[75] The young child stood in the midst of the church

1 In that hour the disciples came near to Jesus and said: Who really is greatest in the kingdom of the heavens?
2 And, calling a young child to him [Paul in the midst of TCC1 and Gordon in the midst of TCC3], he stood it in their midst
3 and said: Truly I say to you, Unless you turn around [turn your back on your previous church and face in the opposite direction looking instead to the land that God is showing you] and become as young children [go back to bible kindergarten], you will by no means enter into the kingdom of the heavens [become a saint].

21 And your own ears will hear a word behind you [in the opposite direction to where you normally look spiritually!] saying: This is the way. Walk in it, you people, in case you people should go to the right or in case you should go to the left. 
22 And you people must defile the overlaying of your graven images of silver and the close-fitting covering of your molten statue of gold. You will scatter them. Like a menstruating woman, you will say to it: Mere dirt! 
23 And he will certainly give the rain for your seed with which you sow the ground, and as the produce of the ground bread, which must become fat and oily. Your livestock will graze in that day in a spacious pasture. 
24 And the cattle and the full-grown asses cultivating the ground will eat fodder seasoned with sorrel, which was winnowed with the shovel and with the fork. 
25 And upon every high mountain and upon every elevated hill there must come to be streams, water ditches, in the day of the big slaughter in to fall the towers. 
26 And the light of the moon must become as the light of the glowing [sun]; and the very light of the glowing [sun] will become 7 times as much, like the light of 7 days, in the day that Jehovah binds up the breakdown of his people and heals even the severe wound resulting from the stroke by him (Isaiah 30). 

4 Therefore, whoever will humble himself like this young child [throw away his pride, abandon his church status. Yes ye bishops, ye priests, he circuit overseers, ye cardinals. Dost thou love the glory of God, true bible understandings, more than the glory of man? You do?] He is the one that is the greatest in the kingdom of the heavens [a heavenly 1NC King or an earthly 2NC King];
5 and whoever receives one such young child [Gordon or Paul - singular] on the basis of my name receives me [receives 1NC reserves, Jesus in the flesh].
6 But whoever stumbles one of these little ones who believe in me [saints], it is more beneficial for him to have hung around his neck a millstone (muloV) of the ass and to be sunk in the watery expanse of the sea [it is better to be sunk in the sea so that one cannot ever join a true church, than it is to stumble a young saint. For the latter course is Gehenna for sure whereas the former course can lead to salvation through the 1AC so long as you die before the end].
7 Woe to the whole arrangement (kosmw) [of the church/or of the world] due to the stumbling blocks! Of course, the stumbling blocks must of necessity come, but woe to the man through whom the stumbling block comes!
8 If, then, your hand or your foot is making you stumble, cut it off and throw it away from you; it is finer for you to enter into
life maimed or lame than to be thrown with two hands or two feet into the everlasting fire.
9 Also, if your eye is making you stumble, tear it out and throw it away from you; it is finer for you to enter one-eyed into life than to be thrown with two eyes into the fiery Gehenna.
10 See to it that you men do not despise one of these little ones [the ones who believe in Jesus and therefore are born again, sons of the JAC]; for I tell you that their angels in heaven always behold the face of my Father who is in heaven [are these the angelic parents of everyone who is born again? In an angel baptises you into the JAC do you become his angelic son? In which case every 1NC reserve needs a 1NC reserve wife!].
11 For the son of man came to save what was lost - not canonical]] (Matthew 18).

33 And they came into Capernaum [hamlet of the comforter, village of the holy spirit, the Watchtower, the church of the 1NC]. Now when he was inside the house [of Laodicea] he put the question to them: What were you arguing over on the road (way)?
34 They kept silent, for on the road (way) they had argued among themselves who is greater.
35 And he sat down and called the 12 [12 Governing Body members of the Watchtower when he sat down either in 2000Heshvan when Henschel resigned or on 2001Heshvan, when the Watchtower lost its water baptism - actually that is when Jesus left them, so this must be 2000Heshvan] and said to them: If anyone wants to be first, he must be last of all [the 7th angel, the last angel, the angel of Laodicea] and minister/servant (diakonoV) of all [minister to the Laodicean church].
36 And he took a young child [2NC saint], stood it in their midst and put his arms around it [LW arm and Laodicean arm] and said to them:
37 Whoever receives one of such young children [one of the 2NC saints - plural] on the basis of my name, receives me; and whoever receives me, receives, not me only, but also him that sent me forth [Any church which receives and acknowledges 2NC saints, receives also Jesus (1NC saints) and God (is a true church). And any church which rejects them becomes a false church].
38 John said to him: Teacher (didaskale), we saw a certain one expelling demons [Laodicea water baptizing unclean saints] by the use of your name [with Jesus' authority] and we prevented him, because he was not following us [The Watchtower terminated the Laodicean water baptism 2,000 pigs of Mark5 before the first 1NC reserve jumped into the sea of the world in order to be baptised into the LWs and thereby drown by full water immersion - symbolically]
39 But Jesus said: Do not try to prevent him, for there is no one that will do a powerful work on the basis of my name that will quickly be able to revile me [The Laodiceans do slowly revile Jesus, when he leaves them for the LWs];
for he that is not against us is for us.
41 For whoever gives you (plural) a cup of water to drink on the ground that you belong to Christ [whoever water baptises a saint], I truly tell you, he will by no means lose his reward [will be saved into the kingdom].
42 But whoever stumbles one of these little ones that believe [not saint to be in me so in God] [sons of the 1AC], it would be finer for him if a millstone of the ass were put around his neck and he were actually pitched into the sea [prior to the end such a one who is prevented from joining a true church could still be saved. At the end he could not. But he would get a better position in Gehenna not being a spiritual murderer. There are two positions at least in Gehenna because there is a heavier judgement and a lighter judgement. Victims of stumblers go to Gehenna but not the worst part of it. Stumblers themselves go to Gehenna in the largest possible Bendy Bus - 6,000 seats]. 

