[271c] 1Samuel11: The 330,000 men who fought the Ammonites under Saul

We have already seen that the 1.1 million men of 1Chronicles21 stand for 1.1 millions days. Here is another account involving myriads of men who are registered into an army. This time they stand for men baptised into the LWs during the fire sign period - we think.

1 And Nahash [Serpent] the Ammonite [of the people] [the internal corruptor of the Watchtower] proceeded to go up and camp against Jabesh in Gilead [dried up place in Witness heap] [Jabesh is Laodicea after it had lost its water baptism in Gilead, the witness heap, which is the the Watchtower]. At that all the men of Jabesh [saints in Laodicea] said to Nahash: Conclude a covenant with us that we may serve you [enter into an idolatrous agreement with the GB of the Watchtower].
2 Then Nahash, the Ammonite [from the congregation not from heavenly baptism] said to them: On this condition I shall conclude it with you, on the condition of boring out every right eye of yours, and I must put it as a reproach upon all Israel [well if you lose one eye then you lose depth of vision, you lose one dimension of your vision. This GB of the Watchtower are monocular. The can only see the face value meaning of any scripture. They see the bible as flat, one meaning per scripture. They have two dimensional spiritual vision. They have lost the dimensions of time and symbolism in their understandings. The visionaries within Laodicea conclude an idolatrous covenant with monocular Watchtower rulers. If a possibility is stated but not realised in the literal account then it must be fulfilled in the symbolic meaning, for all scripture must have power. This one eye agreement means there can only be a literal meaning to a scripture. They agree not to espouse any 2nd meaning to any scripture].
3 In turn the older [ones] of Jabesh said to him: Give us 7 days [These are not literal days since the word day appears 4x in the account. Perhaps this is 7 years??] we will send messengers into all the territory of Israel and, if there is no saviour of us, we must then go out to you.
4 And the messengers came to Gibeah [Hill] [administration] of Saul [asked] [research questions, POL?] and spoke the words in the ears of the people, and all the people began raising their voice and weeping.
5 But here is Saul coming after the herd from the field, and Saul proceeded to say: What is the matter with the people, that they should weep? And they began relating to him the words of the men of Jabesh.
6 And the spirit of God became operative upon Saul on his hearing these words, and his anger burned.
7 And he took a pair of bulls and cut them in pieces [as in the contest of 1Kings18] and sent these into all the territory of Israel by the hand of the messengers [], saying: Whoever of us is not going out as a follower of Saul [POL] and of Samuel [Jesus], this is the way it will be done to his cattle! And the dread of Jehovah began to fall upon the people [Jehovah is God, Jehovah is God 1Kings18. Two realizations due to two answers by fire from the heavens] so that they came out as one man [this man being Jesus Christ, the 1NC reserves, who come out of the Watchtower and its prisons, into Laodicea actually on 2019Elul10/Tishri10/Heshvan10/Chislev10/Tebbeth10].
8 And he [Saul, who is POL, interprets the 30 myriads - having read this page?] took the sum of them in Bezek [lightning - fire from the heavens] [In Bezek means under heavenly illumination in the reappointed Laodicea?], and the sons of Israel amounted to 300,000 [300,000 priests], and the men of Judah 30,000 [12,000 2NC Kings in Mike's tribe, 12,000 2NC Kings in Frank's tribe and 6,000 in Caleb's half tribe of the 2NC reserves (there is another half tribe of 1NC reserves for non JWs). These are compared to the 6,000 1NC reserves who are 'one man', Jesus] [the men of Judah are sons of Israel, so the 30,000 are included in the 300,000. Had the scripture said the men of Israel were 300,000 and the men of Judah were 30,000 then there might have been 330,000 in all. But it did not say that]

The 10:1 ratio of Israel to Judah might also be numerical in the LWs - water baptised sons of Isaac to sons of Abraham. Abraham gave a 10th of all things to Melchizedek. So 10% of all the sons of Abraham from 1943Nisan14 BC to 2024Sivan4 AD (the end of the 195 extra days of 1AC entrance from 2023Heshvan20) will become kings and priests, part of the administration of the kingdom actually under Methuselah the father of the CRC, not Melchizedek, the father of the FRC.

9 They now said to the messengers that had come: This is what you will say to the men of Jabesh in Gilead, 'Tomorrow [?] salvation will take place for you when the sun gets hot [?].' With that the messengers came and told the men of Jabesh [saints in the Watchtower], and they gave way to rejoicing.
10 Accordingly the men of Jabesh said: Tomorrow [?] we shall come out to you people, and you must do to us in harmony with all that is good in your eyes.
11 And it came about on the next-day that Saul proceeded to put the people into 3 bands [1NC reserves, 2NC Kings, HLC Lords]; and they made their way into the middle of the camp during the morning watch and went striking down the Ammonites till the day [grew] hot [?]. When there proved to be some that were left over, then they were sent scattering and there were not left over among them 2 together [there will not be a righteous and an unrighteous person together at the mill in the field or in the bed, because the rapture will have been completed].
12 And the people began to say to Samuel: Who is it saying, 'Saul -- is he to be king over us?' Give the men over, that we may put them to death.
13 However, Saul said: Not a man should be put to death on this day, because the day [this] Jehovah has performed salvation in Israel.
14 And Samuel said to the people: Come and let us go to Gilgal [rolling] [Zoar, the place of the 'rolling' rapture. Those raptured return to rapture others. Rock n Roll!] that we may there make the kingship anew.
15 So all the people went to Gilgal, and there they proceeded to make Saul king before Jehovah in Gilgal. Then they rendered up communion sacrifices there before Jehovah, and there Saul and all the men of Israel continued rejoicing to a great degree (1 Samuel 11).

Day (4), Man (8), Son (1), Israel (2)

The word tomorrow occurs 3x and the concept of getting hot is in the account 3x. Is there a word count that tells us if a word has a cryptic meaning??