma was already separated.

1 I have to boast. It is not beneficial; but I shall pass on to supernatural visions and revelations of [the] Lord.
2 I know a man in union with Christ who, 14 years ago -- whether in the body I do not know, or out of the body I do not know [So you can be in union with the Christ, married to him and out of the body, i.e. on the bench]; God knows -- was caught away as such to the 3rd heaven.
3 Yes, I know such a man -- whether in the body or apart from the body, I do not know, God knows --
4 that he was caught away into paradise and heard unutterable words which it is not lawful for a man to speak.
5 Over such a man I will boast, but I will not boast over myself, except as respects [my] weaknesses. (2 Corinthians 12 NWT)

Thomas fills the hole in Jesus' side, the disfellowshipped hole with his own flesh. He fills some of the holes in the hands and the disassociated holes themselves return to fill the rest of the holes in the hands. Thomas is not quite the universal body wide hole filler for Jesus. He is the half apostle to the 1NC reserves, he baptizes them. His sons fill all the holes left by the failed 1NC non reserves. But Elijah4 fills the holes with disassociated holes who repent and wish to rejoin. For God gives everyone a second chance. Thomas is the twin of John the baptist, who made the first presence 1NC reserves. And he is the twin of Caleb the Watchtower half apostle to the 2NC reserves. So Thomas fills the 18 year temporal wound in Jesus' body (from 2001Heshvan14, when the Watchtower lost its 3EC water baptism) and he fills the gaps in the body left by 1NC saints who leave it. Russell restarts the 3rd presence on 2019Elul10, by baptising the 2nd 1NC reserve (whenever 2 or 3 are gathered in my name there I am). But Thomas/Jonah, may start the baptism of the ex JW 1Nc reserves on 2019Tishri10.

The disciples said: We have seen the Lord. This is because the holes in the 3rd Holy Spirit being 1NC saints, used to be their appointed Lord in the Watchtower.

9 Look! I will give those from the synagogue of Satan who say they are Jews, and yet they are not but are lying -- look! I will make them come and do obeisance in-sight-of/before your feet and make them know I have loved you. (Revelation 3 NWT)

So Jesus makes them do this by sending the 3rd Holy Spirit (Russell) to visit them. They do not come as a result of fire signs.

1Kings19: The wind then the quake then the fire then the calm low voice NOT FULLY UNDERSTOOD - POSSIBLY INCORRECT

1 Then Ahab [Laodicean Governing body members] told Jezebel [The balance of the governing body] all that Elijah [AOL, Elijah to Laodicea not due to giving it a baptism but due to getting ready a prepared people for Jesus - This is Caleb] had done and all about how he had killed all the prophets with the sword [of the bible].
2 At that Jezebel sent a messenger to Elijah, saying: So may the gods do, and so may they add to it, if at this time tomorrow I shall not make your soul like the soul of each one of them [The GB will disfellowship AOL]!
3 And he became afraid. Consequently he rose up [in spiritual activity] and began to go for his soul [to get a valid water baptism] and came to Beer-sheba [well of the 7 or well of the oath/covenant] [Laodicean baptism - for the 7th church of Revelation2/3], which belongs to Judah [the LWs, the true church]. Then he left his attendant [AOL's assigned governing body assistant] behind there.
4 And he himself went into the wilderness a day's journey [similar to Jonah and Moses], and came and sat down [on a throne?] under a certain broom/juniper tree [Laodicean filtered LW food. A low truncated tree]. And he began to ask that his soul might die and to say: It is enough! Now, Oh Jehovah, take my soul away, for I am no better than my forefathers [This is AOL confronting his failure to save the Watchtower].
5 And [temporal disconnect] he lay down and fell asleep under the broom/juniper tree. But, look! now an angel [Any Laodicean saint] was touching him. Then he said to him: Rise up, eat [not drink].
6 When he looked, why, there at his head [the other Elijah, Gordon] was a round cake [] upon heated stones [not lukewarm Laodicean stones but passionate living stones in the LWs] and a jug of water [The Laodicean water baptism]. And he began to eat and drink [But he did not rise up], after which he lay down again [but did not fall asleep. So he was not baptized but was doing research into LW doctrine].
7 And the angel of Jehovah [Gordon, AOP] returned a second time [?] and touched him and said: Rise up, eat [not drink], for the journey is too much for you [interpretationally].
8 So he rose up [Got baptized into Laodicea] and ate and drank [at the 2003Elul1?], and he kept going in the power of that nourishment for 40 days and 40 nights until the mountain of the [true] God, Horeb [desert] [This must be 2003Shebat21, when Laodicea was installed to feed the 1NC reserves and so became an official true church mountain/administration]

The temple door was made of Juniper wood 1Kings6:34. He eats and drinks the first time but lies down again afterwards - which means he is not water baptised. So he attends the first Passover without being baptized and drinks the faith cup. Then he rises up and eats and drinks again at the second Passover.