They are the ones devouring the houses of the widows and for a pretext making long prayers; these will receive a heavier judgment (Mark 12:40)

43 And if ever your hand makes you stumble, cut it off; it is finer for you to enter into life maimed than with two hands to go off into Gehenna, into the fire that cannot be put out.
44 [[not canonical]]
45 And if your foot makes you stumble, cut it off; it is finer for you to enter into life lame than with two feet to be pitched into Gehenna.
46 [[not canonical]]
47 And if your eye makes you stumble, throw it away; it is finer for you to enter one-eyed into the kingdom of God than with two eyes to be pitched into Gehenna,
48 where their maggot does not die and the fire is not put out (Mark 9).

1 Then he said to his disciples: It is unavoidable that causes for stumbling should come. Nevertheless, woe to the one through whom they come! [Stumblers get woe in Gehenna which is worse than regular Gehenna which is for the stumbled]
2 It would be of more advantage to him if a stone (liqoV) of milling were suspended from his neck and he were thrown into the sea than for him to stumble one of these little ones. (Luke 17)

Matthew: Called and Stood in midst, young child singular, believe in me
Mark:  Stood in midst, one of such young children plural, believe

We translate 'the Cosmos' as being the entirety of the church, rather than the whole world, since the world suffers no woe due to a stumbled true church, but the true church itself does of course.

In the literal meaning, a sanctified Christian is better off drowned or maimed physically, than judged as a spiritual murderer, a stumbler, which terminates one's spirit baptism, and put him in the worst part of Gehenna. Christians must be very careful about this. In the literal meaning, Paul was the last apostle called by Jesus in the first presence, who was the first apostle in greatness and the minister to all as the first president of FDS2.

8 but last of all he appeared also to me as if to one born prematurely.
9 For I am the least of the apostles, and I am not fit to be called an apostle, because I persecuted the congregation of God (1 Corinthians 15).

The young children/little one have angels looking out for them, guardian angels in heaven, in the literal meaning. 

The Koran, written 500 years after the bible, is said to have an enforced mutilation punishment for theft. Such a punishment is not in accordance with the law of Moses (an eye for an eye), and is entirely unjust and therefore can not originate from God.

However Jesus is making the point that if self mutilation would save your spiritual life, then you would in fact be better off by doing it. This is the stark reality. In fact it is also why God permits disabilities and infirmities. They are a reflection of mankind's spiritual state collectively, they are not a reflection of the spiritual state of any disabled individual. In fact quite the reverse, those who are disabled physically will, in the mercy of God, more likely develop spiritually. Of course when people read the accounts above they do interpret them symbolically (in fact they expand to the plural word symbolic meaning below). But Jesus was speaking literally, since one is better off dying lame and entering into the Kingdom than dying sound in feet and entering into Gehenna with a good gait. 

Being realistic, cutting one's hand off does not ensure that a person will keep faith through a baptism. If any body member should be cut off in order for a spiritual life to be saved it would most likely be ones private parts. But that was forbidden under law! 

1 No man castrated by crushing the testicles or having his male member cut off may come into the congregation of Jehovah (Deuteronomy 23).

In Matthew, one enters into life, the JAC. In Mark, one enters into the Kingdom of God, the 1AC.


