[66] Matthew 13: The Dragnet

47 The kingdom of the heavens is like a dragnet [One form of the Christian message] thrown into the sea, and gathering up [fish] of every kind. 
48 When it got full [the message has reached/saturated the intended audience] they [the angels] hauled it up onto the beach [place of rushing] [the angels bring the people to the beach/place of rushing. This is every true after it loses its water baptism AND this is Zoar, where they become non adamic], and sitting down [in judgement], they collected the fine ones into vessels [constructively through sealing covenants OR actually into non adamic vessels, non Adamic Abrahamic and non adamic Isaaic], the rotten they threw outside [of the vessels and of the beach back into the sea and then into Gehenna, the fiery furnace. The final vessels of Zoar are not salvation covenants but are the corporal blessings of the same]
49 This is how it will be in the conclusion of the system of things. The angels [1NC Kings] will go out and separate the wicked ones out of the midst of the righteous ones, and will cast them into the fiery furnace [of Gehenna]. There is where the weeping and the gnashing of teeth will be (Matthew 13).

There are no repeated countable nouns, there are no double designations and there is no parallel account. It therefore has no word symbolism. It has only one interpretation, the event symbolism. But there are two fulfilments to that interpretation

1. This parable is the story of the end of every true church
2.  It is the story of the physical end of the world which is coincident with the end of Zoar (and the late end of Zoar).

So what is going to happen on earth at the end is what has been happening in heaven from the beginning.

True church Fulfilment

They (collected the fine ones into vessels) Angels
Dragnet thrown The Message of the true church
Sea Great mass of mankind.
Full The end of the water baptism of the true church
Beach The true church after it has lost its water baptism and become a 1AC church. For the seed of Abraham are like the sands of the sea.
Dragnet hauled up onto the beach The angels direct all of the ones of mankind caught by the Church message to the true church
[Fish] of every kind Saints, Priests, FRCs, OMCs, adamics, Cainians.
Angels sitting down Sitting down to judge, now that a new true religion is available.
Fine ones Ones who pass their baptism test and therefore judged positively and sealed into a salvation covenant.
Rotten ones thrown away Get thrown off the beach, thrown out of the true church and out of the salvation covenants (these ones end up in Gehenna if they do not get re-caught).
Vessels  Sealing covenants (ARC, CRC, FRC, OMC)

Conclusion of system comparison

They (collected the fine ones into vessels) The descended 3rd Holy Spirit
Dragnet thrown The 2NC Zoar message, it traps some by the heart, others by the mind and others by them both.
Sea Great mass of mankind.
Full The end of the 4EC baptism of Zoar
Beach/Place of Rushing Zoar
Dragnet hauled up onto the beach The angels direct all of the ones of mankind caught by the Zoar message to Zoar
[Fish] of every kind Christians who are to become earthly kings under the 2NC, 4EC priests, FRCs, OMCs etc
Angels sitting down Sitting down upon 12 thrones to judge the 12 tribes and separate the LRC sheep from the loveless goats.
Fine ones Declared righteous
Unsuitable ones thrown away Disfellowshipped, become unclean in flesh, if persists then Gehenna (so all true churches must evict people who break their law)
Vessels  non adamic Abrahamic and non adamic Isaaic.
Fiery furnace Gehenna
There is where the weeping and gnashing of teeth will be 1x/2x+32x=33x/34x. These must be years in Gehenna. This must be the minimum period of incarceration for the unrepentant ones. The maximum period being 1,000 years.