9 And [temporal disconnect] there he entered into a cave [of Laodicea], that he might spend the night there; and, look! there was Jehovah's word for him [Laodicea carried the second part of the second presence of the Christ], and it went on to say to him: What is your business here, Elijah? [Being in the Laodicean cave. He is the angel of Laodicea, but he should have contacted the angel of Philadelphia]
10 To this he said: I have been absolutely jealous for Jehovah the God of armies; for the sons of Israel have left your covenant [Many Laodiceans give up on the 2NC and cease to be 2NC saints], your altars they have torn down, and your prophets they have killed with the sword, so that I only am left [who is not pretending to be a 1NC saint when he knows he is not. I am the only non defiler of the cup on the governing body. He AOL=Caleb is the only 2NC left in Laodicea. But as always Unum sufficit] and they begin looking for my soul to take it away [deny my 2NC sainthood].
11 But it said: Go out, and you must stand on the mountain before Jehovah [Go out from the Watchtower and stand upon the mountain of the reappointed Laodicea or of the 3rd Holy Spirit, or of Zoar?]. And, look! Jehovah is/was passing over/by [from 2019Nisan14-21, Laodicean Passover/Cakes], and/when a great and strong wind [the Holy Spirit] was rending mountains [dividing the administrations of the Watchtower and Laodicea containing saints] and breaking crags [destabilising administrators] before Jehovah. Jehovah was not in the wind. And after the wind there was a quaking [?]. Jehovah was not in the quaking.
12 And after the quaking there was a fire [before the 2nd and 3rd fire signs]. Jehovah was not in the fire []. And after the fire there was a calm, low voice [of the descended 1NC Kings].

Is this Hurricane Irma (the strongest ever Atlantic hurricane hit Branson's Necker island on Friday September8, destroyed St Martin on September6, hit Cuba on September9 and Florida on September10/11) followed by the Mexican 8.1 earthquake on Friday September8, (coincident with the Laodicean Passover on Friday night September8), their largest earthquake for 100 years, followed by the 2nd fire sign? Irma dried up the sea bed at some Bahaman beaches - just like the strong wind did all night when the Jews crossed red Red Sea at the gulf of Aquaba..

There will be earthquakes in one place after another. Right. Well yes, they are hardly all going to occur in the same place are they? So what is God saying here?

Well the word seismos means a general shaking. It could be an earthquake or it could be a very high wind. Both will shake things up considerably. That is Frank's interpretation. But Dave then came up with one place after another is some kind of a progressive pattern. So perhaps one place after another along a fault line or one place after another along a hurricane path.

In other words we should start to see sequences of shaking events. Indeed that is what we have seen with the two Mexican earthquakes and the two big Hurricanes so far this month, Irma and Maria.

They have both shaken places in a proximate sequence. But then we have a hurricane Jose (Joseph) closely followed by a hurricane Maria (Mary). These logically would be followed by Jesus.

13 And it came about that as soon as Elijah [] heard it, he immediately wrapped his face in his garment/glory/magnificence [?] and went out and stood at the entrance of the cave [the baptism into Laodicea]; and, look! there was a voice for him, and it proceeded to say to him: What is your business here, Elijah?
14 To this he said: I have been absolutely jealous for Jehovah the God of armies; for the sons of Israel have left your covenant, your altars they have torn down, and your prophets they have killed with the sword, so that I only am left [still celebrating the 2NC. Everyone else has given up on that covenant] and they begin looking for my soul to take it away [].

Verbatim repetition of verse10. Two important fulfilments. One for the 2NC and one for the 4EC?

15 Jehovah now said to him: Go, return on your way to the wilderness of Damascus [well watered place]; and you must come in and anoint Hazael [one who sees God] [The administration of Reappointed Laodicea] as king over Syria [high region, highland] [].
16 And Jehu [Jehovah is he] [1NC Kings, the administration of Zoar] the son of Nimshi [rescued] [Jesus] you should anoint as king over Israel [after the Kingdom Gentile Times have ended]; and Elisha the son of Shaphat [judged] from Abel-meholah [meadow of dancing - kingdom of God] you should anoint as prophet instead of/underneath you [AOL is John to Gordon's Jesus for Laodicea. AOL prepares Laodicea for Gordon]

This anointing is a transfer of power held by AOL to FDS4, 1NC reserves and Elijah4.

17 And it must occur that the one escaping from Hazael's sword [3EC baptism into Laodicea of 1NCs - which kills to Adam], Jehu will put to death; and the one escaping from Jehu's sword [3EC baptism of HLCs into 1NC Zoar - which kills to Adam], Elisha [Gordon, AOP] will put to death [4EC baptism of 2NCs into 2NC Zoar].
18 And I have let 7,000 remain in Israel, all the knees that have not bent down to Baal, and every mouth that has not kissed him [is that 14,000 knees and 7,000 with non kissing mouths of 32 teeth counting as 32x7,000 = 224,000. So the total is 238,000. That might be the number of saints of the congregations of Laodicea and 1NC Zoar - since Baal the Governing Body of the Watchtower?].

