[316] Genesis 29: Jacob's Well/Fountain

Sheep get watered and so are sons of the ICC. 
Flock of sheep is a true church with a water baptism, JWs, LWs, Laodicea. 
A drove/arrangement is the saints because they are to be the administrators, the arrangers.
The mouth of the well is the voice of the 4EC, the voice of the LWs. 
The stone is the President of Laodicea (POL), the one acting as a restraint, the blocker of Zoar's words to the other two flocks. 
Laban is Russell (Elijah3).
Nahor is John the baptist (Elijah1).
Jacob is Gordon
Rachel is feeding Russell's sheep, she is 2NCs in the Watchtower, not in Laodicea.

1 After that Jacob set his feet in motion and travelled on to the land of the Orientals.
2 Now he looked, and here there was a well in the field and here 3 flocks of sheep were lying down there by it, because from that well they were accustomed to water the droves; and there was a great stone over the mouth of the well.
3 When all the droves had been gathered there, they rolled away the stone from off the mouth of the well, and they watered the flocks, after which they returned the stone over the mouth of the well to its place.
4 So Jacob said to them: My brothers, from what place are you? to which they said: We are from Haran [meaning parched] [no baptism].
5 Then he said to them: Do you know Laban the grandson of Nahor? to which they said: We know him.
6 At this he said to them: Is it all right with him? In turn they said: It is all right. And here is Rachel his daughter coming with the sheep!
7 And he went on to say: Behold! It is yet high/great day. It is not the time [t[] for gathering the livestock [they are gathered during the acceptable year of Isaiah61]. Water the sheep, then go feed them.
8 To this they said: We are not allowed to do so until all the droves are gathered and they actually roll away the stone from off the mouth of the well. Then we must water the sheep.
9 While he was yet speaking with them, Rachel came with the sheep that belonged to her father, for she [ was] feeding [them].
10 And it came about that when Jacob saw Rachel the daughter of Laban, his mother's brother and the sheep of Laban, his mother's brother, Jacob immediately approached and rolled away the stone from off the mouth of the well and watered the sheep of Laban, his mother's brother.

There would appear to be 3 different ways in which Laban is Jacob's mother's brother!
1. He is a 1NC brother of the entire 3rd Holy Spirit, which is Jacob's mother
2. He is a 3EC brother of the 2nd presence part of the 3rd Holy Spirit
3. He is an ICC brother of the 1st presence part of the 3rd Holy Spirit

11 Then Jacob kissed Rachel and raised his voice and burst into tears.
12 And Jacob began to tell Rachel that he was the brother [in the sense that he was the son of the sister of Laban] of her father [Elijah3, Charles Russell, Laban] and that he was the son of Rebekah [Meaning Noose] [the 3rd Holy Spirit]. And she went running and telling her father.
13 Now it came about that as soon as Laban heard the report about Jacob, the son of his sister [the 3rd Holy Spirit], he went running to meet him. Then he embraced him and kissed him and brought him on into his house. And he began to relate to Laban all these things. (Genesis 29 NWT)