[508]  Manna from Heaven

This wording, in fact the whole of this chapter of Genesis is hyper-intelligent, and it is all tied up in a knot, as Daniel foretold (Daniel 5:12). At this point one is tempted to throw one’s hands in the air and send the report back to the greater Moses (Jesus) saying: No, Moses, this land that you have sent me into is full of Rephaim, (large Philistines), I can't handle it. This is all too difficult. I know that it is full of milk and honey but I will never be able to tackle the minds of the angels who wrote this stuff, I cannot harvest this food, help, lets go back to Egypt, give me manna from heaven, I just want to sit in the church meeting and pick up the insights/food from the surface of the ground/bible, I do not want to dig deep myself, I can't go below the surface of the ground, I want the food from the heavenly class, the New Covenant Saints, potatoes and more potatoes and more potatoes, manna from heaven.

For the honey is made by the bees with wings, the heavenly class, the milk is made by the domestic animals with feet, the earthly class. Two foods, two feeding programs, two faithful and discreet slaves, two covenants, the heavenly and the earthly, the new and the newer, the guys in the inn and the guys who go in the cattle shed when there is no more room in the inn. This letter contains milk, it has protein in it, honey contains no protein. The manna tasted like cakes of honey, the taste of a substance that has carbohydrate and sugar but have no protein, a substance that sustains you but they do not build you up. But from a physiological point of view the manna must have contained all of the essential amino acids, i.e. protein, or all the Jews would have died!

And the house of Israel began to call its name ’manna’. And it was white like coriander seed, and its taste was like that of flat cakes with honey (Exodus 16:31).