[704] 2Corinthians11: Paul's Over abundance of Christian qualifications, confirming the combined length of the presence of the Deacons of Christ as 240 years

22 Hebrews are they? also I [sons of the 1AC]. Israelites are they? [sons of the JAC] also I. Seed of Abraham are they? also I [sons of Isaaic, the ICC].
23 Deacons of Christ are they? Being beside one's mind I am speaking, I [am] above; in labours more abundantly [2x], in prisons more abundantly [2x], in blows above-measure [3x? 1x above the normal measure for a Greek plural which is 2x], in deaths many times [pollakij counts as 3x, like a Hebrew plural. Twice, a simple Greek plural, is not a proper representation of many times] [3x];
24 by Jews [sons of the JAC] five times forty beside one I received [195x/205x. Literally it was 40 strokes with 1 set aside. But the law stipulated 40 strokes dead. And the Greek says beside one so it counts as 41 in the word symbolic meaning. Strokes are not explicitly mentioned],
25 three times I was rod-beaten [3x], once I was stoned [1x], three times I was shipwrecked [3x], night-day [nuxqhmeron] in the deep I have done [1x]
26 to journeys many times [3x], to dangers of rivers [2x.2x=4x], to dangers of plunderers [2x.2x=4x], to dangers out of race [2x], to dangers out of nations [2x.2x=4x], to dangers in city [2x], to dangers in desolate place [2x] to dangers in sea [2x], to dangers in pseudo-brothers [2x one danger per brother]
to labour and to toil [2x], in abstinences from sleep many times [3x], in hunger and to thirst [2x], in fastings many times [3x], in cold and to nakedness [2x]. (2 Corinthians 11 KIT)

205x+3x+1x+3x+1x+3x+4x+4x+2x+4x+2x+2x+2x+2x+2x+3x+2x+3x+2x = 205x + 45x = 250x = 240x of the two presence of the Deacons of Christ (the 1NCs) + 10x of Paul's over abundance of verse 23.

These verses are a lesson in counting amongst other things.