[25a] Men Women Love and Power

God gave the man authority over the woman in the family... 

3 But I want you to know that the head of every man is the Christ; in turn the head of a woman is the man [but only in the case that the two are married]. In turn the head of the Christ is God (1 Corinthians 11).

5 We have authority to lead about a sister [in the 1AC, a woman with faith in God] as a wife [i.e. to marry a sister and then lead her as her head], even as the rest of the apostles and the Lord's brothers [Mary's sons] and Cephas [Peter], do we not (1 Corinthians 9)? [Peter and Jesus' physical brothers and the Apostles were all married! Hence Paul compares his position to theirs.]

The sons of Israel could only marry daughters of Abraham with circumcised fathers...

14 And they went on to say to them: We cannot possibly do such a thing, to give our sister to a man who has a foreskin, because that is a reproach to us (Genesis 34).

So today a true Christian does not have to marry someone in their church, and does not even have to marry another Christian, but he or she should marry someone in the 1AC, someone with faith in God, a son of Abraham by covenant. Any genuine believer in God independent of their chosen faith.

14 Do not become unevenly yoked with unbelievers. For what fellowship do righteousness and lawlessness have? Or what sharing does light have with darkness? (2 Corinthians 6).

So having nailed that old chestnut let us consider the relationship between a man and a woman in marriage. We will speak in general typical terms here. There are of course some very feminine men and some equally masculine women.

But in general, men love making decisions for women, and especially love bossing women about. Men make decisions easily, women find it harder, and love being indecisive. But men make better decisions if they listen to women, who love to correct them. Women are more indecisive than men because women have better all round vision (rods) and men are more decisive than women because men have better focus (cones). Men see the big picture better than women. But women see the whole picture better than men. We are designed to act as a pair in making decisions. If we do act as a pair with the woman recognising the man's better focus and the man recognising the woman's better all round vision, then we make the best decisions we can. If we act in competition to each other, or indeed in isolation from each other, recognising nothing for ourselves but soaking up soap opera relationship values of pride and status wherein both parties wish to be the boss and two people are wrenching at the same steering wheel, then we make the worst decisions we can.

Just because men are appointed by God to actually make family decisions does not mean they should exclude women from the decision making process. On the contrary, they should consult women just as the chairman of the board consults the other board members. For women are the diplomats of this world. They advise the men and can change a man's decision without having the authority to change his decision. And a woman will see the fault in any man's decision every time if she cares about him, because her peripheral vision is better than his. So if he listens to her, then his decisions will be the better for it. We two are the perfect compliments for each other if we co-operate in wisdom and in love. But we destroy each other if we compete for each other's natural position. Eve of course failed to consult her husband and therefore got led down the garden path by Satan (out of the garden). And Adam of course chose Eve over God. Women have not changed today and neither have men as regards their basic characters, but our experience if turned into wisdom through accurate knowledge of God can overcome our flawed and animalistic basic instincts. In mathematical terms it works like this...

Step 1. Bad Instinct + Faith = Potential to be Good
Step 2. Bad Instinct + Divine Wisdom + Love + Experience = Good

Indeed overcoming our bad instincts to be jealous, to be selfish, to seek the glory of men, to seek status in the eyes of men, to put our own comfort before God's principles, is our work in progress as junior members of God's family.

The majority of men today put women or a woman or being attractive to women before God as Adam did.
The majority of women today choose status over love and God as did Eve.

In the day of the Garden, Satan sold physical death to Eve on the grounds that God was a liar and so she would not die if she ate the fruit, but instead she would increase her status to that of a God, being able to decide for herself right from wrong, and good from bad. She swallowed it because she loved status and she was too naive to see through the con. Had she consulted with Adam, no one would be dying today. 

But Satan has not changed one bit and neither have women and neither have men. He is doing precisely the same thing with women today through the media as he did nearly 6,000 years ago with Eve through the snake, and neither the men nor the women can see it. 

