[600] Beware the Ides of March: Cave Martias Idus

Brothers in Psalms,

We had a meeting on Friday. You will not believe what you missed - here it is...

An incredible thing happened today at LW Prophecy Central. We have known for a few weeks that the Mark of the Beast (Digital IDs) begins to be enforced by law and by WW3 front line threats (being thrown into the fiery furnace of Daniel3) on 2025Adar21/22. And that WW3 begins on 2025Shebat7/8 BLC (2026January30-February1).

What I had not realised was that 2025Adar21/22 is 2026March15/16/17. In other words it is the Ides of March. So by warning people that the Mark will become mandatory on that day we have been saying: Beware the Ides of March - which was said by the foreseer Spurinna, the Estruscan to Julius Caesar a month before the Ides. Then on 44March15 BC (Julian) they met. Caesar responded - The Ides of March are come. Spurinna said, Ay, Caesar, but not yet gone (Julius Caesar - Shakespeare). He was knifed by Brutus, Cassius and a large number of senators later that day resulting in civil war and really the end of the Roman Republic and the beginning of the Roman Empire. 

Et immolantem haruspex Spurinna monuit, caveret periculum, quod non ultra Martias Idus proferretur. (C. Suetonius Divus Julius)

And burnt offering entrail inspector Spurinna warned: Beware [of a] danger which not beyond the Ides of March would be carried forward

But Mark of the beast enforcement is the start of the 10 diadems of authority of the G20 beast. It is the end of national Caesars, the death of them politically. They will be assassinated by globalist politicians on the Ides of March 2026.

Also Ides (Latin is Idus) is from the Latin verb Iduo meaning to divide. And mankind will be divided into Mark acceptors (concentration camp guards bound for Hell) and Mark rejectors (camp inmates, God's people, bound for the Ark). So it is the Ides of the Mark actually. 

This conversation occurred between Frank in the US and Gordon in the UK by Zoom. Then Gordon realised that today is the Ides of March (March15/16). The middle of a 31 day March is not March15. But is March 15/16

Spookificent eh?

So here is the deal folks: Mark Registration day is 2024Adar21/22 (2025February24-26). Mark enforcement day is 2025Adar21/22 (2026March15/16/17). 

The image of Daniel3 was 60 cubits high and 6 cubits wide with no depth. That is the advertising facade of the Mark, 60x6=360 days of Mark Registration before Mark Enforcement begins ostensibly as a result of WW3 rationing. But actually WW3 is manufactured by the demons to enforce the Mark.

WW3 last for 7 months longer than WW2 because Nebuchadnezzar in his rage and fury commanded that the fiery furnace be heated up 7x more than it had previously been seen to have been heated. It runs from 2025Shebat7/8 (2026January30-February1) to 2032Elul29/30 (2032September6-8).

But all the faithful (Christians. Jews Muslims and even no religious people who have faith in a creator are raptured by 2029Nisan14 (March29/30).

So here is a sacred secret for the world to trample upon and ignore, then go back to earning money and buying satanic status with it, which will become not merely valueless but actually terminally toxic to all that hold it after the Ides of March in 2026.

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: (Revelation 13 KJV) 
All = 100% of mankind
Small and great = 100% of mankind
Rich and poor = 100% of mankind
Free and bond = 100% of mankind

So 100% of mankind is mention 4 times in the verse. And that is how long Mark Registration lasts for - 4 years. 1 year of Registration without enforcement and 3 years of registration with enforcement.

7 Because of this, at the same time as all the peoples were hearing the sound of the horn, the pipe, the zither, the triangular harp, the stringed instrument and all sorts of musical instruments, all the peoples, national groups and languages were falling down [and] worshipping the image of gold that Nebuchadnezzar the king had set up. (Daniel 3 NWT)

All the peoples = 100% of mankind
All the national groups = 100% of mankind
All the languages = 100% of mankind

So 100% of mankind is mentioned 3 times in this verse. And that is how long Mark Enforcement under the threat of being drafted into the fiery furnace of WW3 lasts. 3 years from the Ides of March 2026 to the day/2 days/3 days before the Ides of March 2029 2028Adar21/22 (2029March12-14).

truebiblecode.com/understanding271-11.html#13 is being slowly updated to the new 2033Nisan14, chronology. It will take another couple of weeks to finish.

Blessings and love from God and Jesus and Frank and me