From Free Speech to Dictatorship, from Voltaire to Stalin in 7 Steps

Step 1: I disagree with everything you say but would give my life fighting for you to have the right to say it - Voltaire

Step 2: That's fine but surely we should criminalize speech which incites acts of genocide or terrorism? Most people would agree with that.

Step3: Such speech is just an extreme example of hate speech. Surely we would all be safer if we criminalised all hate speech - not just terrorist or genocidal speech? 
Many people would agree with that and we all want to feel safer.

Step 4: Racism is a form of hate speech and so should be criminalised.

Step 5: Right wing policies are all racist being rooted in white supremacy and being the result of centuries of white privilege and unconscious or subconscious racial prejudice. Not true but still believed by a large number of people. 

Step 6: All right wing political speech is racist hate speech and is therefore criminalised. The result is that it is a criminal offence to articulate traditional conservative principles. And collaterally it is a criminal offence to articulate or advocate Judeo Christian biblical morality which is supposed to underpin conservatism..

Step 7: There are only two major political parties. One is right wing and the other is left wing. Having successfully criminalized the right wing party, the other party, the left wing party, is now the absolute dictator, the new Stalin, the new, National socialist party, the new Nazis. That kind of government does not just talk about terrorism and genocide. It commits acts of genocide and terrorism with impunity, as we saw in the concentration camps of WW2 and the gulags of Russia.