[77a] Matthew 24:7: In the Conclusion of the age there will be regional crises/shakeups and regional famines (not just physical earthquakes)

3 Sitting but of him upon the Mount of the Olives [the final departure lounge for ark rapture] came toward him the disciples according to private saying Say to us when these (things) will be, and what the sign of the your presence and of conclusion of the age. (Matthew 24 KIT)

7 For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be food shortages and earthquakes in one place after another. (Matthew 24 NWT)
7 Will be aroused/raised up for nation upon nation and kingdom upon kingdom, and will be famines and [earth] quakes according to places; (Matthew 24 KIT adapted)
7 egerqhsetai gar eqnoj epi eqnoj kai basileia epi basileian kai eso?ai leimoi kai seismoi kata topouj (Matthew 24 VatBO)

8 all but these (things) beginning of pangs of birth. (Matthew 24 KIT)
8 panta de tauta arch wdeinwn (Matthew 24 VatB)

The Greek word Seismos does NOT mean earthquake. It means: A shaking, a shock, an agitation a commotion (Middle Liddell)

In other words the signs of the times are nations being aroused provoked agitated awakened upon nations - not merely in war but with sanctions or threats or economic power games. The Kingdom of God rising up against the Kingdoms of the world and famines and crises regionally.

We are not merely to look out for more and more earthquakes. It is more and more crises that is the sign of the presence of Jesus. Also multiple wars, not just one.

Jesus has not been present in the true church since 2020Heshvan14, the end of the 3rd presence at the 4th HLC marriage Passover. He does not join the LWs until we are in the ark on 2023Sivan16, the start of the 4th presence. But all the 1NCs are here policing the demons.

The Kingdom of God starts rising and its birth pangs begin on 2022Shebat16, the appointment of the Kingdom of God under Jesus as Caesar over Adam and Cain. That is the beginning of the conclusion of the age.

So we are to expect more and more crises and famines in diverse parts of the world. We should expect an increase in the frequency and intensity of these crises. We are already seeing this in the US and in Europe and in Ukraine and Russia as of 2023Iyyar21