[351] Deuteronomy 24: The Certificate of Divorce (greater meaning)


1 In case a man [Jesus] takes a woman [1NC reserves] and he possesses her, it must also occur that if she should find no favor in his eyes because he has found something indecent/uncovered/nakedness on her part [harlotry with the UN], he must also write out a certificate of divorce for her [on 1995Tishri15 when Jesus ceased being her head when the Watchtower fell over the saints] and put it in her hand [5 years from 1995Tishri to 2000Tishri, when 1NC reserves lost control of the Watchtower] and dismiss her from his house [on 2001Tishri30, when the Watchtower lost its water baptism].
2 And she must go out of his house and go and become to man another [To Gordon in the house of FDS4].
3 If the man, the second [one], has come to hate her and has written out a certificate of divorce for her [Gordon gives the 1NC reserves autonomy in TCC4, he let's them have their own head] and put it in her hand [Give her authority of disfellowshipping rules for 1NC reserves] and dismissed her from his house [those of the 1NC reserves who are disfellowshipped from the LWs], or in case the man, the second [one], who took her to him to woman/wife should die [those of the 1NC reserves who are left around after Gordon has died],
4 the owner of her, the first, who dismissed her will not be allowed to take her back again to become his woman/wife after she has been defiled [Both groups, those of the 1NC reserves disfellowshipped from the LWs and those left around after Gordon dies lose their 1NC baptism, and do not become Jesus' wife]; for that is something detestable before Jehovah, and you must not lead the land that Jehovah your God is giving you as an inheritance into sin (Deuteronomy 24).

Man (4), Woman (3).