His pitch to Eve today (whom the writer is using to represent any westernized woman, but who in fact was a real woman, the progenitor of modern man - see I6), is to sell her the death of her relationship or her marriage on the grounds that God made a mistake in making the man to be her head, and that she too can have the status of a man. Yes, she herself can be the absolute head of the family, and nasty old God has kept all of this male status and authority from her, resulting in thousands of years of unnecessary abuse of wives by husbands, which the wonderful social services are now going to save her from. Satan convinces her that she herself can decide what is good or bad or right or wrong for her family without needing to consult her husband, just as he did in the case of Eve nearly 6,000 years ago. 

Most westernized women fall for this politically correct lie and now believe that they are equal or actually greater than their men in family authority. They believe that the family belongs not to the husband but to the wife. They believe that they themselves should have the family property and the children in the event of any dispute between the parents. Such women are misled into behaving in a manner which is repugnant to the natural order of things and an insult to the sacrifices and hopes and aspirations of all of our ancestors. The western courts of course enforce this. Then we are all shocked and surprised when our relationships give us loads of pain and eventually fall apart and our children end up with either one parent or, all to often, effectively with no parents. 

The other awful consequence of this is the men find it hard to innovate when they are continually fighting with or capitulating to their wives for the sake of peace, and as a result the day of the great inventions of men has ended. Oh we have plenty of advertising campaigns falsely representing that a phone which is also a camera is some kind of great leap for mankind, yes, but where is the next laser? Where is the next microchip? Where is the next jet engine? Where is the flying car, which has been within our technological reach for some time, or even the serious electric or hybrid car ? (It is now arriving, but far too slowly). Where is the computer that doesn't perform like a dog after 2 weeks? Where has supersonic passenger transport gone?

But really we should not be surprised at all at any of this. We have been conned out of the joy in our relationships by the destroyer of love, just as we have been conned out of our lives by the destroyer of life, whose name is death, and the destroyed of love, whose specialist subject is hate. 

God gave both the wife and the children to the husband. He did this for a reason. The reason was and is that the husband is a better decision maker than the wife. He is the one who can best decide what to do with them. For 6,000 years families have worked on this basis and we all owe our very existences to our ancestors who made countless sacrifices in order to keep their families together by recognising the headship of the man. Today, we have 'moved beyond' 6,000 years of practical and successful wisdom into the realm of political correctness, which is the modern name for Pharisaical hypocritical self glorification. The Jewish Pharisee would wash up to his elbow to impress the crowds and his peers. But this facade of cleanliness was a cloak hiding his true character, which was that of a corrupt power hungry status seeking monster. These monsters murdered Jesus, a man who cured the lepers, the lame, the deaf, the blind and resurrected the dead. The modern day Pharisees are the politicians and administrators, the bureaucrats of this world, the people that Live 8 was targeting. These ones hide their corruption, their uncleanness, behind a cloak, a facade, of political correctness, which is a perceived cleanness, a perceived washing up to the elbows, a perceived moral superiority. 

Whereas the truth is that their awful and godless laws have caused the destruction of the family unit in the west, and are causing the destruction of all of society and of the ecosystem and food reserves of the planet worldwide. They laud it over us as our moral superiors, whilst their immorality is destroying us all and our planet. Just as the Scribes and the Pharisees did to the Jewish system so the Politicians and the Bureaucrats are doing to the modern world. For the family unit is the building block of society, the brick out of which the house of our morality is built. Without it we can build nothing at all. But these hypocrites, whilst declaring their support for family values, have decapitated every family by law. And no creature survives for long without its head.

So that is how we got into the mess we are now in as a race! The women believe the lies of Satan because they love status more than they love their husbands whom they fail to consult. And the men allow the women to do what they want and follow them round and round in pointless and vain circles because they love their women more than they love their God. 

Men do not understand that God is better looking even than Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz and Pamela Anderson. They do not appreciate that he is brighter and sharper and more engaging even than Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow. They do not see that he is more loving even than Kate Beckinsale and Lindsay Wagner and Deanna Troy and Captain Janeway. They are yet to realise that he is more supportive and more loyal even than their own mothers! And so they miss the big picture, which is that he is more genuine in his love for all of us, than the pink one above was in her Oscar acceptance speech. 

