[78a] Jerusalem, Jerusalem. Jerusalem, Jerusalem

The two parallel laments over Jerusalem

37 Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the [one] killing the prophets and stoning those sent forth to her [ pronoun imbalance due to 'her']. How-many-times I wanted to gather your children together, in the manner [tropon] a hen gathers her chicks [nossia - plural] together under her wings! [How many true churches of young saints (baby birds) gathered together by and under the protection of angelic wings did Jesus want to build? a Reader Question!] But you people did not want it.
38 Look! Your house is abandoned to you.
39 For I say to you, you will by no means see me from henceforth until you say, 'Blessed is he that comes in [the] name of [the] Lord!' (Matthew 23).

How many times? 4x of gathering (chicks under wings) for 4 true churches.

34 Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the [one] killing the prophets and stoning those sent forth to her [ pronoun imbalance due to 'her']. How-many-times I wanted to gather your children together in the manner [tropon] a hen gathers her brood [nossian - singular] of chicks under her wings, but you people did not want [it]!
35 Look! Your house is abandoned to you. I tell you, you will by no means see me until you say, 'Blessed is he that comes in [the] name of [the] Lord' (Luke 13).
Countable noun count 8,1,1,8,1,1=20 ('manner' is a noun) 

Literal: Jerusalem (4), Children (2), House (2), Name (2), Prophets (2)
Literal but used comparatively: Hen (2), Chicks (1), Brood (1), Wings (2), Manner (2).

How many times? 3x of gathering (brood of chicks) under wings for 3 raptures of 2NC brood. The hen has several eggs and sits on them all. Then when they are born that is her brood. These are the 3 seahs of flour in which the leaven is hidden until the rapture.

In the literal meaning, the physical temple in Jerusalem became a place of false worship, being abandoned to the Jews when Jesus died. The inhabitants of Jerusalem would not see Jesus again until the said Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord. Now they had already said this on Palm Monday on 33Nisan10, in Matthew 21 to the physical Jesus...

8 Most of the crowd spread their outer garments on the road, while others began cutting down branches from the trees and spreading them on the road.
9 As for the crowds, those going ahead of him and those following kept crying out: Save, we pray, the Son of David! Blessed is he that comes in [the] name of [the] Lord! Save him, we pray, in the heights above! (Matthew 21).

The next time they were to say this was to Peter, who being a 1NC saint was a part of the body of Jesus. So Peter and all the 1NC saints came in Jesus' name being baptised into it.

4 Greater Jerusalems in the Word Symbolic Meanings

It is very simple really. We have two double exclamations, Jerusalem, Jerusalem. And so there are 4 greater Jerusalems. 4 True Christian Churches. Each one of these contains saints (chicks). Each one contains 1NC saints who have the name of the Lord as their own name (being engaged/married to him). Each one of them has the authority of the Lord (the other way in which one can have his name).

So we have two parallel accounts each with a double designation. Applying the Parallel Account Principle and the Successive Designation Principle we therefore have two fulfilments in each of the 2 word symbolic threads. 

'Jerusalem' means the administration appointed by Jesus over his belongings, which belongings are the sons of the JAC, all the saints, all the born again Christians in the first two word symbolic threads. 

Matthew by omission refers to a 2 brood church, whereas Luke refers to a one brood church. FDS1 and FDS3 were one brood churches whose job was to gather the 1NC saints under their wings. FDS2 and FDS4 were 2 brood churches whoe job it was to gather both 1NC kings and ELC or 2NC saints under their wings

The first thread has Jerusalem as FDS2 in Matthew and as FDS1 in Luke
The second thread has Jerusalem as Laodicea [FDS4 does want it and does not kill prophets or stone those sent forth to her. Laodicea had the second half of the presence, Jonah sleeping in the bottom of the boat, the 1NC reserves, and had 30 pieces of silver, the 2NC Kings] in Matthew and FDS3 in Luke. 

The first and second threads are interchangeable, since their wording is the same. All 4 of FDS1, FDS2, FDS3 and Laodicea are abandoned.

The way God deals with this is to form a new religion (FDS2 in the first presence and FDS4 in the second) which has no glory of man at all but has a monstrously, even incredibly, huge amount of the glory of God. Which glory actually makes it even less credible and therefore less glorious in front of men. God then asks the people in the first true religion of the presence: Well, which type of glory interests you? This question being that same as: Who really is the FDS?

The answer regrettably, is: Man's glory please and lots of it! For both first true religions in each presence are sons of Saul, who loved the glory of man more even than the glory of God. But then God does a big sign, such as the revelation to John in the first presence, or such as the decoding of the bible in the second, to wake up the sons of David who are being administrated by Saul. These ones finally choose the glory of God in the second true religion of the presence.

This is why the LWs have only a tiny congregation, and look like nothing from the standpoint of man. God wishes us to have no glory of men, but all of the glory of God known to man. Then the choice for those in the Watchtower and elsewhere is also the lesson which God is trying to teach us. Love my glory more than your glory. We have essentially one job. That is to give Jesus the Oscar that he deserves for his performance on the stake. He never even got a round of applause. We have to right that wrong.