[657] The Transsexual Dilemma: Are there any female spirits trapped inside male brains (people in need of a sex change)?

Every human comprises a gendered spirit (male or female DI - Divine Intelligence operating system) running on a gendered brain (male or female) inside a gendered body (XX or XY or XXY or XXXXY or XXXXY) controlled by male and female hormones - see intro5.

The incidence of XXY is 1 in 500, XXXY is 1 in 50,000, XXXXY (called Klinefelter Syndrome) is 1 in 85,000 to 100,000 https://www.nichd.nih.gov/health/topics/klinefelter/conditioninfo/risk 

A hormone can change the gender appearance of your body. But it cannot does not change your gender. It does not affect your brain hardware or the XX or XY chromosomes in each cell or the gender of your spirit or the type of reproductive organ you possess.. 

the medical profession historical has treated any person carrying a Y chromosome as a male. Independent of how many copies of the X chromosome you mya have. I mean having two copies of the same instruction set, does not give one any further instruction. But having a Y chromosome does give further instruction to somebody with 2 copies of the X gene. The bible concurs with this historical medical position saying..

8 For man is not out of woman, but woman out of man;
9 and, what is more, man was not created for the sake of the woman, but woman for the sake of the man.
10 That is why the woman ought to have a sign of authority upon her head because of the angels.
11 Besides, in connection with [the] Lord neither is woman separated from man nor man separated from woman.
12 For just as the woman is out of the man, so also the man is through the woman; but all things are out of God. (1 Corinthians 11 NWT)

A woman is out of a man genetically. A man is through a woman at birth physically and gestationally. But of course we are both out of God spiritually i.e. in the software sense. This is saying that God has made a duality of spirit for mankind. Not just one. for all THINGS (plural) are out of God. God makes spirits, self writing operating systems. DIs. Since the woman is out of the man genetically, if you have a Y chromosome then you ARE a man. If you do not then you ARE a woman. 

Because woman is out of man. So if a person has a y chromosome he is not out of man, he is man. 

Furthermore the scripture points out that man is not separated from woman and woman is not separated from man. No for there will be two women grinding at the mill one is taken the other left. And there will be two men in one bed, one taken and the other left. But nowhere does Jesus saying there will be a man and a woman, one taken and the other left. So women are separated from women and men are separated from men in salvation judgement. We are judged SEPARATELY. Therefore we have different spirits, male and female he created them.

27 And God proceeded to create the man in his image, in God's image he created him; male and female he created them (Genesis 1 NWT)

So transgenderism is an attack on divine judgement. 

Adam must have had 24 chromosomes because he lost a rib (a chromosome) to Eve. God built the XX chromosome that was taken from Adam into a woman. He built it into a preadamic woman in the same way that a builder builds a roof extension into a house. He turned a pre adamic woman  into Eve using the chromosome he had taken from Adam. So Adam was originally XXXY. He had what we now call Klinefelter syndrome. Today 1 in 50,000 are XXXY.

So Adam and God himself in whose image he was, have the genetic material to be both male and female. God is both male and female. He has Klinefelter syndrome. He has all the attributes of a man and all the attributes of a woman  But since he has the male gene, he regards himself as male, more out of convention than anything else, rather like the Queen is spoken of in the plural, whereas of course she is a singular person. But God is no more male than he is female.

God through the Holy Spirit cannot sin and he owns every soul, although some are headleased and subleased out to others. He owns all the souls...

2 What does it mean to you people that you are expressing this proverbial saying on the soil of Israel, saying, 'Fathers are the ones that eat unripe grapes, but it is the teeth of the sons that get set on edge'?
3 'As I am alive,' is the utterance of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah, 'it will no more continue to be yours to express this proverbial saying in Israel.
4 Look! All the souls -- to me they belong. As the soul of the father so likewise the soul of the son -- to me they belong. The soul that is sinning -- it itself will die.
5 'And as regards a man, in case he happens to be righteous and he has executed justice and righteousness;
6 on the mountains he did not eat and his eyes he did not raise to the dungy idols of the house of Israel, and his companion's wife he did not defile and to a woman in her impurity he would not go near;
7 and no man would he maltreat; the pledge that he took for indebtedness, he would return; nothing would he wrest away in robbery; to the hungry one he would give his own bread and the naked one he would cover with a garment.
8 nothing would he give on interest and no usury would he take; from injustice he would draw back his hand; true justice he would execute between man and man;
9 in my statutes he kept walking and my judicial decisions he kept in order to execute truth, he is righteous. He will positively keep living,' is the utterance of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah.
10 'And [if] one has become father to a son who is a robber, a shedder of blood, who has done the like of one of these things
11 but he himself has done none of these very things; in case he has eaten also upon the mountains, and his companion's wife he has defiled;
12 the afflicted and poor one he has maltreated; things he has wrested away in robbery, a pledged thing he would not return; and to the dungy idols he lifted up his eyes, a detestable thing is what he has done.
13 On usury he has given, and interest he has taken, and he positively will not keep living. All these detestable things he has done. He will positively be put to death. On him his own blood will come to be.
14 'And, look! one has become father to a son, who keeps seeing all the sins of his father that he has done, and he sees and does not do things like them.
15 On the mountains he has not eaten, and his eyes he has not lifted up to the dungy idols of the house of Israel; his companion's wife he has not defiled;
16 and no man has he maltreated, no pledge has he seized, and nothing has he taken in robbery; to the hungry one he has given his own bread, and the naked one he has covered with a garment;
17 from the afflicted one he has drawn back his hand; no usury and interest has he taken; my judicial decisions he has carried out; in my statutes he has walked; he himself will not die because of the error of his father. He will positively keep living.
18 As for his father, because he committed outright defrauding, wrested something away in robbery of a brother, and whatever is not good he has done in the midst of his peoples, look! then he must die for his error. (Ezekiel 18 NWT)