For Oscars are awarded to actresses for their brilliant portrayal of something that they are not. But Oscar acceptance speeches, on the other hand, are an opportunity for these actors to portray to the Kodak Theatre in particular and to the watching world in general something that they truly and genuinely are! And if one of them should feel secure enough in her spirit and in the love of her peers freely to portray everything that she is emotionally in that most public of circumstances, then so much the better for all of us.  For millions of people have seen her love triumph over her fear. And she has grasped the reality of the occasion in a better way even than she played the fantasy that won her the prize in the first place. 

For though the entire sparkling universe is a boundless forum for the infinite love of God, who is there that fearlessly can reflect that unconquerable love on the bitter stage of this heartless world? 

Certainly the Christ was one, and he is a hard act to follow! But for those of his children whose love conquers the cynicism, the cruelty and the jealousy of the ruler of this world and of all the world's detractors, there awaits a prize, a birthright even, something more glittering and more glorious than any of the prizes that Hollywood has got to offer its children. The prize of eternal love.

Of course it is not only famous actors and famous actresses who have to play a role as a part of their Job. The true God, who is the father of all of our thoughts and actions (the good ones more directly through the holy spirit, our consciences and our love, and the bad ones less directly through free will, basic instinct and demonic interference) is quite an actor himself! For in the old testament he was portraying something that he is not, and in the new testament he is portraying, through Jesus Christ, everything that he truly and genuinely is. And if you love him you will see that, and if you don't, you won't. 

For who was it that made the loving faces of all of these women? Who was it that made the steadfast heart of a supportive mother? And who was it that made the gorgeous smiles, the endless curves and the captivating emotions of the the fairer ones among us? Was it not the very definition of love? 

And who again was it that made the incisive and decisive and creative genius that is the heart of the spirit of every man? Was it not the very definition of freedom?

Here man stands today, 2012 July5, having discovered the Higgs Boson, the particle whose field causes mass, one of the two pieces of physics that Einstein was unable to do in his life, dying in 1955, 9 years before Higgs was published in 1964. Here Europe stands today having co-operated together in an unprecedented scientific extravaganza costing billions having discovered the very particle theorized 48 years previously by Higgs. A phenomenal achievement in human ingenuity and creativity. A fulfilment for sure of the scripture which says...

6 After that Jehovah said: Look! They are one people and there is one language for them all, and this is what they start to do. Why, now there is nothing that they may have in mind to do that will be unattainable for them
7 Come now! Let us go down and there confuse their language that they may not listen to one another's language (Genesis 11). 

For we are made in God's own image, having the same creative genius in our minds that he had in his when he invented the God particle and gravity prior to the big bang when it became a reality. For we are his sons, his sons in creativity. And it is no coincidence that it took an international co-operation to achieve what CERN has given us. Firstly the internet through Tim Berners Lee working at CERN, and then today the Higgs Boson and a confirmation for the standard model.

This is all the good side, the creative and philanthropic side of man. But in parallel with all that was happening at CERN we have seen the disastrous rise to power of a trading agreement which became a superstate, the EU. The most corrupt political body in Europe. A deception designed to achieve through lies and financial pressure what Hitler failed to achieve through lies and military pressure. An institution which has bankrupted Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy, nations which worked very effectively outside the EU for millennia. But an institution with the brazen effrontery to continue falsely to represent that these nations would not be able to survive outside this modern gang of 27 financial imperialists, thieves and hand out junkies. 

Let us put the politics of Europe into one simple sentence...

When you tread in the crap you pull your foot out of it. You do not push it further in.

The issue is plainly not whether the 27 can survive outside the EU. For we all have thousands of years of history which prove we can do that - no problem! The issue is whether we can survive inside the EU. The answer is not political union, which is against the will of the people of Europe, but rather is a choice to run the EU like the Commonwealth, a family of 53 independent nations, resulting from a rejection of political and military and financial imperialism. 

For whilst the Commonwealth was busy giving its member states Independence after WW2, the powers of Europe were busy planning how to take that independence away through what was originally called the Common market, but was in fact a political tool to enable a conquest of Europe by banks rather than tanks. This is the plan of the dragon, Satan's administration, in our understanding. He is the one who likes and builds big political empires. That is his trade mark. For the scripture says, referring to the EU...