Not entirely correct previous attempt at The Word Symbolic Meaning

Word or Phrase Meaning or Meanings
Disciples (2) Sanctified Children of the 2AC (FDS1 Matthew, 'they' FDS3 Mark, FDS2 Luke)
Young child (4) Gordon (Mark), Paul (Matthew)
Young children (2) Sons of the 2NC (Mark), the ELC (Matthew)
Kingdom (3) of the heavens Kingdom of the heavens
(Stood it in their) midst (2) He gave it authority over them. 'Stood' must mean something other than 'sanctified' since the 'young child' already has this status.
Little [ones] (4) Sons of the 1AC. Little ones who believe in me. These little ones that believe.
Millstone of the ass (2) Pharisaical Workload of the congregation (the ass).
Neck (3) Neck, receptacle for the head.
The sea (2) (of the sea is a noun used as an adjective - so it is not counted) The world of mankind outside the true religion.
(Watery) expanse (of the sea) (1) The world of mankind outside the true religion.
Millstone round your neck and thrown into the sea The heads, the thoughts, of every member of the true church are focused only on the Pharisaical workload of the congregation, and so they are all disfellowshipped for being idolaters of a work program. The whole church becomes a stumbling block for unbaptised believers, the sons of the 1AC. The church follows a law of men rather than the commandments of the Christ. This is the end of FDS1 and FDS3. If you cannot shed this millstone, you never get rebaptised.
Stumbling blocks (2) Literally, causers of stumbling. Symbolically, causes of stumbling.
The Stumbling block (1) The cause of terminal congregation sin
Man (1 or 2 if v11 is canonical) through whom the stumbling block comes The man of lawlessness of FDS1. The word 'man' in the phrase, 'the son of man' in verse 11 must mean man. So there is only one symbolic meaning for 'man', so verse 11 is not canonical.
John: Teacher we saw... John in heaven saying to the holy spirit ('teacher' and 'him') that his 1NC brothers on earth saw someone expelling demons in the name of the holy spirit. In other words a sealed person was doing this. Jesus is the head of the Holy Spirit. Expelling in the sense of successfully fighting their influence.
Teacher (1) Teacher in all meanings. The Holy spirit (John tells us that it teaches all of us) is the word symbolic fulfilment of this meaning. 
26 But the helper, the holy spirit, which the Father will send in
my name, that one will teach you all things and bring back to your
minds all the things I told you (John 14).
Jesus (2) Jesus the human, Jesus the heavenly God.
Foot (2) Literally any aspect of ones physical life which threatens ones spiritual life. Symbolically, 
Heaven (2) literally, heaven. Symbolically the ex human part of heaven.
Their angels in heaven  The individual angels that baptised them into the 1AC.
House (1) Literally House in all meanings: possibly Jesus' family home in Capernaum. Symbolically the house of FDS4.
Road (way) (2) Literally Road, Symbolically possibly FDS1 and FDS3 are properly called 'The way' and FDS2 is the Truth and FDS4 is the Life.
Minister (1) Minister
Demons (1) Demons
Cup of water (1) Re-water baptism for spirit begotten Christians in both the literal and the word symbolic meanings
Stone (of milling) (1) Head of the congregation, the stone producing bread, food.
Stone (of milling) round your neck and thrown into the sea Every member of the church is idolising the president of the church and following him rather than Jesus. So they are all disfellowshipped for idolatry of the president of the church (Papal infallibility). This is the end of FDS2.
The 12 (1) The 12 apostles of the second presence, called after he sat down on his father's throne.
He sat down As king at the end of the Gentile Times, to judge

Now we come to the riddle of the hand, the foot, the eye, the hands, the feet and the eyes, all of which appear twice. So we have a literal meaning a singular symbolic meaning and a plural symbolic meaning, making a total of 3 meanings for each body part. Here is the solution:

Literal: Physical body part
Singular symbolic: Church required usage
Plural symbolic: Personal spiritual usage    

Literal Hand: Hand
Symbolic Hand: Works required by FDS1 (Matthew, first in first presence) or FDS3 (Mark, first in second presence)
Symbolic Hands: All personal spiritual works 

Literal Foot: Foot
Symbolic Foot: Path required by FDS2 (Matthew, second in first presence) or FDS4 (Mark, second in second presence)
Symbolic Feet: All personal spiritual paths 

Literal Eye: Eye
Symbolic Eye: The official view of the church (WSS1, WSS2)
Symbolic Eyes: All your personal views

FDS1 and FDS3 required unnecessary physical works at the end. FDS2 and FDS4 go down the wrong path at the end #4. WSS1 and WSS2 have the wrong view all the way through.

In the singular symbolic meaning, Jesus is recommending to the individual that he leaves a church which is leading him into life threatening sin. He is asking the Christian to follow him first and the church second.

In the plural symbolic meaning, Jesus is recommending to the individual that they cut out of their life any cause for sin which could ruin their spiritual life. He is not recommending self mutilation. 

Demon Possession

22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and expel demons in your name, and perform many powerful works in your name?'
23 And yet then I will confess to them: I never knew you! Get away from me, you workers of lawlessness (Matthew 7).

In the literal meaning, one cannot expel a demon unless one is oneself an angel, i.e. born again, i.e. having an angelic identity, in which case Jesus certainly knows you. So many people claim to have expelled demons, but they are lying.

1 So he summoned his twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits, in order to expel these and to cure every sort of disease and every sort of infirmity.
8 Cure sick people, raise up dead persons, make lepers clean, expel demons. You received free, give free (Matthew 10).

So the apostles could expel demons and cure the sick (after Pentecost), because Jesus passed his authority to them. Likewise they were commanded to freely give this authority to others. They only could give these gifts, and they gave them by the laying on of the hands. So when those who had been physically touched by the apostles died out, then these gifts died out and so therefore did demonic possession die out.