[293] Zechariah 9: Your king comes riding upon an ass

Zechariah 9:9 is quoted in Matthew 21:5 and John 12:15

9 Be very joyful, Oh daughter of Zion. Shout in triumph, Oh daughter of Jerusalem. Look! Your king himself comes to you. He is righteous, yes, saved; humble, and riding upon an ass, even upon a full-grown animal the son of a she-ass.

4 This actually took place that there might be fulfilled what was spoken through the prophet, saying:
5 Tell the daughter of Zion, 'Look! Your King is coming to you, mild-tempered, and mounted upon an ass, yes, upon a colt, the offspring of a beast of burden.' (Matthew 21)

14 But when Jesus had found a young ass, he sat on it, just as it is written:
15 Have no fear, daughter of Zion. Look! Your king is coming, seated upon an ass's colt. (John 12)

Here is the whole account of Zechariah...

1 A pronouncement: The word of Jehovah is against the land of Hadrach, and Damascus is where it rests; for Jehovah has an eye on earthling man and on all the tribes of Israel.
2 And Hamath itself will also border upon her; Tyre and Sidon, for she is very wise.
3 And Tyre proceeded to build a rampart for herself, and to pile up silver like dust and gold like the mire of [the] streets.
4 Look! Jehovah himself will dispossess her, and into the sea he will certainly strike down her military force; and in the fire she herself will be devoured.
5 Ashkelon will see and get afraid; and as for Gaza, she will also feel very severe pains; Ekron also, because her looked-for hope will have to experience shame. And a king will certainly perish from Gaza, and Ashkelon herself will not be inhabited.
6 And an illegitimate son will actually seat himself in Ashdod, and I shall certainly cut off the pride of the Philistine.
7 And I will remove his bloodstained things from his mouth and his disgusting things from between his teeth, and he himself also will certainly be left remaining for our God; and he must become like a sheik in Judah, and Ekron like the Jebusite.
8 And I will encamp as an outpost for my house, so that there will be no one passing through and no one returning; and there will no more pass through them a taskmaster, for now I have seen [it] with my eyes.

9 Be very joyful, Oh daughter of Zion [1NC reserves in the Watchtower, joyful, because you are delivered from your oppression]. Shout in triumph, Oh daughter of Jerusalem [Those in subjection to and dependent upon Jerusalem (FDS4). i.e. TCC4, shouting just before the wall of Jericho comes down]. Look! Your king [Gordon of the LWs then Jesus of Zoar] himself comes to you [on 2008Sivan22 after the walls fall down then on 2008Heshvan17]. He is righteous, and has salvation; humble, and riding upon a he-ass [Zoar] [rwmx], and/even upon a colt [TCC4], [ry[] the son of a she-ass/she-donkey [twnta] [maximally distributive, he is coming upon 2 'animals'.]
10 And I shall certainly cut off [the] war-chariot/millstone [this has 2 literal meanings] from Ephraim [this is a relief for the JWs from the burden of their chariot-like preaching duties. You cannot any longer preach Jesus' coming when he is actually here - doh!] and [the] horse from Jerusalem [FDS4]. And the bow of battle must be cut off [The bow used to fire arrows at the Watchtower and in fact all confrontational evangelism comes to an end]. And he will actually speak peace to the nations [faithful people in all nations]; and his rulership will be from sea/west to sea/west [that is a 360-rulership around the globe geographically, subdueing his enemies] and from the river/flood to the ends of [the] earth. [maximal distributive][from the greater flood of angels on 2008Sivan6 to the 'ceasing of the earth', the last day of the old earth on 2009Sivan15, a temporal rulership]
11 Also, you, by the blood of your covenant [they 1NC reserves are sanctified by the blood of the 1NC] I will send your prisoners out of the pit/well in which there is no water [1NC reserve saints imprisoned in the Watchtower, a well that has lost it's water baptism].
12 Return to the stronghold [join TCC4 after having been in TCC3], you prisoners of the hope [hope of being saved]. Also, today [I am] telling [you], 'I shall repay to you, double portion [two kingdom souls, human and angelic, I today, I have become your father].
13 For I will bend Judah [preparing judah's research to be fired with arrows of Ephraim]. The bow I will fill with Ephraim [evangelizers of the JWs take the research of LWs to the whole world], and I will awaken your sons, Oh Zion [AWAKE! The 1NC reserves are spiritually asleep in the WT unaware of their sanctification], against your sons, Oh Greece [GNS2, the unsanctified people running the WT, the antetypical Antiochus Epiphanes], and I will make you as the sword of a mighty man.' [the combined power, research and evangelism, of the LWs/JWs will now conquer all their religious enemies]
14 And over them Jehovah himself will be seen [when the mountain of Jehovah is raised up high above every other mountain], and his arrow will certainly go forth just like lightning [bright and fast]. And on the horn [the ram's horn, the shofar] the Sovereign Lord Jehovah himself will blow, and he will certainly go with the windstorms of the south [are these literal tornadoes, hurricanes etc?].
15 Jehovah of armies himself will defend them, and they will actually devour and subdue the slingstones [with superior understandings]. And they will certainly drink -- be boisterous -- as if there were wine; and they will actually become filled like the bowl [the feeding bowl of the congregation is filled], like the corners of [the] altar [all the baptism places are filled up].
16 And Jehovah their God will certainly save them in that day like the flock of his people; for they will be as the stones of a diadem [kings of a kingdom] glittering over his soil [and like stars of the heavens shining over his people].
17 For Oh how [great] his goodness is, and how [great] his handsomeness is! Grain is what will make the young men thrive, and new wine the virgins [1NC and 2NC kings who have never partaken of their cups]. (Zechariah 9)