[918] Mark 9: The epileptic demon and the length of the 1st part of the first presence

17 And one out [ek] of the crowd answered him: Teacher, I brought my son to you having a speechless spirit;
and wherever it seizes him it convulses him [1x], and he foams [1x] and grinds/grates [trizw not brugmoj[literally sqeaks not gnashes] the teeth [28x for 28 human teeth] and dries-up/withers [1x]. And I spoke to your disciples in order that they might expel it, but they were not capable.
But the [one] said to them in-response: Oh faithless generation, how long must I continue with you? How long must I put up with you? [the account will answer this question] Bring him to me.
So they brought him to him. But having seen him the spirit immediately caused him to convulse [1x], and having fallen upon the earth [1x+1x=2x] he was rolling about, foaming [1x].
And he asked his father: For how much time is it [that epileptic fits] as [wV] this have been happening to him? And the [one] said: out of from-early-childhood [1x].
and many-times [pollakij][2x] it would throw him both into fire [1x] and into waters [2x] in order to destroy him. But if you can do anything, pity us and help us.
But Jesus said to him: The [expression], 'If you can'! [Why], all [things] [are] possible for the faithful [one].
Immediately crying out, the father of the little-boy was saying: I have-faith! Help me with faithlessness!
But Jesus, having seen that a crowd was running together upon [them], rebuked the spirit, the unclean [one] [does make sense singly, so this is a double designation and LCNC and LINC are divisible by 3], saying to it: The speechless and deaf spirit, I order you, get out of him and enter into him no more.
And having cried out and having convulsed repeatedly, it came out [this is said to befall the unclean spirit not the boy]; and he became as if [wsei] dead [1x], so that the many of them were saying that he had died [he was dead. The demon just unpossessed him and left his dead body behind. Jesus then resurrected him back into his body].
But Jesus having grasped [kratew] of his hand [5x] [genitive direct object] raised him up [1x], and he rose [1x] (Mark 9).

The Question Answering Principle insists that this account will answer the question that Jesus asks: Oh faithless generation, how long must I continue with you? How long must I put up with you? Obviously the first part of the first presence lasted for less than a generation!

Total count of the experiences of the boy under possession: 1x+1x+28x+1x+1x+2x+1x+1x+2x.(1x+2x)+1x+5x+1x+1x = 50x from 29Tishri10, the baptism of Jesus, to 79Tishri14, the end of the first part of the 2nd presence (50 Tishri1 year starts).  

Matthew 17:14-21 and Mark 9:14-29 and Luke 9:37-43 are parallel. And Matthew 17:21 is canonical.