The 12 yokes + Elisha are 24 years from 1997Sivan9, Gordon's installation to feed the 2NCs to 2021Sivan1 - 2022Iyyar30, the 24th sacred Nisan1 then Sivan1 year of land preparation. FDS3 was never appointed over the 2NCs. The first appointment must go to the covenant mediator!
But then Elijah passes over TOWARDS Elisha. So the two meet at/after a Passover - which must now be 2022Sivan14, the Zoar Passover (from 1NC Zoar to 2NC Zoar).

19 And he went from there [1x] and found Elisha [AOP] the son of Shaphat [judge] [1x] and he was ploughing 12 yokes/pairs to faces of/before him [12x.2x.1x=24x in ONE way (yoke is a noun counting 2x). Faces is a polite plural counting 1x] and he in/at the 12th [12x in TWO ways, no noun. In/at the 12th yoke yes, but also the 12th nothing. Since ambiguity adds, it is the 12th yoke AND the 12th something else. These two fulfilments are required by the nounless number principle]. And Elijah passed over towards him [1x] and threw his garment/robe/glory/magnificence towards him [1x. AOL has magnificence relating to Laodicea and the WTBTS. Gordon, Elisha, now becomes Elijah. This is Caleb (AOL) accepting that Gordon (AOP) is the head of 2NC Zoar]. (1Kings 19)

Elisha installed to feed the 2NCs                  Start of the 25th sacred Nisan1 then Sivan1 year of land preparation from Elijah4's installation to feed 2NCs       Elijah finds Elisha. The 24th to the 9th of Haggai2.  
1997Sivan9 (1NC Pentecost)                         2022Sivan1  (25th whole year of ploughing starts)                                                                                                   2022Tammuz9: The 24th day of the Zoar Pentecost counting to the 9th of Tammuz. X______________________________________X___________________________________________________________________________________________________X
 12 pairs of whole Nisan1 then Sivan1  years                                                                         

We uploaded the bold version of condition8 (disfellowshipping LWs who take the snake bite) to the 4EC baptism at 20:06 on August22 (2021Elul12), sunset in London was 20:08. We uploaded a non bold version earlier in that day.
So logically Elijah finds Elisha on a single 24th and on a double 12th, by the nounless number principle of the code, which states that any nounless number has a double fulfilment. 

The reader must understand that Jehovah did not FORGET to put a noun in his word. This was not a Divine typo. This is an example of the Nounless Number Principle of the Bible Code.

So Elijah finds Elisha on the 12th pair of days into the Zoar Pentecost (2022Tammuz9) after 12 pairs of whole years of ploughing. He passes over towards him and throws his garment towards him. But not with him. So he passes over towards him on 2022Tammuz14. The we have 12 brothers of Genesis42 from one man, 12 months precisely of those brothers being in 2NC Zoar to 2023Tammuz14, the end of 2NC Zoar over non adamic Isaac. There are 12 pairs of ploughing years before the meeting  the 3 days and nights of Jonah appear to be 2022Tammuz14-16.

13 At this they said: Your servants are 12 brothers. We are the sons of but one man in the land of Canaan; and here the youngest is with our father today, whereas the other one is no more.
14 However, Joseph said to them: It is what I have spoken to you, saying, 'You are spies!' (Genesis 42 NWT)

Then AOL (Elijah) passes over towards AOP (Elisha) and throws his cloak towards him (from 2022Tammuz14-16).

Elijah (AOL) throwing the coat upon Elisha (AOP) makes Gordon (AOP) into Elijah and AOL into 'him'. Elijah + Elisha = Jahsha = Jahshua = Yeshua = Jesus..

20 And he left/released the bulls [24x of the contest not in the yokes] and went running after/behind Elijah [1x-1x=0x/2x. Meaning following. Elijah is now Gordon by virtue of the transfer of the coat. AOL is trying to catch up AOP in understanding after giving up on the contest] and said: Let me [AOL], please, kiss my father [1x] and my mother [1x], and [then] I will walk after/behind you [1x-1x=0x/2x: following]. At this he said to him: Go [1x], return [1x]; for what have I done to you [1x]? [I have told him that he is Caleb the half apostle with Laodicea as his inheritance]
21 And he returned from [walking] after/behind him [1x-1x=0x/2x] and took a yoke of the bulls [2x] and sacrificed him [2x: the yoke of the bulls, rather than the bulls], and in the implements of the bulls he cooked them, the flesh [he cooked in the implements] [2x.3x=6x+3x] and then gave [it] [3x] to the people [singular] [1x], and they proceeded to eat [it] [3x.3x = 9x]. And he rose up [1x: actually into the ark] and walked after/behind Elijah [1x-1x=0x/2x: following] and began to minister to him [1x] (1Kings 19).

Verse 19: 1x+12x+2x+2x = 17x
Verse 20: 24x+2x+1x+1x+2x+(1x+1x).1x = 32x
Verse 21: 2x+2x+2x+6x+3x+3x+1x+9x+1x+2x+1x=32x
Total is 17x+32x+32x =81x from ??