8 I kept on considering the horns, and, look! another horn, a small one, came up in among them, and there were 3 of the first horns that were plucked up from before it. And, look! there were eyes like the eyes of a man in this horn, and there was a mouth speaking grandiose things (Daniel 7).

20 And concerning the 10 horns that were on its head, and the other [horn] that came up and before which 3 fell, even that horn that had eyes and a mouth speaking grandiose things and the appearance of which was bigger than that of its fellows
21 I kept on beholding when that very horn made war upon the holy ones, and it was prevailing against them (Daniel 7).

The EU is about combining the power of its 27 members, just as would happen in any gang constructed for security or abuse. It appears to be larger than it is. Not many of its citizens want a political union so the union is a facade, an appearance.

So there are the two hands of mankind. The one hand is creative and altruistic, like God, whose name is Jehovah which means he who causes to become, or 'the creator'. The other hand is corrupting and selfish, like Satan, who name means resistor, but whose surname is death, for that is where all his actions lead. Scientific co-operation in Europe is great. Commercial cooperation is great. Political union against the will of God who divided our languages so as to make political monopolies such as the EU impossible to operate, is diabolical. An international political monopoly is far more dangerous than a commercial one like Microsoft or Google or Amazon. Yet here the political monopoly fines the commercial monopoly! And where does the fine money go? Does it go to companies competing with these monopolies? Of course not.

The power of the woman and the power of the man in a family

8 Listen, my son, to the discipline of your father, and do not forsake the law of your mother. (Proverbs 1 NWT)

20 Observe, Oh my son, the commandment of your father, and do not forsake the law of your mother. (Proverbs 6 NWT)

Families have been struggling in the last 50 years to determine who should have what power within a marriage. The liberal political position is the the woman should be above the man (getting the children and the house in the event of a divorce) and that the state should be above the woman. The conservative Christian position is that the man should be above the woman and the the Christ should be above the man.

But the two scriptures above show that there is a law of the mother which is not to be forsaken. This law is not vetted or vetoed by the father. So the woman should have independent power in a marriage to set and enforce her law. But what is her law? Well in Jerusalem there were two mountains, mount Zion where the kings sat and secular law went forth and mount Moriah where the priests stood and sacred law went forth. So the king and the high priest are the father and the mother of Israel. And when we finally attain to divinity we shall need neither. But right now we desperately need both. The King had no authority over sacred law and the priest had no authority over secular law. The woman is the priestess of physical life. She gives birth  physically, whereas the priest gives birth spiritually (actually fairly physically too these days now that Zoar has become non adamic Abrahamic).

So the woman should make all the family law as regards health nutrition diet exercise clothing well being and the medical side of the family. The man should have no authority of this her law. He can advise of course but he cannot overrule.

Whereas the man should make the secular decisions about jobs, where to live, what to buy, what schools the kids should go to etc. 

So the Christ is the head of the man who is the head of the woman from a secular standpoint
So the Christ is the head of the man who is the head of the woman from a sacred standpoint (if both parents are in the same church)
But the Christ is the head of the woman who is the head of the man in all health diet exercise well being and medical matters - the maintenance of the bodies of the family.

The authority of women in the church

A meeting between Gordon Mike and Jacob (Mike's son) determined that women should be elders and should attend all judicial meetings (where possible) because men see things skewed by masculinity (right wing bias) and women see things skewed by femininity (left wing bias). So one can only get a straight view (which is God's view) if both are present. Although the Holy Spirit will be present when 2 or 3 are gathered together. So it can make up for gender bias if necessary. But ideally in the Kingdom of God (which we are now in) every king will sit on a judicial committee with his queen on the same committee. The women do not get a vote. But they do influence the votes of the men. They are the diplomats, being masters of influence and seeing in colour and more broadly than the men (having stronger rod cells of their mental eyes than the men). Whilst the men have better focus but a smaller field of vision and see in black and white (having stronger cone cells of their mental eyes than the women). 

Judicial committees are theocratic not democratic. The decision is made by the chairman of the meeting, the highest ranking male member. But he must carry one other male elder with him for a warning and two others for an expulsion.