Human Spirits are downloaded into the foetus at mid term by the Holy Spirit - see Intro41. The Holy Spirit acts on behalf of God and cannot sin being Holy (unless God permits it for testing purposes as was the case with Satan1 in Eden). So a female spirit would never be downloaded into a male body.

But can the demons possess in a cross gendered way? Certainly they want to and that may be why there is so much gender reassignment going on

There must be terms and conditions in the possession agreement, or God is not the Ezekiel 18:4 freeholder of every soul. We are all in the image of God because we are all trainee Gods. God is not cross gendered. He is either gender free or male.

If a female spirit is in a male body and gets saved it would continue in that body until divinity and perhaps during divinity, Which is an impossibility. 

God's law would be unable to fairly test a cross spirit person. So God cannot permit cross gender possession. Also such a person would not be able to use gender as a tutor to love properly.

9 But he began to ask him: What is your name? And he said to him: My name is Legion, because there are many of us. (Mark 5 NWT)
9 kai. evphrw,ta auvto,n Ti, o;noma, soi kai. le,gei auvtw/| Legiw.n o;noma, moi o[ti polloi, evsmen (Mark 5 WHO)

polloi, is masculine plural. So all the demons in Legion were masculine, as indeed would be the case with a Roman legion.

2 and certain women that had been cured of wicked spirits and sicknesses, Mary the so-called Magdalene, from whom 7 demons had come out, (Luke 8 NWT)

The demons are neuter in the Greek. But Women plural are referred to here. They are not mixed in with men as regards possession.

No way would a husband of a demon possessed woman be sleeping unawares with male angel. It is likely that a female spirit will not run on a male brain and vice versa.

So this concept that there truly are female spirits trapped inside male bodies and vice versa is incorrect. It is a lie in our understanding because there is no way for a female spirit to enter into a male brain that would not break God's law and would not invalidate his salvation provisions. A female spirit probably can run on a male brain since a male spirit can run on a pig brain of Mark5. The demons appear to be trying very hard to arrange this.

One of the fundamental principle of LGBTQ etc is that ones sexual preference is not a choice but is a genetic fact. This is a version of the nature nurture argument. The LGBTQ etc lobby argues that we all choose our sexual partner within each category but we can none of us choose which sexual category to partner with. This nicely exonerates all categories from any moral consequences of their sexual preference. The trouble is that people do change categories. But apparently not out of choice. Then they have to invent more and more categories to enable their theory to accommodate all these category changers. But the idea of being truly trans falls scripturally for the reasons above. Sure people can believe that they are men in women's bodies or vice versa, but they are not. They are men in men's bodies who have been deceived into believing that they are women and they are women in women's bodies who have been deceived into believing that they are men. Or perhaps they just have the typical consumer desire for something that nature denies them and therefore convince themselves not only that they are in fact the opposite sex to their body, but that such a revelation is not a choice but a genetic oversight. Simply put, they believe and argue that their demise is not their fault. It is God's fault. It may actually be the fault of the various hormones and drugs circulating in our food and water these days.

Psychopathy and Salvation

A true psychopath would have to be saved on love into the kingdom if he had absolutely no capability to show love. For he has to pass the test of showing as much love as was able to show. It is theoretically possible for a psychopathic mass murderer to be saved if he decides finally not to kill when he could have done so - a kind of psychopathic repentance.

4 Everything Jehovah has made for his purpose, yes, even the wicked one for the evil day (Proverbs 16 NWT).

He makes the wicked one by genetically predisposing some people to have less empathy than others. It is not merely free choice.

It is a handicap race and God judges us according to our handicap and according to how we treat the handicapped.

It is how we manage our own handicaps and how we treat others who are handicapped.

The angels are not handicapped THAT IS THEIR HANDICAP.

If the angels had their own disabilities, there would have been no need to create us.

A Word from Megyn Kelly